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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
14-Sep-2018 18-Sep-2018 ESOS 30,700 0.440 332,822,653 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2018 13-Sep-2018 ESOS 455,500 0.440 332,791,953 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2018 22-May-2018 ESOS 23,100 0.440 332,336,453 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2018 18-May-2018 ESOS 103,300 0.440 332,313,353 Additional Listing Detail
18-Apr-2018 19-Apr-2018 ESOS 208,000 0.440 332,210,053 Additional Listing Detail
29-Mar-2018 30-Mar-2018 ESOS 70,200 0.440 332,002,053 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2018 23-Mar-2018 ESOS 708,900 0.440 331,931,853 Additional Listing Detail
20-Mar-2018 21-Mar-2018 ESOS 589,100 0.440 331,222,953 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2017 29-Aug-2017 ESOS 15,400 0.800 330,633,853 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2017 06-Jul-2017 ESOS 88,900 0.800 330,618,453 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jun-2017 22-Jun-2017 ESOS 11,200 0.800 330,529,553 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jun-2017 09-Jun-2017 ESOS 74,000 0.800 330,518,353 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2017 06-Jun-2017 ESOS 448,100 0.800 330,444,353 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2017 16-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 160,526 1.000 329,996,253 Additional Listing Detail
12-May-2017 15-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 5,949,592 1.000 329,835,727 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2017 11-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,147,524 1.000 323,886,135 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2017 09-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,168,401 1.000 322,738,611 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2017 08-May-2017 ESOS 200,000 0.800 319,570,210 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2017 04-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 4,314,726 1.000 319,370,210 Additional Listing Detail
02-May-2017 03-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,502,609 1.000 315,055,484 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,691,034 1.000 311,552,875 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,194,219 1.000 308,861,841 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 ESOS 115,800 0.800 307,667,622 Additional Listing Detail
21-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 5,355,027 1.000 307,551,822 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2017 20-Apr-2017 Private Placement 26,829,000 1.100 302,196,795 Additional Listing Detail
18-Apr-2017 19-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,862,679 1.000 275,367,795 Additional Listing Detail
17-Apr-2017 18-Apr-2017 ESOS 123,400 0.800 272,505,116 Additional Listing Detail
14-Apr-2017 17-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,440,280 1.000 272,381,716 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2017 13-Apr-2017 ESOS 500,300 0.800 270,941,436 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2017 11-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 300 1.000 270,441,136 Additional Listing Detail
03-Apr-2017 04-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 7,089 1.000 270,440,836 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 14,764 1.000 270,433,747 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 592 1.440 270,418,983 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jul-2015 24-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 126 1.000 270,418,391 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jul-2015 24-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 200 1.440 270,418,265 Additional Listing Detail
03-Aug-2012 06-Aug-2012 Others 115 1.000 270,418,065 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2010 18-Jan-2010 Private Placement 13,844,694 2.440 154,561,378 Additional Listing Detail
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wiki123 agree Charles, very sneaky boss indeed...
24/08/2018 11:09
Lim Tek Wai Strong momentum time to invest now.
24/08/2018 12:02
Lukesharewalker 9 months 8 mil profit includes insurance payout?
24/08/2018 13:33
Lukesharewalker wowwwww……..
24/08/2018 13:33
verhansolution https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/08/24/kenanga-maintains-underperform-on-notion-vtec-as-recovery-continues/
24/08/2018 13:44
Alex™ yes, once it perform normally, then u can raise tp from 60sen up.
24/08/2018 15:08
Alex™ I have seen 43sen tp report also. Where is it now?
24/08/2018 15:09
CharlesT Kenanga earlier gave TP RM0.44 only...now considered upgrade....lol
24/08/2018 15:46
Natu Ral This company have yet to fully recover to our pre-fire performance due to capacity constraint as the construction of our main plant is only expected to be completed by end of 2018. The uncertainty in market conditions is also a drawback as customers turn cautious on their outlook. Despite the higher revenue, margins are low due to the higher cost of operations arising from makeshift operations to cope with orders and replacement expenses incurred as we recover from the setback. As for Camera segment, the industry is facing a lot of competition in the like of smartphones and is expected to be lower than the previous fiscal year revenue.The loans are RM20.0 million. As for the effects of the trade wars, but do not preclude an after effect.
24/08/2018 15:54
CharlesT The co (or the boss) is very naughty...there had been a series of unfortunate evens in the past...2 rounds of fire incidents and one forex huge loss...
24/08/2018 16:01
CharlesT And one screw up in one of their projects (camera lens) if i m not mistaken
24/08/2018 16:02
wiki123 Charles, how about the silver mining venture few years ago, and had to do impairment writedown...
24/08/2018 16:35
Lukesharewalker distribution
24/08/2018 16:38
Lukesharewalker new product disruption. mirrorless camera
24/08/2018 16:39
CharlesT Posted by wiki123 > Aug 24, 2018 04:35 PM | Report Abuse

Charles, how about the silver mining venture few years ago, and had to do impairment writedown...

Yeap, i thought that was the camera lens project?
24/08/2018 16:41
wiki123 i think they acquired an Australian silver mining company... but that decision really had me asking why they do that during that time...
24/08/2018 16:58
wiki123 re: Lukesharewalker, what do you mean by product distribution? are they involved in the manufacturing of the components?
24/08/2018 16:59
wiki123 lol, it says for investors they ask to look at their cash, instead of profit... haha

"The current business mix is about 55% in USD and 30% in Euro foreign currencies and the rest in Thai Baht and Ringgit as well. So the strength of the USD will bear strongly on the Group’s fortune being an exporter.
For investors, we advise to pay more attention to the Cashflow Statements of the Group for cash the most important element in business as well as in investment. The loans are not too high at a manageable and comforting level of RM20.0million."

24/08/2018 17:12
Billyming Faith78, my relative is actually my brother is attach to the company . as mentioned earlier, the company is making profit but part of the profit consist of claim from the fire insurance . but now i was told by my brother, the company next quarter wiyh flying colour
They managed to secure a few contract from USA to supplyi
24/08/2018 20:44
Billyming the company managed to secure a few large contracts from USA to supply high precision micro parts for the semi conductor industry. Since start the trade war, the company benefit from it. hope this will contribute significant to the next quarter result.
24/08/2018 20:53
Hasnulhalim88 Awesome...all the more reason to put all in into notion
24/08/2018 23:40
LKC003 Performance looks good. Though decrease in profit, it is much better than the loss in the previous Q. Better days on the way
25/08/2018 06:18
Faith78 Billy, tq
25/08/2018 11:25
kjyang Without the insurance claim,
This quarter is loss
25/08/2018 22:59
Lukesharewalker 9 months actually losses
25/08/2018 23:02
pangolin usd 4.1 now ....... bright future for notion ..... year end can be reach 1 .00 ...
25/08/2018 23:44
Hasnulhalim88 @Billyming...if possible...can you share the article/info related to the contracts from USA.Thanks
26/08/2018 05:28
Faith78 Hasnul, based on his comments earlier, his relative is attach to notion so is insider information
26/08/2018 13:22
FirdausTpg80 the company fundamental is strong. eventhough the fire destroyed their plant last year, but the company continue to make imprresive result
26/08/2018 14:17
FirdausTpg80 next QR result will do much better
26/08/2018 14:17
kjyang Next QR, no more insurance claim.
It's actual performance will determine the future share price
26/08/2018 15:49
tswear kjyang, source?

The management with our claims consultant had been engaging with the insurers to ensure the balance of the claim is on track. As explained in our previous quarters’ announcement, the under recovery of manufacturing expenses is still affecting our profit margins. These expenses and lost opportunities are covered under the business interruption insurance policy which the Company has submitted an interim claim estimate for the insurance adjusters’ further action.
We have submitted both final fire loss claim computation documents to the insurer and its consortium and also pursued the Business Interruption claim as well.

Even ignoring the insurance, core earnings/loss improved from -3.74 (based on dynaquest adj) to around -0.25 or 3.5 sen improvement.
27/08/2018 10:39
lanciao Crap pui. Paria
27/08/2018 14:30
geary Sold all...average gains 20%...not the right sentiment...TQ.
27/08/2018 15:58
RJ87 I haven't thoroughly check the report. I good place to start is see the revenue by segment. Identify which segment was affect by the fire and how much contributed to the loss and how much it affects the revenue.

I'm looking in deep on how they fabricated two quarters of EPS. Almost like the fire it just another opportunity to grow.

And I do not doubt that trade war might benefit few company in MY. Mainly, exporter. Just see this as opportunity for Malaysia to export both side. At least until, Trump notice it and ban Malaysia too.
27/08/2018 17:21
wetmarket I think Trump has to ban the whole world before banning malaysia that is making peanuts.
27/08/2018 17:56
tswear yeah yeah, they 'fabricated' sales figures by redistributed loss capacity to thai & johor spare capacity, rented space, in addition to 2 months inventory. No loss figures since fire, must be fake.
28/08/2018 09:52
jordanmaggie61 Good potential stock, bought it !!!
28/08/2018 10:06
Yael Jasper Very interesting stock ! Worth to invest tho
28/08/2018 10:41
Risk Trader TP 0.75 for closing today
30/08/2018 10:15
rickk7 @risk trader, haha then when will 0.8 haha
30/08/2018 10:20
30/08/2018 12:39
jasontan1177 USD up up up
04/09/2018 10:13
Foo Kelvin tak da kick leh..sien
07/09/2018 21:07
lanciao Ta pao 。。。。haizz
12/09/2018 13:36
Ahead1268 Buy only at 0.52 n sell 0.58. Look coming soon
12/09/2018 20:41
pangolin buang long kang now ........
12/09/2018 23:36
lanciao Ini ambir pigi tanam cilaka punya share
13/09/2018 21:43
ongmari TP65 to 67
15/09/2018 10:24
Yael Jasper Good profit, able to buy more nasi lemak already hehehe
18/09/2018 11:50


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