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Market Cap: 240 Million
NOSH: 1,118 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):10,848,947
4 Weeks Range:0.21 - 0.275
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.21 - 0.665
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.24
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.025
Stamp duty exempted for year 2018

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Sep-2018 [#3]  |  12-Nov-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Dec-2018  |  27-Feb-2019
T4Q P/E | EY: 5.94  |  16.84%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.33  |  0.65
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 3.96%  |  10.93%


Date Subject
22-Oct-2018 Technical Buy - HUAAN (2739)
20-Sep-2018 Technical Analysis - Sino Hua-An International
26-Jul-2018 Technical Analysis - Sino Hua-An International
17-Jun-2018 TCapital Group - HUAAN
15-Mar-2018 HUAAN Facts & Figures for March 2018 Quarter
26-Feb-2018 转亏为盈‧华安目标价多少?
20-Feb-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (HUAAN, KRONO)
16-Jan-2018 Daily Technical Highlights - (HUAYANG, HUAAN)
05-Dec-2017 Trading Idea: HUAAN – Riding on the resilient sector outlook; Poised for a downtrend line breakout
26-Nov-2017 大马有煤炭股吗?华安国际前景如何?

Business Background

Sino Hua-An International Bhd is an investment holding company. The company is engaged in manufacturing and sale of metallurgical coke and other related by-products. Sino Hua-An International’s products include tar oil, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate and coal gas. Its by-products include Coal Gas, Tar, Crude Benzene, Ammonia Sulfate, Coal Slime and Middlings.
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amet2017 Yeah qoq improved
12/11/2018 18:28
Des07 The number is ok... improving though below expectation. All know China steel and coke industry is doing pretty well but it did not reflect in Q3. Look like there is a time lag in cost and revenue? Had a look at the AR... they value inventory cost based on weighted average cost resulted in higher cost of good sold. and they measured stock based on judgement of the stock-pile, shapes which can impact the cost of good sold.
12/11/2018 18:56
OldPussyKyewyin47 tipster sour grape lo,,,kikiki...stuck high price...kikiki
12/11/2018 22:34
Tipster Haha... drop spectacles lor...
13/11/2018 07:25
John1234 Result is below many's expectations. But it still shows growth qoq. I think some contra traders could have bought into this counter on strong recommendation by Tipster and panic sell to get out this morning. Coupled with Dow's overnight crash, this gives the goreng master a good excuse to push it below 23 sen this morning....
13/11/2018 09:44
amet2017 exactly..will climb back..
13/11/2018 09:56
amet2017 lucky who bought 0.21..easily 10% profit
13/11/2018 10:06
speakup https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/451582
tidur just admit tidur lar, no big deal!
but tidur then deny tidur is even worse. THAT"S LYING TO RAKYAT!
13/11/2018 10:10
Henry Kueh now sitting exactly at the support line 0.23, fall below than this time to say "bye bye"..
13/11/2018 10:12
Gohhocks With EPS 18 only around 1-2 cents, current share price, 23 cents is highly overvalued, unless EPS significantly better for Q4, which is unlikely now, better watch out.. my thought.
13/11/2018 13:24
Gohhocks I Can see the downtrend just started. Good luck.
13/11/2018 13:26
jcpy While coke prices were stable and strong, the reported average selling prices for this qtr was way below the market. I wonder whether they are selling below market or it is becoz of time lag? Either way, it seem quite difficult to even make a forecast. So, even if the coke prices get higher this qtr, we are not sure whether their margin will be good or not come next qtr result.
13/11/2018 13:54
amet2017 aiyo kawan downtrend already started some time ago la..you dont read chart aa..just that now it stabilise a bit, and the QR has improved a bit compared to the last two QRs. Your calculation correct or not?
13/11/2018 14:21
John1234 My investment experience tells me that EPS is used more frequently to value blue chips and growth stocks. For a 20+ sen penny stock like Hua An now, EPS does not matter so much, so long as it is not incurring (huge) operating losses. What is more important is mkt sentiments and mkt demand/supply conditions.

Sapura Energy is a good example. Negative EPS, but the share price moves along with news flows and mkt sentiments.
13/11/2018 15:05
John1234 HK and China mkt have turned positive already. The goreng master seems to set up a road block at 23.5 sen currently? For the weak holders, they can only sell at 23 sen....

We will know the master's real intention from the price movement later...
13/11/2018 15:54
OldPussyKyewyin47 kikiki,,, bilis story telling to bilis???kikiki
13/11/2018 16:25
John1234 "Aiyoyo, please go follow your old master kyy to buy Lion Industries Corp......kikiki"

13/11/2018 17:11
apolloang why call him old master? old manipulator not master
13/11/2018 17:14
John1234 I just quote what he says. I cannot disrespect his master....
13/11/2018 17:23
apolloang he's not a master,he's a pariah lah,press down stocks to let the retailers die one can call him master?
13/11/2018 17:25
John1234 Well, that is news to me. I will be wary of him.
13/11/2018 17:52
Daily8 he is getting old....the mind can sangkut sometimes
14/11/2018 13:05
ShareRich Wow! 52 weeks low, scary....
14/11/2018 15:04
John1234 Mkt sentiments are weak. Most speculative counters are down. This one just follows along...
14/11/2018 15:09
ShareRich Bye for now, will come back below 0.20!
14/11/2018 15:09
Younglearner now only 0.21, can this counter suspend ar?
14/11/2018 15:37
Vincent Soh shit, why so.bad
14/11/2018 15:53
cth0712 price is quite attractive now, it's still a profit making company, wonder why market respond so negatively on this counter...
14/11/2018 16:37
John1234 Seriously, a lot of retail investors have been "white-washed" by the goreng master. Based on my understanding and observation, the goreng master operates like this:

Market is bad. So, the goreng master started throwing down his own shares at 22.5 sen in the morning, traded down the share price and ended the day to buy back some or all his sold shares at 21 sen and 21.5 sen, hereby making his trading profits.

1. Lack of buyers to counteract the action by the goreng master. Most are too scared to buy!!!
2. Unlike retail investors like us, the goreng master just needs to incur a negligible fee for the churning activities.

So, the actual selling(by contra and panicked sellers) is not high, given the already low share price. So, what you see on the number is far from the whole truth!

Goreng master - my apologies! I have divulged your trade secret, to educate the "innocent" investors!
14/11/2018 17:52
Vincent Soh so, mean got hope or not?
14/11/2018 18:00
OldPussyKyewyin47 roti John,,,just to let you know that's the stupidest thing I heard in years...kikiki
14/11/2018 18:52
John1234 Vincent,

It depends on your own investment timeframe/ horizon, plus your own assessment of the company's outlook. You have to make your own decisions.

Mkt is weak currently in the short term, but things can change over a longer period.
14/11/2018 21:19
John1234 Aiyoyo(Old Pussy), my sharing is not meant for you. Go and ask your smarter sifu.....kikiki
14/11/2018 21:25
jcpy Good sharing, John1234. Lets hope its market outlook will improve over time.
15/11/2018 08:27
lancetsy LOL...dun live in your fantasy world...come out often to look around...
15/11/2018 09:04
John1234 Haha.....only the smart ones know how the mkt works....
15/11/2018 09:20
John1234 Today, it is up since morning. The goreng master has changed course today after having tested buying/selling conditions at 21 & 21.5 sen yesterday. 21 sen has become the immediate support for this counter now...

HK mkt has soared. This has provided the basis for today's price action too.
15/11/2018 14:49
John1234 I mentioned 2 things earlier for this counter's direction. The last quarter's result was out. Next, I am monitoring the big event at G20 meeting.

From mkt talk, something is brewing at this meeting. Let's see how true this is.

Not a buy or sell recommendation. Do your own due diligence!
16/11/2018 10:49
paloma Always drop, no need monitor
16/11/2018 11:24
John1234 Yes. Do not waste time here. Pls go and chase the high flying stocks like Prestariang, My Eg Services, etc.

The operators like to welcome u with both arms. Haha..
16/11/2018 11:33
John1234 Talking about Prestariang, I just find this rather amusing and irrational, all nicely played out by the operator.

When it was pushed down to 40+ sen, a lot of forumers were so scared and commented that it would drop more, to 30 sen or even much lower. Not many seized this opportunity to buy low. When it was pushed up to 60+ and then 70+ sen, all chased like no tomorrow. The operator was very happy to release the (dumped) stocks to them at much higher prices.

Is this a rational investor behaviour? Maybe, a lot of them feel that higher priced stocks are much better in quality......lol
16/11/2018 12:24
John1234 After falling 6 big sen last Friday, Prestariang continues its decline today, trading below 60 sen currently. Some punters/investors hoping for a rebound this week are already caught in a booby trap laid down by the operator. The operator has to do this to shake out some and bring down the share price to a lower level, to set up "possibly" for the next sprint up.

On the other hand, the operator is still operating in a "safe" zone for Hua An, waiting for mkt to turn better.
19/11/2018 11:18
Awea Pro Rubbish stock
19/11/2018 11:32
John1234 There is always a price for each traded counter in a mkt. It will usually move up or down, along with the broader mkt. When the mkt is no good, even a good counter can also go.down in share price.

Theoretically, the share price will reflect the intrinsic value of the company.
19/11/2018 11:58
Ask_Check Referring to finance news reported for Shandong Linyi city , met coke price average 2300 , coal price average 1250 , from jun to sep 18 . Why so huge different with the QR . Where was those earnings gone ? Went to whose pocket ?
19/11/2018 13:38
Market_live Downtrend but technically it is sound, if you entered in Huaan you can hold. Anyone want to enter now, need to choose the right entry.
For tp & fundamental & technical analysis whtp 601157940369 to get all the information (live)
19/11/2018 13:54
John1234 Ask_Check,

I do not think anybody can answer your question correctly. U can send your query on any discrepancy to the company...
19/11/2018 14:20
John1234 HK and China mkts are doing better recently, buoyed by hopes for the G20 meeting. But Bursa mkt is less active, ahead of a holiday tomorrow.
19/11/2018 14:41
Ask_Check Who have rights to instigate , there were about Rmb400 per ton been losing .
19/11/2018 15:25
John1234 As a shareholder, you can write to the CEO or CFO of the company to raise your point on the lower profit reported by stating your own basis of calculation. Be discreet on the words used.
No finger pointing as there could be a real reason for the lower profit reported.

I am sure the office will want to address your concern.
19/11/2018 17:18


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