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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
30-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017 Private Placement 59,178,700 0.139 658,339,134 Additional Listing Detail
16-Feb-2017 17-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,761,616 0.130 599,160,434 Additional Listing Detail
14-Feb-2017 15-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 9,326,376 0.130 596,398,818 Additional Listing Detail
08-Feb-2017 10-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,937,612 0.130 587,072,442 Additional Listing Detail
06-Feb-2017 07-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 16,764,448 0.130 580,134,830 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 10,483,175 0.130 563,370,382 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 18,762,620 0.130 552,887,207 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 10,479,719 0.130 534,124,587 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,448,255 0.130 523,644,868 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2017 13-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,655,231 0.130 517,196,613 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jan-2017 09-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,792,290 0.130 515,541,382 Additional Listing Detail
29-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,460,000 0.130 512,749,092 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 774,093 0.130 511,289,092 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2016 16-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 247,050 0.130 510,514,999 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2016 28-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 300,000 0.130 510,267,949 Additional Listing Detail
23-Nov-2016 24-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 700,000 0.130 509,967,949 Additional Listing Detail
17-Nov-2016 18-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.130 509,267,949 Additional Listing Detail
09-Nov-2016 10-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 150,000 0.130 509,237,949 Additional Listing Detail
26-Oct-2016 27-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 40,000 0.130 509,087,949 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2016 06-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.130 509,047,949 Additional Listing Detail
29-Mar-2016 30-Mar-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,131 0.130 509,017,949 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2016 23-Mar-2016 Private Placement 45,604,000 0.143 509,016,818 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2015 18-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 50,000 0.130 463,412,818 Additional Listing Detail
03-Nov-2014 04-Nov-2014 Private Placement 41,453,637 0.220 463,362,818 Additional Listing Detail
25-Mar-2014 26-Mar-2014 Private Placement 34,544,700 0.200 421,909,181 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jan-2014 30-Jan-2014 Private Placement 34,544,695 0.230 387,364,481 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2013 11-Apr-2013 Rights Issue 11,808,860 0.000 352,819,786 Additional Listing Detail
14-Sep-2012 18-Sep-2012 Private Placement 22,400,000 0.325 254,120,650 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 Private Placement 21,000,000 0.380 231,720,650 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2011 25-Feb-2011 Private Placement 19,140,000 0.160 210,720,650 Additional Listing Detail
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  6 people like this.
Kee Koon Ng Blood sucker.
30/08/2018 3:34 PM
bonbon Why buy it? No sign of recovery. Just leave it alone lah. The more you buy, the more it drop or just staying stagnantly there. Time wasting.
03/09/2018 10:12 AM
Jordan Khoo Strong momentum time to invest now.
03/09/2018 10:19 AM
Sanatan Jordan, you have a positive vibe about this counter. Any reason why it is time to invest ?
03/09/2018 1:08 PM
Fight_for_dream The price so cheap now but the boss also no able to buy back their share?
04/09/2018 4:01 PM
firehawk very impotent boss .... :-(
05/09/2018 4:40 PM
bonbon The boss won't push up the price now. Why he wants to trouble himself pushing the price for you retailers to escape in this bad market sentiment? Just leave it alone and stay away from it is the way to save yourself
12/09/2018 4:20 PM
Lim Tek Wai Yahoooo ! Good profit tho, can spend more already kikiki
14/09/2018 11:24 AM
12/10/2018 10:41 AM
lohsifu Holland share.

Useless company.
17/10/2018 9:55 AM
blurG This counter always got lower price, never lowest price.
Call me to buy when it drop to 0.005
25/10/2018 9:41 PM
AK2899 ham ka fu guai ....really ham ka fu guai !
16/12/2018 10:59 PM
lchits If you suppose this counter for CNY Ang Pow money
Surely and duly you are what AK2899 said
Ham Ka Fu Guai
10/01/2019 1:56 PM
lchits Ask when bungkus
Been almost ten yrs declare no even single cts of dividend and the share price
Left .45 cts
31/01/2019 2:03 PM
xyXy ...... dun bungkus la....... me stuck here so longgggggggggggg...
31/01/2019 2:06 PM
firehawk + 22.22% ?
21/02/2019 9:20 AM
lchits Left to right hand show
21/02/2019 3:58 PM
Peter2357 Digistar .....too many businesses...unable to focus so should hive off non profitable businesses and keep only 2 main performing businesses which is concession and hotel operation.
12/03/2019 11:14 PM
lchits Should have new CEO
13/03/2019 2:43 PM
hoplanner This Co only serves own relations who are CEO, ED etc thus the various directors' fees paid. Loss making co for so many yrs still pays out fees to directors, utterly nonsense!!!

If they continue the same way they managed f0r the past donkey yrs, and not getting a capable md, what do u expect for 2019 results?

I bet it will still be in the red again?
19/03/2019 11:25 PM
hoplanner I hope the Board reads this forum
19/03/2019 11:26 PM
firehawk vol =0, again .....
14/05/2019 3:53 PM
zhadao92 Nicely done.. I think it will be bcome NTA 0.05.. To match up the price.. Lol
17/06/2019 6:39 PM
gxltwsb why the NTA is 9.49?
03/07/2019 11:06 PM
thesteward 2 quarters of positive PBT time to relook at this one
04/07/2019 10:09 AM
birkincollector hmm...today seem to have some action
10/07/2019 5:45 PM
Lam John Seems downtrend
19/07/2019 10:14 AM
Lam John Direct sell so much at 0.045
19/07/2019 10:14 AM
Lam John This is huge debt company
19/07/2019 10:21 AM
Lam John Every quarter need few million to pay borrowing interest
19/07/2019 10:22 AM
Lam John Need more revenue to survive
19/07/2019 10:23 AM
Albukhary If you are running your own business, you will know how difficult for a company to gain bank trust.
Bank are so smart and they only willing to borrow you a small amount of loan, no matter you said how good is your company, how high is your profit or what.

Therefore, for a small company like Digistar to get the loan and bond borrowing of few hundred million, it is really something not easy to achieve.

Although its revenue, profit & share price for the past 5 years has make all the shareholders disappointed, but I believe one day it will gain back what it has been lost for the past 5 years.

I am not sure when it can come back, perhaps the next 2,3,4,or 5 years, just wait n pray for the day to come.
20/07/2019 12:30 AM
firehawk today, move up a little .....
23/07/2019 3:26 PM
moneykj Go for Kanger
07/08/2019 7:45 AM
Hunger4money Like myself is a good example, I lost quite a lot of money in few counters: Ekovest, Iwcity, Gdex, digista,..... and I sold all and switched to Kanger. I have claimed back all my losses. Now is still not too late for you all........
08/08/2019 2:06 PM
firehawk besting .... move up a little again :-)
13/08/2019 10:06 AM
firehawk he plays himself @0.055 .... :-(
14/08/2019 3:49 PM
firehawk Topping again .... like want to announce positive result .....
21/08/2019 4:28 PM
Johnchew Ho ho moneykj n hunger4money r here begging for help
25/08/2019 5:37 AM
lchits Selling never end ...
No eye see
29/08/2019 11:37 AM
freddiehero wah lau.. so cheap..
04/09/2019 8:41 AM
Albukhary hahahahahahaha. Huge debt company...
Digistar boss is laughing at you....
That why no everyone understand how capital market work...
That why a lot of ordinary accountant are still a ordinary accountant after working 20 years
07/09/2019 6:18 PM
lchits Albukhary,,
This explain why digista is at historical lowest price
Bcoz not many really know it's situation..
Huge debt on paper
08/09/2019 1:29 PM
lchits JKR concession agreement and hospitality are all good no doubt
Just wonder why it's system integration keeps declared huge loss and security is disappointed either
08/09/2019 1:38 PM
freddiehero they loss contact since 2017. no any update.. honeymoon
08/09/2019 1:50 PM
lchits Sadly Those quarterly profit from concession and hospitality was offset by system integration and security..
08/09/2019 2:02 PM
Albukhary DIGISTAR is the only Main Board Technology Counter that share price maintain at 52 weeks lowest. while other all hitting 52 weeks high.

Malaysia still got many good technology company that haven't listed, hope one day one of them can takeover DIgistar and perform back door listing.

In Hong Kong, a listed company shell in Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board can worth HKD600-700mil, in Malaysia, If Digistar shell can worth RM60-70mil will be jackpot d.
03/11/2019 6:07 PM
lchits Shame of its management
No dividend since fy2010
03/11/2019 10:23 PM
Sanatan What happened ? Revenue were abt 40 to 50 mill per quarter in 2016 and earlier. Now dropped to abt 10 to 15 mill per quarter. The management have failed to arrest this decline. They should all wake up.
06/11/2019 9:12 AM
lchits Those revenue was mainly contribute by hospitality and construction section..Others department can't even get any contract be it from government or private sector within these 10 years...
Not 10 days or months .
09/11/2019 11:14 AM


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