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Thinkcarefully Gap up to 2.40 tomorrow
18/03/2021 4:42 PM
powerup89 super fly again today?
19/03/2021 8:57 AM
Junqi JCCL needs another 15million shares to reach 75%. Once it has 75% CCB can be delisted.Although the offer is unconditional, this is the aim of the exercise.So it is mopping up as much shares as possible.If there are few sellers at 2.40 in the open market it (JCCL) may buy at higher price, though offer price is the same.So it is advisable not to sell in the open market unless it is higher.
19/03/2021 9:55 AM
investlogic Not sure big investors like MBL still have shares or not? If got, may want to fight for higher price? I will wait and see, will not accept for now, as there are until 7th April, likely keep extending until they collect enough, then need to offer to everyone.
19/03/2021 1:16 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:57 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:57 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:58 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:58 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:58 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
19/03/2021 1:58 PM
NavinShah Company turning around. That is why the major shareholder is grabbing our shares cheaply. If force to surrender will surrender. Otherwise will hold unto my shares.
22/03/2021 1:04 PM
Junqi JCCL only needs to own 75% to delist.This is likely to be accomplished
To force to surrender JCCL needs 90%.This may be difficult.
As a shareholder, if you hang on to the shares with the company delisted your money would be tied down indefinitely.Since this is unconditional voluntary offer the decision is up to ourselves.To each his own. I would cash out at 2.4 or sell in open market if higher
22/03/2021 3:31 PM
rohank71 Offer says no revision in price. so best to sell in open market at 2.41 and walk away or else get stuck like before
23/03/2021 5:04 PM
Junqi You will not be stuck like before.
This is unconditional voluntary offer.You are sure of selling at 2.4
Selling at 2.41 is no better as the extra 1sen probably just enough to settle the extra transaction charges.
24/03/2021 10:28 AM
yw92712 According to analysist, the stock price is not reflecting the real value, as the company own alot of land bank which bought in since 20-30year back. According to Simply Wallst website, calculation base on asset and cash flow, the per unit stock should be value at RM55, not RM2.40.


29/03/2021 4:36 PM
Jason9999 Better not to accept the offer then.
14/04/2021 11:52 AM
Jason9999 Perhaps all the minority shareholders should form a group.
14/04/2021 12:10 PM
vcinvestor Yes! then they can form a sort of a watch group. a watchdog group if you will. What should they call it? the minority shareholders watchdog group? Oops that name is already taken https://www.mswg.org.my/
14/04/2021 1:37 PM
BAZLI5075 GOOD QR 135%
24/04/2021 12:07 AM
Hafid the offer price is final at rm2.40.
26/04/2021 2:20 PM
iopa46 finally fuhhhh
07/05/2021 4:47 PM
dompeilee WheW! Luckily I didn't sell my last 5 lots bought since 2013 @ 2.40! =D
07/05/2021 4:59 PM
wallstreetrookie every stock u have 5 lots la
08/05/2021 10:53 AM
Harry Wong Last friday CCB share up rm0 57.Graph was shown up to rm4.40
09/05/2021 6:20 PM
yw92712 At least ORA is not blind. They knew the true value.
11/05/2021 11:32 AM
AlfI3 But ony risen for a blink, after that had been silent down, no hav sustainability
04/06/2021 7:13 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
04/06/2021 8:23 AM
caonima https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/jardine-ccl-takeover-bid-cycle-carriage-bintang-snubbed-second-time
04/06/2021 9:22 PM
Hafid As at 10/06/2021, open road say there reduce the shareholding to less than 5%.
11/06/2021 1:19 PM
winlast Going up strongly soon
17/06/2021 2:30 PM
AlfI3 Look like a third party going to acquire Jardine's stake soon?
22/06/2021 3:45 PM
pang72 Higher offer price?
Wait for announcement?
23/06/2021 5:13 PM
NavinShah RM3-50 or RM4/-????????
23/06/2021 10:21 PM
NavinShah Is it that C&C BINTANG BHD shares are most and most undervalue. Even RM3-14 it is undervalue. Real value maybe much more. I hope the major shareholder be reasonable and give us the true value.
24/06/2021 8:48 AM
pang72 Simply wall valuation rm145??

Today 3.15
24/06/2021 10:06 AM
NavinShah Pang72, meaning of wall valuation.
24/06/2021 4:34 PM
Bgt 9963 Good luck....!
24/06/2021 4:44 PM
pang72 https://simplywall.st/stocks/my/retail/klse-ccb/cycle-carriage-bintang-berhad-shares#valuation
24/06/2021 5:34 PM
pang72 Simplywall valuation per link!!
24/06/2021 5:35 PM
NavinShah So we must be offered a better price for our minority shares. What is the fair price? Any opinion from anyone? Please share.
25/06/2021 8:27 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning.....!
25/06/2021 8:36 AM
Snowpiercer Isn't it perfect for Jardines? Just don't meet the requirement and let it get delisted. The board and management are controlled by Jardines. Smart.
25/06/2021 9:54 PM
Hafid 3.60 at least
26/06/2021 7:58 PM
Snowpiercer Just wait to be delisted unless the 2nd largest shareholder scared and do it by itlself. Or they do a offmarket transaction and all other small shareholder get stuck forever.
27/06/2021 1:33 PM
Hafid the share price will go down to rm1.40 i think...
02/07/2021 8:21 PM
AlfI3 @Hafid, can share Wat wud b d basis to reach rm1.4!
05/07/2021 7:57 AM
Snowpiercer .delisted insufficient public spread
09/07/2021 6:12 PM
Bgt 9963 Good morning.!
10/07/2021 9:05 AM
stockraider Tiap tiap hari good morning buat apa leh ?
10/07/2021 9:54 AM
28/07/2021 5:45 PM

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