KLSE: VSOLAR (0066)       VSOLAR GROUP BHD ACE : Technology
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0.035   0.00 (0.00%)  0.035 - 0.04  75,198,200
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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
16-Oct-2020 19-Oct-2020 ESOS 90,058,098 0.035 2,055,323,052 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2020 13-Oct-2020 ESOS 89,941,902 0.035 1,965,264,954 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2020 22-Sep-2020 ESOS 150,000,000 0.045 1,875,323,052 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2020 19-Aug-2020 ESOS 82,000,000 0.048 1,725,323,052 Additional Listing Detail
23-Oct-2019 24-Oct-2019 ESOS 24,763,000 0.055 410,830,763 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2017 08-Dec-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,854,000 0.120 386,067,763 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2017 06-Dec-2017 Exercise of Warrants 345,000 0.120 383,213,763 Additional Listing Detail
29-Nov-2017 30-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,678,100 0.120 382,868,763 Additional Listing Detail
28-Nov-2017 29-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 756,600 0.120 381,190,663 Additional Listing Detail
23-Nov-2017 24-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,530,000 0.120 380,434,063 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2017 23-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 130,000 0.120 377,904,063 Additional Listing Detail
21-Nov-2017 22-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,781,600 0.120 377,774,063 Additional Listing Detail
20-Nov-2017 21-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,000,000 0.120 375,992,463 Additional Listing Detail
16-Nov-2017 17-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 450,000 0.120 373,992,463 Additional Listing Detail
15-Nov-2017 16-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,000 0.120 373,542,463 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2017 07-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.120 373,541,463 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 ESOS 40,000,000 0.100 373,521,463 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jun-2016 29-Jun-2016 ESOS 30,000,000 0.100 333,521,463 Additional Listing Detail
18-May-2015 19-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 840,000 0.120 303,521,463 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2015 14-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,166,000 0.120 302,681,463 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2015 11-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 3,986,400 0.120 301,515,463 Additional Listing Detail
06-May-2015 07-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 2,755,333 0.120 297,529,063 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2015 30-Apr-2015 Exercise of Warrants 9,942,165 0.120 294,773,730 Additional Listing Detail
27-Apr-2015 28-Apr-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,960,000 0.120 284,831,565 Additional Listing Detail
23-Apr-2015 24-Apr-2015 Exercise of Warrants 728,599 0.120 282,871,565 Additional Listing Detail
20-Apr-2015 21-Apr-2015 Exercise of Warrants 273,466 0.120 282,142,966 Additional Listing Detail
31-Jul-2014 01-Aug-2014 Private Placement 25,624,500 0.120 281,869,500 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2011 21-Sep-2011 Private Placement 9,318,000 0.100 102,498,000 Additional Listing Detail
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Ozil88 Sure can
19/10/2020 1:45 PM
Ozil88 Those who didn't manage to buy at 0.035, don't hesitate to buy at 0.04 as the volume+price in uptrend now

Invest for future, not just today ;-)

Anyway, Invest according to our anallytical justification, and at our own risk, good day everyone
19/10/2020 1:48 PM
Avalon88 Thanks Ozil, we have about 35 minutes before we continue the afternoon session, hope you guys ready
19/10/2020 1:53 PM
Avalon88 Those who haven't had their lunch, you can still have it as we have sufficient time before the session begin
19/10/2020 1:54 PM
Avalon88 MACD for this Vsolar is very good today, it's a BUY signal

BUY (4R1G + MA20)

Anyway, invest according to our own analytical justification
19/10/2020 1:58 PM
Seiran Good day everybody, all the sharks, pro investors, amateur investors, traders, newbies, and noobies, I pray that you all will be healthy always, as well as for me
19/10/2020 2:08 PM
Seiran I would like to share my analysis for this Vsolar sector trend

Sector trend (Short term) = BUY
Sector trend (Long term) = BUY

Invest in short term and long term, anyway invest at our own analysis and own risk everybody

Salam profit
19/10/2020 2:13 PM
Avalon88 Seiran I quotes you

Seiran Queue to buy at 0.025= Mengharap bulan jatuh ke riba
Queue to buy at 0.02 = Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran
Queue to buy at 0.015 = isi masa lapang (dah tahu xkan dapat harge tu)
Queue to buy at 0.01 = xde basic investing langsung, ko investing ke buang mase? Hehe
19/10/2020 2:17 PM
ShawnYY Don’t be shy to fly Vsolar hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
19/10/2020 4:02 PM
BabyAce Uncle Shawn you need to rotan this fele first...
19/10/2020 4:03 PM
nava_87 hope so have good news soon..
19/10/2020 4:36 PM
ShawnYY Cannot BabyAce. Later other sifu marah hahaha
19/10/2020 4:37 PM
nava_87 it will move this week for sure...
19/10/2020 4:46 PM
BabyAce It will move between 0.035 to 0.04 only...
19/10/2020 9:00 PM
night_shadow Today shark kaw2 manipulate the counter to pancing by creating “high volume” perception, kaw2 sell thousands of lot
19/10/2020 9:13 PM
Frank880 Can vsolar limit up?
19/10/2020 9:38 PM
Maxbolt Opkos can if jv with tesla
19/10/2020 9:49 PM
BabyAce Limit up? Move half sen now like miracle already haha
19/10/2020 10:04 PM
Avalon88 Everything is possible in Market
19/10/2020 10:07 PM
Avalon88 LIMIT UP or 100% up, 200% all possible for this Vsolar, it's a moderate weight stocks, it's not heavy ;-)
19/10/2020 10:08 PM
BabyAce Wait so long at least got 1000% only sell lar...
20/10/2020 7:40 AM
sampat Pursuant to Rule 9.19(51) of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ACE Market Listing Requirements, Vsolar wishes to announce that Vsolar has on 19 October 2020 offered a total of 88,777,516 share options at the option price of RM0.035 to eligible employees of Vsolar in accordance with the By-Laws of the ESOS. The details of the offer of share options are as follows:-

a) Date of Offer : 19 October 2020
(b) Number of shares offered :

(c) Exercise price of shares offered : RM0.035
(d) Closing price of Vsolar’s Shares on the date of the Offer : RM0.035
(e) Number of Shares offered to the Company’s Directors under the ESOS :
(i) Encik Khairul Azwan bin Harun -
(ii) Mr Koo Kien Yoon -
(iii) Encik Abdul Menon bin Arsad @ Abdul Manan bin Arshad -
(iv) Mr Ng Chee Kin -
(v) Mr Chuah Hoon Hong -
(f) Vesting period of the Shares offered : Not Applicable

*Again, Another RM3.1mil will be in market soon*
20/10/2020 8:14 AM
Avalon88 Good morning everyone, hope today our life will be better than before
20/10/2020 9:07 AM
Avalon88 And this covid pandemic will end soon
20/10/2020 9:07 AM
abangcha Senyap je v solar...
20/10/2020 9:17 AM
Seiran Hope can buy at 0.035, banyak sangat volume tengah beratur nak beli kat harga tu :;-(
20/10/2020 9:19 AM
Seiran Kalau beli kat harga 0.035 kita sama macam harga yg ditawarkan untuk employees Vsolar, hehe, harga diskaun babe
20/10/2020 9:21 AM
BabyAce Hari hari tidur
20/10/2020 9:22 AM
Seiran Beli kat 0.04, memang terus matched, set TP 100% pastu tu boleh sambung tidur, tutup laptop jangan bukak sampai november ;-)

November datang, senyum n check dah dapat ke belum ;-) atau tunggu sampai news keluar, hehe, kalau news keluar sebelum november, kenduri awal guys ;-)
20/10/2020 9:26 AM
Seiran Cume tu la, kene belaja sabar untuk menunggu.. hehe, kalau dulu2 ASB kita boleh tunggu setahun untuk dividen bawah 10%, takkan yg Vsoalr ni xdapat tunggu sebulan kan? 100% kot
20/10/2020 9:28 AM
BabyAce Sold off all VSolar first, come back later...Monkey show dunno how long...
20/10/2020 9:38 AM
Avalon88 Seiran, before you click the buy button, remember what our master said, say in the name of Allah
20/10/2020 9:39 AM
BabyAce Lucky sold off @ 3.5 sen all. Big players keep pushing down zzz =.=
20/10/2020 9:44 AM
Seiran Avalon, yes we should do it always
20/10/2020 9:52 AM
Seiran Anyway, my queue to buy at 0.035 matced already, hehe, now time to sleep, or eat, set TP at 0.07 (100% guys), aI jist pray that the news come out quicker than november,

November pun ok, dec pun, as long as 100%, ok good day everyone, hope guys can have your shares, no matter what price it's still in discounted price
20/10/2020 9:55 AM
Avalon88 Whoaa, I envy u Seiran, rilek2 je kaut at 0.035, mantul bossku
20/10/2020 9:58 AM
kj456 Post removed. Why?
20/10/2020 10:01 AM
Seiran Mantul, I eat first, good day Avalon
20/10/2020 10:01 AM
PeterPan Hari2 promote, hari2 cakap yang sama, tak bosan meh?
20/10/2020 1:38 PM
Avalon88 Good day everyone, those who haven't had lunch, have your lunch first ;-)

We continue afternoon session after this
20/10/2020 2:01 PM
Ozil88 Good day too, ya let's continue afternoon session ;-)
20/10/2020 2:05 PM
Ozil88 Guys please sell your shares at 0.03, this is my last batch of queueing to buy, after this I won't ask more ;-)
20/10/2020 2:10 PM
Avalon88 Good Ozil, just accumulate your shares, until you reach your 10000k shares target, we are about to move up, don't miss the rocket ;-)
20/10/2020 2:18 PM
BabyAce I'm back again, after earning some tiny profits from other places. Now q 3.5 sen again.
20/10/2020 4:34 PM
Blackdevil Volume high but price cannot go
20/10/2020 5:21 PM
BabyAce Don't go up first I want masuk balik better help me match tomorrow @ 3.5 sen.
20/10/2020 5:41 PM
PakMan https://www.astroawani.com/berita-bisnes/kerajaan-diminta-beri-pengecualian-cukai-untuk-tenaga-boleh-diperbaharui-264411
20/10/2020 7:24 PM
mattdjerry86 Good news.. Letter fly
20/10/2020 7:34 PM
BabyAce Where got news. It is kerajaan "diminta" not diberi
20/10/2020 7:39 PM
night_shadow Faster la LU Vsolar later Nov and Dec rain season no more solar woo haha
20/10/2020 10:30 PM

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