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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
25-Sep-2020 29-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 3,350,800 0.235 1,935,400,717 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2020 23-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 5,630,000 0.235 1,932,049,917 Additional Listing Detail
18-Sep-2020 22-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 36,999,150 0.235 1,921,273,051 Additional Listing Detail
15-Sep-2020 18-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 21,049,700 0.235 1,884,273,901 Additional Listing Detail
09-Sep-2020 11-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 36,141,850 0.235 1,863,224,201 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2020 07-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 24,630,000 0.235 1,795,516,051 Additional Listing Detail
03-Sep-2020 04-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 21,443,001 0.235 1,770,886,051 Additional Listing Detail
01-Sep-2020 03-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 2,725,100 0.235 1,749,443,050 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2020 02-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 57,818,175 0.235 1,733,314,650 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2020 01-Sep-2020 Exercise of Warrants 24,417,200 0.235 1,675,496,475 Additional Listing Detail
26-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 12,110,100 0.235 1,651,079,275 Additional Listing Detail
24-Aug-2020 25-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 51,314,000 0.235 1,638,969,175 Additional Listing Detail
21-Aug-2020 24-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 41,894,200 0.235 1,587,655,175 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2020 19-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 70,350,400 0.235 1,545,760,975 Additional Listing Detail
17-Aug-2020 18-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 23,092,225 0.235 1,475,410,575 Additional Listing Detail
14-Aug-2020 17-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 8,175,300 0.235 1,452,318,350 Additional Listing Detail
10-Aug-2020 11-Aug-2020 Exercise of Warrants 21,362,700 0.235 1,444,143,050 Additional Listing Detail
26-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 21,831,050 0.235 1,422,780,350 Additional Listing Detail
30-Nov-2018 03-Dec-2018 Exercise of Warrants 18,050,000 0.235 1,400,949,300 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jul-2018 25-Jul-2018 Private Placement 4,500,000 0.255 1,382,899,300 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jul-2018 20-Jul-2018 Private Placement 45,000,000 0.245 1,378,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2018 10-Jul-2018 Private Placement 16,000,000 0.245 1,333,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2018 14-Jun-2018 Private Placement 50,000,000 0.230 1,317,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
15-Mar-2018 16-Mar-2018 Private Placement 4,000,000 0.250 1,267,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 Private Placement 4,000,000 0.270 1,263,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2018 21-Feb-2018 Private Placement 2,000,000 0.257 1,259,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
02-Nov-2017 06-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 156,500 0.235 1,257,399,300 Additional Listing Detail
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tksw Swing Trading sifu, bus driver is promoting hard... kakaka
24/09/2020 2:20 PM
tksw 666 devil's no.... veli obvious want to go to hell...
24/09/2020 2:27 PM
Peace99 One last piece of info b4 market opens: my bank processed my warrant conversion on 3 Sept, got mother this morning. I think I'm among the last group of ppl to do the conversion. This means at most there will be 24mil more new mothers (1,954mil - 1,932mil=24mil). OK, I'm kind of doing data analysis, but this is elementary^2 lor.....Btw, all data I cited are accurate to my knowledge....Pls correct me if you come across any inaccuracies from any of my posts since Feb 2020. Thank you!
24/09/2020 2:29 PM
tksw waa... go to station 275 again, but no big passengers, like that oso want to tipu... kakaka
24/09/2020 2:59 PM
tksw kakaka, small fish see bus like kenot gostan more, start Q at station 270...
24/09/2020 3:09 PM
tksw see.kena bomb liao
24/09/2020 3:22 PM
SwingTrading @Peace99 long term investment , this counter can go far. Buy back means there a something good news behind it. Every year give dividend okay la
24/09/2020 3:47 PM
efsiew peace99..actually the after full conversion from daughter to mother really will affect the mother price?
24/09/2020 3:51 PM
Peace99 @efsiew, may be...bcos the new mother's cost price is less than current price, so can sell new mother for profit liao. Eg. say daughter@1.5sen, convert 23.5sen, total cost=25sen, price now 27sen, so earn 2sen. If many ppl sell @27sen, it will be a while b4 price goes 27.5sen, assuming going up......
24/09/2020 4:27 PM
Peace99 But I want to sell 10% of my shares at 27.5 sen to pay bills, haha
24/09/2020 4:30 PM
tksw Peace sifu, nobody wanna buy your station 275 tickets wor... but a lot follow you sell 275... kakaka
24/09/2020 4:31 PM
Peace99 Agree with Swing :)
24/09/2020 4:31 PM
tksw nanti end up 1 ticket sold fot station 275, kakaka
24/09/2020 4:34 PM
tksw big sellers....
24/09/2020 4:42 PM
SwingTrading @Peace99 ,i'm waiting a bit lower , looks like cannot get my price.
24/09/2020 4:51 PM
tksw kakaka, small gas bus driver force to buy more to reach station 275, guess wont be more tiicket sold liao...
24/09/2020 4:53 PM
Peace99 haha, ppl not follow me...but they think similarly mah, some sold @275! Hmm, i didn't manage to sell today, but there is tomolo and tomolo....my bills due next week so still can tahan.
24/09/2020 5:06 PM
SwingTrading today candle cantik woo last minute eat , wait me first haha
24/09/2020 5:28 PM
tksw Swing Tradinng sifu, where got cantik, I can oni see small gas action... kakaka laf die me the lady bus driver...
24/09/2020 6:18 PM
tksw ole-ole, sold 280-285
25/09/2020 10:08 AM
bojed Let it climb slowly.
25/09/2020 10:13 AM
SwingTrading Break 285 , fly
25/09/2020 10:15 AM
newbie1805 wa ptrans volume is so high
25/09/2020 10:39 AM
Peace99 tksw sifu, ppl bot mine liao, ole-ole....yesterday target achived. Today's target 290. My simple reasoning: following AGM data, yesterday batch may be last and so no more new mothers.
25/09/2020 11:44 AM
Peace99 sold 15k, enough to pay bills.....can wait longer :)
25/09/2020 11:49 AM
tksw Swing Trading sifu, 285 kenot fly lar.... 295 may be...
25/09/2020 2:10 PM
tksw dun chase bus.... wait bus
25/09/2020 3:18 PM
tksw so meni ppl wanna sell tickets....
25/09/2020 3:19 PM
tksw all because bus driver no license... now she headache...
25/09/2020 3:19 PM
tksw kakaka, lure ppl buy again...
25/09/2020 3:41 PM
tksw like that want to cheat ppl buy, laf die me...
25/09/2020 3:47 PM
Peace99 Update on my post@11:49 on 25/9: On 25 Sept, 3.35mil new mothers were listed....these must be the (or almost) last batch of new mothers. So, given all the positive news about Ptrans, i'm looking forward to going north, with occasional natural gostan :)
28/09/2020 10:54 AM
limontea looking good PTRANS. Hope it can break Rst 0.295
28/09/2020 11:50 AM
tksw OO... sell signal pulak
28/09/2020 2:57 PM
tksw kasi jual station 290 tickets.
28/09/2020 3:08 PM
tksw kakaka, 1 lot hang life.... veli kiam siap bus driver...
28/09/2020 3:33 PM
limontea gogogo PTRANS break 0.295~!!
28/09/2020 3:40 PM
hanslcp56 Go go TP 0.33...
28/09/2020 3:46 PM
Peace99 Looks like more and more ppl discover and buy Ptrans.... 295....So was right to say selling @275 was cheap :)
28/09/2020 3:47 PM
tksw ole-ole, station 290 & 295 tickets sold...
28/09/2020 3:48 PM
tksw I still got station 295 tickets, who want?
28/09/2020 3:51 PM
tksw ole-ole, station 300 tickets sold..
28/09/2020 4:12 PM
tksw kakaka, break kenot out...
28/09/2020 4:31 PM
tksw ate half of my station 300 tickets oni... mali mali cipat cipat bili
28/09/2020 4:33 PM
tksw grave stone... scary....
28/09/2020 4:45 PM
tksw dun chase bus lok... this is a no license bus driver + small gas
28/09/2020 4:48 PM
tksw drive like that... tomolo where got ppl dare to take bus?
28/09/2020 4:49 PM
Peace99 Tksw sifu will sure take wan, then he makes sure driver drive properly, hahaha
28/09/2020 8:44 PM
5877max Last minutes bus driver press wrong gear....tomorrow going to test 0.300 again
28/09/2020 10:14 PM
tksw Peace sifu, U lend me mani la, I take
28/09/2020 10:47 PM

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