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147.50   -1.30 (0.87%)  145.00 - 149.00  96,100
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Market Cap: 34,589 Million
NOSH: 235 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):254,731
4 Weeks Range:131.40 - 150.20
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:81.30 - 163.00
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 99.02
Price Target Upside/Downside: -48.48

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2018 [#1]  |  24-Apr-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2018  |  21-Aug-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: 53.50  |  1.87%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 1.86%  |  99.74%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 3.68  |  40.08
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 12.16%  |  74.93%


Date Subject
30-Apr-2018 Nestle Malaysia AGM (Part 1) – Door gift / Goody Bag (April 2018)
30-Apr-2018 [转贴]【有商有良】NESTLE记者会10分钟实录 CEO亲自分享雀巢大计
27-Apr-2018 [转贴] [NESTLE MALAYSIA BHD,创新/翻新产品组合并加强销售和消费者促销活动] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
27-Apr-2018 [转贴] NESTLE 股东大会 2017 (26 Apr 2018) - 股灵精探
27-Apr-2018 [转贴] NESTLE 股东大会 26-04-2018 @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur - 第一天
26-Apr-2018 Nestlé (Malaysia) Bhd - Robust but Expensive
26-Apr-2018 Nestle (Malaysia) - Favourable macro factors but lofty valuations
25-Apr-2018 Nestle - Relatively Soft Start
25-Apr-2018 Nestle (Malaysia) - Steady earnings but lofty valuations
25-Apr-2018 Nestlé (Malaysia) Bhd - 1Q18 Broadly Within
25-Apr-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 25 Apr 2018
26-Mar-2018 雀巢高处不胜寒
16-Mar-2018 [TRV] Reverse Discounted Cash Flow (RDCF) of Nestle
14-Mar-2018 (CHOIVO CAPITAL) The MSCI World Index and its effects. (NESTLE)
05-Mar-2018 Nestle - A Better 2018, But All Priced in
01-Mar-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (HLBANK, NESTLE)
23-Feb-2018 Nestlé - A&P Spending to Spark Sales Growth
23-Feb-2018 Nestlé (Malaysia) Bhd - Wrapped Up Nicely
21-Feb-2018 Nestle - Cautious on Over-stretched Valuation
21-Feb-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 21 Feb 2018

Business Background

Nestle Malaysia Bhd is a Malaysian investment holding company owned by Nestle. The company has the following business segments: dairy, beverages, food, Nestle Professional, Nestle Ice Cream, confectionery, chilled dairy, infant nutrition, and health science. The main geography is the domestic market, representing approximately 80% of total sales. The most well-known brands are Nescafe, Maggi, Nespray, Kit Kat, and Milo.
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3iii It is a great advantage to be wired correctly.

Nestle is one of the best companies in Bursa.

It is part of the world's biggest food and beverage company.

Its business has economic moat.

You will love to own this company, for the long term.

When will you buy such companies, like Nestle?

Often, they are trading at fair prices. Rarely at bargain prices. At times, they are over priced.

Please ensure that you buy it at fair or at bargain prices.

Should you buy at high prices, you will soon learn that a great company can be a lousy investment when you own it at high prices. Yet, on the other hand, this is not a totally lost situation, especially, if you have a long term investing horizon. Such companies do have earning power and they usually grow their earnings over the subsequent years and in the long run, you still end up on the profitable side of your investing.

When will you sell such a company, like Nestle?

For many, it is probably never. Do you mean, not even when the price is high? Yes. Why? It is extremely difficult to find such companies of such qualities. Selling also means reinvesting your cash into another company and you may not be able to find such high quality companies to own. Such companies are rare and few.

If you must sell, do sell some. The assumption is you may be in a position to buy the same stock back at lower prices. Yet, at times you may not. Some of these stocks, when overpriced, remain at high prices (stagnate at high prices) waiting for the earnings to catch up over time. Yes, you may sell some to reinvest into another stock, always knowing that the newer stock may not be as high quality as the one you sold. Reinvestment risk is real and you need to factor this in selling and replacing a high quality stock.
29/04/2018 12:09
sell 26-Apr-2018 Price Target Nestlé (Malaysia) Bhd - Robust but Expensive
Source : KENANGA, Price Call : SELL, Price Target : 114.30
Last Price : 138.40, Upside/Downside : -24.10(17.41%)
26-Apr-2018 Price Target Nestle (Malaysia) - Favourable macro factors but lofty valuations
Source : HLG, Price Call : SELL, Price Target : 112.30
Last Price : 138.40, Upside/Downside : -26.10(18.86%)
29/04/2018 19:28
sell IBs' sell call bec expensive.
29/04/2018 19:28
kywoo I may never know in person who 3iii is, but the message you posted on 29th April 2018 is simply fantastic. There is so much wisdom in what you said. Very often, we take profit on a good company like Nestle by selling too soon. Then, with the sales proceeds, we ended up buying a lousy stock and lose money. On the other hand, the good stock that we sold, its share price keep going up. Normally, we are unlikely to buy back the stock which we have sold at a much lower price. I have known so many people who bought Nestle at 60.00 to 70.00 and then sold their shares when Nestle hit 90.00. To them, not in their wildest dream would they expect Nestle to cross the 100.00 mark so soon. Certainly, they will not buy back the stock at current price no matter how good the share is going to be.

As an easy way out, they will start blaming their stock brokering firm's write up which recommended 'sell' as the PE even at 90.00 was considered far too high. Their target price then was much lower. One must decide the value of the stock instead of following blindly what the professionals recommended. They are not always right. In this case almost all of them are wrong.

If one happens to own some Nestle shares now and want to take some profit, it may be a better strategy just to sell a small amount of the shares and just hold on to the rest for long term. It is wise to keep a very good share like Nestle for long term investment. Yes, it is relatively very expensive in terms of its very high PE but this a price one has to pay for very high quality stock. To say that Nestle should trade at the average market PE of 18 or 20 is nothing but a dream.
30/04/2018 18:26
Depeche Based on TA...this dip is expected...one could have sold at above 140 and re-enter during correction...it is presenting good buying opportunity now but could still dip some more..
02/05/2018 09:38
pang72 Welcome to rm88...
02/05/2018 09:38
joekit 3iii say buy below rm100. sell rm150!
02/05/2018 09:50
Depeche Dividend ex date on 11/5...could buy after that.
02/05/2018 10:09
02/05/2018 15:16
Hanwen Yeh I hope the push will come earlier before ex-date, i.e. starting with a jump of 5.00 tomorrow 133+5=138......
02/05/2018 17:02
Hanwen Yeh Posted by Hanwen Yeh > May 3, 2018 10:22 AM | Report Abuse X

1st hr candle 133.20--134.30 =+1.10

One hr One dollar.
03/05/2018 10:23
Hanwen Yeh 2nd hr candle 134.30--136.10= +2.00

Another 2 dollars.
03/05/2018 10:37
wilson1149 still can hold ?
03/05/2018 10:45
Depeche Seems like those who bought around 133 made had timely entry.
03/05/2018 12:01
Hanwen Yeh Posted by Hanwen Yeh > May 3, 2018 12:14 PM | Report Abuse X

3rd hr (10-11-12) new high 136.60-133.30 = 3.30

Average "PUSH !!!" per hour = $1.10...

If its me , i wont SELL below 160 next 5 days.

No fundamentals involved , just charts.
03/05/2018 12:16
Hanwen Yeh IF I am the PUSHER (the Manipulator)......My target today is 19.80 (with/without pullback of $1.00)
03/05/2018 12:38
Bull Don't buy nestle which is very very very overvalued

Invest in something which has lower risk and higher potential gain

03/05/2018 17:01
pang72 Rm88 coming...

131 lowest today...
07/05/2018 10:00
pang72 Gradually drop till 3iii drop pants
07/05/2018 10:01
pang72 I heard 3iii screaming
07/05/2018 10:27
pang72 If Hengyuan down from 19 to 6 ,
Nestle is drop from 140 to 88 now
07/05/2018 10:28
Depeche Looks like head and shoulder formation (one year chart)...may surge above 140 soon.
07/05/2018 18:34
pang72 ooop...may down to rm88 as far as i know.
07/05/2018 21:10
hellbender http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/07/news/companies/nestle-starbucks-deal-coffee-alliance/index.html
07/05/2018 23:05
Scalp3r I like white chocolate mocha yummy!
08/05/2018 00:26
hellbender i hope the starbucks will be manufactured in malaysia or at least malaysia will be able to contribute in some way to the nestle-starbucks deal.
08/05/2018 09:25
Hanwen Yeh kali ini lah!!!
08/05/2018 11:44
Depeche Starbucks deal very strong jab
08/05/2018 11:48
Depeche 2nd shoulder in the making indeed.
08/05/2018 12:15
Hanwen Yeh Depeche Guru:

Wise man think alike!!!

I am hoping for 160 in 5days!!!
08/05/2018 12:16
Depeche Hanwen...Possible..HUAT
08/05/2018 12:23
3iii Nestle has strong economic moat (wide and deep). :-)
08/05/2018 12:31
Depeche Fantastic run
14/05/2018 10:16
Hanwen Yeh Depeche--my "WISE GURU"--we are NOT wrong like what Mr Bull & Mr Pang72 dyingly hoping we would be, aren't we ?

Anyway i was heavy on Nestle-CA (when it was 0.065-0.070-0.080) and this morning looking at 0.11 & 0.15....hoping for 0.20 this week riding on this Incredibly, shockingly rewarding Mahathir Rally....

I also bought into FGV-C39 around 0.07-0.08, expecting the FGV to go 2.20 soon....

With a pull back soon,i think this KLCI rally will stretch to next monday.
14/05/2018 11:20
Depeche Well done Hanwen..RM11 profit in a week is great
14/05/2018 19:37
Hanwen Yeh Depeche Guru : you study dump-dump EPF's activities , there are much more to come next 7 days:
141-147-151-155-160-169-172-180........... Ang pow for you too!!!
15/05/2018 01:31
Depeche Hanwen...Yup..they're putting their smart money to work.....if hits 150 this week, should revisit the peak of 163 soon.
15/05/2018 04:26
nestlelover keep dropping everyday
15/05/2018 17:03
Outliar Yep, keep putting your money into this 50PE stock, will reach 200 and then 300 soon
15/05/2018 18:35
rlch PE 50 cheap why BAT cannot have PE 50?
16/05/2018 11:30
nestlelover mahathir control consumer price, so nestle won't up so high
18/05/2018 09:41
Depeche 2nd shoulder still forming(1 year chart)....however, looks like its uptrend momentum is getting weak...may at most hit 150 before the next correction.
18/05/2018 13:09
Undilah_DAP Can goreng bec only 1 CW? Even then CW exercise price RM 160 stll far behind.
19/05/2018 10:49
Pi Di Tan Depeche Guru : some correction...BUT WILL KEEP GOING UP....
22/05/2018 09:40
Pi Di Tan Tomorrow shud touch 151-2, consider very slow moving....
22/05/2018 13:12
BULL1000BEAR1000 run for your life
23/05/2018 15:34
Depeche 2nd shoulder formation will complete with correction.
23/05/2018 18:25
ahgoo For the 2nd shoulder to be confirmed, it has to break RM136.06, thereafter to test 131.38 and then RM125.03 If it gets to RM125 level, my view is that there will be buyers who will step in.

In any case, my mother sold @ RM154, to lock in her gains for her airfare to Europe. On the other hand, I am very happy sitting tight since I was able to buy some when others were fleeing over the last few months.

I have said this before. This is a stock that is not for day-trading. In fact, most KLSE stocks do not have the volume for day trading. This is a consumer cyclical stock. With 'zero-ing' of GST and lower petrol, etc., if you invest with a 2-3 year time frame, I think you will be handsomely rewarded.
24/05/2018 12:04
Depeche Should do away with IDSS and IBs
24/05/2018 13:18
Depeche Unfortunately ...Volatality creates opportunities for day traders....though I am a long player myself...have to say intra day trading makes good money in volatile stocks too.
24/05/2018 13:21


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