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1.31   +0.04 (3.15%)  1.27 - 1.32  2,267,000
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Market Cap: 438 Million
NOSH: 334 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):3,192,150
4 Weeks Range:1.21 - 1.45
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.495 - 1.57
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.64
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.67

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Sep-2018 [#1]  |  22-Nov-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Dec-2018  |  22-Feb-2019
T4Q P/E | EY: 79.85  |  1.25%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.2  |  6.55
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 17.25%  |  12.30%


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Business Background

Revenue Group Bhd provides payment solution platform. The company offers EMV Smart Card Technology, Terminal Management System, Loyalty System, Consumer Behavioural Management System, Web-based Payment System, and Payment Transaction Management System.
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Gary Phang When will listing warrant ?
07/01/2019 20:02
stockjobber Given the current market environment, warrants shld be 0.2 to 0.25
07/01/2019 20:23
usana look like revenue no momentum already....
08/01/2019 11:39
trap666 say liao run run run
08/01/2019 11:41
Moc Nokin Let buy the cheap warrant! 0.25 we buy early.
08/01/2019 12:11
Js16888 Warrant will be limit up? 0.305?
08/01/2019 12:50
Frederick Foo when warrant will be listed?
08/01/2019 13:28
stockjobber WAtchout !!! Moratorium (no sales of shares) of 45,000,000 Promoters' share are lifted on 18.01.19 (6 months after listing date) will flood the market !! Can the price still hold above RM1 ?
08/01/2019 13:29
817065 Every company listed on ACE has a 6-month moratorium period. Does it mean that every ACE listed company shares will flood the market after the moratorium period? Does it mean that?
08/01/2019 13:36
xiaochong Anyone received warrant?
08/01/2019 17:31
817065 Based on Black Scholes model calculation, the theoretical value of the warrants is about 60 sen now.
09/01/2019 12:47
skyrocket big dream
09/01/2019 13:49
817065 It's not a dream. It's a mathematical theoretical calculation, nothing to do with dreams. Theoretical.
09/01/2019 13:59
skyrocket Will know how accurate the calculation very soon
09/01/2019 15:32
stockjobber Haha.. theoretically Tatgiap PA shld be worth at least 0.24 !
09/01/2019 16:46
817065 Those who always think that the sky is going to fall always never make money.
09/01/2019 17:28
YapJH The warrants most likely will be in 2 weeks time, or maybe 3 weeks time. If i remember correctly, there are some rules like 10 markets (maybe longer) or so to go through the motion as stipulated under the rules. So either at end of this month or maybe 3rd of this month.
10/01/2019 00:10
YapJH Theorectical price is just a textbook calculation. Even black Scholes model is just one method to calculate. Ultimatelt, it is still the market forces that will drive the price. And from the confession of the group/gang... your pretty much know they will be the one driving that price up or down already.
10/01/2019 00:12
YapJH One thing for sure is that this group/gang is not market operator/syndicate... those syndicates will not go around telling people “I’m the one doing it”... unless they think the coffe at the regulator offices are very good...
10/01/2019 00:54
YapJH Correction to one of the earlier comment,

So either at end of this month or maybe 3rd week of this month.
10/01/2019 10:31
YapJH Wonder why some of my comments got deleted. Let me try again...
10/01/2019 10:31
YapJH Seasoned traders/players/investors will accumulate mother shares up till ex-date. So expect warrants to be very very volatile upon listed.

Now the possible scenario will be, depending still have mother share on hand...

One scenario is that, no mother share on hand, that means they will sell down the warrants upon listing.

Another scenarios is that they still keep some mother shares, then push up the mother share either before or after of the listing of warrants and sell down the warrants.

Of cos there is another possible scenario is to accumulate mother share now until the listing of the warrants... but this scenario may or may not works because the price is recovering abit now so will make the entry cost abit high, so may result in lower profit.

As always, invest within your own means.
10/01/2019 10:34
blksquash any cds account got ur warrant d?
11/01/2019 20:29
trap666 not yet
11/01/2019 21:56
cytew Expect the warrant to trade on 15 January
12/01/2019 15:22
Yu_and_Mee next week will pullback, base on chart. Most likely will back to 1.28. If broke below 1.28, then goes to 1.25 or 1.22.
Buy at 1.22 better.
It's downtrend, lower high formed. Next will be lower low.
1.22 very strong support. If 1.22 broke, then goes to 1.09/1.10, where 1.09/1.10 is the strongest support.
12/01/2019 17:42
Yu_and_Mee buy at 1.22 then if drop, buy at 1.09/1.10 again. If drop further then bye bye.
12/01/2019 17:43
cytew Collect it's Wa when mother share retrace
13/01/2019 18:15
817065 Based on the chart, technical readings indicates that mother share price momentum will push to 1.37 then penetrate 1.40 and after listing of the warrants, hit new record high of 1.70 by end March.
13/01/2019 20:26
Ehome009 lol, 2 very contradictory technical readings : one anticipates down-trending (Yu_and_Mee) and the other (817065) vice versa. I am inclined to support the latter's anticipation and I believe that the price is likely to move upward prior and post warrant listing (of course there will be some minor pull backs along the advancement).
13/01/2019 21:13
cytew Revenue (0200) 是 2018 年 熊市里的 “超级牛股”,若我的推算没有错,目前它正处于高度发育期, 净盈利 2015 2.116 mil, 2016 4.513 mil, 2017 5.219 mil, 2018 7.582 mil, 2019 10.0 mil (projected), CAGR..47.44% , 2019 年, 这只公牛应该将会继续往前冲 ! 大家拭目以待吧.(CAGR=Compound Annual Growth Rate )
13/01/2019 21:36
cytew #凭单如渔网


70年代初,常在学校假期间和父亲出海捕鱼。在这段学习捕鱼的生涯里,发现到渔夫能否有丰富的鱼获,关键在放网的时刻,最佳放网的时刻是在即将转潮 (从退转涨,或涨转退) 之时,一天退涨潮各有两次。挂牌公司老板就如渔夫,凭单 (warrant) 有如渔网,要在公司即将成长 (growth, meaning is change of tide) 之际发送给股东,方能为股东们带来最好的回酬。
13/01/2019 21:38
YapJH The warrants will only be in the CDS account one day before the warrants listed.

But I doubt it will be on 15 Jan.

If not mistaken, warrants should also subject to moratorium. If im the owner, would have set it after moratorium so that will have shares on
14/01/2019 00:18
Yu_and_Mee 凭单如渔网 ....是指经济好的时候。
14/01/2019 05:44
cytew 凭单如渔网..是指公司正处于快速成长之际
14/01/2019 08:36
VenFx Revenue pls come down at 1.20 plsss !
14/01/2019 09:17
SureWin1Woh Warrant will be listed on Jan 18th.. Very ONG date.....118
14/01/2019 10:30
nestor confirm already ?the listed date ?
14/01/2019 12:24
cytew 22 January is the warrant listing date
16/01/2019 19:15
YapJH Clearly the date should be after the upliftment of the moratorium on mother shares.

No owners will be naive enough not to have shares on hand and let people goreng their shares and do nothing, just like how one group dump and cause the share to go down on ex-date.
16/01/2019 22:59
Frederick Foo YapJH what do you means?
16/01/2019 23:08
YapJH (1) The listing date of the warrants should be after the shareholders’ moratorium period. If you read their prospectus, their first moratorium is uplifted after 6months from their IPO. So whatever 15, 18 jan listing/trade date mentioned does not really make sense on the owners perspective.

(2) If i’m the owners, I would prefer to have my shares uplifted only then list the warrants. So can position themselves when the counter become too volatile.
17/01/2019 12:20
rikki Warrant listing on 22/1/2019
17/01/2019 14:53
cytew Revenue 0200 : Today closing is 131

First trading day for wa is on 22 January

Reference price for wa is 131-125=6 sen

Limit up price on opening day is set at 6+30=36 sen

Calculated Wa prices at various premium percentages are :

20% is (131x1.20) -125=32.2 or 32 sen

25% is (131x1.25)-125=38.75 or 39 sen

30% is (131x1.30)-125=45.3 or 45 sen

I am expecting wa to trade at limit up price of 36 sen upon market opening on 22 January....Just wait and see !
18/01/2019 18:21
SureWin1Woh No announcement yet. Monday no listing for warrants
18/01/2019 20:15
SureWin1Woh 28 Jan??
18/01/2019 20:15
SureWin1Woh This baby at least 50cent
18/01/2019 20:16
R Saleh Revenue BHD going superb...1 slot clear..
18/01/2019 20:18
817065 Black-Scholes valuation model shows the warrants to be valued between 55 sen and 60 sen.
19/01/2019 08:26
UnicornP From my observation in Jaks and AWC warrant listing recently, after one or two weeks warrant listed, mother share will do a small crash to a low or below the price on the warrant listing day.
That means high chance Revenue will drop to at least 1.20 after warrant listed. After that rebound show.
19/01/2019 09:09


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