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Additional Listing

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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
27-Sep-2012 28-Sep-2012 Acquisitions 61,728,395 0.162 201,805,595 Additional Listing Detail
06-Mar-2014 07-Mar-2014 Others 1,458,800 0.100 203,264,395 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2014 14-Mar-2014 Others 233,000 0.100 203,497,395 Additional Listing Detail
24-Mar-2014 25-Mar-2014 Others 780,000 0.100 204,277,395 Additional Listing Detail
01-Apr-2014 02-Apr-2014 Others 650,000 0.100 204,927,395 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2014 14-Apr-2014 Others 130,000 0.100 205,057,395 Additional Listing Detail
07-Apr-2015 08-Apr-2015 Others 2,250 0.100 205,059,645 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 160,000 0.100 205,219,645 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2019 13-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 93,300 0.100 205,312,945 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2019 22-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,700,000 0.100 208,012,945 Additional Listing Detail
26-Aug-2020 27-Aug-2020 Private Placement 20,673,000 0.300 228,685,945 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2020 14-Oct-2020 Exercise of Warrants 900,800 0.030 456,993,690 Additional Listing Detail
21-Oct-2020 22-Oct-2020 Exercise of Warrants 2,400,000 0.030 459,393,690 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jan-2021 15-Jan-2021 Exercise of Warrants 7,994,300 0.030 467,387,990 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jan-2021 22-Jan-2021 Exercise of Warrants 1,092,000 0.030 468,479,990 Additional Listing Detail
02-Feb-2021 03-Feb-2021 Exercise of Warrants 3,939,300 0.030 472,419,290 Additional Listing Detail
10-Feb-2021 11-Feb-2021 Exercise of Warrants 7,660,000 0.030 480,079,290 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2021 25-Feb-2021 Exercise of Warrants 1,214,300 0.030 481,293,590 Additional Listing Detail
05-Mar-2021 08-Mar-2021 Exercise of Warrants 2,000,000 0.030 483,293,590 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2021 13-Apr-2021 Exercise of Warrants 3,650,000 0.030 486,943,590 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2021 20-Apr-2021 Private Placement 20,673,000 0.161 507,616,590 Additional Listing Detail
22-Apr-2021 23-Apr-2021 Exercise of Warrants 500,000 0.030 508,116,590 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2021 06-May-2021 Exercise of Warrants 1,379,300 0.030 509,495,890 Additional Listing Detail
20-May-2021 21-May-2021 Exercise of Warrants 290,000 0.030 509,785,890 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jun-2021 01-Jul-2021 Private Placement 20,674,100 0.130 530,459,990 Additional Listing Detail
24-Aug-2021 25-Aug-2021 Exercise of Warrants 854,300 0.030 531,314,290 Additional Listing Detail
02-Sep-2021 03-Sep-2021 Exercise of Warrants 3,519,300 0.030 534,833,590 Additional Listing Detail
07-Sep-2021 08-Sep-2021 Exercise of Warrants 3,040,800 0.030 537,874,390 Additional Listing Detail
15-Sep-2021 17-Sep-2021 Exercise of Warrants 26,448,000 0.030 564,322,390 Additional Listing Detail
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  anthonylow likes this.
luqmannazri 0.130 close today..not bad tfp..ha ha ha
05/07/2021 7:26 PM
luqmannazri maybe tomorrow can touch 0.125@0.120
05/07/2021 7:28 PM
lassy There's only 5 digital banking license available as for this year and most probably MAYBANK, CIMB, AXIATA and 2 more will get it. CIMB is partnering MOF the one that issue the licence. HAHA, Most applicants have VERY DEEP POCKET SOLID partner, where can smallish TFP find a SOLID PARTNER?
06/07/2021 3:55 PM
luqmannazri no buying interest...
07/07/2021 12:02 PM
lassy I also don't Understand ALL the M.of UNDERSTANDING sign so far and if it is a GOOD MOU the share price will SHOOT UP.
07/07/2021 6:05 PM
varans16 if all the news are good news then why the private placement done at 13 sens that will give us an answer of the company's overall standings.
07/07/2021 8:08 PM
lassy Some analyst say TFP has a flawless balance sheet but with BIG DILUTION in share cap, maybe that's why share price HARD to go up and also HARD to close shop anytime.
14/07/2021 5:36 AM
lassy Just manage to catch hold 4000 shares at 10.5sen will try to buy 4000 shares @0.095 sen today, maybe the next few day can catch hold of it.
14/07/2021 5:38 AM
lassy For OCB i waited for 2 years to get back 100+ % return maybe for TFP buying at 13.5 sen can move to 27sen within 1 year.
15/07/2021 1:59 PM
luqmannazri 2 week nothing happen in this stock..ha ha ha
15/07/2021 2:10 PM
bleuerouge bought 135 a week ago and its still there, waste of time.
15/07/2021 11:06 PM
lassy Privasia Tech tie up with WEST PORT and Willogen tie up with Singapore PUB - BIG NAMES with tie up contract and not like TFP signing MOU with smallish CO OP or Persatuan and expect investor to jump into it with only a few thousand shares traded.
17/07/2021 9:00 AM
lassy Tfp price is slow moving macam tidak makan nasi. haha
19/07/2021 5:24 PM
bleuerouge finally moving up hahaha….
19/07/2021 11:21 PM
lassy Volume is not there to goreng the price up vigorously, upward movements of price executed by banker. VERY CAUTIOUSLY
21/07/2021 1:05 PM
lassy ONE GOLD platform, hope the PUTERI CEO don't score its own GOAL. Hope it can create some GOLDlish and BULLISH excitement later in the afternoon. GOOD TRY
21/07/2021 1:40 PM
bleuerouge need to break 165 to confirm upward
21/07/2021 4:15 PM
bleuerouge https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nst.com.my/amp/business/2021/07/710266/tfp-solutions-launch-shariah-compliant-digital-gold-investment-platform
21/07/2021 10:04 PM
varans16 Such a good news but no buyer at 16 sens
22/07/2021 2:28 PM
varans16 What a counter how can the price appreciate
22/07/2021 2:29 PM
varans16 Amazing counter selling on good news great
22/07/2021 2:45 PM
LuOnly huat chaii
28/07/2021 4:42 PM
ipohwhitecoffee super pump tomorrow. Finger crossed
28/07/2021 5:02 PM
Zolan2020 pump it...
28/07/2021 7:44 PM
31/07/2021 6:14 AM
BruceWayne91 They buyy?? DUmp it
02/08/2021 8:37 AM
fl888 TFP got digital Banking licence or not ? Any news?
11/08/2021 10:32 AM
graphic Digital bank license announced?
11/08/2021 11:37 AM
fl888 TP 22cts hopefully…
12/08/2021 8:17 AM
fl888 A takeover can happen in view new shareholder indirectly link with NWP ?
12/08/2021 10:32 AM
fl888 Nwp ?
13/08/2021 9:09 AM
andylohehh something's brewing with this counter. trending up slowly from 14c. Every few days can up 1c. High volume. Gonna meletup one day hehe
17/08/2021 11:54 AM
hoot9e996 what is this sell que, real or fake?
20/08/2021 9:21 AM
hoot9e996 first time i see a GREAT WALL blocking lol
20/08/2021 9:21 AM
MHA1997 Biasa pagi2 memang ramai beli…ingat boleh clear 0.22 but ada orang buang 0.215
20/08/2021 1:03 PM
hazwanapai4 0.215- 0.220 buy besar besar ooo
21/08/2021 3:16 AM
MHA1997 When this stock go to markup phase
26/08/2021 12:59 PM
OnceUponATime Wow...rm2.75b MOU with Tenaga Nasional Berhad to install 5g network in Malaysia!!! See Bursa Announcement Fly fly fly..!!!
30/08/2021 2:53 PM
Epseps Price drop instead. Sell on news ?
30/08/2021 4:22 PM
OnceUponATime Long term still very good prospect and income for company. Buy during cheapsale..
30/08/2021 4:35 PM
chikib00me https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/08/722676/tfp-solutions-undertake-rm275bil-5g-enabled-ftth-first-phase-langkawi
30/08/2021 4:48 PM
MaBadri Top up
30/08/2021 8:22 PM
varans16 Tfp forever MOU, MOU king but price didn't move as the great news
01/09/2021 7:35 PM
goodforce https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/mahdzir-wants-boost-internet-network-rural-areas?type=malaysia
02/09/2021 1:39 AM
goodforce https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/connectivity-connecting-underserved-communities
02/09/2021 1:39 AM
BarrenWuffet hope so ..
02/09/2021 2:53 PM
sakaing https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2021/09/04/tfp-solutions-fibre-broadband-play
04/09/2021 5:15 PM
Nubis23 If TFP breakout 0.25 sure fly is it?
07/09/2021 8:48 PM
Epseps Will they sign the agreement or just playing out as MOU ??
15/09/2021 9:10 AM
varans16 i think this could be another play because it's always MOU only forever no official LOA or PO sounds like shit
15/09/2021 9:32 PM

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