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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
18-Jan-2011 19-Jan-2011 Private Placement 13,600,000 0.115 150,269,000 Additional Listing Detail
22-Feb-2012 23-Feb-2012 ESOS 500,000 0.100 157,739,000 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2012 23-May-2012 ESOS 360,000 0.100 158,099,000 Additional Listing Detail
24-Oct-2012 25-Oct-2012 Private Placement 2,500,000 0.100 160,599,000 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jan-2013 09-Jan-2013 Private Placement 3,500,000 0.100 164,099,000 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jan-2013 30-Jan-2013 ESOS 4,000,000 0.100 168,099,000 Additional Listing Detail
04-Feb-2013 05-Feb-2013 Private Placement 2,500,000 0.105 170,599,000 Additional Listing Detail
05-Feb-2013 06-Feb-2013 Private Placement 7,309,000 0.105 177,908,000 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jun-2014 20-Jun-2014 Private Placement 35,581,600 0.150 213,489,600 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2016 09-Nov-2016 ESOS 192,140,000 0.130 832,608,800 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jul-2017 27-Jul-2017 Exercise of Warrants 100,000 0.100 832,708,800 Additional Listing Detail
02-Aug-2017 03-Aug-2017 Exercise of Warrants 74,000 0.100 832,782,800 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2018 22-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 3,049,650 0.100 835,832,450 Additional Listing Detail
01-Mar-2018 02-Mar-2018 Exercise of Warrants 45,000 0.100 835,877,450 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jan-2019 04-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 188,000 0.100 2,089,881,623 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,196,262 0.100 2,094,339,635 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2019 28-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 7,778,364 0.100 2,102,117,999 Additional Listing Detail
30-Apr-2020 04-May-2020 ESOS 66,666,000 0.015 2,168,783,999 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2020 14-May-2020 ESOS 66,666,000 0.015 2,235,449,999 Additional Listing Detail
22-May-2020 27-May-2020 ESOS 59,500,000 0.015 2,294,949,999 Additional Listing Detail
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BountyOfTheBourse Itu codaud only expressing his honest & humble opinion only

And the way codaud expressing himself also very sopan very polite

But the way itu showtime miredo alibaba responded so sombong so rude so arrogant why

Ini lambo room is showtime father yg punya kah
22/05/2020 1:21 PM
BountyOfTheBourse codaud you have not done anything wrong at all to itu showtime miredo alibaba boolshhitting mothafukka satu ekor itu

So you should rightly not have apologised to him at all

x da buat salah apa2 sama orang apa pasal mau apologise sama dia

You can tarik balik your apology I support you
22/05/2020 1:27 PM
BountyOfTheBourse Itu showtime miredo alibaba is the one who should be alologising to codaud for scolding codaud in public & humiliating codaud in public


How can this kind of rude arrogant behaviour be tolerated, man.
22/05/2020 1:29 PM
witchslayer Aiyo..ini lambo forum alibaba aka alibabi own one..he jaga reban one mah..even though sudah jual saham earned sikit only....no one can comment anything bad lah...later he scold your father mother too lah...lol...wakakaka...kikiki
22/05/2020 1:31 PM
fishchu I see PELABURAN MARA CEO in Netx agm that mean good prospect for Gemspot
22/05/2020 2:13 PM
fishchu Gemspot beneficiary lambove...
22/05/2020 2:13 PM
fishchu why pelaburan mara fund CEO attend netx ..something related growth prospect Gemspot. i think pelaburan mara first will start buy Netx and later will also buy lambo...
22/05/2020 2:18 PM
RiverOfSilver Lagi skt hari itu showtime letak jawatan mcm itu alibaba juga kah
22/05/2020 3:53 PM
RiverOfSilver ha ha ha
22/05/2020 3:53 PM
RiverOfSilver LOL LOL LOL
22/05/2020 3:53 PM
RiverOfSilver Itu showtime alibaba vincent mikecyc miredo punya good friend close ally bff itu

Itu dickyme dreamkentut itu

Dia tadak mari kacau disturb ini lambo ini hari kah

Klu dia mari dia trus ckp ini lambo got less value than dia punya sapu bonttot punya toilet paper la
22/05/2020 3:59 PM
RiverOfSilver ha ha ha
22/05/2020 3:59 PM
RiverOfSilver LOL LOL LOL
22/05/2020 4:00 PM
witchslayer Aiyo ..lambo forum boss alibabi showtime...wei..you really sold your lambo shares..and earned chicken feet gah...why still give funny reason the share not move gah...really kenot believe leh...liar say me liar...those ID not my ID leh...you not even know the owner of the list you created leh...lol...laughdieme....lol..wakakaka...kikiki
22/05/2020 5:06 PM
22/05/2020 5:34 PM
BountyOfTheBourse Itu showtime miredo lehubeng alibaba tadi sudah cakap dia sudah letak jawatan sbgy chief promoter cum chief boolshhitter
22/05/2020 5:35 PM
BountyOfTheBourse Lagi mari sebok2 lagi dkt sini juga kah
22/05/2020 5:36 PM
BountyOfTheBourse Nt dia lagi rude rude marah marah scolding scolding sama orang lagi
22/05/2020 5:37 PM
BountyOfTheBourse Macam itu codaut pun x pasal2 sudah kena scolding kena tiau gaw gaw sama dia juga
22/05/2020 5:38 PM
22/05/2020 5:38 PM
BountyOfTheBourse LOL LOL LOL
22/05/2020 5:39 PM
EagleEye hey guys, unrelated to this counter, on a side note, this news below might trigger this counter, maybe can go for a quick bite.

Orion (0079)

23/05/2020 1:45 AM
witchslayer Aiyo alibaba...alibaba..become ..alibabi gah..why like to clone babydragonslayer...become..babidragonslayer...yah lah...mother of all cloner in I3 lah...lol...still have ppl believe you gah...lol...wakakaka..kikiki

yah gah..babidragonslayer is alibaba gah. yah lah. see the profile alibaba lah.

yah gah...miredo also alibaba gah..yah lah....see the profile lah alibaba lah

yah gah..showtime also alibaba gah..yah lah...see the profile lah alibaba lah.

yah gah..billions also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah.

yah gah..thrillions also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah.

yah gah..newhorizon also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah

yah gah ..richestman also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah

yah gah . Invincible also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah

yah gah . AIiibaba also alibaba gah..yah lah..see the profile lah alibaba lah











Alibaba aka Aintelligence aka Newhorizon aka Invincible aka babidragonslayer aka dragonslayer clone aka dragonslayer1 aka hodgkin aka showtime aka bestman aka miredo aka billions aka thrillions aka richestman......etc etc...no need to create so many ID lah...create so many acct to con ppl kah...or..spread fake news kah....how many kena banned oredy...kikiki
23/05/2020 12:41 PM
Investsucess Trader Should stay at 0.02-0.025 for next week due Esos of 60 millions shares.
23/05/2020 10:06 PM
Top Gun https://www.facebook.com/groups/104410980210129/permalink/592635568054332/
24/05/2020 10:16 AM
RiverOfSilver ha ha ha
24/05/2020 1:56 PM
RiverOfSilver showtime miredo lehubeng alibaba ... boolshhiting mothafukka

Lu sudah takut kah
24/05/2020 1:58 PM
RiverOfSilver ha ha ha
24/05/2020 1:58 PM
RiverOfSilver LOL LOL LOL
24/05/2020 1:58 PM
RiverOfSilver How can say esos got nothing to do with share price one

Itu esos increases number of shares la

Make it more difficult to push up the price la
24/05/2020 2:01 PM
RiverOfSilver Lagi apa pasal buat esos
24/05/2020 2:01 PM
RiverOfSilver Dia wang tadak cukup kah
24/05/2020 2:01 PM
RiverOfSilver ha ha ha
24/05/2020 2:02 PM
RiverOfSilver LOL LOL LOL
24/05/2020 2:02 PM
24/05/2020 2:05 PM
ProsperousRealm ha ha ha
24/05/2020 2:20 PM
ProsperousRealm Crazy boddoh iddiot juga la dia itu
24/05/2020 2:21 PM
ProsperousRealm Itu showtime thrillion billions richestman bestman miredo lehubeng alibaba vincent mikecy non-stop boolshhitting mothafukka satu ekor itu
24/05/2020 2:24 PM
ProsperousRealm Cakap juga mcam dia banyak pandai mcm dia superclever hotshot whizzkid genius stock god

Tp jual TDM at 18 sen

While lain orang yg wanted to sell TDM were all selling so easily at 27 - 28 sen that day

Betul2 benak bongok boddoh bangang punya orang juga
24/05/2020 2:27 PM
ProsperousRealm ha ha ha
24/05/2020 2:27 PM
ProsperousRealm LOL LOL LOL
24/05/2020 2:27 PM
ProsperousRealm laugh me die!!!
24/05/2020 2:27 PM
ProsperousRealm me laugh cry!!!
24/05/2020 2:28 PM
ProsperousRealm Lagi hari hari gila babi tanya tp la, production output la, latest qr la, apa lanjeow apa taik kucing lagi la ...

x habis2 gila taksub obsess dgn dia punya boolshhit textbook investing theories itu juga la
24/05/2020 2:31 PM
ProsperousRealm ha ha ha
24/05/2020 2:31 PM
ProsperousRealm LOL LOL LOL
24/05/2020 2:31 PM
ProsperousRealm laugh me die!!!
24/05/2020 2:31 PM
ProsperousRealm me laugh cry!!!
24/05/2020 2:32 PM
stncws SHOWTIME@ aka. tak lah baca buku di sekolah..BUNTU
24/05/2020 10:20 PM
stncws showtime V2020 all follow dog..
24/05/2020 11:06 PM

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