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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
13-Jan-2021 15-Jan-2021 ESOS 60,100 2.790 472,116,400 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2020 14-Oct-2020 ESOS 107,500 2.790 472,056,300 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jul-2020 14-Jul-2020 ESOS 230,000 2.790 471,948,800 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2020 22-May-2020 ESOS 80,000 2.790 471,118,800 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2020 13-Jan-2020 ESOS 34,500 2.790 471,038,800 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2019 11-Oct-2019 ESOS 50,000 2.790 471,004,300 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jul-2019 15-Jul-2019 ESOS 5,600 1.010 470,954,300 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2019 12-Apr-2019 ESOS 72,000 0.810 470,744,700 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2019 15-Jan-2019 ESOS 29,500 2.790 470,582,200 Additional Listing Detail
10-Oct-2018 12-Oct-2018 ESOS 27,200 1.010 470,552,700 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jul-2018 17-Jul-2018 ESOS 222,500 2.790 470,422,000 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2018 12-Apr-2018 ESOS 9,000 1.010 470,184,700 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2018 12-Jan-2018 ESOS 9,200 0.810 470,175,700 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2017 13-Oct-2017 ESOS 48,600 1.010 470,159,600 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jul-2017 14-Jul-2017 ESOS 80,000 2.020 235,046,100 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2017 13-Apr-2017 ESOS 135,750 2.020 234,925,900 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2017 13-Jan-2017 ESOS 394,800 2.020 234,757,950 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2016 14-Oct-2016 ESOS 75,500 1.630 234,346,550 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jul-2016 15-Jul-2016 ESOS 101,100 2.020 234,271,050 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2016 13-Apr-2016 ESOS 136,650 2.020 233,902,150 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2016 13-Jan-2016 ESOS 263,400 2.020 233,695,600 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 ESOS 22,050 1.630 233,422,900 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 ESOS 11,400 2.020 233,400,850 Additional Listing Detail
09-Apr-2015 10-Apr-2015 ESOS 218,900 2.020 233,139,450 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jan-2015 15-Jan-2015 ESOS 138,250 2.020 232,875,550 Additional Listing Detail
10-Oct-2014 14-Oct-2014 ESOS 2,850 1.630 232,735,200 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jul-2014 14-Jul-2014 ESOS 232,350 1.630 232,732,350 Additional Listing Detail
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Lee Kok Wee Post removed. Why?
31/07/2020 4:22 AM
Lee Kok Wee Post removed. Why?
31/07/2020 4:23 AM
Davedeli I saw their report, they're mostly relying on backlogs with disappointing new sales.
04/08/2020 12:48 PM
BatteriesNotIncluded Post removed. Why?
05/08/2020 12:41 PM
sour_grape_so_sour crashing liao
12/08/2020 7:29 AM
wallstreetrookie promotion
29/08/2020 11:42 AM
mf Post removed. Why?
04/09/2020 3:01 AM
graham maybe it will rebound?
11/09/2020 9:18 AM
BatteriesNotIncluded O&G Recovery, which stock to invest? Once vaccine is out, O&G will be one of the next industry to rally. Invest now.
17/09/2020 5:31 PM
wallstreetrookie What is the next Vitrox? I’m still finding the next Vitrox. Inari maybe
26/09/2020 12:51 AM
learning_investor Will Vitrox be able to maintain its profit margin without the tax incentive? Will the government allow further tax incentive or raising the tax rate after the bad time which end up a huge expense? Will the rise in Greatech/UWC/Penta etc affect the company business and its revenue?
16/10/2020 9:00 PM
wesleyJ https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/10/23/vitrox-q3-earnings-surge

114.45% increase in net profit to RM29.71mil for its third quarter ended Sept 30 (Q3) from RM13.86mil in the same period last year due to strong sales volume and optimisation of production capacity.

The electronics company also registered a record quarterly revenue of RM123.75mil in Q3, up 86.06% from RM66.51mil previously.

Very good company !
23/10/2020 9:11 AM
Holickais After this, istone
23/10/2020 12:39 PM
Fundamental123 Hi Guys,

Look at Unisem EPS as well, posted almost 7 Sen per share for Q3 2020 that was released today afternoon and its price only hit RM4.20. Fantastic result !

23/10/2020 1:45 PM
XxxxXzz Let's see if unisem could be second vitrox haha, if unisem able to maintain the increased in sales and profit. Latest qr eps 6.98sen
24/10/2020 10:14 AM
Leutan https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/dr-mahathir-malaysias-stock-market-will-collapse-completely-if-emergency-declared
24/10/2020 2:25 PM
mf US 30 Futures 27,457.0 -732.0 -2.60%
US 500 Futures 3,382.38 -69.37 -2.01%
Dow Jones 27,578.23 -757.34 -2.67%
S&P 500 3,391.05 -74.34
27/10/2020 12:32 AM
icyminsfw Tech sector in Malaysia depend on US election results. If Biden win Malaysian tech sector can kaput because Biden want to end the tech trade war with China.

Ending the China trade war is not good for Malaysia tech company because our tech stock benefits from the China trade war. China is the world largest tech manufacturing in the world.
01/11/2020 12:45 AM
icyminsfw https://ibb.co/GPwjR7G

I uploaded the scenario that happen if Joe Biden win and trump win.
01/11/2020 12:45 AM
yorkyork tp 20.00 + bonus issue incoming.
02/11/2020 1:32 PM
yorkyork PO secure tp raise to 18-20
03/11/2020 3:10 PM
icyminsfw If Joe Biden win then it will affect Malaysia Tech stock because China will leading again the tech export. Malaysia tech benefits largely from the US China trade war. Once Joe Biden announce to stop the trade war our tech sector will kaput.
04/11/2020 10:27 AM
yorkyork go go
06/11/2020 10:29 AM
nonspeculator EPF don‘t buy PENTAMASTER VITROX but invested in SGX listed ATE supplier ———AEM holding?
08/11/2020 1:16 AM
TunDaim superb company and management..EPF, European Bank and Foreign Fund Manager are collecting heavily..upward trend
08/11/2020 10:15 PM
flyingtomoon2020 Vitrox gogogo
08/11/2020 10:18 PM
flyingtomoon2020 Post removed. Why?
08/11/2020 10:19 PM
soonheng Eastspring Investments SmallCap Fund Acquired Vitrox 2,736,900 shares
09/11/2020 10:55 AM
soonheng Norges Bank Acquired Vitrox 6,644,100 shares
09/11/2020 10:55 AM
soonheng 自动化测试设备- Vitrox
09/11/2020 10:55 AM
soonheng Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Acquired Vitrox 8,615,000 shares
09/11/2020 10:56 AM
soonheng Mak Tian Meng Invest Vitrox 2,079,600 shares
Mak Tian Meng started his banking career in Bank Negara Malaysia at the Bank Inspection Department in 1963.He found inspiration in stock market investments after reading a book written by Nicolas Darvas (1920-1977) entitled “How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.Not many investors can be like Warren Buffett. He chooses very good companies and these companies generate very good income for him.. Do you have it?”
09/11/2020 10:57 AM
jasmine teo 5G is labelled as IR4 revolution that will generate trillions of dollars .This especially with the 5G launch globally in Oct that is why tech stocks is in the trend.Follow the Funds investing in the right 5G tech that will benefit from the uprising Industry.
09/11/2020 12:04 PM
TunDaim price still very2 low...most buyers buy and keep.. will never regret..
09/11/2020 11:43 PM
TunDaim Bosses n staff are selling their shares to us,, WTF
11/11/2020 10:56 AM
okgogo good new is coming again! bu2y it now and hold tight tight! =)
16/11/2020 8:58 AM
GooShen Price is high
Wait for century melt down to come
03/12/2020 12:34 PM
shlyw 《2021年财政预算案》带来的利好消息分析员均认为,建筑领域是预算案的最大赢家。政府明年拨出的发展开销按年增加190亿令吉或38%,至690亿令吉。政府也同时表明,会重启大型基础设施项目,包括第3捷运计划等。另外,泛婆罗洲大道、新山至金马士双轨火车铁路项目等也获得延续。肯纳格分析员认为,建筑业将因此挥别颓势,成为各行业中最大赢家。银河联昌证券分析员认为,铁路项目的承包商会是长期受益者。
艾芬黄氏资本分析员亦有相同看法,说政府恢复第3捷运计划、隆新高铁项目(HSR),有助扩大承包商手上订单。他补充,这利好消息下的潜在受惠公司计有HSS工程(HSSEB,0185,主板工业股)、金务大(GAMUDA,5398,主板建筑股)、马资源(MRCB,1651,主板产业股) 、怡保工程( I J M ,3336,主板建筑股)、双威建筑集团(SUNCON,5263,主板建筑股)、WCT控股(W C T,9 6 7 9,主板建筑股)及杨忠礼机构(Y T L,4 6 7 7,主板公用股)。
另一边厢政府明年将拨款10亿令吉,推动国内高附加价值科技领域的研究和发展活动,受惠的工业区有槟城峇都加湾、吉打居林科技园区内的航天和电子领域。大众投行分析员认为,阁代科技(GREATEC,0208,创业板)可从该措施获利,因阁代科技在上述两科技园区内均有厂房。分析员补充,基于政府拨款1亿5000万令吉支持中小企业,迈向数码科技,维毅集团(ISTONE,0209,创业板)、MMS创投(MMSV,0113,主板科技股)、腾达科技(PENTA,7160,主板科技股)和伟特科技(V I T R O X,0097,主板科技股)这些自动化解决方案供应商,会是受惠公司。
21/12/2020 9:13 AM
31/12/2020 3:55 PM
UndukNgadau https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/be-prepared-another-round-mco-penangs-economic-industrial-sectors-told?type=malaysia
08/01/2021 11:47 PM
UndukNgadau I'll buy next week
08/01/2021 11:48 PM
UndukNgadau I tried to buy at 10:00 AM onwards, but failed miserably. Was hoping to get under RM13.82. Will try again tomorrow
11/01/2021 8:09 PM
soonheng VITROX CORPORATION BERHAD core business is in designing and manufacturing state-of the-art, innovative and costeffective automated vision inspection equipment, as well as system-on-chip
embedded electronics devices. Since its inception in 2000, their main products such as Machine Vision System (MVS), Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and Electronics Communication System (ECS) have helped the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries.
Never one to rest on its laurels, ViTrox has received numerous accolades and garnered both international and national recognition for its outstanding corporate performance, as well as its product and human resource development initiatives.
In 2017, they won the Global Technology Award, which recognises their V910i Advanced Robotic Vision System.Their proven track record has bolstered confidence in customers who continue to engage them for their services.
13/01/2021 4:17 PM
soonheng FULL SUITE OF SOLUTIONS V-ONE enables users to access and monitor their personalised dashboard from wherever they are, on any kind of smart devices. Furthermore, the V-ONE facilitates operators and technicians to manage assigned work orders and maintenance activities as well. The latest version of V-ONE is equipped with yet another feature – the e-ticketing system that works on desktop and mobile devices. The company will provide templates of customised e-tickets and users may also request for new templates based on requirements, or develop a new one themselves on the V-ONE platform to handle various requests.
13/01/2021 4:19 PM
soonheng V-ONE is able to provide customers with:
1. Increased product quality.
2. Reduced operating costs.
3. Prevention of production downtimes.
4. Increase throughput in the production process.
5. Unlimited geographical access.
6. Faster integration and streaming of data.
7. Extensive process insights
13/01/2021 4:19 PM
soonheng INDUSTRY 4.0 SOLUTIONS, ONLY A CLICK AWAY ViTrox offers solutions, in the form of V-ONE. Driven by and preparing itself for Industry 4.0, ViTrox’s V-ONE is a software-based solution and a highly customisable platform that enables data-driven decisions to be made in the manufacturing process. This is done by allowing stakeholders to control, visualise, monitor and implement condition-based alerts. Combining both IoT technology and Big Data Analytic, the extensive smart software suite actively collects data from different production and inspection systems. Implementing these technologies on process indicators allow users to detect issues on the go, and receive updates and alerts on abnormalities via a mobile application, email or SMS.
13/01/2021 4:20 PM
topglove123 When split shares?
15/01/2021 11:25 AM
pang72 Tunggu split..!!
15/01/2021 5:04 PM
Bgt 9963 Tech stock to take over gloves stock this year...!
15/01/2021 5:19 PM
Makeabuck this one really like turtle...very slow
18/01/2021 1:08 PM
alphajack RM20 stock by year end
19/01/2021 9:40 AM

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