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firehawk mother share drops like heck .... i read the earlier postings (2014) assumed mother share =0.91, now drop to 0.61 .... so fast ......
12/06/2016 3:52 PM
lai81533 Cumulate ytl land la long term investment
13/06/2016 7:41 PM
lai81533 Right time to invest
14/06/2016 7:21 PM
lai81533 Good invest for long term get 300%
17/06/2016 6:42 PM
Buhkuakia lai dont bring people to holland ok?
17/06/2016 10:49 PM
19/06/2016 6:28 AM
lai81533 Remember long term more than 5 years
19/06/2016 6:29 AM
lai81533 Minho
20/06/2016 6:29 PM
lai81533 Enjoy interest return manage your risks
21/06/2016 7:48 PM
lai81533 Market down .this counter stable
24/06/2016 8:40 PM
ViWizard lai what minho? here is ytlland la, dont bring people go holland lol
04/07/2016 11:40 PM
lai81533 Manage risks is success in any business investment.
15/07/2016 6:06 AM
tkt66 As of Q3 2016, ytll's

Property development cost per share = 2.431
Land held for development per share = 0.931
Net debt per share = -2.087
If you believe uncle yeoh is able to turn all property development cost to sales, then ytll-la is a good investment.
17/07/2016 11:40 AM
ViWizard lai81533 buy minho is manage risk?
17/07/2016 7:13 PM
tkt66 As of today with closing price of RM0.455, annualized yield 6.39%(until 14/10/2018), 6.53% (until maturity date).
22/09/2016 10:36 PM
lai81533 yes. buy ytl land la to protect capital get burn and enjoy interest every 6 months with 5% (first 3 year) and 7% ( final 3 years) which better than FD.
03/10/2016 11:01 PM
Redes Does the interest paid is subject to any taxes?
11/10/2016 7:05 PM
lai81533 Better return for long term
16/11/2016 6:41 PM
lai81533 Rm1.52
23/02/2017 8:27 PM
lai81533 Undervalue stocks
17/03/2017 3:03 AM
Teh_Invest What will happen after maturity date?
04/04/2017 5:14 PM
mlike if i buy today still can get the interest on this Apr 17? if yes, what is the last day for this Apr 17 to have interest?
05/04/2017 2:22 PM
lai81533 After maturity , this will automatically convert to loan stocks by filling the conversion form. Unlike warrants, upon maturity , this will be expired.
08/04/2017 5:44 AM
lai81533 As long as u bot before ex date, u will be entitled for interest payments by the company. Let say if you bot 92400 units at rm0.49. Then your interest received will be 92400 units x rm0.0225/2=rm1,039.50 and interest yield return is rm0.0225/rm0.49=4.59% per year after u receiving two times interest payments from the company. This is better than FD.
08/04/2017 5:50 AM
mlike Thanks
08/04/2017 12:15 PM
peter Too buy2
26/08/2017 4:13 AM
peter Too buy2.
26/08/2017 4:13 AM
lai81533 next year get 7% return
rm0.03/rm0.43= 6.98%
steady return every year.

if enter 23100 units
upon maturity convert to mother shares = 23,100 / 1.32= 17,500 units
If you have 7 accounts, 23100 units X 7 = 161,700 units
17/07/2018 5:39 PM
singh1 For conversion 2.64 ICULS : One (1) ordinary share of RM0.50 each in YTL Land ("YTL Land Share")
How is owning iculs better than owning ytlland?????
08/09/2018 5:46 AM
lai81533 get 7% interest every year.
mother share zero interest
13/09/2018 4:06 PM
lai81533 good interest every year rm0.03/rm0.405 = 7.4% for next 3 years
22/10/2018 11:24 AM
verbatin1969 is this LA not attractive anymore? from the 7th-8th year onwards need 1.32A to convert to 1 mother share? so LA 40.5sen x 1.32 = 53.46 cts but mother share is only worth 40sen?
22/10/2018 7:50 PM
lai81533 next 3 years, you get interest for rm0.03X3=Rm0.09
after Ex date, (RM0.405-RM0.09)X1.32= RM0.4158
After 3 years, market uptrend . If mother shares go up to rm1.00
(RM1.00-RM0.4158)X100000= RM58,420 profit
23/10/2018 3:32 PM
lai81533 Keep long term
24/11/2018 8:11 AM
Lam LH buy at rm500 and now rm 370... depreciated 25 % in 7 yrs
11/12/2018 11:19 AM
lai81533 you need to take accounts for interest
if you buy 7 years ago, now ex price is rm0.50 - rm0.1275= rm0.3725, just loss rm0.01
22/12/2018 10:07 AM
calvintaneng Post removed. Why?
08/06/2019 12:57 PM
Kris Wong Ridiculous poor takeover offer by YTL to YTLLand LA Holders (nominal value 50 sen with 6% interest) at almost all time low price of 32 sen. So unfair and unreasonable ! Vote against offer and/or don't accept offer so that YTLLand can remain listed !!!
14/06/2019 8:38 AM
Leong966 Same fate as YTL cement and YTL E.. next one will be YTL Power
14/06/2019 8:44 AM
Good123 saving money, delisted, no need to appoint independent directors, etc.
14/06/2019 8:47 AM
Lam LH lai81533 any more comment from you...
14/06/2019 11:52 AM
Kris Wong The nasty & unfair takeover offer by YTL not only killed the interest payable to YTLLand-LA Holders till maturity but also destroyed the convertible time value element of the LA which is supposed to be matured/expired only in October 2021 !!!
25/06/2019 11:35 AM
chankp7010 Agreed with Kris Wong. Furthermore, the takeover will destroy the step up interest at higher rate
till end of Oct 2021. The most discouraging to minority interest shareholders is the low take over price of only 28 cents!!!!
08/07/2019 4:00 PM
Kris Wong To clarify matters, takeover offer price for the YTLLand-LA is 32 sen (still very low) not 28 sen but the share takeover exchange ratio is 1000 YTLLand-LA to 280 YTLCorp shares resulting in many small shareholders having odd lots problems !!!
09/07/2019 11:03 AM
thanaraj I wonder why there are many investors who have expressed their negative comments at the offer by the management to take over YTLLand by YTLCORP
09/07/2019 10:56 PM
Kris Wong Why negative comments plus complaints ? Do u know that both YTLand n its LA will soon force to be delisted whereby they cannot be traded anymore ? The only alternative for them to remain tradeable is to swap them cheaply at a ridiculous swap ratio for YTLCorp shares which only benefit mostly the Yeoh family !!!
12/07/2019 10:02 AM
Alamak99 Consider this:-

What happens when the Offerors and PAC accepts the ICULS from shareholders of YTL Land ICULS holders?

Do the"Offeror" convert into YTL Land shares or keep as YTL Land ICULS and convert at the end of the exercise (31st Aug)?

ICULS holders will get 280 shares of YTL Corp shares in return for each 1000 YTL Land ICULS.

The Offerors is the YTL Sons & Family Pte Ltd which are also majority shareholders of YTL Corp. The majority shareholders of YTL Corp has sought a resolution from its shareholders of YTLCorp to grant the issue of new shares of YTL Land to new shareholders who has accepted the "Share Swap" offer by the Offerors (which is YTL Sons & Family Pte Ltd and not YTL Corp).

3. Why is YTL Corp issuing new shares to YTL Land ICULS holders. Shouldn't YTL Sons & Family be paying out cash to holders of YTL Land ICULS because they are the Offeror (seeking to increase their holding in YTL Land shares)?

4. Why use YTL Corp to issue new shares to those who accepted the offer by these "Offerors"?
This is like making YTL Sons & Family gain YTL Land shares on the one hand, while it requires YTL Corp to issue new shares, but at whose and what cost?
05/08/2019 3:37 PM
Aheng The value of 280 YTL shares today is only RM 280. If YTL share price continues to drop, the value of ICULS will also drop. That's why they don't offer cash. This is to their advantage
13/08/2019 8:33 PM
Kris Wong To all Minority ICULS Holders of YTLLand : Please read n note carefully last paragraph of pg 50 of Independent Advice Circular under (cc) for Delisting Application if acceptance >75% but < 90% as under "Exit Offer", there may be a reasonable CASH alternative instead of the lousy share swap. As such, please don't be frightened by the Delisting by accepting the ridiculous poor takeover offer by share swap so that Offeror will not get >90% acceptance n don't sell unnecessary cheaply in Bursa for Offeror to take advantage !!!
21/08/2019 11:46 AM
Kris Wong Don't be conned by the 'complicated and confusing' ICULS circular dated 3 October by the Yeoh Offer to accept the ridiculous lousy swap offer as their intention is to help them achieve the 90% acceptance to their advantage. Just ignore it for the time being and get the ICULS latest interest by 1 November. One still has up to 7 January 2020 to make a final decision on the offer whether to accept or reject the offer !!!
04/10/2019 9:16 AM

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