KLSE: MASTER (7029)       MASTER-PACK GROUP BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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1.65   -0.03 (1.79%)  1.65 - 1.69  196,200
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Market Cap: 90 Million
NOSH: 55 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):390,540
4 Weeks Range:1.65 - 1.87
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.605 - 3.20
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target:-

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2020 [#2]  |  21-Aug-2020
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2020  |  22-Nov-2020
T4Q P/E | EY: 6.50  |  15.39%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 2.42%  |  15.75%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.99  |  0.83
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 7.68%  |  12.76%


Date Subject
07-Aug-2020 Daily Technical Highlight - (MASTER, DAIBOICI)
24-Jun-2020 玛斯特包装 上挑RM2.16
12-Jun-2020 Master Pack - Riding on opportunity in the challenging time
11-Jun-2020 MASTER-PACK GROUP (7029): Maintaining Decent Earning Per Share but Market Over-Punished!
29-May-2020 Stocks on Radar- Master-Pack Group (7029)
29-May-2020 热门股:玛斯特包装上挑RM2.43
18-May-2020 玛斯特包装迈向RM1.79/敏源
01-Apr-2020 上升股:玛斯特包装阻力RM1.94
05-Mar-2020 Stocks on Radar - Master-Pack Group (7029)
05-Mar-2020 Stocks on Radar - Master-Pack Group (7029)
03-Mar-2020 下跌股:玛斯特包装RM1.50支撑
24-Feb-2020 Trading Stocks - Master-Pack Group
20-Feb-2020 《《 MASTER-PACK GROUP BHD 》》
17-Feb-2020 Trading Stocks - Master-Pack Group
17-Feb-2020 Stocks on Radar - Master-Pack Group (7029)
16-Feb-2020 [TRV] Quick Comparison of Paper & Corrugated Manufacturer in KLSE
23-Jan-2020 Stocks on Radar - Master-Pack Group (7029)
23-Jan-2020 热门股:玛斯特包装上挑RM3.02
23-Jan-2020 Daily Technical Highlights – (MASTER, NAIM)
21-Jan-2020 Trading Stocks - Master-Pack Group

Business Background

Master-Pack Group Bhd is an investment holdings company. The firm is engaged in the manufacture and sale of corrugated fiberboard cartons and packaging materials. The group is engaged in the provision of management services. The core activities of the company are in the industry of corrugated paper packaging. Some of the products are Sheet board, Slotted type, Telescope Type, Folder Type, Interior Fitments, Die-cut Products, Palletized Shipping Container and other packaging material. The group through its subsidiaries also manufacture and sell food wrappers, bags, and boxes. The group generates revenue within Malaysia.
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Drsnazzy how come so bad qr lol -
21/08/2020 5:45 PM
atmw81 Lol.. who is the insider news said very good?
21/08/2020 5:50 PM
NewBie LIM @soonli
where your news come from
bad qr
21/08/2020 6:02 PM
Cheong88 Agreed. Below expectation. But, not like very very bad either.

EPS: 3.14 sen
Let say the remaining 4 qr remain poor (as bad as during MCO time), it would be 12.56 sen.
With current price, PE around 16 (taking EPS of 12.56).

In prospects,
'Malaysia is still under the rules of the MCO albeit with much relaxed SOPs compared to the first two phases from 18 March 2020 to 9 June 2020. The communities have started getting back to their daily activities prior to the start of the MCO. The Group is able to operate and function without much disruption, orders from and deliveries to customers are slowly resuming as customers who were affected by lockdowns in other countries are slowly easing back to a new normal. '

Let see how market value it on monday.
21/08/2020 6:58 PM
VSLSB Yes this will be interesting to watch. To be fair, MCO was in full swing this QR. Most companies had to work at 50% capacity to follow SOP.
21/08/2020 7:07 PM
Henry8833 Many companies also report poor results due to MCO. As long as not loss should be ok. Petronas chemical dropped by 63% today dropped slightly only. Half year EPS = 3.14(Q2)+5.57(Q1) = 8.71 sen.
21/08/2020 7:44 PM
nicloh Overall is acceptable result (atleast not report lost)

Main due to revenue drop during MCO (actually the profit margin % still there.)

The only one good news is atleast atleast,
company still able to chase back some collection from customers during MCO.
Cash in hand is increased.

Balance sheet,cash flow statement still looks super healthy,
NTA 2.0 vs current price consider not very big big risk.

Will still keep this stock and average down if got extra bullet, to observe until next QR.(if next QR still same then bye... business downturn)
21/08/2020 8:02 PM
iskandar5156 henry..u are smart person..to be fair with masterpack we cannot expect big profit in time of pandamic..with current price of RM2.05 is already price in all the bad quarter..total cumulative EPS now is 31 sen and the new PE is 6.65x..really undervalue..if PE goes to 7.5x will translate into market price of RM2.33..an upside of 13.6% profit..better than 5% ASB dividend..maybe some correction next monday..but will fast recover..no worry..even tong portfolio also recognise the good prospect of masterpack..we will never lose if we have patient..
21/08/2020 8:06 PM
iskandar5156 go and see krono..report low profit also in uptrend mode now..this can be good indicator market knows the current environment and look forward for future company prospect..
21/08/2020 8:10 PM
cheer76 Pick up from Q report

B2. Prospect 2020
Malaysia is still under the rules of the MCO albeit with much relaxed SOPs compared to the first two
phases from 18 March 2020 to 9 June 2020. The communities have started getting back to their daily
activities prior to the start of the MCO. The Group is able to operate and function without much
disruption, orders from and deliveries to customers are slowly resuming as customers who were affected
by lockdowns in other countries are slowly easing back to a new normal.
The Group is fortunate to have built a strong financial standing over the last few years. Barring any
further unforeseen adverse circumstances, the Group is confident that it will be able to ride the pandemic
for this financial year.
22/08/2020 1:29 AM
cheer76 Will continue to uptrend as share price run ahead Q
22/08/2020 1:29 AM
zen_2k can consider to accumulate more if dip hehe
22/08/2020 6:20 PM
Winningpost I think it will go up after some selling in the morning as expected
Packaging sector is among the beneficiaries of Covid19 new normal
and Master with its low capital base of 56mil there's a great opportunity to
declare a bonus issue.
Stay invested and stay tuned for positive rerating .
22/08/2020 8:03 PM
soonli Net cash, low pe, high roe, uptrend.... Not too worry about this counter.

Just one qr bad due to MCO don't mean much. The fair value should be 2.50 above for this counter.

Their prospects for year 2020 also can see how confident the management can achieve a better year ahead. Q3 should be catching up after releasing of MCO.
23/08/2020 10:15 AM
cckiong I agree. Master is a good company. Will hold tight to it and still can sleep soundly
23/08/2020 6:56 PM
RainT funny is

MASTER allow to operate as essential during MCO

but the sales & profit still drop ?

also the export sales ?

cannot cover the loss of local sales during MCO ?
24/08/2020 9:16 AM
mamatede Actually during the last quarter before mco, director already give warning on this quarter. Moving forward will be better. Master should increase product offering like food packaging etc. Like scgm even can boom to RM4
24/08/2020 9:28 AM
RainT SCGM is packaging film (use resin, relate with oil)

MASTER is packaging paper (use waste paper)

think the cost structure & sales segment also different
24/08/2020 9:33 AM
littleboy12345 @RainT Master can operate but their customer was closed due to MCO. even though they can operate, then there is no place can deliver their product which already mentioned in the quarter report. This is the reason y the sales drop.
24/08/2020 9:47 AM
Berrybelly I think the fundamental is still there

net cash and EPS still strong, at least pretty sure wont die from this MCO

and is still a good sign MASTER still able to generate profit throughout MCO period.

But MASTER ah, you dare to write "confident that it will be able to ride the pandemic
for this financial year" ah, need to prove leh, if next QR still cannot then how ah, MASTER you got confident mou ? >:D
24/08/2020 10:52 AM
littleboy12345 If can't meet then go to Holland.. Hahaha
24/08/2020 11:26 AM
atmw81 Moved to Muda
24/08/2020 12:28 PM
mamatede How hard to make packaging like SCGM i wonder? just buy the PP pellets and extrude those plastic packaging with those machines.

Regardless if each uses different raw materials. Both are involved in the packaging segment. At this time, SCGM products are more diverse compare to Master.

SCGM 194mil shares
Master 54 mil shares.

Hopefully Master can expand their products to grow.
24/08/2020 2:23 PM
Sunwong bought at 1.88 & i believe is value buy
24/08/2020 3:39 PM
cutie Nearly all companies will be reporting bad results this quarter...expected.... U are smart buying at 188.
24/08/2020 8:11 PM
soonli 1.85 strong support. Worst has been reflected and believe it will slowly rebound from.now onwards. Even based on today closing price 1.90 still not too bad, you may disappointed coz it down 15 cents, but don't forget it has gone up few days ady since 1.90++ and now just back to the same level few days back, nothing has changed except poorer QR being reflected on the pricing now. So from now onwards can slowly collect more for this good fundamental company.
24/08/2020 8:18 PM
Sohai Trader Entered at 1.86 test water....
25/08/2020 3:03 PM
zen_2k boarded ship at 1.85, hopefully will form support and grow slowly north again
25/08/2020 10:58 PM
Alvin Tan 1.80 now, what is your next action..lolz
26/08/2020 2:55 PM
Leong Wey Chyuan Die cock
26/08/2020 5:37 PM
zen_2k hold je if drop again might consider add another batch, def worth more than pe 6 if next qr comes out nice
26/08/2020 5:41 PM
cheer76 Coming strong if tomorrow rebound again
27/08/2020 1:47 PM
cheer76 Play inside BB
27/08/2020 1:47 PM
ACV2916 Master's price was at RM3.02 before MCO, there is a great price upside once its business return to normal. Hopefully, its price will go back to RM3.00 by end of the end.
06/09/2020 9:51 PM
wangyu3n https://youtu.be/iDQKBTZncfY Taiwan paper packaging company fly, Is time for Master liao, gogogo
07/09/2020 4:39 PM
Leong Wey Chyuan Suddenly drop so much. Dafuq
08/09/2020 11:23 AM
ACV2916 HK shares are rising.... but..
08/09/2020 3:36 PM
setia2u Shhhh..... Just collect more as what you can! You will be rewarded handsomely soon .... by a foreign party in the same industry!!!
08/09/2020 8:09 PM
RainT Buy more at 1.64
13/09/2020 8:20 AM
splendidkiller So quite on this page recently, this counter had been dropping for a month now. Feeling quite despair. Not quite sure how long i should hold on this counter.
22/09/2020 6:17 PM
setia2u Haha... the moment you sell it, it is the time it goes UP and UP!!! Please sell.
22/09/2020 8:27 PM
Bold_Investor Bought today, it may go down for a few months because of irrational investor sentiment, but I'm pretty sure it will go back to Rm2.5 at least, because of how good the fundamentals and management are, the balance sheet is amazing, if it goes down further, I'll sell my other shares to buy more, so please sell.
30/09/2020 3:51 PM
RainT Invest in shares is like that

you need to have holding power & to hold good company long enough

dont expect to get overnight fast profit , as it will not happen
03/10/2020 7:05 PM
RainT invest in company that you trust on it future prospect
03/10/2020 7:06 PM
50Cents Post removed. Why?
08/10/2020 1:18 AM
BullishAllTheTime Something is brewing. Better QR suppose
08/10/2020 9:35 AM
makubo Nice, volume build up.
08/10/2020 11:05 AM
BullishAllTheTime This counter slowly climbing but not much volume. Once it get notice, it will shoot up. Whoever in will be rewarded handsomely.
19/10/2020 9:42 AM
Albukhary Insider news from a friend who trading of carton box, this quarter revenue confirm will be good, coz his ordering has increase a lot.
I believe MASTER, MUDA, PPHB, ORNA all will be benefited.
The only problem is raw material cost, not sure raw material cost during this period is up or down.

Can anyone share your information about raw material cost?
20/10/2020 12:15 PM
bc8660 How about this site?

Price of wood pulp staying low.
22/10/2020 10:09 AM

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