KLSE: XOX (0165)       XOX BHD ACE : Telco&Media
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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
14-Jan-2021 15-Jan-2021 Conversion of Preference Shares 124,000 0.050 3,766,967,375 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2021 13-Jan-2021 Conversion of Preference Shares 113,400 0.050 3,762,787,375 Additional Listing Detail
24-Dec-2020 28-Dec-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 626,000 0.050 3,762,673,975 Additional Listing Detail
23-Dec-2020 24-Dec-2020 Others 18,150,000 0.110 3,762,047,975 Additional Listing Detail
17-Dec-2020 18-Dec-2020 Exercise of Warrants 50,000 0.060 3,743,897,975 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2020 15-Dec-2020 Others 9,000,000 0.120 3,743,847,975 Additional Listing Detail
10-Dec-2020 11-Dec-2020 Private Placement 60,000,000 0.095 3,539,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
08-Dec-2020 09-Dec-2020 Private Placement 100,000,000 0.095 3,479,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
04-Dec-2020 07-Dec-2020 Private Placement 80,000,000 0.098 3,379,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
01-Dec-2020 02-Dec-2020 Private Placement 60,000,000 0.099 3,299,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
26-Nov-2020 27-Nov-2020 Private Placement 60,000,000 0.107 3,239,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
23-Nov-2020 24-Nov-2020 Private Placement 60,000,000 0.112 3,179,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2020 16-Nov-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 180,000 0.050 3,119,996,975 Additional Listing Detail
10-Nov-2020 11-Nov-2020 Others 11,806,200 0.120 3,119,816,975 Additional Listing Detail
05-Nov-2020 06-Nov-2020 Others 32,000,000 0.120 3,108,010,775 Additional Listing Detail
04-Nov-2020 05-Nov-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,752,800 0.050 3,076,010,775 Additional Listing Detail
26-Oct-2020 27-Oct-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 861,000 0.050 3,074,257,975 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2020 19-Oct-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,705,000 0.050 3,073,366,975 Additional Listing Detail
08-Oct-2020 09-Oct-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,770,400 0.050 3,070,661,975 Additional Listing Detail
06-Oct-2020 07-Oct-2020 Others 60,000 0.130 3,068,891,575 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2020 30-Sep-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,695,400 0.050 3,068,831,575 Additional Listing Detail
28-Sep-2020 29-Sep-2020 Others 55,000,000 0.200 3,016,136,175 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2020 23-Sep-2020 Others 73,125,900 0.200 2,961,036,875 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2020 22-Sep-2020 Others 240,700 0.200 2,887,910,975 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2020 22-Sep-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 793,000 0.050 2,887,070,275 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2020 14-Sep-2020 Others 50,000,000 0.200 2,886,277,275 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2020 11-Sep-2020 Others 50,000,000 0.200 2,836,277,275 Additional Listing Detail
08-Sep-2020 09-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 31,500 0.060 2,780,559,475 Additional Listing Detail
07-Sep-2020 08-Sep-2020 Others 65,000,000 0.200 2,770,932,975 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2020 07-Sep-2020 Others 15,250,000 0.200 2,705,932,975 Additional Listing Detail
03-Sep-2020 04-Sep-2020 Others 75,000,000 0.200 2,687,316,875 Additional Listing Detail
02-Sep-2020 03-Sep-2020 Others 30,000,000 0.200 2,612,066,875 Additional Listing Detail
01-Sep-2020 02-Sep-2020 Others 50,000,000 0.200 2,582,066,875 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2020 01-Sep-2020 Others 50,000,000 0.200 2,532,066,875 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 Others 65,000,000 0.200 2,476,068,975 Additional Listing Detail
24-Aug-2020 25-Aug-2020 Others 3,350,000 0.100 2,411,068,975 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2020 19-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 21,553,500 0.060 2,407,718,975 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2020 19-Aug-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 79,831,400 0.050 2,386,165,475 Additional Listing Detail
14-Aug-2020 17-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 8,734,000 0.060 2,119,278,575 Additional Listing Detail
07-Aug-2020 10-Aug-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 42,608,000 0.050 2,108,472,975 Additional Listing Detail
07-Aug-2020 10-Aug-2020 Others 2,715,700 0.100 2,065,864,975 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2020 06-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 1,645,000 0.060 2,063,149,275 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jul-2020 29-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 358,430,000 0.050 2,061,504,275 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2020 Private Placement 120,000,000 0.060 1,703,074,275 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jul-2020 22-Jul-2020 Private Placement 207,719,000 0.060 1,583,074,275 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jul-2020 20-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 21,200,000 0.050 1,375,355,275 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2020 10-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,040,900 0.050 1,354,155,275 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jul-2020 06-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,890,500 0.050 1,352,114,375 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2020 24-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 68,719,200 0.050 1,347,223,875 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2020 17-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 205,000 0.050 1,278,504,675 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jun-2020 12-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 182,523,000 0.050 1,278,299,675 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2020 09-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,700,000 0.050 1,095,776,675 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jun-2020 05-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,680,000 0.050 1,094,076,675 Additional Listing Detail
04-Feb-2019 07-Feb-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,500 0.200 1,092,396,675 Additional Listing Detail
25-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 Private Placement 99,300,000 0.047 1,092,394,175 Additional Listing Detail
05-Feb-2018 06-Feb-2018 ESOS 41,088,000 0.100 993,094,175 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jan-2018 29-Jan-2018 ESOS 8,000,000 0.100 952,006,175 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2018 26-Jan-2018 ESOS 7,000,000 0.100 944,006,175 Additional Listing Detail
19-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017 Private Placement 85,182,000 0.098 937,006,175 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2017 12-Apr-2017 Others 21,100,000 0.091 851,824,175 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2017 11-Apr-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.091 830,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
07-Apr-2017 10-Apr-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.092 820,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2017 06-Apr-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.093 810,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
04-Apr-2017 05-Apr-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.094 795,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.092 780,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
28-Mar-2017 29-Mar-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.091 765,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.090 750,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2017 23-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.087 740,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
17-Mar-2017 20-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.086 730,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2017 14-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.090 720,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2017 09-Mar-2017 Others 12,000,000 0.089 710,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2017 03-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.092 698,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.094 688,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.093 673,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.092 658,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
22-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Others 7,000,000 0.093 643,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 Others 5,000,000 0.093 636,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Others 500,000 0.094 631,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jan-2017 16-Jan-2017 Others 29,000,000 0.100 631,224,175 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2016 16-Dec-2016 Others 7,009,500 0.130 602,224,175 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2016 28-Nov-2016 Others 400,000 0.100 595,214,675 Additional Listing Detail
17-Aug-2016 18-Aug-2016 ESOS 38,400,000 0.130 594,814,675 Additional Listing Detail
20-Nov-2015 23-Nov-2015 Others 190,000,000 0.100 356,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2014 24-Feb-2014 Private Placement 30,000,000 0.110 332,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
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Srity2345 Nestle will surge to rm250 by end of years
Capital 12@10 = rm120k
Now 135@10 = 1.35 miliion
16/01/2021 1:03 PM
Srity2345 XOX is good company, but not good as Neetle
Nedtle net cadh 32 biliion
XOX net cash 387 million

Nestle 6 billion
XOX 85 million
16/01/2021 1:18 PM
Srity2345 Yesterday i bought sone of xox, 500k lot only
500@ 0.10 =:rm50k only
XOX is under Celcom sub stract, should be ok.
Xox future go to 5G, price will go abv 0.30++
Nestle go rm250 with dividend rm2500 per year
16/01/2021 1:22 PM
Srity2345 Bgt9963, should buy Nestle, now rm135k, future rm250k diviiden rm2500/ per year
16/01/2021 1:27 PM
Bgt 9963 Some will win and some will loose but majority will loose..That is why the operator will keep actively on newbie...my 2 sens..

I find it very strange that if you invested in Nestle and Carlsberg, those are blue chip..confirm making profit..why wanted to dabble in penny stock whereas a lot of gurus don't even touch it..when you say XOX will generate big profit....my 2 sens again...!
16/01/2021 1:38 PM
Bgt 9963 Nestle will not buy cos i am old already..maybe will ask my son to contribute rm 500 per month to buy nestle until he reaches 50...thank you for yourinvesting ideas....!
16/01/2021 1:43 PM
Marketsifu Among all stock in Malaysia. I only think XOX is the best stock to invest.
16/01/2021 5:20 PM
meadow1628 XOX warrants B (Maturity Date: 3-3-2023) now worth 0.065
16/01/2021 5:25 PM
sengkee Ace counters, when can only go up?
16/01/2021 5:37 PM
meadow1628 XOX warrants C (Maturity Date: 2026)
It will be at least 3 times more value than XOX warrants B which is around 0.195
16/01/2021 5:39 PM
meadow1628 XOX proposes three-for-eight bonus warrants
Justin Lim
October 09, 2020 21:38 pm +08

16/01/2021 5:41 PM
meadow1628 Above link mentioned that XOX warrants C will be listed at the price of 0.16
16/01/2021 5:41 PM
MrsLee How much mother share will be?
16/01/2021 5:59 PM
Srity2345 Bgt9963, i bought Nestle 1997 rm12, my age 36 after 2021 , now i am 60 , are u older than me? Haha....take care covid 19...you are so rich, must take care health.
I bought XoX bcos worth to buy , 8 mother with 3 free warrants, 500k lot = 500/8 ×3 = 190 k free warrant.
Should be Ok, and XOX is under Celvom subscribe, is a good company....
16/01/2021 6:25 PM
Srity2345 XOX will generate profit bcos under Celcom subscribe, other penny stock i wont buy. I only buy good company as XOX , Celcom subacribe, CIMB, Nestle, Carlsberg...
Cimb very low price, i bought i during rm3, now rm4 15, still very low, pls add more qty....

XOX worth to buy, under Celcom subscribe, will merge with Ant group soon. In Indonesia, Xox concur the market abt 85%..
16/01/2021 6:30 PM
Collin64 Ant group?
Show the proof please. Share the link.
16/01/2021 9:09 PM
khlMUFC @meadow1628, do you really understand the meaning of “exercise price”? OMG, it is not listing price la. It is the price needed to top up to convert to ordinary share (XOX) upon maturity. By the way, the exercise price for Warrant C is 0.10; do not share old news. Be updated. It has been reported in BSKL.
16/01/2021 9:54 PM
meadow1628 @khlMUFC , do you know what is the exercise price of XOX warrants B ?
let me tell you, it's 0.06
So, exercise price of XOX warrants C must be a way more lower than warrants B,
hence exercise price of XOX warrants C will be estimated around 0.02
Since mother share is 0.105 ,
listing price of warrants C must be a bit higher than 0.105 - 0.02 hence higher than 0.085
So, the probably listing price of warrant B should be between 0.10 to 0.12
16/01/2021 10:50 PM
meadow1628 For example XOX warrrants B now = 0.065 , exercise price = 0.06
To convert to mother share, you bought warrants B = 0.065 + 0.06 (exercise price) = 0.125

Of cource now you bought warrants B now and convert it now to mother share you will making a losses since it's mother share price is @0.105

We bought warrants is we bought it's mother share's future price uptrend, hence XOX price
spike up to above 0.50 , 0.80 , RM1.00 and above then you bought it's warrants definitely will making hugh profits since it's warrants price is so cheap

This is the same for XOX warrants C, we bought XOX warrants C is we forsee XOX's tremendous & stunning future
17/01/2021 12:19 AM
khlMUFC Reference is made to the earlier announcements in relation to the Bonus Issue of Warrants dated 6 November 2020, 9 November 2020 and 19 November 2020.

On behalf of the Board, Mercury Securities wishes to announce that the Company has resolved to fix the exercise price of the Warrants C at RM0.10 per Warrant C (“Exercise Price”).

The Board had fixed the Exercise Price after taking into consideration, amongst others, the TEAP of the Shares based on the 5-day VWAP of the Shares up to and including 4 January 2021, being the price-fixing date (“LTD”).

The Exercise Price represents a discount of approximately 5.11% to the TEAP of the Shares of RM0.1054, calculated based on the 5-day VWAP of the Shares up to and including the LTD of RM0.1074.

This announcement is dated 4 January 2021.
17/01/2021 8:25 AM
khlMUFC https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3118656
17/01/2021 8:25 AM
khlMUFC Why do you need to estimate the exercise price of Warrant C? It was announced to BSKL on 4th Jan together with ex-Date (15/1) and Entitlement Date (after 5pm, 18/1)
17/01/2021 8:28 AM
Bgt 9963 Just check the timeline on XOX...the director had done PP @ 0.05 with massive shares issue....so the operator have slaughter those who bought for the bonus warrants...my 2 sens...!
17/01/2021 8:33 AM
Bgt 9963 So we have the top 3 greatest operator...in play...!Go and read pnb-pcb dissect forum...!
17/01/2021 8:42 AM
khlMUFC @Bgt 9963, i believe you are referring to PNEPCB, my comment is “to be continued”....good luck.
17/01/2021 9:21 AM
Bgt 9963 @khlMUFC

GOod to hear your fair comments and warning to those newbie who think making money by just buying penny shares...!
17/01/2021 9:44 AM
CUTLOST Xox Tp 30cts
17/01/2021 12:51 PM
khlMUFC @Bgt 9963, PNEPCB not reach bottom yet....

Actually I am not against buying penny shares. Buy with ur own risks and know when to exit. I just can’t accept those ppl who does not even read the BSKL announcements and speculate with his own assumptions...plain sifool (not sifu)
17/01/2021 3:20 PM
AdamRyan_2011 Bgt 9963@ True Story, last time in 2016 xox fly to 60cent and drop to 21cent... My friend bought it at 21cent and he didnt cut lose till it drop further to 2cent in March 2020. I told him its too late now, u just hold. Last year when market bounce back it fly to 35cent. But my friend chow aldy at 22cent. coz he said dont want to hope, coz later stuck again lagi mahu tunggu another 5years so he didnt greed and he sold at breakeven price. Good for him. Because penny cant be trust 100%. If u survive just chow saja.

Most important is he get back his capital money.
17/01/2021 3:33 PM
Bgt 9963 Just look at the timeline in XOX...they are ready to slaughter when they annouced the bonus R/I...!
17/01/2021 3:45 PM
Bgt 9963 If you think you can beat the operator...then good for you but down the road you will get hit back...! Then becomes LPPL...!
17/01/2021 3:49 PM
AdamRyan_2011 Xox move every 5 years mate. Its cycle for penny stock. But if u have good holding power jz hold it for another 3-4years. But I hope its goreng now since i will received warrant C by this monday
17/01/2021 4:02 PM
meadow1628 Monday getting warrants C, then is it listing on Tuesday ?
17/01/2021 5:00 PM
Collin64 a.Securities transferred into the Depositor's Securities Account before 4:30 pm in respect of transfers 18 Jan 2021
17/01/2021 5:12 PM
Collin64 https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3118655
17/01/2021 5:12 PM
MrsLee Are you all going to sell the warrant C on Tuesday?
17/01/2021 6:06 PM
meadow1628 Why so rush want to sell ?
XOX is the future Gems of 5G service provider,
recently it just join venture with Alibaba’s Alipay Labs

It’s price now is just 0.105, really undervalue,
it’s fair price right now should at least around 0.80 to RM1.00
So, it’s warrants’s fair price right now should at least around 0.50 to 0.80
17/01/2021 7:31 PM
195410 Ha ha ha kaya kaya
18/01/2021 9:01 AM
The Captain i just dump 6.8million. run before i dump more share.
18/01/2021 9:09 AM
Bgt 9963 I smell a rat..!
18/01/2021 9:10 AM
lbhock123 Sudah entitled bonus issue ?
I thought wait until 4.30pm ?
18/01/2021 9:20 AM
The Captain end of game. run n run. no date for warrant yet. we want to dump more unit share.
18/01/2021 9:25 AM
leeashraf Captain, why dump so soon? Any new stock u guys going to goreng?
18/01/2021 9:48 AM
strattegist kluk kluk
18/01/2021 10:00 AM
Citadel00 all so hai here still buying while Eddie chai enjoy himself
18/01/2021 10:01 AM
lbhock123 Strategist = ayam ?
Asyik kluk² je
18/01/2021 10:50 AM
strattegist yeapppp... kluk kluk
18/01/2021 1:56 PM
Consultant Haha I thought from the beginning already said don't invest in this counter... Haha
18/01/2021 2:32 PM
Consultant Glove is the only counter u can trust now.. cut loss and go to glove
18/01/2021 2:33 PM
meadow1628 4.30pm, another one and half hour please check your portfolio, XOX warrants C will be in your portfolio ...
Cheers to you all guys !
18/01/2021 2:57 PM

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