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Listing Date:Jul 25, 2013
Maturity Date:Jul 20, 2018
Issue Size:159,984,000
Exercise Price:MYR 1.30
Ratio: 1 Warrant : 1 ordinary share of RM0.25 each in GBGAQRS
Underlying Stock:GBGAQRS
Avg Volume (4 weeks):0
52 Weeks Range:0.005 - 0.61

Additional Info

Announcement: [Jul 24, 2013] Profile for Warrants
Description:Warrants issued pursuant to the Bonus Issue of Warrants (as defined below)
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Benchong6333 Yes, share to operator ask them to give us a retail a bit hope. After this we will fully support mother share. You prove and we do. Just that simple.
27/06/2018 18:53
Benchong6333 Anyway, we must be treasure like YTL Group such of company, Everyday share buy back. Pls appreciate such company. Prove us and we prove you too. Do a operator should be do
27/06/2018 18:56
liris76 benchong6333 how much u got rid of it for?
28/06/2018 09:01
kidsplay i guess he lost more than 50k...7,650,000 at 0.15...now 0.005.....
28/06/2018 10:27
Faithone Bye bye to this WA, 100% selling at 0.005!
28/06/2018 11:21
CharlesT Officially and finally dead man now
28/06/2018 11:23
apolloang hohup-wa and menang-wb also wanna cheat retailers money
28/06/2018 11:23
wantousek haha no wonder la benchong6333 make so much noise. ultimate loser in this counter. dont simply play warrant next time la...know already gonna expire still wanna buy somemore worldwide sentiment not good at all...
28/06/2018 11:25
Faithone Do watch up, as mother currently trading on very low volume, just put in a few hundred K$ can mudding the picture and thought turn over is coming. Anything to happen must be in big volume that count.
28/06/2018 11:26
CharlesT Some learnt the hard lessons but many more will learn their lessons in other expiring warrants
28/06/2018 11:26
Faithone RIP
28/06/2018 11:27
Spyron_09 GG.
28/06/2018 11:32
Spyron_09 someone is try to buy 0.005..lol..haha
28/06/2018 11:46
Benchong6333 Learnt from this lesson. And say goodbye to this counter. Thanks very much buddy!
28/06/2018 11:47
CharlesT Posted by Benchong6333 > Jun 28, 2018 11:47 AM | Report Abuse

Learnt from this lesson. And say goodbye to this counter. Thanks very much buddy!

I think u taught many on this painful lessons.....
28/06/2018 11:48
Spyron_09 nah..
start again..lol
28/06/2018 12:13
kidsplay now want sell also cant d
28/06/2018 14:25
Spyron_09 still can bro.just set and sell at ZERO.hahaa
28/06/2018 15:36
liris76 but if it opens tmrw at 0.010 or 0.015..can still sell right?
28/06/2018 15:58
kidsplay yeah can....IF that happen
28/06/2018 16:18
nasaie24 When is last trading day?
28/06/2018 18:06
liris76 Wednesday
28/06/2018 20:27
kidsplay now sell also hard
29/06/2018 10:29
DidiAndFriends Is this warrant still alive?Heard about good potential of his mother anyway.
29/06/2018 10:30
kidsplay 4days later going into cave
29/06/2018 11:03
kidsplay if mother today go 1.3 then got show to see
29/06/2018 11:06
nasaie24 another 10sen only
29/06/2018 11:24
nasaie24 3 more days, still got time
29/06/2018 11:25
kidsplay 10 sen is reach son exercise price...u need 10sen+ only u can
29/06/2018 12:03
citadel92 bursa warrant all ended with same situation, u check malton-wb,toyoink-wa, cuscapi-wa. goreng before expire then vanished. Any human with rational thinking won't buy rubbish from u at this price.
29/06/2018 13:11
nasaie24 Before this i had to exercise one already. Later sure dead. But maybe last bounce
29/06/2018 15:27
nasaie24 20 july mother what price? then if exercise will profit lor
29/06/2018 15:28
kidsplay remember 100lot for son you need prepare extra 13k for it.
29/06/2018 15:29
nasaie24 Cannn. No problem. Hehehe. If profit money can always find one. 0.005 got 6000 lot, 30k only need.
29/06/2018 15:32
DidiAndFriends In my opinion,mother will reach son's exercise price on Tuesday.Earlier the better.
Then this will bring the players back in...After that you will go in the cave with your bag of money.
Otherwise,just bring the empty sack.Risk and chance are still there...Viel Glück!!!
29/06/2018 15:39
kidsplay 1000lot = 130k...rich man
29/06/2018 16:27
liris76 just checking with the more experience here..i got 230,000...already losing cash as i bought at 0.015...is it worth it to exercise? and how much have to fork out?
29/06/2018 16:33
kidsplay just multiply your unit on share with 1.3...230000*1.3 = RM299,000.00 around 300k to fork out.
29/06/2018 16:37
liris76 but when i exercise i can choose to exercise a smaller unit right? dun have to do it for all correct?
29/06/2018 16:40
williamlsbeng Next monday or tuesday you will see the wonderful show, from RM 0.005 to RM 0.035-RM 0.045,
wednesday go down to RM 0.20 - RM 0.25
29/06/2018 16:48
williamlsbeng Share market always has magic show
29/06/2018 16:49
kidsplay yaa...do not have to do it for all
29/06/2018 16:56
nasaie24 20 july maybe 1.60
29/06/2018 17:09
kidsplay ya..many may be
29/06/2018 17:10
Hotboy hope got any suprise , last 2 days
02/07/2018 09:09
一卖 就涨 No meaning lor if warrant always become toilet paper.
02/07/2018 10:17
kidsplay wun la...warrant is host bet the price will not over 1.3....you think host will let it over 1.3 and lose his money to let u win ma~
02/07/2018 10:34
kidsplay so dun touch warrant
02/07/2018 10:44
Moneymoneylai So what the point of warrant? If they make sure no one will exercise it. For fun?
03/07/2018 00:55
kidsplay for earn money
03/07/2018 16:18



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