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4.09   -0.03 (0.73%)  4.08 - 4.14  4,294,600
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Market Cap: 15,857 Million
NOSH: 3,877 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):8,748,685
4 Weeks Range:4.06 - 4.75
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:2.91 - 7.08
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 5.94
Price Target Upside/Downside: +1.85

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2020 [#1]  |  21-May-2020
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2020  |  29-Aug-2020
T4Q P/E | EY: 12.18  |  8.21%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 5.34%  |  65.07%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 9.0383  |  0.45
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 11.74%  |  3.72%


Date Subject
10-Jul-2020 上半年惊吓连连·博彩业最糟已过
29-Jun-2020 Traders Brief - Hovering Around the Crucial 200D SMA
23-Jun-2020 Traders Brief - Hovering around the crucial 200D SMA
14-Jun-2020 [转贴] 买云顶前,先思考这三点 - 蛤蜊先生
11-Jun-2020 云顶 RM4.43支撑
01-Jun-2020 5 things I learned from the 2020 Genting Singapore AGM - Dean Goh
01-Jun-2020 1QCY20 Results Review - Preliminary Review
28-May-2020 Genting- - Look Beyond 2020
27-May-2020 Genting’s theme park opening delayed by a year
25-May-2020 Traders Brief - Hungry Bulls to Break 1429 Resistance
22-May-2020 Genting Bhd- Dragged By Poor Performance Of Leisure and Hospitality Segment
22-May-2020 Genting Bhd - 1QFY20 Missed Our Forecast
22-May-2020 Genting Bhd - Feeling the Heat From Covid-19
22-May-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 May 2020
19-May-2020 疫苗有进展·全球待解封·旅游股宜趁低布局
18-May-2020 Gaming - Will Take Time
17-May-2020 云顶建议发展迈阿密33.5亿单轨铁路
28-Apr-2020 Strong recovery seen for Genting in second half
22-Apr-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 22 Apr 2020
22-Apr-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Apr 2020

Business Background

Genting is a diversified holdings company primarily operating in the resorts and casinos industry. The company’s primary business segment is Leisure & Hospitality, but the business has several smaller segments: Plantation, Power, Property, Oil & Gas, and Investments & Other. The Leisure & Hospitality segment operates numerous resorts worldwide, many of which have casinos, theme parks, concerts, restaurants, and retail shopping locations. Additionally, the company has diversified segments, which control farmland, oil and gas, and real estate. The company generates the vast majority of its revenue in Malaysia.
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shareinvestor88 yes the trend is towards online. Time to bye 2.50
10/07/2020 7:02 PM
freddiehero OK OK.. is good
10/07/2020 7:14 PM
shareinvestor88 Very good bye 2.50
10/07/2020 8:05 PM
ampabella I thk better buy Econbhd.... ha ha ha
10/07/2020 11:21 PM
shareinvestor88 Very pack in resorts. Good trading bye 2.50
11/07/2020 12:51 AM
choysun Decided to take a quick vid while I was there yesterday. Most slots and tables are fully occupied. Holiday makers were still seen coming in when I was exiting at 1am :)
11/07/2020 9:56 AM
SHQuah Next year Las Vegas Genting hotel and casino start, Genting share going to break RM6.00.
11/07/2020 10:28 AM
choysun @SHQuah Only RM6.00? Would think Resort World LV will be a big deal with the investment poured in, no?
11/07/2020 11:20 AM
ampabella no nid thk so much lah, hoot 9 dia... by 2021 June, chow chow rm5. 50, tutup mata hoot n sleep well, better than FD
11/07/2020 2:07 PM
buffet3333 https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/07/11/odds-slowly-turning-in-favour-of-genting#cxrecs_s
11/07/2020 2:20 PM
shareinvestor88 Very pack up there Good Bye 2.50
11/07/2020 7:27 PM
evilbillgates Bill and Melinda wants to see dead bodies all over the streets of Africa

Believe me, they not just want to see dead bodies on the streets of Africa, they want to see riots and dead bodies in the streets of South East Asia, India, South America, and East Asia too!
11/07/2020 9:29 PM
shareinvestor88 Really ? Trading bye 2.50 then
11/07/2020 10:23 PM
Stockiss evilbillgates : It is highly possible that Covid-19 stats is inaccurate (far under-estimated by 10X as believed by many experts), but it is too far fetch to claim its death toll is rigged. It's too complicated, each of the accountable number has their family and friends, not to mention legality for death reporting. Not as simple as plugging a figure from thin air.

In every crisis comes with opportunities, especially in this once a century pandemic. If you hold the key to the solution, you are sitting on a gold mine regardless what's the conspiracy theories.

It doesn't need much intelligence to view Trump's daily live broadcast from White House during the heated days. Of course, some are saying he is the savior fighting against the Deep State while some claiming hidden force keeping him in seat to bring down America faster, that's depends which side of the coin you betting on.
12/07/2020 8:11 AM
Stockiss In good time, people gamble to grow richer and bad time, people gamble to bet their luck, this is is recession free business. This is easily validated by long queue when all the bet shop reopened. The crowd are coming back and will continue to grow.

Beside, Genting grow beyond casino but unfortunately it's business in entertainment, leisure & hospitality will continue to be affected in foreseeable future.
12/07/2020 8:20 AM
shareinvestor88 Real unfortunate , trading buy at 2.50
12/07/2020 10:27 AM
evilbillgates @Stockiss, Countless doctors and nurses have voiced their concerns about the U.S. government and hospitals have pressured and incentivized the physicians and doctors to put Covid-19 as the cause of death regardless. Below is the proof. I can dig out dozens of videos like this.


Google, Facebook and major tech companies who owns youtube facebook and other major social media etc, keep banning all these videos, you have to dig for it if you wants to know the truth. This covid-19 conspiracy is huge, basically most of the tech giants founders like bill gates and Eric Schmidt etc are on board. Not just them, many doctors have the same thinking that the world is overpopulated and something needs to be done about it.

Only few doctors would speak the truth. That's why people need to be careful, a doctor can save you, he can kill you deliberately as well for the sake of taking your insurance money. A doctor can kill a healthy person with just a ventilator and get away with it, he just basically need adjust the pressure so strong that it literally destroy your lungs, then you will be certified to have died from Covid-19.

So be careful, some people are lazy to go to work, just making excuses by admitting having Covid-19, and even get him/herself hospitalized, just to burn that MC leaves. The doctors and nurses who are on board with the conspiracy, they will be happy help you burn your company insurance policy and killing you in the process. You are nothing but a lab rat to them.

Not all doctors are good doctors. Your body is a tool for them to make money and to experiment on in order to gain valuable experiences advancing their career.

Be warned.
12/07/2020 12:34 PM
evilbillgates @Stockiss, United States only accounts for 5% of world population but accounts for 40% of total world covid-19 deaths. You don't have to be a math genius to see something is wrong with United States death count numbers.

But you have to blind or a fool to ignore the white elephant in the room.
12/07/2020 12:42 PM
Sunflower01 Where in genting eat lobster
12/07/2020 12:59 PM
shareinvestor88 Sounds scary second wave , trading bye 2.50
12/07/2020 2:53 PM
Stockiss Posted by evilbillgates > Jul 12, 2020 12:34 PM : @Stockiss, Countless doctors and nurses have voiced their concerns about the U.S. government and hospitals have pressured and incentivized the physicians and doctors to put Covid-19 as the cause of death regardless. Below is the proof. I can dig out dozens of videos like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJegzdhQjdI

The video didn't supported your claim that death is rigged, it is mainly addressing that base on stats comparison with Sweden, Norway & California doesn't required a lock down.

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ reported new infections and death rates, compare each countries test per 1 million population, thus the higher testing will produce higher result. Beside, will need to examine the underlying different condition like lockdown measure, mask wearing, social distancing, population difference, etc..

Posted by evilbillgates > Jul 12, 2020 12:42 PM : @Stockiss, United States only accounts for 5% of world population but accounts for 40% of total world covid-19 deaths. You don't have to be a math genius to see something is wrong with United States death count numbers.

Check out the following stats as reported on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Sorted by death / 1 mill population - https://nimb.ws/fUT2S8
Sorted by total infections / 1 mil population - https://nimb.ws/jLArkP

US is by far not even at top 5, but at tail end of top 10 of both stats. Both simple stats clearly showing it doesn't need a math genius to validate your claim.
12/07/2020 4:32 PM
Stockiss #evilbillgates > Jul 12, 2020 12:34 PM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJegzdhQjdI doesn't support your claim that US death rate is rigged, it is mainly comparing stats of Sweden, Norway & California to justify the need for lockdown. Perhaps you can point to the specific time of the video that supporting your claim.

It would be easier for 3rd world countries to under-report death rate due to mis-categorising and under-testing, than over-reporting because of there are too many complications and legalities involved.

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ reported the stats as follows

Death rate / 1 mil population : http://nimb.ws/fUT2S8
Total Infection / 1 mil population : http://nimb.ws/jLArkP

America is at tail end of top 10 on both list. Both stats doesn't need a math genius to validate your claim.

Anyhow, this is a Genting counter thread that is out of topic here. Let's get back on thread.
12/07/2020 5:02 PM
buffet3333 https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-07-12/China-s-COVID-19-vaccine-maker-in-talks-with-Phase-III-trial-overseas-S3D8Zv6UHm/index.html

Vaccine by September 2020
12/07/2020 5:08 PM
Godofgambler Genting will go up soon
12/07/2020 8:01 PM
limkokthye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpUI6r5gQhY
Coronavirus: 'Low possibility' of vaccine by September
12/07/2020 8:44 PM
shareinvestor88 Yes can trading bye 2.5
12/07/2020 9:18 PM
evilbillgates @Stockiss, the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJegzdhQjdI did mentioned that physician are pressured to add Covid-19 to patients cause of death, maybe because hospital get paid more for Covid-19 related treatments and deaths. This also further exposed how dangerous hospitals are these days, given that doctors can fake a diagnostic of its patients for profit and killing the patients in the process conduct expensive unnecessary treatments and operations.

Below are further proofs of United State faking Covid-19 death counts:-

The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers

Birx says government is classifying all deaths of patients with coronavirus as 'COVID-19' deaths, regardless of cause

Hospital Payments and the COVID-19 Death Count - COVID-19 patients and treatment get pays more, thus incentivize false reporting of Covid-19 cases

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Believes Coronavirus Death Toll Is Inflated
12/07/2020 9:23 PM
shareinvestor88 Yes , better bye at 2.50
12/07/2020 10:16 PM
JohnFarmer458 Tomorrow parliament if there is dissolution, we will see BN come back in power. Genting share price will definitely jump back up

Before PH tookover Genting was at RM9 , after government change alot of value of bursa was right off, Genting dropped to RM5 almost half of its value and drop even further to RM3 when Covid come... now with covid slowly getting under control and BN is coming back into power. ECRL will stop at bentong this will benefit Genting i expect Genting to go up to at least RM6-7. better stock up now before election come
13/07/2020 12:58 AM
SHQuah Don't expect Genting going up immediately, we are taking about MCO over and Genting fully open. Q3 & Q4 results should be better. Once next year US Las Vegas hotel and casino open, I expect Genting share go up at lease 50%. Breaking RM6 should be no problem. Investing now for long term better future.
13/07/2020 8:15 AM
faralenz77 Why not enter only after Q2 results out? Much cheaper entry
13/07/2020 10:12 AM
gamblegod Top Glove rm24 now, way to rm30 soon...
13/07/2020 10:39 AM
MajuGenting Top glove mkt cap 64.5b, p/e 95.16
Maybank mkt cap 88.69b, p/e 10.48

Lol top glove super super bubble soon to pop. Basically top glove can sell all its stocks and buy up maybank much better.

P/e 95.16, meaning if you buy today, you will recoup your investment as earnings in 1000 years. Lol who buys who die
13/07/2020 12:32 PM
MajuGenting If short top glove, 24 drop to 2.92 (fair value). Jackpot lol.
13/07/2020 12:38 PM
brain KYY posted some tulips. Maybe he is hinting gloves are similar to tulips.
13/07/2020 1:30 PM
richcares when Q2 results will be out??
13/07/2020 4:10 PM
Lesliecky why genting no exercise share buyback since the price is relatively low? the company already have the share buyback mandate in recent AGM isnt it. share buyback will give market confidence towards genting.
13/07/2020 4:12 PM
shareinvestor88 Bleeding cash , no visitors , that's why no buy back trading buy 2.5
13/07/2020 5:17 PM
sharewiz118 it's common to see bad comments when price is low, once the price shot up lot's of sour grapes will praise Genting till mountain high.
13/07/2020 5:56 PM
choysun @Lesliecky There is no need for buy back now la. Did you see the buy demand? Just waiting for the right stimulus. Don't worry :)
13/07/2020 6:50 PM
buffet3333 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/stock-market-news-live-july-13-2020-221729999.html

Every week we are closer to vaccine....coming very soon
13/07/2020 10:51 PM
choysun Wall Street UP On Vaccine Hopes
14/07/2020 12:15 AM
Johngenting Buddy just leave this forum for a Moment and come back after 31 of August them you guys can see the different,
14/07/2020 9:53 AM
Johngenting Just annoying
Those negative ppl
14/07/2020 9:55 AM
AdamK733 no need to promo this counter yet.....keep this counter price low. I will happily keep collecting it at bottom.
14/07/2020 9:57 AM
MajuGenting I think can short supermx and top glove.
Supermx is super super super duper bubble
23b mkt cap, pe 163

Supermx Average quarter profit only 30 million
Genting average quarter profit 1 billion

But genting mkt cap only 16b

So supermx now worth 1.5 times genting, how ridiculous. Market price manipulation in Malaysia really remarkable. Lol

Easy short. Supermx tp rm 1.06, current price rm17
14/07/2020 10:33 AM
Good123 second wave of virus in USA affecting it... banyak bisnes Judi Di USA
14/07/2020 10:40 AM
kinuxian https://www.marketwatch.com/story/hong-kong-disneyland-closes-again-as-coronavirus-cases-increase-2020-07-13
14/07/2020 11:16 AM
gamblegod Whatever happen still glove win!
14/07/2020 11:54 AM
shareinvestor88 Good Q2-Q3 , good trading bye 2.50
14/07/2020 12:22 PM

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