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Listing Date:Sep 07, 2015
Maturity Date:Mar 30, 2016
Issue Size:25,000,000
Exercise Price:MYR 18,600.00
Ratio: 900:1
Underlying Stock:
Avg Volume (4 weeks):0

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Announcement: [Sep 04, 2015] Listing Information & Profile for Structured Warrants
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KAQ4468 Esok apa Macam ?

Tonight future Ada Kasi signal ka
15/10/2018 20:44
treety Ask lefelee....eh lefelee ade send gua et signal ka
15/10/2018 20:45
treety Aiyoh i already shave head sit inside gua temburung edi.... Dun wan know hsi info edi.... Coz..... Gua temburung no wifi....deng lorrrr
15/10/2018 20:56
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Tomorrow stop loss..... Buy call

Happy die me in advance. News is out
15/10/2018 23:20
moneyiloveu Thanks ayam.

Duit APA news ?? Share
15/10/2018 23:25
Paka What's the news Duit? Can u pls share...
15/10/2018 23:46
cybergreen gogogogo ayam king.
16/10/2018 08:19
FBMKLCI2015 Looks like today is call warrant play..Nikkei DJ green
16/10/2018 08:36
alex hao Thanks ayam, I would like to learn more with you.
16/10/2018 08:38
scholar China GDP announcing this week
16/10/2018 08:52
pretty_life So bullish today..
16/10/2018 08:58
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 After earn enough only play with u.. as usual ma.

We love to produce money u lose to play.... So let priority done first

16/10/2018 09:16
Zenithopia hsi bullish but klci no power.
16/10/2018 09:26
Zenithopia all pessimistic on coming budget?
16/10/2018 09:26
Zenithopia hsi ding dong no direction yet?
16/10/2018 09:50
Ayam 4.0 IV together we fight !
16/10/2018 09:57
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Kekek

Another piece news coming... Wait bro
16/10/2018 10:03
andrewtan7 Amazing
16/10/2018 10:03
treety Cann share share hepi news?
16/10/2018 10:23
Younglearner is money outflows vs share buy back benefit to call holders ?
16/10/2018 10:59
lionkings Dragon,
The programmer you mentioned is very active at hsi forum.Think she dun want to entertain you lah.....lol
16/10/2018 11:01
joetay2 there is a programmer here????

will be interested to see if he/she is a gun-for-hire.

Posted by lionkings > Oct 16, 2018 11:01 AM | Report Abuse

The programmer you mentioned is very active at hsi forum.Think she dun want to entertain you lah.....lol
16/10/2018 11:03
MHP 3.0 Macam banyak orang hilang lately..
16/10/2018 11:26
xiaodingdang wait for 25000.. supporting level...
16/10/2018 11:30
Younglearner it suddenly U-Turn to downtrend :((
16/10/2018 11:36
joetay2 lol............

its always fun to make fun of flyingkite aka doraemon, bro dragon.

Posted by dragonslayer > Oct 16, 2018 11:36 AM | Report Abuse

Aiyo joetay2.0...why you are here...you dunno you are the most unwelcome person at here meh....you better dun come here lah...later gaduh again...aiyoyo...referee advice...you dun come here lah...later war mari ...war mari...referee busy like bees again lah….aiyoyo...tolong tolong tampok lah...referee very hard baru settled old issue....see you here...macam old issue kambing again...give me a break ok...else...referee have to use penyapu again...sapu sampah sarap...wakakaka….kikiki
16/10/2018 11:49
cybergreen hsi so fast turn gg. lol
16/10/2018 11:54
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 I side referees siding layang also

Ninth emperor huat ar. Walk Coal fire huat ar
16/10/2018 11:55
joetay2 oh yeah, there is a nine day celebration or something in a chinese temple.

the 85 yo ah ma go there to volunteer for the past few days alrdy.

Posted by 天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 > Oct 16, 2018 11:55 AM | Report Abuse

I side referees siding layang also

Ninth emperor huat ar. Walk Coal fire huat ar
16/10/2018 11:58
joetay2 why u so loser, flyingkite aka doraemon???

go reporting my posts as abuse.

i only ask u a valid question on how much u lose on jcy.


osted by xiaodingdang > Oct 16, 2018 12:13 PM | Report Abuse

dragon, duit, TQVM..

sinku nimen le... mai chap yi la... sai hai lor.. he want attention bec everybody ignore her, tak bolih tahan that's kept coming after me n Calvin n those Parkson shareholders.. ytd wrote a blog asking for sympathy.. she will b lock up again very soon la...
16/10/2018 13:24
Bon Jerry Borne Hi all, sesiapa wish to join capt TM EW class, pls check out the detail below.

Elliott Waves Theory Class Lessons /Advisory Services By Gordon Woo

3 weeks full course via video live on Elliott Waves Theory
Calculation Methods and Fibonacci
Candlestick Patterns (most powerful set of patterns)
3 months foc advisory services

Commencing date: on or before 29th October 2018. Please register by 25th of October 2018

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16/10/2018 14:01
xiaodingdang just now already told u la.. wait for 25000 support lor...
16/10/2018 14:15
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Awesome day...

16/10/2018 14:21
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Why u make them gruesome?

U better make them awesome again
16/10/2018 14:24
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Don't rebut my mhp pls
16/10/2018 14:32
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Throw away mhp before walk charcoal.. hati kena bersih tak boleh berbulu
16/10/2018 14:41
joetay2 we r not interested in ur hsi support prediction.

we r more interested as to why u no call my lawyer.

my lawyer been waiting for u since early this yr.

why u no call her????

u scared that i will sue u until u bankrupt????


Posted by xiaodingdang > Oct 16, 2018 02:15 PM | Report Abuse

just now already told u la.. wait for 25000 support lor...
16/10/2018 15:25
lionkings Dragon,
Just now killing the young bulls(contra) and setting a bear trap to bbq the bears loh...kikiki..

Posted by dragonslayer > Oct 16, 2018 03:20 PM | Report Abuse

Aiyo...why the charcoal not burning kah...why green balik ...so confusimg...what the banker want to do now....aiyoyo....kikiki
16/10/2018 15:29
cybergreen hsi building based. 25200 holding well.
16/10/2018 15:36
Bon Jerry Borne Dragon, pls follow the right procedure for scholarship. below are the steps to follow:

1. go to https://duitkwspkita.com/forms
2. download form no.2 "Scholarship Application"
3. fill in the details required
4. submit the documents required
- photocopy i3 profile - must be validated by commissioner of quaker oat (CoQO)
- photocopy of past 12mths trading result - must be validated by (CoQO)
- evidence that duit and you do not have private message exchange ever - must be validated by MCMC
- a statement no more than 5 words to justify why you deserve the scholarship
16/10/2018 16:14
MHP 3.0 just wondering u still holding your PUT?

Posted by Mr_Chartist > Oct 15, 2018 04:38 PM | Report Abuse

tomorrow will break below 26k ...

Hold Put ...
16/10/2018 19:58
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Kekeke

Ampang Kau Ong Yah.... So great... Walk burning charcoal hoseh liao
16/10/2018 22:51
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 No.

I don't believe in keep overnight. So I won't do that
16/10/2018 23:32
Younglearner Today hang seng no market, so still can trade?
17/10/2018 07:08
天龙八部≈ 扫地僧 Lap ong yah kasi kuat kuat news
17/10/2018 08:02
cybergreen hoseh my c3o and c3T.
17/10/2018 08:26
Younglearner my c3t, 3v are at a high price, cuan
17/10/2018 08:56
lionkings Dragon,
The index is expected to break above 26000 this week with this impulsive wave...
Huat ar for all C holders....BAYOR...

Posted by dragonslayer > Oct 17, 2018 09:02 AM | Report Abuse

Aiyo...why green so much...still 257xx kah..why not 258xx...today no market...how to continue...aiyoyo..kikiki
17/10/2018 09:14
Younglearner but the Cs seem like no move
17/10/2018 09:53
cybergreen aiyoyoyoyo no HSI market today. cannot participate bull bull. kikikiki
17/10/2018 09:53


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