KLSE: CMSB (2852)       CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
Last Price Today's Change   Day's Range   Trading Volume
1.16   -0.01 (0.85%)  1.16 - 1.19  6,689,800
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Market Cap: 1,246 Million
NOSH: 1,074 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):16,905,489
4 Weeks Range:1.05 - 1.29
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:1.05 - 2.52
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 2.43
Price Target Upside/Downside: +1.27

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2021 [#1]  |  25-May-2021
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2021  |  26-Aug-2021
T4Q P/E | EY: 4.88  |  20.48%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 1.72%  |  8.36%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 2.6727  |  0.43
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 23.69%  |  8.89%


Date Subject
19-Jul-2021 家族掌砂查也马特非好主意/前线把关
09-Jul-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 9 Jul 2021
29-Jun-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 29 Jun 2021
29-Jun-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 29 Jun 2021
26-Jun-2021 [转贴] [Video:浅谈CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BHD, CMSB, 2852] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
22-Jun-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Jun 2021
04-Jun-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 4 Jun 2021
04-Jun-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Jun 2021
24-May-2021 砂查也马特疑团待解/前线把关
07-May-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 7 May 2021
06-May-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 6 May 2021
23-Apr-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 23 Apr 2021
18-Mar-2021 Trading Stocks - Cahya Mata Sarawak
03-Mar-2021 Cahya Mata Sarawak - OM Materials to turn around in FY21F
26-Feb-2021 Cahya Mata Sarawak - FY20 core net profit drops 38% YoY
24-Feb-2021 砂查也马特挑战RM2.52/敏源
03-Feb-2021 Trading Stocks - Cahya Mata Sarawak
03-Dec-2020 Trading Stocks - Cahya Mata Sarawak
03-Dec-2020 Stocks on Radar - Cahya Mata Sarawak (2852)
01-Dec-2020 Cahya Mata Sarawak - Lower cost of imported clinker to bolster earnings

Business Background

Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd is a conglomerate that engages in businesses to further the development of Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia. Its core businesses, which collectively account for roughly 90% of the company’s total revenue, are the cement division, which manufactures cement, clinker, and concrete products; construction materials and trading, which engages in quarrying, premix, and trading operations; and construction and road maintenance, which engages in infrastructure construction and road maintenance. The company also develops and manages property and engages in several other smaller businesses. The company primarily earns revenue from selling the products it manufactures and from performing services, including construction projects.
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  11 people like this.
tamp0i Who is selling in this price who is a waterfish... Collect kao kao lor
16/07/2021 4:48 PM
wssvin $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I like you Target1
16/07/2021 4:58 PM
Luckyboy88 This CMSB, if kerat kasi timbang Dan leong, harga pun lebih banyak dari sekarang.

EPF sell because dividend yield getting lesser this 2 years. I believe even through trimming down it will still hold a sizable shares >5% in cahaya. Current challenging time, BOD reduce dividend, normal ma.

I come here NOT for. dividend but 80%-150% CAPITAL GAIN. muak!!!!

Worst already passed, a small +ve catalyst will send share price rocket High. I foresee price will show a clearly uptrending bias once enter SEPT2021.

Patutlah belis lose money, cheap cheap dun dare to buy.

16/07/2021 5:41 PM
Luckyboy88 Lelong
16/07/2021 5:42 PM
Beautyseeker Sarawak will getting more vaccines from federal to ensure their coming election smooth.

After that sure all Sarawak's counters also going to fly
16/07/2021 5:48 PM
Luckyboy88 Aiyo, adults population almost done. Now focusing on tertiary studies group. Children below 12 no directive yet from MOH. Banyak banyak vaccine buat apa??

MOH need all the fire power concentrate in Klang valley now to dose the ring of fire. Priority on every working adults, immigrants and illegal workers ASAP. Only this all Malaysians will be save.

Abang Jo, will surprise u any time soon.
16/07/2021 6:13 PM
Sky Liew Rm234
16/07/2021 8:20 PM
greedy44444 CMSB will definitely fly to the sky when state election is called next month or early September.
17/07/2021 4:25 PM
greedy44444 If they could settle the account problem amicably then the price increase will definitely accelerating to 2.00 before the state election.
17/07/2021 4:27 PM
TedTock Imagine entering now and it rises to a minimum RM2 (it’s previous “normal”) within 2 months…
17/07/2021 5:45 PM
martinbartesque I know CMSB relates to politic. May I know why state election in Sarawsk will boost the share price of Cmsb?
17/07/2021 8:02 PM
greedy44444 Go through the past Sarawak state election and the movement of CMSB then you know why.
17/07/2021 9:57 PM
greedy44444 and also try to check who are the major shareholders of CMSB
17/07/2021 10:02 PM
greedy44444 Can get more projects and businesses from the state gomen if they win again
17/07/2021 10:03 PM
Luckyboy88 Elections = ancient warfare

One of the most important elements in ancient war is grains (fund/political funds). There is Chinese proverbs say " San Jun Wei Dong, Liang Cao Xian Xin" which translate one need to move your grains ahead before you mobilise your 3 battalions to war.

Why funding that important?? From pamphlets, banners, flags, posters, CSR, community dinner during campaign talk, RENT-a-crowd, cyber walfares and etc need money. The chances of victory is moving proportionate with the size of funding.

Where to find fundings?? Jibby famous tagline "donation". Law limit 200k donation max per individual or group 4 MP constitution.

If I were a Foochow Boss, the eassier way to contribute is to goreng when the receipant have interest in a listed entities. Ask any Sarawakian who are there Foochow boss. This is absolutely legal.

Goodies(gula-2) : what r the wishlists of people of Sarawak?

ANSWER : 1)lnfrastruture and 2)development

1) City folk like u, cannot imagine rural voters will vote just for a simple tar road, community hospital or school, lnternet access, proper paip water or electricity.

2) its norms for current ruling party to announce projects(development) be4 election. What is BABY(cahaya mata) core business?? Project win share goes up, crony too get thier shares.
1 stone kill 2 birds.
17/07/2021 10:55 PM
Luckyboy88 Even before any tenders(projects) result out, market already starts to speculate who eventually the benefactor will be. The amount involved will determine the surge of share price too.

CMSB is well known Taiko of the East.
17/07/2021 11:12 PM
Luckyboy88 Sry not taiko, more like godfather!!!
17/07/2021 11:14 PM
Luckyboy88 Conspiracy Theory :

1) Big whales starts dumping "baby" at peak Rm2. 52, where most tickets is acquired at low during bekir margin call time. Rate of dumping, slow with very big gain.
2) purposely leak out internal wrong doing CBT by CFO, market panic, rate dump intensify by whales(still gain) coupled by fund selling EPF & Tabung haji. Retailers join in to savage what ever paper gain. RM2. 2 to to RM1. 8
3) some retailers and some big sharks try fighting back. Whales will sell when price try reversal prompting price to deep further. More shareholders (those at penthouse) starts to cut lost after support after supports fail to hold. CMSB delay finding and no +ve news on current issue. RM1. 8 - RM1. 4
4) Whales dump the balance holding akin the final nail to the coffin. RM1.4 - RM1. 2. meagre gain/break even/small lost.
5)retailers lost hope kept selling. Bad market days due to MCO RM1. 2 - RM1. 05

6) Big funds mostly insiders start to accumulate big. Whales of same allegiance collect too and will block/hand brake until collection is done.
RM1. 05 - RM1. 30
7) release news 3rd party audit by KPMG is of min damage. IN ACTUAL CASE COM. FINANCIAL RESULT ARE INTACT, no evidence of tempering. KPMG report the facts only!!!
8) whales release handbrake, a gentle push and market react positively/cheering to the announcement by buying back aggressively knowing BABY is a gems.
9) State government announce dissolve of State Assembly after audience with Governnor(Peh MOH) and pending election date from SPRM.
10) CMSB surge higher day by day good news 1 after another.

Election Fund Mission accomplished!
Early birds, BILIS with patience too got their shares.

author : luckyboy.
18/07/2021 12:56 AM
Luckyboy88 Not SPRM, its SPR
18/07/2021 1:23 AM
monetary Foochow boss. Goreng all the way to $3 ya. hehe....
18/07/2021 12:20 PM
greedy44444 Waiting for RM2.00. With holding power no hurry to sell.
18/07/2021 8:35 PM
BigZakar boss in raya mood...............will back after raya
19/07/2021 10:27 AM
SamLiRainMaker Taib will push up the price in near term.
19/07/2021 12:18 PM
LaoTzeAhSir Sarawak CM to have major announcement on 22/7 (Thursday). Something big is coming.
20/07/2021 11:20 PM
Allenlee Announcing Sarawak election. CMSB wil rocket up as usual like every Sarawak election
21/07/2021 12:00 AM
Target1 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
21/07/2021 7:10 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning.
21/07/2021 8:37 AM
monetary super low volume. all waiting for bang Jo
21/07/2021 10:49 AM
BigZakar today is your last chance to buy!!!!!!!
21/07/2021 10:56 AM
vcinvestor ok BigZakar!
21/07/2021 11:25 AM
kevinobc https://themalaysianreserve.com/2021/07/16/cms-struggles-to-rebound-as-sentiment-remains-weak/
21/07/2021 12:46 PM
DeathStar Buy buy buy, lai lai lai …. Fly to moon soon like zakar wakeup in the morning
21/07/2021 1:13 PM
armadatuah2017 at this price, it is really a great bargain for long term.
21/07/2021 2:30 PM
armadatuah2017 can target for minimum safe 50% profit within this year as audit to close in August 2021.
21/07/2021 2:31 PM
monetary abang Jo dah bangun!
22/07/2021 10:31 AM
CharlesT Looks like the uptrend is real
22/07/2021 11:09 AM
Woodswater run b4 2late
pump n dump


state elections ?
22/07/2021 11:33 AM
yumchar Don't panic, don't throw the Baby out with the bathwater. C'mon Baby, we love you.
22/07/2021 11:37 AM
BigZakar i'm waiting for magic show
22/07/2021 12:05 PM
Luckyboy88 @woodswater, since u are convinced that covid case will prolong, why not sailang on your Topglove. Have u do it?? Do not take action that contradict your belief.

@yumchar, people panic buying now.

We are at stage 6. Once's bankers had enough sky is limit.
22/07/2021 1:05 PM
Target1 TODAY, WILL LIMIT UP ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
22/07/2021 1:13 PM
Target1 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
22/07/2021 1:13 PM
monetary 1.2 is one hard nut to crack. must be epf comes out to sell again!
22/07/2021 2:36 PM
dompeilee dompeilee Bought more CMSB @ 1.09
09/07/2021 9:35 AM

WuChang is WRRRROOONGGGG on this one LOL =)
22/07/2021 3:23 PM
meisarel https://dayakdaily.com/post-covid-19-development-strategy-2030-sarawak-commits-rm63-bln-to-double-size-of-economy/

22/07/2021 4:04 PM
LHY2828 so what happened to RHB's Lester Siew report ????? say buy TP 2.90 in Feb 2021, now those uncles and aunties kena sangkut and not a single updated report from him ?????

Lester Siew with the CFA !!!, Mana lu !!!
23/07/2021 8:48 AM
monetary listen to CFA? CFA got money to goreng up share?
23/07/2021 11:17 AM
LHY2828 means CFA useless la dei
23/07/2021 12:58 PM
TedTock My hunch tells me next week will be interesting
23/07/2021 6:35 PM
monetary 2x push failed to get through 1.2. Now parking near 1.2 waiting for the east wind.
23/07/2021 7:34 PM

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