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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
17-Sep-2019 18-Sep-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 350,000 0.200 711,219,563 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,300,000 0.200 710,869,563 Additional Listing Detail
21-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 350,000 0.200 709,569,563 Additional Listing Detail
15-Aug-2019 16-Aug-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,000,000 0.200 709,219,563 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2019 14-Aug-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,600,000 0.200 708,219,563 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2019 26-Jul-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,700,000 0.200 701,619,563 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jul-2019 18-Jul-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 12,500,000 0.200 694,919,563 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jan-2019 31-Jan-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 46,666,000 0.200 682,419,563 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,000,000 0.200 635,753,563 Additional Listing Detail
07-Nov-2018 08-Nov-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 7,104,100 0.200 634,753,563 Additional Listing Detail
30-Oct-2018 31-Oct-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,650,800 0.200 627,649,463 Additional Listing Detail
22-Oct-2018 23-Oct-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 12,790,000 0.200 622,998,663 Additional Listing Detail
15-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 10,764,000 0.200 610,208,663 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2018 08-Oct-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 9,730,000 0.200 599,444,663 Additional Listing Detail
27-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,000,000 0.200 589,714,663 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2018 20-Sep-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,000,000 0.200 586,714,663 Additional Listing Detail
07-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 5,904,600 0.200 584,714,663 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2018 05-Sep-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,112,500 0.200 578,810,063 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2018 29-Aug-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 14,238,900 0.150 576,697,563 Additional Listing Detail
23-Aug-2018 24-Aug-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 26,030,000 0.150 562,458,663 Additional Listing Detail
16-Aug-2018 17-Aug-2018 Exercise of Warrants 40,000 0.200 536,428,663 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2018 14-Aug-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 53,157,900 0.150 516,960,363 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jun-2018 05-Jun-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 150,000 0.150 463,802,463 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2018 16-May-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 200,000 0.150 463,652,463 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2018 04-May-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 7,450,000 0.150 463,452,463 Additional Listing Detail
30-Apr-2018 02-May-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 500,000 0.150 456,002,463 Additional Listing Detail
02-Oct-2017 03-Oct-2017 Special Issue 28,855,000 0.200 303,668,309 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jul-2017 20-Jul-2017 Special Issue 36,363,600 0.220 274,813,309 Additional Listing Detail
03-Mar-2015 04-Mar-2015 ESOS 20,000,000 0.100 953,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2014 28-Aug-2014 ESOS 20,000,000 0.100 933,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
26-Aug-2014 27-Aug-2014 ESOS 10,000,000 0.100 913,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
07-Aug-2014 08-Aug-2014 ESOS 50,000,000 0.100 903,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
14-Nov-2013 15-Nov-2013 ESOS 50,000,000 0.100 853,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2013 11-Nov-2013 ESOS 50,000,000 0.100 803,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jun-2013 11-Jun-2013 Private Placement 43,950,000 0.110 753,798,836 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2013 16-May-2013 Private Placement 30,000,000 0.100 709,848,836 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2013 15-Apr-2013 Private Placement 100,000,000 0.100 679,848,836 Additional Listing Detail
25-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 Others 100,000 0.100 579,848,836 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2012 21-Sep-2012 Others 2,670,000 0.100 579,748,836 Additional Listing Detail
18-Sep-2012 19-Sep-2012 Others 6,390,000 0.100 577,078,836 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2012 14-Sep-2012 Others 8,403,000 0.100 570,688,836 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2012 13-Sep-2012 Others 555,000 0.100 562,285,836 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2012 12-Sep-2012 Others 2,354,000 0.100 561,730,836 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2012 11-Sep-2012 Others 7,529,600 0.100 559,376,836 Additional Listing Detail
07-Sep-2012 10-Sep-2012 Others 1,045,000 0.100 551,847,236 Additional Listing Detail
06-Sep-2012 07-Sep-2012 Others 1,345,000 0.100 550,802,236 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2012 06-Sep-2012 Others 6,160,000 0.100 549,457,236 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012 Acquisitions 154,520,000 0.100 543,297,236 Additional Listing Detail
10-Mar-2011 11-Mar-2011 Private Placement 13,235,200 0.115 145,587,520 Additional Listing Detail
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FAIZUN77 Next resistance 0.26, 0.31
12/07/2019 3:02 PM
ozzie75 money lending license....or loan shark....hahahaha
12/07/2019 4:52 PM
cyrix8 along
15/07/2019 2:21 PM
cyrix8 new executive director comes in
18/07/2019 8:20 PM
cyrix8 off market transaction at 30 sen apiece
24/07/2019 7:56 AM
FAIZUN77 who could be the buyer with such confidence?
24/07/2019 4:54 PM
cyrix8 must be someone new
24/07/2019 4:56 PM
cyrix8 annual report shows positive progress
07/08/2019 1:32 PM
cyrix8 up
14/08/2019 4:50 PM
ozzie75 What positive progress?

cyrix8 annual report shows positive progress
07/08/2019 1:32 PM
14/08/2019 5:10 PM
cyrix8 annual report has details
14/08/2019 5:33 PM
cyrix8 volume price both up
22/08/2019 11:48 AM
cyrix8 land acquisition in johor for future expansion
23/08/2019 8:45 PM
cyrix8 result comes out, revenue up, still lose money
29/08/2019 8:29 PM
cyrix8 price up
06/09/2019 10:29 AM
cyrix8 prices all up again
10/09/2019 4:31 PM
cyrix8 up
11/09/2019 10:15 AM
cyrix8 getting ready to go up again
11/09/2019 2:13 PM
cyrix8 looks like no one in here has this counter's share = Hooray !
11/09/2019 4:49 PM
CocJin Hahaha.. Should be push 1 or 2 days only
11/09/2019 6:48 PM
10206226070044257 MMAG Holdings, Logistics and PT Lion Express seal collaborative agreementSEPTEMBER 11, 2019 @ 7:25PM 

ACE market listed MMAG Holdings Bhd (MMAG) wholly owned subsidiary, Line Clear Express and Logistics Sdn Bhd (LCE) and PT Lion Express (PLE) of the Indonesia’s Lion Group have signed a multi-year business collaboration agreement in Jakarta today.

KUALA LUMPUR: ACE market listed MMAG Holdings Bhd (MMAG) wholly owned subsidiary, Line Clear Express and Logistics Sdn Bhd (LCE) and PT Lion Express (PLE) of the Indonesia’s Lion Group have signed a multi-year business collaboration agreement in Jakarta today.

Through this partnership, both parties will deliver a range of supply chain management services, including logistics, warehousing facilities, last mile deliveries, transportation and customised solutions, along with specialised value-added services, like bonded warehouse facilities in both countries, insurance coverage, using flight network of Lion Air Group.

It will also enable Malaysians or Indonesians who are residing in Malaysia to send goods or parcels to Indonesia and vice versa with ease.

LCE chief executive officer Wong Eng Su said being selected to work with Lion Parcel of Indonesia has expanded the company's target market beyond the 30 million population size in Malaysia.

"Through our nationwide footprints in all major and secondary towns in Malaysia, consumers in particular Indonesians will be able to send and collect their goods at our branches, collection points and even receive goods at their door steps,” he said in a statement.

He said this deal should also provide the catalyst for local small medium enterprises (SME) businesses to tap into the 264 million population market in Indonesia.

"We look forward to bringing faster connectivity with a shorter lead time for both consumers groups,” he said.

PLE chief executive officer Farian Kirana said Lion Air Group with a big fleet of passenger and cargo aeroplanes, from different subsidiary groups covering the whole of Indonesia, with the last mile capability of Lion Parcel, will enable transporting goods besides people at a timely manner.

“We are confident our partnership with LCE will address the delivery needs of 2.5 million Indonesians in Malaysia. We also would explore innovative cross border bundle programs to further enhance our leadership position in the market," he said.
11/09/2019 7:38 PM
10206226070044257 Tomoro sure gap up and spike... jz watch closely....
11/09/2019 7:38 PM
tumbler You are wrong , tomorrow it will trap you like trapping crab. You want to be crab , can buy tomorrow.
11/09/2019 8:55 PM
10206226070044257 Really? From past record normally this kind of good announcement, the next day shares price will spike about 30%... let see...
11/09/2019 9:09 PM
tumbler Yalah , yalah . You are dreaming. Keep on dreaming lah.
11/09/2019 10:09 PM
ozzie75 hmmm.....good try

10206226070044257 Really? From past record normally this kind of good announcement, the next day shares price will spike about 30%... let see...
11/09/2019 9:09 PM
12/09/2019 9:04 AM
clp72 con man counter going legit? been stuck in this counter for close to 10 years and this is the first viable business that i have seen them undertake that makes sense... hmm, lets see
12/09/2019 9:42 AM
cyrix8 clp72, do u have stock?
12/09/2019 9:50 AM
clp72 yup... bought a long time ago...
12/09/2019 10:40 AM
CocJin Gap down soon
12/09/2019 10:53 AM
10206226070044257 Lol... jz watch closely...
12/09/2019 11:18 AM
cyrix8 no buyers today
12/09/2019 12:47 PM
malton buy warrant b already u see no volume today good afternoon will fly mother break 0.3willcrayzy
12/09/2019 1:10 PM
k6ii Partner with Lion Group..should be good future...
12/09/2019 3:06 PM
malton tomorrow add more
12/09/2019 5:08 PM
cyrix8 if wb goes down to ten cents i sweep all
12/09/2019 5:15 PM
cyrix8 no one wants to sell low
13/09/2019 11:20 AM
malton add 95 today
13/09/2019 9:44 PM
cyrix8 malton, was it easy or hard to get 95 today?
13/09/2019 10:11 PM
malton hard but tuesday ithink easy get
15/09/2019 11:20 AM
cyrix8 why?
15/09/2019 1:53 PM
malton t3
16/09/2019 11:19 PM
10206226070044257 Watch closely.. it will sudden spike up and cross 30 cents...
17/09/2019 10:49 AM
10206226070044257 Just realised the warrant is damn cheap to its mother shares at execise price with so long to maturity...
17/09/2019 10:52 AM
cyrix8 today mom most active
17/09/2019 10:55 AM
cyrix8 wb most active now
17/09/2019 12:30 PM
malton gogogo lo
17/09/2019 2:05 PM
cyrix8 buy now before its too late
17/09/2019 3:05 PM
10206226070044257 Watch closely... almost there edi....
18/09/2019 2:25 PM
cyrix8 no buyer today
18/09/2019 5:56 PM



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