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18-Jun-2019 19-Jun-2019 Exercise of Warrants 407,064 0.500 307,905,646 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2019 18-Jun-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,607,165 0.500 307,498,582 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jun-2019 12-Jun-2019 Exercise of Warrants 5,167,525 0.500 304,891,417 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jun-2019 04-Jun-2019 Exercise of Warrants 4,070,100 0.500 299,723,892 Additional Listing Detail
28-May-2019 29-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 402,399 0.500 295,653,792 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2019 14-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,682,500 0.500 295,251,393 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2019 09-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 484,566 0.500 293,568,893 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2019 30-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,038,700 0.500 293,084,327 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 559,900 0.500 292,045,627 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2019 12-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 125,000 0.500 291,485,727 Additional Listing Detail
02-Apr-2019 03-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 520,000 0.500 291,360,727 Additional Listing Detail
26-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,586,200 0.500 290,840,727 Additional Listing Detail
20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 814,332 0.500 288,254,527 Additional Listing Detail
18-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,050,500 0.500 287,440,195 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2019 12-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,345,000 0.500 286,389,695 Additional Listing Detail
05-Mar-2019 06-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 730,433 0.500 285,044,695 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,313,500 0.500 284,314,262 Additional Listing Detail
22-Feb-2019 25-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,020,000 0.500 282,000,762 Additional Listing Detail
14-Feb-2019 15-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 733,000 0.500 279,980,762 Additional Listing Detail
11-Feb-2019 13-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,732,900 0.500 279,247,762 Additional Listing Detail
31-Jan-2019 04-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,586,500 0.500 277,514,862 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2019 28-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,297,000 0.500 274,928,362 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,583,300 0.500 272,631,362 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2019 16-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,202,000 0.500 271,048,062 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2019 10-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,698,000 0.500 269,846,062 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jan-2019 08-Jan-2019 Exercise of Warrants 695,000 0.500 268,148,062 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2018 31-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 620,000 0.500 267,453,062 Additional Listing Detail
24-Dec-2018 26-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 140,000 0.500 266,833,062 Additional Listing Detail
12-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 323,500 0.500 266,693,062 Additional Listing Detail
06-Dec-2018 07-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 1,690,000 0.500 266,369,562 Additional Listing Detail
29-Nov-2018 30-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 1,000,000 0.500 264,679,562 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 1,608,800 0.500 263,679,562 Additional Listing Detail
16-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 379,000 0.500 262,070,762 Additional Listing Detail
12-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 1,585,000 0.500 261,691,762 Additional Listing Detail
01-Nov-2018 02-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 750,000 0.500 260,106,762 Additional Listing Detail
31-Oct-2018 01-Nov-2018 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.500 259,356,762 Additional Listing Detail
23-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 Exercise of Warrants 2,443,000 0.500 259,336,762 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2018 17-Oct-2018 Exercise of Warrants 563,000 0.500 256,893,762 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2018 10-Oct-2018 Exercise of Warrants 1,327,000 0.500 256,330,762 Additional Listing Detail
04-Oct-2018 05-Oct-2018 Exercise of Warrants 850,000 0.500 255,003,762 Additional Listing Detail
25-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 Exercise of Warrants 146,000 0.500 254,153,762 Additional Listing Detail
14-Sep-2018 18-Sep-2018 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.500 254,007,762 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2018 14-Aug-2018 Private Placement 581,426 0.780 253,987,762 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jul-2018 24-Jul-2018 Private Placement 6,690,000 0.780 253,406,336 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2018 10-Jul-2018 Others 1,282,170 0.300 246,716,336 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2018 23-Mar-2018 Private Placement 15,600,000 0.780 245,434,166 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jun-2017 08-Jun-2017 ESOS 309,200 0.255 229,834,166 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2017 12-May-2017 ESOS 2,383,116 0.255 229,524,966 Additional Listing Detail
06-Apr-2017 07-Apr-2017 ESOS 1,631,801 0.255 227,141,850 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2017 10-Mar-2017 ESOS 3,134,718 0.255 225,510,049 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2016 10-Jun-2016 ESOS 2,295,503 0.255 222,375,331 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jun-2015 09-Jun-2015 ESOS 1,846,598 0.255 220,079,828 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2015 14-May-2015 ESOS 1,221,999 0.255 218,233,230 Additional Listing Detail
09-Apr-2015 10-Apr-2015 ESOS 45,000 0.255 217,011,231 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2014 06-Jun-2014 ESOS 72,000 0.340 163,028,600 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2014 12-May-2014 ESOS 1,606,000 0.340 162,956,600 Additional Listing Detail
08-Apr-2014 09-Apr-2014 ESOS 670,400 0.340 161,350,600 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jun-2013 07-Jun-2013 ESOS 513,800 0.340 160,680,200 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2013 10-May-2013 ESOS 571,600 0.340 160,166,400 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2012 05-Sep-2012 ESOS 292,000 0.340 159,594,800 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2012 07-Jun-2012 ESOS 46,700 0.680 79,651,900 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2012 16-May-2012 ESOS 495,200 0.680 79,605,200 Additional Listing Detail
31-Mar-2011 01-Apr-2011 Private Placement 4,400,000 0.650 79,110,000 Additional Listing Detail
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G00Shen trap people again
18/03/2019 8:10 PM
Najibponterer Going down.goodbye kgb.
19/03/2019 12:21 AM
G00Shen 1.2 tomorrow
24/03/2019 10:10 PM
Gabriel Khoo Good can sapu
24/03/2019 10:35 PM
G00Shen after sapu close 1.15
24/03/2019 10:36 PM
antoniomc27 why all the insiders have ben selling repeatedly? Last batch on 26-Mar
30/03/2019 1:33 AM
Gabriel Khoo Warrant left abt 9mils only
02/04/2019 2:50 PM
SuperPanda Keep moving up, when CO2 starts to contribute, it may go higher...keep holding
09/04/2019 5:26 PM
SuperPanda KWAP now become substantial shareholder
09/04/2019 5:26 PM
Gabriel Khoo Incorporated 2 comp in china in dec18 and apr19. Hmm....
10/04/2019 6:53 PM
shpg22 Valuation overstretch. Fair price at 0.75
16/04/2019 11:18 PM
SuperPanda with new contract win and co2 coming, we are looking 1.60 soon
17/04/2019 8:06 PM
paperplane Kelington (KGRB MK, MYR1.33, Not rated): Latest orders show prospects intact; warrants are currently in-the-money

• Secured several orders totalling MYR53m.
• Riding on “Made in China 2025” campaign.
• Trading at 14.3x consensus FY19 EPS.

What’s New? Kelington has secured several orders totalling MYR53m, bringing YTD job win to MYR146m. The new contracts secured were largely for specialized engineering works under the Ultra High Purity (UHP) segments for wafer fabs in China. The majority of the contracts were awarded by global renowned semiconductor players there.

With these awards, Kelington’s outstanding order book is now at MYR406m, equivalent to ~116% of FY18 revenue. Judging from the latest trend, it appears that management’s expansion into China is bearing fruit. Revenue from China jumped 93% YoY in FY18, and the group is set to further ride on the “Made in China 2025” campaign.

Exports market is key. Moving forward, export markets will have a significant impact to the group’s profitability. Today, China and Singapore account for approximately 71% of its outstanding order book. Notably, these orders are mainly from the UHP division. Separately, its Industrial Gases division should also do better in FY19, underpinned by higher contribution from the new businesses: on-site gas supply and manufacturing of liquid carbon dioxide (likely to commence in 3Q19).

Tender book. Against a stronger pipeline, the street is forecasting a robust 22.2% 3-year EPS CAGR for FY18-21. Note that the group is also tendering for approximately MYR1.2b of projects, across its key operating markets like Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

Valuation. Brokers are bullish on the stock with two Buys and a mean target price of MYR1.56, offering a upside potential of around 17%. Valuation wise, the stock is trading at 14.3x consensus FY19 EPS of 9.3sen, lower than its 3-year historical average P/E of 15.9x. Investors who wish to invest in Kelington may consider its warrants which are currently in-the-money (but due to expire in Jun 2019).

Healthy balance sheet. Note that Kelington also has a healthy balance sheet. At end-Dec 2018, the group is sitting on a net cash of ~MYR50m (~MYR0.17/sh), which is approximately 13% of its current market capitalisation.
18/04/2019 9:35 AM
Gabriel Khoo Another substantial holder emerged
25/04/2019 6:34 PM
shpg22 I had issued strong warning on LONBISC when its near recent peak before dive. Now I m issuing the same strong warning on KGB.
28/04/2019 12:31 PM
Gabriel Khoo KWAP and now kenanga growth fund as kgb substantial shareholder. Prospect is good
29/04/2019 6:52 PM
shpg22 Talk so much no use. Time will proof I'm right again....haha
29/04/2019 10:11 PM
G00Shen come already
01/05/2019 11:12 AM
SuperPanda shpg22 i bought below 80c and still holding, it shoot to 1.30 after rakuten start covering and fund start to collect.

when co2 start contribute end this year, earning will improve and next is TP 1.60

im sitting on big profit now .. ha ha 100x
01/05/2019 7:52 PM
shpg22 Don't brag. U loss alot punting ARMADA
02/05/2019 1:29 PM
shpg22 Looks like that chicken that challenge me had deleted his post. Shame on u.
02/05/2019 1:47 PM
YAPSS Day 65 of Fundamental Daily, YAPSS will be covering Kelington Group Berhad's fundamental via a short animated video. It is solely based on my opinion and I hope it helps :) #YAPSS #FundamentalDaily #KelingtonGroupBerhad

Click the on the link to find out more: https://youtu.be/2UJnsyoOu6E
07/05/2019 9:56 PM
Gabriel Khoo Pls expedite made in china 2025
20/05/2019 6:23 PM
G00Shen gg tomorrow.. run at 9am
20/05/2019 8:08 PM
Gabriel Khoo https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/05/21/rhb-research-retains-buy-on-kelington-with-higher-target-price/
22/05/2019 7:44 PM
G00Shen lol. continue sink as kgb business mainly from China
23/05/2019 6:03 PM
pantor overvalued
23/05/2019 8:24 PM
shpg22 Pls ignore all the analyst target price if you don't want to lose your hard earn money
27/05/2019 9:44 AM
siaoliao lagi turun lagi lai lai
30/05/2019 10:24 AM
Gabriel Khoo KUALA LUMPUR: Kelington Group Bhd is confident of achieving another record year for the 12 months ending Dec 31, 2019 (FY19), which will mark a fourth straight year of record net profit after a blip in FY15.

The integrated engineering solutions provider swung into a net loss of RM2.62 million in FY15 as it recognised impairment losses on certain projects, trade receivables and amounts owing by customers. However, it rebounded the following year and has been profitable since.

Group chief executive officer Raymond Gan Hung Keng said FY19 profit growth will be driven by its ultra-high purity (UHP) business, which continues to be the group’s anchor of growth.

“I am confident we will [perform] better this year, thanks to a higher proportion of UHP jobs that bring higher profit margins,” he told The Edge Financial Daily in an interview.

He added that the bulk of the group’s outstanding order book totalling RM330 million will be recognised this year.

Kelington reported its highest-ever annual net profit in FY18, which jumped 59% year-on-year (y-o-y) to RM18.32 million with revenue up 12% y-o-y to RM350.02 million.

The record earnings had a favourable impact on its share price, which rose to an all-time high of RM1.39 on April 25. Its price has since pulled back, closing at RM1.25 last Thursday, but still up 51% from 83 sen a year ago. This brings the group’s market capitalisation to RM379.59 million.

On its performance in the first quarter of FY19 (1QFY19), it is on track to meet its full-year expectations. The group’s 1QFY19 net profit was up 5% y-o-y at RM4.84 million despite a decrease in revenue to RM76.41 million from RM86.55 million in 1QFY18.

Year-to-date, Kelington has clinched new projects totalling RM146 million, 87% higher than the RM79 million achieved in 1QFY18. This brings the group’s total outstanding order book to RM330 million, 70% of which are derived from UHP projects, followed by process engineering (16%), general contracting (4%) and industrial gas business (1%).

Gan declined to give the group’s order book target for 2019, except to say that it is still too early to tell.

The total value of projects clinched by Kelington last year hit record of RM424 million, surpassing the RM374 million achieved in FY17.

Gan said the group is tendering for RM1.2 billion worth of jobs, in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

He noted that so far, there has been no slowdown in the number of tenders from China, despite ongoing trade tensions between the US and China and negative growth data recorded on the latest worldwide spending on semiconductor equipment.

Of the group’s total outstanding order book, China accounts for 15%, followed by Singapore at 59% and Malaysia, 17%. The most recent order the group secured was from China, a RM53 million new contract for specialised engineering works under the UHP segment for wafer fabrication.

According to the US-based Semiconductor Equipment and Material International data, China remained as one of the top three world’s largest semiconductor equipment spenders in the first quarter of 2019 (1Q19) with billings of US$2.36 billion, down 11% y-o-y from RM2.69 billion. Still, China outperformed worldwide spending on semiconductor equipment, which declined 19% y-o-y to US$13.79 billion.

Industrial gas business to take off in FY20

On its industrial gas business segment, where it made its first foray in 2016, Gan said the business is profitable albeit its contribution to the group’s revenue is still immaterial.

However, he expects its contribution to take off from FY20 when the group’s liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) manufacturing plant in Kerteh, Terengganu commences production in 4Q19. It is setting aside RM60 million in capital expenditure for the new plant, half of which will be used this year and the rest progressively over the next five years.

Already, Kelington has secured orders for the new LCO2 plant, which will take up some 20% of total annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

Additionally, it has secured a 10-year contract to supply on-site nitrogen gas to a photovoltaic manufacturer’s manufacturing plant.
17/06/2019 9:08 AM
paperplane Kelington (KGRB MK, MYR1.24, Not rated): Briefing note: In order

• FY18 was a record year.
• Healthy prospects lies ahead.
• Trading at 11.6x consensus FY20 EPS.

What’s New? Kelington hosted a meeting last week. Management provided updates on its existing projects as well as future outlook. Key takeaways as below:

FY18 was a record year (reported PATMI +57% YoY), attributable to larger UHP projects completed, better project mix and a lower effective tax rate compared to a year ago. Management is equally excited about FY19 after 1Q19 PATMI rose 15% YoY. On a sequential basis, 1Q19 PATMI was down 5% QoQ as 1Q is seasonally weaker.

Strong order book. Its outstanding order book is now at MYR330m, equivalent to approximately 95% its FY18 revenue. Note that Kelington’s projects are mostly short-term in nature, ranging from 6-9 months. Management expect more job wins in coming months. Current tender book is ~MYR1.2b. For comparison, the group secured MYR424m worth of projects in FY18 vs. MYR374m in FY17. In 1Q19, its has secured MYR146m worth of projects vs. MYR79m a year ago.

Of the MYR330m outstanding order book, about 79% and 16% are from UHP and PE projects respectively. These projects tend to carry higher margins in nature, underlying management’s optimism for FY19. Orders from Singapore accounted for about 60% of its outstanding order book.

Setback. Trade tensions between the US and China could pose some challenges. This, however, is cushioned by its geographical diversification. Projects from China made up around 15% of its outstanding order book and about half of its tender book. The diversification into industrial gases supply should provide a steady income to the group.

To grow its industrial gas division. At present, Kelington has secured its first 10-year industrial gas supply contract. Contribution is small but management envisage to grow its industrial gas division to contribute 30% of the group’s revenue within 3-5 years. For its liquid carbon dioxide business, the setup of the new plant is scheduled to commence production by 4Q19.

Balance sheet is healthy. Kelington is sitting on a net cash of MYR76.5m at end-Mar 2019 (approximately 25sen/sh). Capex is need-based, particularly if it were to invest in air separation unit which is critical for industrial gas operations.

Valuation. Overall, management is upbeat about its long-term growth prospects. Brokers are also bullish on the stock, with two Buys and a mean target price of MYR1.67. Valuation wise, the stock is trading at 11.6x consensus FY20 EPS of 10.7sen, below its 3-year historical average P/E of 15.9x.
18/06/2019 8:45 AM
Investar2862 Even though it is a very good stock, buying at the "right price" is very important. Never buy stock at its high. Be patient and wait for the right time to accumulate.
19/06/2019 8:38 AM
Gabriel Khoo KUCHING: Kelington Group Bhd (Kelington) remains optimistic on its Ultra High Purity (UHP) business and believes that its long-term growth outlook in China, Singapore and Taiwan remains intact.

The team at Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd (AffinHwang Capital) said despite a recent slowdown in China’s semiconductor capex, Kelington’s Singapore business will likely cushion the short-term decline driven by expansion, while Taiwan will likely see higher activities ahead with active bidding in solar projects.

“Kelington’s 2019E 29 per cent EPS earnings growth will likely continue to be driven by its UHP business,” it affirmed in a report yesterday.

Fabrication work for the plant’s equipment was done in China and will be delivered by the 1st week of July.

“While the focus has not permanently shifted away from China with the expansion of wafer fabrication plants still looking promising, the spotlight will shine on the UHP projects in Singapore, which also generally command a higher margin.”

While contribution from Kelington’s Taiwan region has fallen from a high of 11 to two per cent in recent quarters, Affinhwang Capital was appeased by management plans to refocus efforts in this region by actively bidding for more solar-related installation and maintenance projects. Notably, the bulk of the current RM1.2 billion backlog is still largely focused in China.

This was on the back of Kelington’s liquid carbon dioxide plant being on track to start up by the third quarter of this year (3Q19).

“The piling work for the site has been completed.

KGB has taken delivery of its tankers and is currently in the process of strengthening its chassis; it is on track for concurrent completion with the plant.

“Fabrication work for the plant’s equipment was done in China and will be delivered by the 1st week of July.

Meanwhile, construction work is expected to commence in mid-July and targeted to be completed by September.

“To date, management has spent RM30m out of the RM50m estimated project capex, with the remainder to be used progressively to expand the CO2 tankers fleet.

KGB has secured orders for 30 per cent of the capacity, mostly by cylinder refillers as the end gas users generally prefer to see the product quality once the plant has started operation.

“This plant is expected to contribute about 8 per cent of total profit in FY20E, which we have already factored into our model.”
27/06/2019 7:11 PM
Gabriel Khoo Trade war appears to see some progress after summit.
FM may start sell some after accumulated so much over last 6 months
Free float now about 30%. The balance control by founders and FMs.
29/06/2019 11:36 PM
wan7075 Notice of new substantial holder - SOH TONG HWA on 28-Jun-2019. who is this mr Soh?
04/07/2019 6:20 PM
Gabriel Khoo Kgb director ex mox gm air liquide md
04/07/2019 9:24 PM
Gabriel Khoo Existing top 30 shareholders
04/07/2019 9:25 PM
Gabriel Khoo Industrial gas
04/07/2019 11:25 PM
Yu_and_Mee suddenly shoot up??????????????
11/07/2019 3:19 PM
bsngpg At last, break even after holding for 4 months. Gembatte.
11/07/2019 5:06 PM
SuperPanda after long time sleep.. now its time to move further up
15/07/2019 4:08 PM
SuperPanda wait until co2 start contributes, more upside bcoz fund already collected since.70
15/07/2019 4:10 PM
Gabriel Khoo Mr Soh will help to expand the industrial gas biz. Industry outlook is superb
15/07/2019 9:26 PM
wan7075 why so many boss sold 1 million share at the same time at same day?
19/08/2019 10:33 AM
Gabriel Khoo To institution shareholders
19/08/2019 10:42 AM
wan7075 can we know who is the institution who bought it?
19/08/2019 5:14 PM
Gabriel Khoo Great result and there was 81m of projected awarded in 2Q2019...albeit no annoucement....with totalling of rm227m of new project awarded in 1h2019...
22/08/2019 8:47 PM
wan7075 boss gabriel, if no announcement, how do you know there was 81m of projected awarded?
the profit like always stuck at 1.7Xc. hope that next qtr EPS can reach >2c..
23/08/2019 10:47 AM
Gabriel Khoo Commentary Of Prospects The Group’s outlook remains bright on the back of strong replenishment of projects, while we look forward to the commencement of our new business division, manufacturing of liquid carbon dioxide. Wecontinue to gain traction in our project flow as we clinched an addition RM81 million worth of projects in 2Q2019, boosting our total new project orders to RM227 million in FY2019. A large bulk of the project orders is from the UHP and Process Engineering division. Inclusive of carried forward projects, Kelington’s total orderbook grew to RM486 million, of which RM312 million remains outstanding. We expect the Group’s performance to continue be driven by the UHP division in Singapore and China in FY2019. Furthermore, the Group made encouraging progress in its expansion plans for the Industrial Gases division. The commissioning of the manufacturing of liquid carbon dioxide (“LC02”) business is on track, with production expected to commence this year. We anticipate positive contribution from this new business from FY2020 onwards. The Group’s key operations outside Malaysia, which are Taiwan, China and Singapore are carried out in the respective local currencies of those countries. Hence, the Group enjoys a natural currency hedge, and this minimizes the Group’s exposure to the fluctuations in the currency markets.
23/08/2019 11:33 AM
Gabriel Khoo Moving again
18/09/2019 6:58 PM


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