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stockist Hi mocics..welcome back...what do u expect this coming QR?
20/05/2018 19:53
mocics Not been writing for a while and people starts to speculate..lol

EMGS was won through open tender and provided a new source of revenue to Ministry of Education, so I really dont see how the contract was loopsided. I suppose politician will always be politician..sorry who are they again? NewGen Society?

I dont think the QR will be much of a surprise..likely to still be weak as guided by management. We should look forward to FY19 when the Cambodian project is running full steam. I have every confidence that Scicom can continue to secure more e govt projects..the next one apparently involve boarder control in another continent. With a new government and push towards competitive open tender, may be Scicom can even secure more projects in Malaysia instead of Myeg!
20/05/2018 20:56
Flintstones Die. I am shorting this stock tomorrow.
21/05/2018 17:31
stockistlearner looks like shorting it is hell good idea. hahaha
22/05/2018 09:37
Vanisha U can run mocics aka scicom corp comm but u cant hide anymore. Looks like this matter was spoken in the Board Meeting last week. Anyway u say it was won thru open tender. Or pre arranged open tender thru one OxxR?? Sounds familiar? Perhaps the same name will crop up in Scicom College too? Provided new source of revenue to Ministry of Edu or to Scicom actually? RM1000 per student just to register in your system? The same system which are based in your MD's house right? Its getting really interesting...
02/06/2018 00:14
mocics Interesting to think that I am the Corp Comm..lol. That I am definitely am not however, I do have their email address which is listed on their web site I believe....

I am curious - you have access to their Board Meeting? I love to be a fly on the wall for that one, can you bring me in?

RM1k+ per student - Majority of the revenue actually goes to Ministry of Education (EMGS) and not Scicom. Although Scicom is on revenue share basis as compared to most of the others players that normally get funding from government to start a project. Ministry of Education, as far as I know, did not come up with any money (you may correct me there if you know different as you seem to...)

Previously, foreign students pay colleges and their runners upwards of RM5k to RM10k for a VISA and the Ministry see none of those money while the approval process can takes up to 4-6 months to complete. Currently, the cost is RM1k+ and has turn around time of two weeks for approval. As a foreign student, which do you prefer?

Vanisha, maybe you are the spoke person from one of the colleges that got this stream of revenue cut out from under....just may be...are you? or one of the many colleges that got closed down by KDN last year?

Sorry, who is OxxR? That is beyond me now...
03/06/2018 09:38
novice88 Mocics...EPF keep selling...whats your view?
28/06/2018 18:06
Vanisha Boom. Scicom's lopsided patronage EMGS contract is terminated by the new Government. Wait for announcement soon.
11/07/2018 22:04
viviruchi Any news on emgs?
17/07/2018 11:27
WLiang777 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/411100
31/07/2018 16:57
Breakthrough Breakthrough EPF bought so much on 26 July .. More than 750000shares. now % hit above 5.8%
31/07/2018 20:45
mocics The comment above sort of speak for itself now, doesnt it?
01/08/2018 08:16
steeelman will come back this counter at november
01/08/2018 11:17
normanyap https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/IntelligentContrarians/141699.jsp
02/08/2018 18:35
Breakthrough Breakthrough Mocics e govt in Sri Lanka started heard bigger than Cambodia? is it true? like this Scicom profit maybe double up?
04/08/2018 13:08
mocics While I heard that they have been trying to replicate EMGS in Sri Lanka but I am not sure if they have secured anything there as yet - other than the BPO with banks and airlines. If it is, it will be fantastic for the company of course. Personally I think Cambodia contract can be very substantial judging by the growing traveler number though the airports (those number can be verified)
10/08/2018 06:40
Breakthrough Breakthrough but the one you mentioned before border control is in Nepal or Laos?
10/08/2018 10:27
mocics i heard is on a different continent...but cant be sure
10/08/2018 11:07
cyeec2000 They can get contract from PH gov?
10/08/2018 11:26
jordanmaggie61 这价格可以
10/08/2018 11:26
Breakthrough Breakthrough thanks . Cambodia tourist around 5mil per year. with the other e govt overseas that means this stock earning will be crazy and dividend yield will surge to new high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/08/2018 14:16
mocics actually if you read carefully, apparently the Cambodia contract is not just on tourists arrival but all inbound and outbound passengers (domestic and foreign)....so it is actually much much more than just 5m per year...! People just dont realised yet...
10/08/2018 14:47
mocics https://www.khmertimeskh.com/5097642/cambodian-airports-passenger-volume-25/
10/08/2018 16:38
Breakthrough Breakthrough if based on Affin Hwang commented was USD 1 per trip. based on 8 mil× USD1x2=RM64 . e govt margin around 30 to 40% . if we take 30% it is equivalent to 19mil!!!!!! converted to EPS at 5.3cts. let say their dividend payout around 70 to 75% is 3cts + extra add in to current of 9cts will be total of 12cts. DY is almost 6.4% based on yesterday closing price of 1.87!!!!!!
The above not yet include other countries e govt !!!! thanks for the article above Mocics.
11/08/2018 07:13
Breakthrough Breakthrough https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/03/08/cambodia-project-a-major-earnings-catalyst-for-scicom/
11/08/2018 07:22
Yael Jasper Strong momentum time to invest now.
23/08/2018 11:47
Breakthrough Breakthrough air travel is growing at a very healthy clip in Cambodia. Its three airports handled 8m passenger in 2017, up 25% from 2016. ZJ research are upping FY19 EPS by 30% to factor in the Cambodian Tourism Management System( CTMS) . The co also indicated that it is optimistic in securing two other e-govt ( non cambodian) contracts in the coming quarters.
26/08/2018 12:31
foreverchung But before that, a dip.

27/08/2018 18:14
WLiang777 if you lost hope in the company, pls SELL !! not need to express ur concern. invest at your own rosk !!!!!!!
29/08/2018 10:27
jordanmaggie61 This stock become stronger and stronger, worth to invest
29/08/2018 10:35
Michaelphlee SCICOM - Notice of Book Closure


Tax exempt interim dividend of RM0.03 per ordinary share in respect of the financial year ended 30 June 2018.

Kindly be advised of the following :

1) The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend” as from: 7 Sep 2018
2) The last date of lodgment : 13 Sep 2018
3) Date Payable : 28 Sep 2018
04/09/2018 21:08
mocics Despite the poorer than expected FY18 performance, the company continues to pay healthy dividend of 9 sen per year. This translate to around 4.8% yield - around 0.4% higher than 1 year FD. Also, it is interesting to note that the company cash level has actually increased to RM52m (vs RM37m last year).

Assuming that this is now the base case and revenue has bottomed - your investment here is equivalent to buying an option with a 4.8% yield. Still palatable in my views.

So i think one should look past the short term negatives and invest for a longer term.
07/09/2018 08:53
Breakthrough Breakthrough We knew Mocics but u were talking about this since 2014 and Scicom price never been improved at all and profit keep dropping.
13/09/2018 18:18
mocics Did not realise that i have been posting for so long - thank you for noticing.

I agreed that it has been frustrating journey over the last three years. I also wished that it has done better, stock price wise.The company was always near the verge of a break through (as your name suggested) but however fall short due to whatever reasons. Question now is really do we still believe management can deliver going forward?

From my observation, the MD has not lost the hunger to secure new deal and i believe (i know it is wearing a bit thin) persistent and tenacity will win the day eventually. Of course, one can also time their purchase and buy the stock when it happens..each to their own I suppose.

I also secretly wish news flow and guidance to the market at large are more consistent but i suppose they can only get better.

For now, I still think the company is solid, fundamentals wise. So, you can treat it as an option with a 4.8% yield. In this respect, downside is somewhat protected where as upside will come from further new businesses.

The ultimate question I suppose is if you think the company performance will continue to deteriorate or improve from here (after 5 quarters of declining profits)?

Happy investing and good luck.
14/09/2018 08:06
steeelman In last quarter report they say there will be improvement and growth on FY19 I hope that this time they will bring out somethings, i have faith on this company
14/09/2018 11:00
Breakthrough Breakthrough Mocics did you know that their current Q4fy18 profit even lower than Q4 Fy2013? you can put in faith but result and stock price speak by itself.
14/09/2018 21:25
mocics Thats may be true about the results - however they were paying zero taxes back then and like I said before, FY2018 is one really bad year.

For all investment, we need to look forward and the question is still if you believe they can recover from here? Investing at current price, can you make money?

Refer back to my earlier post: Treat it as a call option with 4.8% yield (only if you think or convince that the earnings has bottomed in FY2018).
15/09/2018 09:28
Breakthrough Breakthrough Thanks Mocics. But as many investors feedback they put 105mil In their Q1 fy18 report said that will be materialise in Q4fy18. now they said delay and will be in. fy19 . The figures now they put is 115mil. And for 115mil is just for BPO alone. During theedge Interviewed with M.D. He said planning to enter to 60 countries e govt, negotiating now in 20 countries...but now only 1 e govt secured for cambodia and not even started ( why because figures not in the sales & profit) and also the said definitely Sri Lanka will be in this year but no update at all?? are investors just listening to all sweet talk only but sales keep dropping not only profit? 4 to 5 years not enough to wait?
15/09/2018 09:44
mocics Breakthrough x2 - You sound frustrated. I can totally understand your feeling as I too have followed this company as long as you have, may be even longer in fact.

I think that is also part of the reason why the company is no longer want to shout about potential contract win etc in the event that they disappoint investors again.Even for the Cambodia contract, I think they only announced it reluctantly as their results were terrible then (2QFY18)..and not knowing that May 9th election could impacted them so much as clients delayed implementation etc. Anyway, those are moot now...so what will FY19 brings....I also dont know to be frank...hoping the new govt in Malaysia will open up new opportunities for them to compete fairly....

4-5 years wait is long enough? That's really depends on you as every investment decision is obviously sequential as we don't have unlimited capital - so we will need to decide if this is dead money or not. Thats why I see it as an option with 4.8% yield..lol
15/09/2018 19:51
cyeec2000 Mocics: changed gov will be risk to lost clients?
15/09/2018 19:55
Breakthrough Breakthrough Thanks for Sharing Mocics. It is not shouting or ...... we are all based on facts. few years back he said became largest BPO in Sri Lanka in 2017.. but the sales in Sri Lanka moved so slow? why don't tell me u just said it for fun..you can check what MD said before they will become largest BPO in Sri Lanka by ....even put in month & year but result didn't show? you can said this and that but when people won't trust you your share price not only drop but the daily volume transaction also being affected daily. this is the liquidity risk for the investors too.. why? because nobody keen to buy your share at all!!!
16/09/2018 09:20
mocics cyeec2000: I dont think so as most BPO clients are MNC

Breakthrough x2: Well, sometimes not everything is always going to your plan. Sh*t happened. Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to defend the company just that they are obvious risks from dealing with governments. For example, Sri Lanka has also changed government a couple of times in the last few years....(unlike Malaysia..once every 60 years)

As for liquidity and shareholdings...both EPF and KWAP are both shareholders (i assume they have done their due diligence) and as well as Grandeur Peak Global Advisor...I assume they dont buy and sell...so obviously liquidity dwindled...

MY advice - sell the shares (assuming if you are still holding) to clear your mind, then re-look again from a different perspective and decide if this is the stock that you will invest in at this time. If not, move on. No point in holding on to something you dont feel good - my two cents.
16/09/2018 20:38
GoldenHarvest1 Still got good upside
16/09/2018 20:43
mocics http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5915117

EPF still accumulating...
19/09/2018 07:55
cyeec2000 Thanks mocics
19/09/2018 08:06
cyeec2000 Good sign..director brought more 1 millions shares
26/09/2018 20:34
Breakthrough Breakthrough CEO bought 1million shares!!!!!! We will follow him!
26/09/2018 22:59
cyeec2000 I think every bussiness has the good and bad times..I think it’s very hard for growing every years..
26/09/2018 23:16
Breakthrough Breakthrough Yes. it is business cycle there. Scicom if we put in Cambodia Project the revenue and profit will surge at least 40%. Heard they already started and supported via Sri Lanka centre there. if another e govt like Sri Lanka kick in i think this co prospect is very bright.
15/10/2018 08:41
WLiang777 Breakthrough2 tqvm for the info but ....any info/news supportr what status above "Heard they already started and supported via Sri Lanka centre there" ? pls dont speculate
15/10/2018 09:13


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