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0.51   +0.01 (2.00%)  0.495 - 0.525  13,527,800
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Market Cap: 688 Million
NOSH: 1,350 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):20,671,888
4 Weeks Range:0.355 - 0.535
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.295 - 1.23
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.83
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.32
Stamp duty exempted for year 2019

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Sep-2018 [#2]  |  30-Nov-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Dec-2018  |  28-Feb-2019
T4Q P/E | EY: 14.35  |  6.97%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 5.88%  |  84.43%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.1897  |  2.69
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 20.71%  |  18.73%


Date Subject
17-Jan-2019 Counters With Momentum: Datasonic Group
17-Jan-2019 Technical Buy: DSONIC (5216)
02-Jan-2019 Evening Market Summary - 2 Jan 2019
03-Dec-2018 Datasonic - MyKad disappoints
02-Nov-2018 Evening Market Summary - 2 Nov 2018
22-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Oct 2018
19-Oct-2018 Datasonic says won passport contract in open tender, after shares plunge
19-Oct-2018 Datasonic says no payment made to Ahmad Zahid
19-Oct-2018 Datasonic, MyEG stocks plunge as both implicated in Zahid’s corruption
12-Oct-2018 M+ Online Technical Focus - 12 Oct 2018
12-Oct-2018 Daily Market Update - 12 Oct 2018 (DSONIC, KAB)
27-Aug-2018 Datasonic - Continuous delivery expected ahead
27-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 27 Aug 2018
10-Aug-2018 M+ Online Technical Focus - 10 Aug 2018
10-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 10 Aug 2018
10-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 10 Aug 2018
01-Aug-2018 Datasonic - Minimal earnings impact
01-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 1 Aug 2018
01-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Aug 2018
31-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 31 Jul 2018

Business Background

Datasonic Group Bhd functions in the computer technology field. The Company's segments include Customised smart card solutions (CSCS), Manufacturing (MA) and Investment holding (IH). The CSCS segment is engaged in the provision of large scale customized software and hardware systems for secure identification (ID), total smart card solutions and information and communications technology (ICT) project management. The MA segment is engaged in manufacturing of cards. The IH segment is engaged in investment holding and provision of management services to the group of companies.
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CyrusQ Lai Lai conclusion & advise ....
17/01/2019 16:49
Tongkarat Chinchai merapu meraban..... aoyoyo
17/01/2019 17:04
ChanZheKang why data in red today?
17/01/2019 17:12
optimusprimeXV because there are some jokers who are shorting..
17/01/2019 17:13
optimusprimeXV their intention is to create panic..
17/01/2019 17:14
optimusprimeXV let us crush this bugger by pushing it up, let him lose his pant
17/01/2019 17:15
CyrusQ @optimusprimeXV - Is time for you to save the world . Show your power Transformer haha XD
17/01/2019 17:35
amet2017 But if shorting, it is for daily trades. So shorters should have taken profit before session closed. Cannot crush him also.
17/01/2019 17:38
CyrusQ Yeah , guys come let's sai lang.... push to the end . Make it happen 1$.
17/01/2019 17:44
HakchaiReturn Errrrr
17/01/2019 17:58
HakchaiReturn Cyrus, can sail ang but need a good Sifu here to follow. Not the animal kingdom to lead la. All cannot say bad abt the stock even when obvious
17/01/2019 17:59
ChanZheKang will dsonic climb back up soon?
17/01/2019 18:00
HakchaiReturn If you follow Zepan is like blind loyalty to najib. Bad also must say good in order to b loyal
17/01/2019 18:01
HakchaiReturn Tomorrow Friday deliberation can happen over weekend on the case. What do you think
17/01/2019 18:03
HakchaiReturn Maybe the garouper got a lot of money to buy the shares prevent fr dropping further and save face. Then again he hasn’t been accurate meaning just s baby Ilan billis
17/01/2019 18:05
HakchaiReturn Today very quiet Zepan tail between the legs. Shout when went up 1 cent yesterday. Today hajahaha
17/01/2019 18:07
HakchaiReturn I like this one

Zepan Sifu says
Jan 16, 2019 04:17 PM | Report Abuse

Dandanjoe Sifu buy below 50 if happen. Wont buy now.
16/01/2019 16:13
you believe this nonsense?
17/01/2019 18:09
HakchaiReturn The garouper at home crying now. Ppl buy at 50 and below, garouper buys at 53 and above
17/01/2019 18:10
HakchaiReturn And tell everyone it’s non sense
17/01/2019 18:11
17/01/2019 18:11
HakchaiReturn Tail between the legs liao
17/01/2019 18:12
T800Terminator Will 0.495 can hold on tomorrow? If not, it will back to 1st support 0.435 next 0.385. Good luck everyone.
17/01/2019 20:34
CyrusQ @T800 - we have a lot transformer going to sai lang.... aims 1$
17/01/2019 22:02
HakchaiReturn Very good
18/01/2019 01:20
monkey58 Friends here, tipu man HakchaiReturn & Dandanjoe are just the same person and also uses so many nicknames or alias in so many forums to cheat traders to sell low so that he can pick it up and then sell for even 0.005 cent gain. By the way,he is an university student making use of his limited loan to play shares, my friends found out for me. So, he thought he can become a millionaire by cheating in so many forums...no way lah, maybe a MILLION HAIR he can become but not Millionaire.hahahaha

So, friends, please be careful with all HakchaiReturn & Dandanjoe comments, saying he ask his Sifu for instructions, humburg lah. Use your own judgement please.Just a way of his cheating so many people in so many forums in trying to con traders to sell cheaply to him while he picks it up and because of his kiasu & kiasi attitude he sells it for 0.005 cents to 1 cent gain.

One more thing, this idiot HakchaiReturn aka Dandanjoe will simply scold whatever gets in his way as you see the way he scold ZEPAN who tries reveal his secrets...see what ZEPAN said below...

Dandanjoe Sifu buy below 50 if happen. Wont buy now.
16/01/2019 16:13

ZEPAN said this....you believe this nonsense?
17/01/2019 18:09

I leave you all to use your wise judgement and not to be fooled by this idiot useless HakchaiReturn & Dandanjoe...go through his remarks and see when he join i3 investor....here


He is only interested in Datasonic topic only cause he knows you can can let him make money easily by fooling or conning you all.

Good luck to all friends here, be wise and not to be taken by this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn & Dandanjoe. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year to all.
18/01/2019 05:15
monkey58 Just like to add this. Friends, if this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn starts scolding or comments whatsoever, just ignore him as some of the members who ask him to fuck off yesterday. This ham ka chan HakchaiReturn starts scolding anyone who gets in his way and as you see the one who got a real scolding is this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn. And after asking this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn to fuck off, they just ignore him and let this idiot HakchaiReturn really felt it and now he is just talking nonsense. AS you can see now this.....everyone is just ignoring this ham ka chan HakchaiReturnand he is just talking to himself only now... hahaha serves him right.

Friends, please for goodness sake use your own judgement, do your own research before you want to part your hard earned money in any counter.
Please don't listen to this bla bla bla like this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn said or Dandanjoe recommends. It's your money and you are in control and not other con people like this ham ka chan HakchaiReturn. Let me tell you simply, nothing in life is just handed over on a silver platter. Play smart and play wise. Thank you.

Happy Chinese New Year to all.
18/01/2019 06:07
HakchaiReturn Hahahaha never seen sorchai who copy and paste their own mistake like these animals and call others a liar.
18/01/2019 08:20
HakchaiReturn Common monkey who says it will go up yesterday?? Who who? Kakakakaka.
Who say DJIA up Dsonic sure up??
Monkey and octopus and Zepan same person talking to themselves.

Who is sick and liar? You tell me....
18/01/2019 08:22
HakchaiReturn Everyone buying at least 10% cheaper than Zepans call of 55cents. Apalah this fishy fella and then added the monkey business and OctoPUSSy 8 leg picking the winner. Didn't work huh ? Lol
18/01/2019 08:29
HakchaiReturn Today buy buy buy again? I bought some at 50cents to help Zepan save face yesterday.
18/01/2019 08:30
cyberinvestor @HakchaiReturn pls be more professional in your comments and analysis. Investing should not be emotional and hit and run. For me, nothing panic me for short term up and down, look at the fundamentals and mid to long term trend. To me, Dsonic has good fundamentals and strong in technologies. Another thing is you need to hv holding power, otherwise don't involve in stock trading.
18/01/2019 09:22
SweetNovember Econpile.. Hehe
18/01/2019 10:57
Tongkarat Ala green....small volume
18/01/2019 11:10
RICH MAN after lunch DSONIC TOP VOL get ready
18/01/2019 11:56
SweetNovember After 3pm.. Monitor Econpile closely.. Don't miss out any second...
18/01/2019 12:32
HakchaiReturn Ya ya. Buy buy 53c n 55 c n 58c. Zepan say so 1week d
18/01/2019 12:35
NewMsia Post removed. Why?
18/01/2019 12:35
Davidyeap Stp NM
18/01/2019 13:35
ran777rpt Dsonic!!!!!!!!!
18/01/2019 15:20
optimusprimeXV technical is uptrend, we should go long
18/01/2019 16:46
optimusprimeXV 20 above 40MA
18/01/2019 16:46
HakchaiReturn Tail Between Legs the ZePan man didn't dare to call others nonsense liao.
18/01/2019 16:49
HakchaiReturn Yesterday and today already sold 300k thru many 4 rounds. Avg 50c 30k liao in my bank
18/01/2019 16:57
HakchaiReturn If listen to Garouper Pan, your waiting continues as he sells you hope of 55 and 53. Trading is real not base on hope. Errr I hope can be .....kikikikiki
18/01/2019 17:01
Tongkarat Mambang chinchai cakap banyak.....
18/01/2019 18:13
HakchaiReturn Tengkorak, ingellis tak dah boleh ka
18/01/2019 19:00
HakchaiReturn Nanti you faham Salah labur salah
18/01/2019 19:10
T800Terminator 0.495 survived
18/01/2019 19:48
RICH MAN MORNiNG guys...good news for all.....next tues Dsonic may reach 0.55 so be aware guys
19/01/2019 11:18
Tongkarat Mambang cari berita baru....
19/01/2019 12:13


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