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3.01   +0.04 (1.35%)  2.98 - 3.08  1,551,500
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Market Cap: 2,047 Million
NOSH: 680 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):6,052,025
4 Weeks Range:2.60 - 3.44
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:1.77 - 4.61
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 3.33
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.32
Stamp duty exempted for year 2018

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2018 [#4]  |  29-Aug-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2018  |  21-Nov-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: 19.13  |  5.23%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 2.58%  |  49.39%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.5115  |  1.99
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 8.51%  |  10.41%


Date Subject
12-Oct-2018 [转贴] 手套股四大天王简略介绍 - 听见股市
11-Oct-2018 [转贴] Supermax手套与隐形眼镜,双管齐下 - 听见股市
08-Oct-2018 Retail Strategy - Stalemate Tone Unless Positive Budget 2019
05-Oct-2018 Rubber Gloves - Capacities Building Up, Potential Oversupply Looming
28-Sep-2018 Supermax - Higher operating cost impacting earnings growth
20-Sep-2018 热门股:速柏玛上挑RM3.34
10-Sep-2018 卖压与趁低吸购交锋.速柏玛股价动荡
10-Sep-2018 [ SUPERMAX CORP BHD ] - Golden Chance After Huge Plunge ??? - J4 Investment Capital
07-Sep-2018 MQ Trader Stock Discussion - SUPERMX
04-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 4 Sept 2018
04-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Sept 2018
02-Sep-2018 速柏玛 未来净利更强劲
01-Sep-2018 Kenanga Report On Supermax - a buy upgrade
01-Sep-2018 [转贴] [SUPERMAX CORP BHD,手套的需求充满活力,已运作10号及11号工厂(增加56亿件的产量),太平G座重建的工厂的生产已于2018年7月18日开始] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
30-Aug-2018 Supermax - Below expectation
30-Aug-2018 Supermax - Below expectation
30-Aug-2018 下跌股:速柏玛RM3.50支撑
30-Aug-2018 Supermax Corporation Berhad - Expecting Better Performance Next Year
30-Aug-2018 Supermax Corporation - FY18 Results Missed Expectations

Business Background

Supermax Corp Bhd is an investment holding company. The company is an international manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-quality medical gloves. It offers various types of latex gloves, which are exported to over 155 countries around the world. The company is organized into the following operating segments, Investment Holding, Manufacturing of Gloves, Trading of Gloves and Others. It has operational footprints across America and Canada, Europe and Asia. The company's largest end market by revenue is the America.
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lawrgan Please file your complaint together .
16/10/2018 13:01
EatCoconutCanWin t4, will drop toward 2.50
16/10/2018 13:02
lawrgan Nowadays....New government department are very efficient in handling complaints. Well done PH government
16/10/2018 13:22
lawrgan He will be having big big trouble...
16/10/2018 13:24
Kaka22 Hahahahaha yeah says the one who barks the most insults
16/10/2018 13:31
Kaka22 That SOB is still at it huh.... same tactic again and again no substance only insults... shows how much depth of a person he is. Brains only limited to insults... yawns.... please carry on....
16/10/2018 13:33
Kaka22 You see how many this sob’s comments deleted by admin you know this fella’s quality of conduct. Waste bandwidth. Make admin do so much work. Lol he is too naive. He thinks he’s the cool kid and very clever. Actually is a wasted sperm.
16/10/2018 13:45
Kaka22 Now pretend to be ownself again... shame shame**** lol too funny
16/10/2018 13:46
superbull11 Kaka22 , my friend is IT specialist , i already ask him trace this guy IP address , once get his IP address , i will send all what he wrote here to and pass to my relatives , he is work as police officer , few day ago i already copy down what he wrote ,once my friend get trace his IP address , already know where is he located and i will all info pass to police , i get help my relatives , he is police officer , let police go investigate , see what police want charge this guy under what undang-undang once this guy get caught by police
16/10/2018 14:22
Kaka22 lol......good job.....
16/10/2018 14:51
ATARAH Try to get report on supermax contact lenses update in Japan. Any update?
16/10/2018 16:14
Natu Ral once again remind reduce position asap
With the US borrowing interest rates rise, higher financing cost ,their borrowings are highly mostly denominated in US Dollars. most of these debts are classified as short-term liabilities. The Fed still foresees another rate hike in December, three more next year, and one increase in 2020. But businesses are affected in a more direct way as well because they also borrow money from banks to run and expand their operations. When the banks make borrowing more expensive, companies might not borrow as much and will pay higher rates of interest on their loans. Less business spending can slow the growth of a company; it might curtail expansion plans or new ventures, or even induce cutbacks. There might be a decrease in earnings as well, which, for a public company, usually means the stock price takes a hit.
16/10/2018 16:18
wakarimas how much money borrowing in us dollar ? anyone know how much revenue is from contact lens business? and the annual report when will come out?
16/10/2018 16:25
Kaka22 not sure about japan, no acquisition just JV.. tmr malaysia aveo launching
16/10/2018 16:32
Kaka22 AR shud be end of Oct or Nov
16/10/2018 16:34
aaabbbccc y suddebly drop in the afternoon? any news?
16/10/2018 16:55
Kaka22 @aaabbbccc someone naive here said that the price drop because forum members here are syndicates and want to push down the price.. he thinks few words posted here can move the share price... what do you think?
16/10/2018 17:39
wiki123 @Atarah, going to be introduced soon, next week @ IOFT Japan... but it will still take half a year to a year to introduce to various optician agencies...
16/10/2018 17:46
wiki123 @Wakarimas, should be next week Annual report? usually 20+ Oct...
16/10/2018 17:46
Larrytrader Lol you guys are so pro have so many friends.Thanks for helping everyone by the way
16/10/2018 17:47
Kaka22 dont worry we are just doing the world a favor... less toxic people in the world better... cannot take negative comments shouldn't join forums... now he is hiding..good...
16/10/2018 17:52
lawrgan He needs to face the consequences. Overdoing it to curse and insult by creating too many account. Just another update as the file has been sent to communication compliant unit for further investigation. Pity him...I think he cannot escape from the legal proceeding this time. He is too much already.
16/10/2018 18:20
lawrgan No one is above the law...cursing and insulting is ain't fun at all. He will pay hefty price.
16/10/2018 18:25
Kakaka22 Post removed. Why?
16/10/2018 19:48
Kakake22 Post removed. Why?
16/10/2018 19:56
ATARAH Wiki123 thank you
16/10/2018 20:53
Larrytrader Will wait for share price below 3, a bit risky for me now
16/10/2018 22:12
wakarimas wondering why so many people fighting here instead of discussing supermax rationally.
16/10/2018 23:23
4444 BNM Governor wants option to use capital controls — FT
17/10/2018 05:37
PH_Govn Best buy below RM 2 hehe.

wakarimas wondering why so many people fighting here instead of discussing supermax rationally.
16/10/2018 23:23
17/10/2018 05:56
CharlesT Below RM2? Have to wait for end of this year or Jan...after ex Bonus then
17/10/2018 10:32
wiki123 lol, after bonus... :)
17/10/2018 12:07
Kaka22cacatakal Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 12:12
paktua73 paktua manage sold
all balance share at 3.03,3.02,3.01
bring back all capital secure all profit

tut tut
bye bye
17/10/2018 12:21
Kaka22 admin must be too bored with those same repeated uneducated badly phrased insults by the SOB. try something new pls...dont get deleted before we all can see. admin gotta let us have a laugh dont be too efficient.. its entertainment even though he doesnt know it lol.....what a wasted sperm...
17/10/2018 12:35
Kaka22 real cowards hide behind other people's name...hehehe....be a man...dont be a cockroach....
17/10/2018 12:36
newbie8080 The lens biz is still small at this moment.
New brand entering a mature market.
Limited impact on earnings.
17/10/2018 12:50
Kaka22cinaapek Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 13:36
Kaka22mothermampus Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 13:40
Kaka22 stoopidboy says : fathern of Kaka22
correction : "father"

stoopidboy says : my son was send to an SRJK
correction : was "sent" (past and present tense also don't know how to differentiate, poor boy)

stoopidboy says : so his formative years england not so good lah..he will say you good ah i no good.
correction : cannot be corrected because of too much gibberish that doesn't form a proper sentence and no one can understand what he is trying to convey here. English level too high lol

correction : somebody help this poor boy, he thinks he can actually cause any harm towards anyone here by using lowly constructed insults. predator? nah...i'm still very much alive and happy with my investments unlike someone bought high and still eagerly waiting to just break even....hahaha

its too easy for everyone to see who has a better command of english and stoopidboy still dare to act smart. but it's okay he's like my toy...my entertainment...to pin point his foolishness. the more he speaks the more we can see how foolish he is.

tak usah berbahasa kalau tak erti. sakit mata dan telinga orang lain cuba baca ayat kau tu.
bahasa baku kau tu adalah bukti masa sekolah kau tak belajar elok-elok.. mungkin waris drpd keluarga memang tak pandai. takpe kita bukan orang tak bertamadun macam stoopidboy... kalau ada apa-apa yang tak faham boleh tanya...jangan main tembak je....nampak kurang siuman la kau ni...kelakar tau....hahaha
17/10/2018 14:13
kaka22srjkc Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 14:20
Kaka22motherdied Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 14:28
Kaka22talktamil Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 14:38
Kaka22talkpisang Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 14:49
Kaka22 posted by lawrgan Stock: [SUPERMX]: SUPERMAX CORP BHD

Sep 6, 2018 06:19 PM | Report Abuse

Thanks Superbull for asking ppl to sell low so I can collect more at around 3.20. Very thank you for your black hearted effort.

"he bought 3.20 and became crazy when the stock plunged"

kinglicker22 same lawrgan , u worst then
windcloud , more paria , better create A-Z , like 5 year old kid , no face direct talk to superbull11 , need create new ID , laugh

"on sept 14 this fella create an account as kinglicker22 and talk to himself...i think he is too stressed so hay wired..."

finally i want to apologize to everyone here who has to deal with the insults gibberish and making this thread in a bad shape...i know his words are terrible and hard to read...some needed to be deciphered because of the level of his language command....

also to the admin....great work...i know its a hassle for you to come here every to protect the members from the awful view of his words and delete his comments everyday. We appreciate it.
I know if i don't response to his nonsense he will somehow stop his childish antics but i really needed to teach him a lesson...hahaha but i guess i failed because he can't be saved and too thick faced to admit failure.. with his level of language command he actually believe he is better... can already tell how low of a person he is....and his ability to understand things...there's no limit to his level of lowness..... well it was fun while it lasted.... i'm going to do the admin and forum members a favor.... by leaving this crazy SOB by himself.. i will still be here just not responding to him.... let him continue be a coward by impersonating other people's name and bark at the mirror.... so long SOB

hopefully one day your karma will come and HKC[hongkongcongee] will happen to you.

i gotta give it up to him...hongkongcongee is actually quite funny and creative... lol...

all the best to you and your family i hope you guys enjoy your congee...lol
17/10/2018 15:19
kaka22bohlamparchee Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 16:28
Kakr22 Kaka22 invites his pea brain colleagues to dinner tonite..superbull11,larrytrader,trulyiinvest

1.Kaka22 sister freshly squeezed milk as appetizer
2.Kaka22 mommy freshly baked vargina with toasted bread as main course
3.Kaka22 wife vitoris juice for dessert
4.Kaka22 grandmother old puisi shavings or snacks
Dinner ends at 10
we will serve a new menu for midnite supper
17/10/2018 19:18
ATARAH CIMB Research said this will grow its capacity 6% to 23.7 billion pieces per annum.

“SUCB is set to be the first Malaysian brand to export contact lenses to Japan. It recently received product licence for its contact lenses from the Japan government.

“We expect sequentially stronger quarters ahead from: i) aggressive capacity expansion plans, ii) higher margins from better efficiencies, and iii) stronger US$/RM.

“Maintain Add, with higher target price of RM4.53 (18.4x CY19F P/E),” it said.

Old new in June 29, 2018 09:24 am +08 by CIMB

We will use this as next target starting tomorrow.
17/10/2018 19:28
Kaka22cowardo hello i am Kaka22 and this is my personifcation as a coward.I am a coward because i dont have dogged determination and i have small balls.
I dare not admit i masquerade as Lawsganmom and also the person boasting his english and bahasa abillity
when i am an SRJKc BUM
I also said supermax will not go above 2.90 on 9 october.
I am a liar and boaster and thats why i agree to be scold left right and center
18/10/2018 00:28
Kakar22 HKC HKC to Kaka22
Dishes fo Supper
1.Boiled nuts from Kaka22 mom,wife and sisters

2.Roasted pennnis from Kaka22 father and grandfather
with vargina sauce from Kaka22 mother

3.Anal scrappings from Kaka22 gay brother

4.Coffee with milk from Kaka22 sister and POOSY juice from the
Coward Kaka22 plse respond to the taunts
18/10/2018 00:33


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