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Market Cap: 184 Million
NOSH: 4,095 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):6,590,347
4 Weeks Range:0.035 - 0.045
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.035 - 0.325
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target:-
Stamp duty exempted for year 2018

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2018 [#4]  |  06-Sep-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2018  |  30-Nov-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: 13.31  |  7.51%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.0878  |  0.51
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 7.55%  |  3.85%


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Business Background

Priceworth International Bhd operates in Malaysian timber and wood-based products industry. The company is organised into business units based on their products and services and has four reportable operating segments. The logging segment is involved in extraction, the sale of logs and tree planting. The manufacturing segment is in the business of manufacturing and sale of plywood, raw and laminated particleboard, and finger joint moulding. The shipyard segment is involved in the provision of marine services, including repair and maintenance of tugboat and barge amongst others; and others segment is involved in investment holding and the provision of hiring services. The majority of its revenue is derived from the Japan.
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Halite Good morning fatimah
Wishing everything is fine for you.
01/11/2018 11:09
Halite I did not sell

The reason is simple

1. Why should i cut loss if I do not need the cash
2. Why should I cut loss at the current price of 4 sen.
3. Why should I sell if I know the company will not go bankrupt
4. Why should I sell if I know there is a potential for me to make a few 100% return if logging activities resume operation
5.Why should i sell if I know all the bad news and fear spread by monkey will turn into good news that will serve as a strong catalyst to move the price higher and higher.
6. Why should i sell if I believe the Sabah government will not stop the logging infinitely

There is only 1 reason to sell. Fear
There are many good reasons not to sell as I mentioned earlier.

How about the acquisition of FMU5 with a negative goodwill of 200M that will reflect in the profit statement once it is successfully completed

How about the listing of the subsidiary company in Singapore that serve as a double happiness

How about the contract with China

I just can not convince myself to sell a single share at the price of 4 sen. Can you?

More how much is 4 sen, if you sell a million shares, the money you get back not even to buy a proton saga.
01/11/2018 11:32
Halite My advice,
Keep it in your safe and forget about it lah....
Come back later to see a big surprise that the tiny chicks before has turned into a big chicken now, isn't it more meaningful

Be a man

Win, then win gaw-gaw
Lose, then lose gaw-gaw

You won't die losing some money
You sure die hard because of fear

01/11/2018 11:40
surewin111 cool man, guys, Don't need to prove who is right or wrong to sell or buy. Heaps of opportunities out there to make money. eg Seacera, Presbhd. focus in trading rather than proving who is right for pworth...
01/11/2018 12:15
Halite We are not proving who is right or wrong

What I want to tell you is

1. It is not wise to sell now at a price of 4 sen since all the bad news are originated from the temporary interruption to the logging activities of all the timber companies in sabah by the government.

The government are not stupid, they are well aware that they are causing big damages to the logging industries of sabah. Merchants are not stupid also, if they can not get timber from you, then they will get it from other sources. Which government is that stupid to kill the industry that will bring in a lot of money for development. So it is logical to think the logging activities will resume operation soon and will not drag on indefinitely

If we manage our cash well, there is no reason that we can't buy any stocks outside that bring us faster profit.

I don't understand why you must sell pworth at 4 cents now? Just because of the fear that the logging activities will be stop infinitely which is simply unacceptable to a right thinking mind.
01/11/2018 12:43
low93999 Halite,let them sell.at 4sen. Time will tell who will wrong
01/11/2018 23:25
CHWong today very quiet
02/11/2018 09:30
jeffng570 im will hold my 0,045 until bankrup
02/11/2018 09:47
Halite i do not think it can go bankrupt
NTA is more than 15 sen ,
if privatized , you still can earn more than 400% from the current price
02/11/2018 12:48
Sk9864 Jerung o jerung.... why u so slow
02/11/2018 19:41
Leverage Former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman is expected to be charged at Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court this afternoon with 35 counts of alleged corruption linked to timber concessions in the state.

According to sources close to the government, the 35 charges involve a sum of US$63 million...…..Hmmmmmmmm..careful now folks!
05/11/2018 11:00
warchest be careful
05/11/2018 11:10
warchest One such licence issued by Mannan as late as October last year (see above) authorised Andrew Lim’s company Priceworth International Berhad to clear cut 75 thousand hectares of protected rainforest on behalf of Anika Desiran Sdn Bhd (belonging to Andrew Lim) in Ranau – the region known as FMU (Forest Manangement Unit) 5.

The forest, as the licence details, is known to be home to a variety of endangered species, including the clouded leopard, gibbons and orang utan. Nevertheless, Sam Mannan, who has postured as a protector of such species authorised the destruction.
05/11/2018 11:11
azta12 just 2 days (7th Nov) ,before the sabah cm hearing..interesting.
05/11/2018 11:14
stockjobber https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/450509
05/11/2018 11:14
warchest the log production volume is zero again for Sep 18, Aug 18 zero again. U know how much it will impact the Group
05/11/2018 11:33
warchest already going concern issue, revenue going forward will be zero
05/11/2018 11:34
DoomStock Doooommmmm!
05/11/2018 11:47
Leverage Latest news folks...The offences (35 charges involve a sum of US$63m) were allegedly committed in 2009. Hmmmmm
05/11/2018 12:11
Leverage Eight individuals were mentioned in the charges against Musa: Lim Nyuk Foh, Looh Chai Boon, Chia Tian Foh, Mazlan Zakaria, Loh Man Heng, Nasir Yeo Guan Hock, Nip Wing Hon and Ngui Ing Cheang.

05/11/2018 15:16
KLCI King From as high as 32 cents early this year to only 4 cents now, toilet paper pun lagi mahal dari share company ini
05/11/2018 15:19
KLCI King oh, got one adjust this year, but still loss more than 60%
05/11/2018 15:20
jun6 The worst thing is CEO send to jail, but the company still maintain
05/11/2018 17:21
Derrick4896 http://www.sarawakreport.org/2012/10/musas-secret-donors-we-blow-the-whistle-on-umnos-sabah-kickbacks/
05/11/2018 17:56
mkmk No worry, hold one year... will be rewarded with europe trip...
05/11/2018 19:16
Digidigi5 How many logging company going to close down?
05/11/2018 22:20
surewin111 total ban of log production in Sabah?
05/11/2018 23:04
samuel Maha Gaya pls sell more
07/11/2018 16:51
Brian Loke http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/high-court-rules-shafie-rightful-cm-sabah
07/11/2018 17:51
azta12 another 11 mil shares done off mrkt @ 0.040 today..
08/11/2018 16:48
Derrick4896 http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/11/06/musa-allowed-bail-at-rm2-million/

For the first to the third charges, he is accused as an agent of the Sabah state government as Sabah Chief Minister cum Sabah Foundation Board of Trustees chairman, for seeking bribes for himself amounting to US$131,578.00, US$921,052.00 and US$263,000.00 from Lim Nyuk Foh through Citi Bank and HSBC Bank accounts under the name of Chia Tien Foh, as an inducement to grant Sabah timber concession contracts to Syarikat Bountiful Returns Sdn Bhd.
08/11/2018 17:30
mkmk Byebye Maha Gaya....
10/11/2018 22:25
Halite Look at flbhd you will see pworth can be too bad as some monkey said

Look at supermax you will agree the CEO can go to jail but company still does well

Look at the price movement you can see if you sell at 0.04, there are more buyers than sellers to buy from you

We buy or sell not because Maha Gaya is selling or buying, maha gaya has more than 500M shares, what's wrong to sell some during year end to reduce its position and get some cash to pay dividend to its units holders
15/11/2018 08:53
Halite If you are fund managers holding more than 500M shares, do you not sell some to readjust your portfolio. Risk management is a must for most fund managers. But do not see heavy selling from Maha Gaya. Common sense tells us it is not too late to clear your position if you find it selling more than half of its position. I mean, it is not difficult to sell at 0.04 now or later before there is clear indication some major shareholders want to say bye bye. Do not forget the nta Is about 11 cents, if you can hold you will not lose even those it is privitised
15/11/2018 09:05
Halite Flbhd is also a Sabah plywood company and doesn't have a single piece of log of its own
Flbhd has just declared 8 sen dividend

More than 50% of pworth revenue is derived from plywood, if flbhd can do well, do you think pworth will be bad
15/11/2018 09:29
samuel I hope maha Gaya can sell another 20 million share out, or even more...
15/11/2018 18:30
mkmk Flbhd sell to niche market which has higher selling price... Pwi sell to where?
Flbhd has no debts but huge pile of cash... Pwi has huge borrowings but little cash...
Flbhd made profit and distribute return to shareholders... Pwi made 'profit' but ask money from shareholders (rights issue and private placement) to pay off its debts..
Flbhd's director is buying its own share and company also do share buy back..... Pwi's major shareholders and director are selling its own share...
Flbhd has no concession and successful in this business although it buys logs from outside... Pwi has own concession but still can't reward their shareholders...

With concession, Pwi already sucks... Now they have to buy logs do you think they will be better off when the cost might be so much higher than own extraction? Btw, when is FMU5 starts timber extraction again?

You wanna compare Pwi to Flbhd? Ask Pwi declare dividend first la... Naive..

Always come out with tonnes of reason to justify major shareholders' selling... Perhaps Maha Gaya is unable to find buyers from outside... slowly dispose lo.... dispose it on market will create panic mah.... but what, we wait the result of these two companies see how lo...
16/11/2018 08:03
Halite What are trying to tell us?
You are stupid or the readers here are stupid?
16/11/2018 10:20
Halite Pwi is selling at 0.045 but flbhd 1. 60
One simple good news will push the price of 0.045 to 0.1, do you expect such a return from flbhd?
a stupid monkey always thinks others more stupid
16/11/2018 10:25
mkmk why r u stuck in pwi for so long??? dont use flbhd to mislead ppl that pwi is doing well too... stupid monkey... i pointed out the difference btw flbhd and pwi.... dont mislead ppl la big liar.... just shut up la if u r more forgiveful.... sohai...
16/11/2018 11:58
Halite Why force people believe in what you said

If you talk nicely, then you do not need people to forgive you

Be humble
It is good that people disagree with our view
It is where we can learn more
More you had learnt, more you know how little or tiny are you

You learn nothing, so you think yourself is always right and call other sifu as sifut

Do you know it is not right to disgrace other sifu who are willing to share with us their views

You can disagree with what others said, you have every right to do so,
But you definitely have no right to attack people unless your mother did not tell you it is not correct doing so.

Do you agree?
16/11/2018 12:52
mkmk U r not humble.. u r not polite... u r sifut... u r misleading ppl... that's simple...
16/11/2018 12:58
mkmk To u Halite, we no need be polite... why polite to someone like u? If u agreed that everyone can share their view, today Halite will not be Halite.... thats y u r sifut lao... go to ur sifut loong... dont stay here...
16/11/2018 13:01
mkmk Bila FMU5 starts oh Halite??? Start liao let me know, I sailang pwi oh....
16/11/2018 13:06
DoomStock Will there be light at the end of the tunnel? The clock is ticking. What is next..Doommm? Hmmmmmm
16/11/2018 15:14
Halite Why so angry?

Why blame me?

Pworth stay put at 0.045

Not up, not down

It is not my fault

If you want to sell, then sell lah...

If you want to buy, then buy lah...

Why make your life so difficult

Everybody must shout....


Loud loud with you
16/11/2018 17:43
mkmk Y u so angry??? Steady la... u not polite y need ppl polite to u palui... wait die lo u... kesian monkey...
16/11/2018 17:45
mkmk When fmu5 resume oh Halite? When? I wanna buy pwi leh... share news la... ask ur sifut la....
16/11/2018 18:08
Halite I don't know wor....
But mkmk had said
His insider told him
Works will resume soon
Do you still remember?
16/11/2018 18:40
mkmk mkmk must tell something positive oh... otherwise Halite not happy... ya, it will resume soon.... and halite will have europe trip soon.... kikikii
16/11/2018 19:33


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