KLSE: TATGIAP (5178)       TATT GIAP GROUP BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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0.115   -0.02 (14.81%)  0.115 - 0.13  44,462,900
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Market Cap: 26 Million
NOSH: 229 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):24,934,500
4 Weeks Range:0.115 - 0.38
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.10 - 0.38
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target:-

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Aug-2018 [#1]  |  29-Oct-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Nov-2018  |  05-Feb-2019
T4Q P/E | EY: -3.20  |  -31.25%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.0825  |  1.39
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -17.51%  |  -43.55%


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Business Background

Tatt Giap Group Bhd is a holding company which engages in manufacture and trade of various steel products. Its products include stainless steel pipes, tubes and bars, electro-galvanized steel, perforated metal products and other ferrous & non-ferrous metal products. The company is also involved in the import, export, wholesale, and retail of stainless steel products. It serves industrial and building sectors. Geographically, it operates through the region of Malaysia, Asia, United States of America and Europe, of which Malaysia act as a revenue majority revenue driver for the firm.
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wanfa1118 I searched SSM for Dynaciate Engineering SB
Financial info 2017.

Revenue 243,393,883
Profit after tax 23,671,437

Share capital 1,500,000
Reserve 7,202,477
Retained profit 48,891,659
16/01/2019 15:16
cashflow I think the acquisition went well but some parties came and ramp prices beyond its nominal value. I think with the new contract this counter should be worth 20 cents once they execute.
16/01/2019 15:18
nuke The buy queue was 600000 in morning but volume done only 300000+. Yes, fake queues again. At 4.44pm, will it go down again like yesterday and this afternoon or up suddenly?
16/01/2019 15:19
cashflow I am not sure, very speculative counter, controlled by sharks. They will do as they wish, no technicality to justify. I am again being optimistic that it will at least attempt for 0.15 before stabilizing back down
16/01/2019 15:24
wanfa1118 this counter is good for swing trader
one tick price can earn 3.4%
say, buy 300 lots (30,000 shares) at 0.120
sale 0.125
profit $123.79 (3.4%)

Brokerage com 0.08% or min $8
16/01/2019 15:29
CITADEL ya, can trade each time for 4%, i always put 10k at buy q. Worst case scenario i also can sell at the original price
16/01/2019 15:33
wintersnow sorry, im new to trading. anyone mind telling what do u guys mean by sharks and whats goreng case?
16/01/2019 15:34
PlsHelpMe @Pmaster...only u know in this forum?wow...if u dont mind, can tell ah? at least we can see whether its true or not..
16/01/2019 15:37
cashflow The sharks are usually people with big cash, insiders, fund managers or bankers who wants to manipulate movements. For example, now you are seeing a big queue at 0.115, and that is placed by shark. You would think that's a good position to buy, and then you place another queue at that position. Just minute later, you will see that big lot disappear and your queue has hit buy. Quickly the sharks will sell your 0.115, and price goes further down to another support. That's how they manipulate movement
16/01/2019 15:38
cashflow In contrary, sharks can play buy direction also to encourage more to come with the intense buy volume, then allow retailers only to keep buying and push price up, then sharks enjoy sell at higher price. Basically sharks are triggers, either downwards or upwards.
16/01/2019 15:39
wintersnow wow~ thanks cashflow =) for the explanation. now i understand =)
16/01/2019 15:40
thiagarajan81 any1 plz advise.. i bought few hundred lots at 0.16.. i want to reduce my average.. what will be my best entry?
16/01/2019 15:41
cashflow Let's see if sharks got balls to push upwards again :)
16/01/2019 15:41
wintersnow cashflow, then if that's the case, its better not to buy any shares? or buy and hold? cos the sharks will be gone eventually as time goes by, am i wrong? correct me if im wrong. thanks again
16/01/2019 15:43
CITADEL wow 0.16. Actually what u guys purpose to buy this tatgiap? for gambling or for investment ?
16/01/2019 15:48
cashflow For retail investors like us, we try make margins based on risk of the position we decide, if today you enter at 0.12, maybe tomorrow become 0.15, and if you sell you make 25%, same goes the opposite if it goes down, depending how many points, you may lose if it does not come back at 0.12.
16/01/2019 15:50
CITADEL This Tatgiap purely goreng up and down for the right issue la, same case like sanichi. For speculation okay lo
16/01/2019 15:52
cashflow I think anywhere between 9 - 12 cents is still cheap considering historical chart where price swing above 15 cents mostly
16/01/2019 15:52
cashflow Ok its 4pm and getting closer to the closing bell. Let's see some actions
16/01/2019 16:03
Depeche Here goes 4pm show...if it repeats yesterday's pattern, means it will close at 0.115 today...and we could then see 0.11 tomorrow morning.
16/01/2019 16:06
wanfa1118 if now i owned 100,000 TATGIAP shares.
If now sell at 0.115
then buy 200,000 TATGIAP-PA at 0.05 and converted to ordinary share.

2 TATGIAP-PA cost at 0.10, sell at 0.115, earned 15% and hold back 100,000 TATGIAP shares?
If the concept correct?
16/01/2019 16:11
Tim2812 Giap giap jor...
16/01/2019 16:12
cashflow Shark may have entered at base price 0.115, looking at historical chart and spikes, this appears average bottom, hence they could be holding it to prevent further losses. So they either waiting retailers to make move to buy up, or waiting for another white knight to throw big bucks.
16/01/2019 16:13
Tim2812 Titanic coming with tsunami
16/01/2019 16:14
splinky 7 straight days of losses. Ripe for a technical rebound. Hit and run
16/01/2019 16:17
cashflow damn straight, there should be technical rebound.
16/01/2019 16:21
Tim2812 Hopefully everything goes well
16/01/2019 16:34
DonaldTrumpMalaysia Omg how many willingly jumped in last few days.eachn one.thinking the price bottomed...like a bottomless pit nobody can see
16/01/2019 16:35
Tim2812 Sharks r very hungry.... Eat us all the way until the bones also gone.... jaws
16/01/2019 16:36
apolloang u know sharks there,yet u sendiri wanna put your hand in the water and let them bite u....hehe
16/01/2019 16:40
stillloss true。。。。 LOL
16/01/2019 16:45
cashflow see how they trap you, 0.115 queue gone.
16/01/2019 16:50
mala173318 Next 0.08 next week
16/01/2019 16:52
Depeche 0.11 tomorrow morning...0.105 after 4pm....0.10 and below next week? My funds are ready.
16/01/2019 16:55
YSL76 No shark no shiok lo, who will buy share that no volume hahahaha
16/01/2019 16:55
YSL76 Buy NICE la, shark coming in... Hehehe
16/01/2019 16:56
splinky phew....I thought it's gonna close at 0.10. sweaty b@lls
16/01/2019 16:56
stillloss so long you Q.... they give....
16/01/2019 16:59
mala173318 Next week 0.08 lelong
16/01/2019 17:00
tingkap good explanation everyone. thank you. hope for tomorrow then. 0.18 TP
16/01/2019 17:08
Depeche 52 weeks low is 0.10...Technically, rebound from a double bottom is around 0.10 to 0.08...so 0.10 a good enough entry point..if it goes lower just average down...
But it may rebound before touching 0.10...let's see.
16/01/2019 17:09
saintambrose How u right else I am stuck here lol
16/01/2019 17:11
saintambrose So can buy more ?
16/01/2019 17:11
wintersnow May i know TP stands for?
16/01/2019 17:30
Depeche Why Dynaciate wants to be a major shareholder of a constantly loss making company? Looking at Dynaciate's biz will see the synergy immediately...it's a good biz move from Dynaciate's perspective...Hence, I think it's alright to invest in its future....At this price...the risk is not high...so why not? It's just my personal analysis though.
16/01/2019 17:36
Statusquo I think this is what the directors/shareholders are doing.

@wanfa118 if now i owned 100,000 TATGIAP shares.
If now sell at 0.115
then buy 200,000 TATGIAP-PA at 0.05 and converted to ordinary share.

2 TATGIAP-PA cost at 0.10, sell at 0.115, earned 15% and hold back 100,000 TATGIAP shares?
If the concept correct?
16/01/2019 17:41
Statusquo TP is target price

@wintersnow May i know TP stands for?
16/01/2019 17:43
Veron_teo just a money game.... haha.
16/01/2019 18:17
Comeonbaby Don't touch if the share not yet stop go down ... There is no point to know if big leg buying ATP.115 or not as they might let the share keep dropped till noonee wanan play then they only will in..
16/01/2019 21:40
TillyLovers Hi, Comeonbaby, do you mean the counter will drop to 0.0005 like Perisai?
16/01/2019 23:30


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