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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
27-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 34,470,761 0.200 2,973,135,003 Additional Listing Detail
25-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,704,675 0.200 2,938,542,942 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2018 21-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 672,900 0.200 2,935,838,267 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2018 13-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 463,000 0.200 2,935,165,367 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2018 05-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 50,000 0.200 2,934,702,367 Additional Listing Detail
29-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,500 0.200 2,934,652,367 Additional Listing Detail
21-Aug-2018 23-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 389,600 0.200 2,934,645,867 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2018 09-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 200,000 0.200 2,934,256,267 Additional Listing Detail
02-Aug-2018 03-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 871,000 0.200 2,934,056,267 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jul-2018 12-Jul-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 440,000 0.200 2,933,185,267 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2018 06-Jul-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,768,000 0.200 2,932,745,267 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jun-2018 29-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 13,000 0.200 2,930,977,267 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 442,600 0.200 2,930,964,267 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2018 20-Apr-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 130,000 0.200 2,930,521,667 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2018 12-Apr-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 97,500 0.200 2,930,391,667 Additional Listing Detail
06-Mar-2018 07-Mar-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,500 0.200 2,930,294,167 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jan-2018 30-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 376,000 0.200 2,930,287,667 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jan-2018 19-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 193,000 0.200 2,929,911,667 Additional Listing Detail
20-Dec-2017 21-Dec-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 337,805 0.200 2,929,718,667 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2017 08-Dec-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 300,500 0.200 2,929,380,862 Additional Listing Detail
06-Oct-2017 09-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 120,000 0.200 2,929,080,362 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2017 26-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,500 0.200 2,928,960,362 Additional Listing Detail
30-May-2017 31-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 100,000 0.200 2,928,953,862 Additional Listing Detail
23-May-2017 24-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 806,100 0.200 2,928,853,862 Additional Listing Detail
18-May-2017 19-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,839,265 0.200 2,928,047,762 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2017 18-May-2017 Rights Issue 1,798,854,888 0.210 2,926,208,497 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2017 16-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,144,000 0.200 1,127,353,609 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2017 09-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,375,300 0.200 1,126,209,609 Additional Listing Detail
04-May-2017 05-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 550,000 0.200 1,124,834,309 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2017 13-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,391,992 0.260 1,124,284,309 Additional Listing Detail
04-Apr-2017 05-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 306,500 0.260 1,122,892,317 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 355,000 0.260 1,122,585,817 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2017 23-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 467,500 0.260 1,122,230,817 Additional Listing Detail
20-Mar-2017 21-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 783,900 0.260 1,121,763,317 Additional Listing Detail
07-Mar-2017 08-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 105,500 0.260 1,120,979,417 Additional Listing Detail
03-Mar-2017 06-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 711,500 0.260 1,120,873,917 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 401,600 0.260 1,120,162,417 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2017 06-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 105,000 0.260 1,119,360,817 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 385,000 0.260 1,119,760,817 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2017 08-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 15,000 0.260 1,119,375,817 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 50,000 0.260 1,119,255,817 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 100,000 0.260 1,119,205,817 Additional Listing Detail
29-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 579,100 0.260 1,119,105,817 Additional Listing Detail
19-Dec-2016 20-Dec-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 20,000 0.260 1,118,526,717 Additional Listing Detail
02-Dec-2016 05-Dec-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 40,000 0.260 1,118,506,717 Additional Listing Detail
07-Nov-2016 08-Nov-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 104,000 0.260 1,118,466,717 Additional Listing Detail
06-Oct-2016 07-Oct-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 10,000 0.260 1,118,362,717 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,084,000 0.260 1,118,352,717 Additional Listing Detail
26-Sep-2016 27-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,310,200 0.260 1,117,268,717 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2016 23-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,868,900 0.260 1,110,958,517 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2016 21-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,129,200 0.260 1,109,089,617 Additional Listing Detail
14-Sep-2016 15-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,751,200 0.260 1,107,960,417 Additional Listing Detail
06-Sep-2016 07-Sep-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,107,800 0.260 1,103,209,217 Additional Listing Detail
29-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 290,100 0.260 1,101,101,417 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2016 26-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 595,000 0.260 1,100,811,317 Additional Listing Detail
22-Aug-2016 23-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,009,500 0.260 1,100,216,317 Additional Listing Detail
17-Aug-2016 18-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 830,600 0.260 1,099,206,817 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2016 15-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 681,500 0.260 1,098,376,217 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2016 09-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 130,400 0.260 1,097,694,717 Additional Listing Detail
02-Aug-2016 03-Aug-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 32,500 0.260 1,097,564,317 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jul-2016 29-Jul-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 334,600 0.260 1,097,531,817 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2016 26-Jul-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 50,000 0.260 1,097,197,217 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jul-2016 15-Jul-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 89,900 0.260 1,097,147,217 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jul-2016 12-Jul-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 450,700 0.260 1,097,057,317 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2016 08-Jul-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 613,300 0.260 1,096,606,617 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2016 30-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 280,000 0.260 1,095,993,317 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jun-2016 27-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 660,000 0.260 1,095,713,317 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2016 24-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 444,000 0.260 1,095,053,317 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2016 20-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 433,100 0.260 1,094,609,317 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jun-2016 16-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 144,701 0.260 1,094,176,217 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jun-2016 13-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 790,000 0.260 1,094,031,516 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2016 18-May-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 150,000 0.260 1,093,241,516 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2016 17-Mar-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 849,900 0.260 1,093,091,516 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jan-2016 26-Jan-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,500 0.260 1,092,241,616 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jan-2016 21-Jan-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 10,000 0.260 1,092,239,116 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2015 26-Nov-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 250,000 0.260 1,092,229,116 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2015 30-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 960,000 0.260 1,091,979,116 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2015 23-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,564,800 0.260 1,091,019,116 Additional Listing Detail
17-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,499,200 0.260 1,087,454,316 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,820,000 0.260 1,084,955,116 Additional Listing Detail
03-Sep-2015 04-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,224,500 0.260 1,083,135,116 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2015 01-Sep-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 95,000 0.260 1,081,910,616 Additional Listing Detail
07-Aug-2015 10-Aug-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 759,000 0.260 1,081,815,616 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 Conversion of Loan Stocks 104,700 0.260 1,081,056,616 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jul-2015 31-Jul-2015 Others 28,500 0.260 1,080,951,916 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2015 03-Jul-2015 Others 94,800 0.260 1,080,923,416 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2015 24-Jun-2015 Others 173,700 0.260 1,080,828,616 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jun-2015 19-Jun-2015 Others 75,000 0.260 1,080,654,916 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2015 10-Jun-2015 Others 142,100 0.260 1,080,579,916 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jun-2015 05-Jun-2015 Others 457,200 0.260 1,080,437,816 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jun-2015 03-Jun-2015 Others 250,000 0.260 1,079,980,616 Additional Listing Detail
28-May-2015 29-May-2015 Others 54,800 0.260 1,079,730,616 Additional Listing Detail
14-May-2015 15-May-2015 Others 134,000 0.260 1,079,675,816 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2015 12-May-2015 Others 90,000 0.260 1,079,541,816 Additional Listing Detail
06-May-2015 07-May-2015 Others 1,510,000 0.260 1,079,451,816 Additional Listing Detail
28-Apr-2015 29-Apr-2015 Others 626,000 0.260 1,077,941,816 Additional Listing Detail
24-Apr-2015 27-Apr-2015 Others 1,537,600 0.260 1,077,315,816 Additional Listing Detail
20-Apr-2015 21-Apr-2015 Others 1,900,000 0.260 1,075,778,216 Additional Listing Detail
14-Apr-2015 15-Apr-2015 Others 84,000 0.260 1,073,878,216 Additional Listing Detail
09-Apr-2015 10-Apr-2015 Others 700,000 0.260 1,073,794,216 Additional Listing Detail
03-Apr-2015 06-Apr-2015 Others 100,000 0.260 1,073,094,216 Additional Listing Detail
01-Apr-2015 02-Apr-2015 Others 1,791,000 0.260 1,072,994,216 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2015 31-Mar-2015 Others 300,000 0.260 1,071,203,216 Additional Listing Detail
25-Mar-2015 26-Mar-2015 Others 526,800 0.260 1,070,903,216 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2015 17-Mar-2015 Others 2,089,000 0.260 1,070,376,416 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 Others 513,300 0.260 1,068,287,416 Additional Listing Detail
06-Mar-2015 09-Mar-2015 Others 310,000 0.260 1,067,774,116 Additional Listing Detail
03-Mar-2015 04-Mar-2015 Others 91,000 0.260 1,067,464,116 Additional Listing Detail
26-Feb-2015 27-Feb-2015 Others 970,000 0.260 1,067,373,116 Additional Listing Detail
17-Feb-2015 18-Feb-2015 Others 220,500 0.260 1,066,403,116 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2015 13-Feb-2015 Others 335,000 0.260 1,066,182,616 Additional Listing Detail
11-Feb-2015 12-Feb-2015 Others 1,491,000 0.260 1,065,847,616 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jan-2015 30-Jan-2015 Others 1,519,000 0.260 1,064,356,616 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jan-2015 28-Jan-2015 Others 300,000 0.260 1,062,837,616 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jan-2015 26-Jan-2015 Others 170,000 0.260 1,062,537,616 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2015 16-Jan-2015 Others 391,000 0.260 1,062,367,616 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jan-2015 14-Jan-2015 Others 83,000 0.260 1,061,976,616 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2015 12-Jan-2015 Others 2,940,000 0.260 1,061,893,616 Additional Listing Detail
31-Dec-2014 02-Jan-2015 Others 91,000 0.260 1,058,953,616 Additional Listing Detail
19-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 Others 130,000 0.260 1,058,862,616 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2014 17-Dec-2014 Others 1,768,800 0.260 1,058,732,616 Additional Listing Detail
10-Dec-2014 11-Dec-2014 Others 545,000 0.260 1,056,963,816 Additional Listing Detail
08-Dec-2014 09-Dec-2014 Others 1,101,000 0.260 1,056,418,816 Additional Listing Detail
04-Dec-2014 05-Dec-2014 Others 10,000 0.260 1,055,317,816 Additional Listing Detail
01-Dec-2014 02-Dec-2014 Others 2,190,000 0.260 1,055,307,816 Additional Listing Detail
26-Nov-2014 27-Nov-2014 Others 1,146,600 0.260 1,053,117,816 Additional Listing Detail
21-Nov-2014 24-Nov-2014 Others 91,000 0.260 1,051,971,216 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2014 07-Nov-2014 Others 27,000 0.260 1,051,880,216 Additional Listing Detail
29-Oct-2014 30-Oct-2014 Others 70,000 0.260 1,051,853,216 Additional Listing Detail
15-Oct-2014 16-Oct-2014 Others 21,000 0.260 1,051,783,216 Additional Listing Detail
08-Oct-2014 09-Oct-2014 Others 773,900 0.260 1,051,762,216 Additional Listing Detail
03-Oct-2014 07-Oct-2014 Others 600,000 0.260 1,050,988,316 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2014 30-Sep-2014 Others 77,800 0.260 1,050,388,316 Additional Listing Detail
24-Sep-2014 25-Sep-2014 Others 36,618,000 0.260 1,050,310,516 Additional Listing Detail
23-Sep-2014 24-Sep-2014 Others 66,983,100 0.260 1,013,692,516 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2014 23-Sep-2014 Others 7,000,800 0.260 946,709,416 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2014 22-Sep-2014 Others 146,036,300 0.260 939,708,616 Additional Listing Detail
18-Sep-2014 19-Sep-2014 Others 22,264,300 0.260 793,672,316 Additional Listing Detail
15-Sep-2014 17-Sep-2014 Others 5,189,900 0.260 771,408,016 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2014 15-Sep-2014 Others 4,234,900 0.260 766,218,116 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2014 08-Sep-2014 Others 6,167,700 0.260 761,983,216 Additional Listing Detail
04-Sep-2014 05-Sep-2014 Others 150,000 0.260 755,815,516 Additional Listing Detail
02-Sep-2014 03-Sep-2014 Others 1,800,000 0.260 755,665,516 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2014 29-Aug-2014 Others 1,265,000 0.260 753,865,516 Additional Listing Detail
26-Aug-2014 27-Aug-2014 Others 2,658,000 0.260 752,600,516 Additional Listing Detail
22-Aug-2014 25-Aug-2014 Others 4,289,000 0.260 749,942,516 Additional Listing Detail
20-Aug-2014 21-Aug-2014 Others 4,530,300 0.260 745,653,516 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2014 19-Aug-2014 Others 3,429,500 0.260 741,123,216 Additional Listing Detail
14-Aug-2014 15-Aug-2014 Others 9,851,000 0.260 737,693,716 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2014 13-Aug-2014 Others 9,721,100 0.260 727,842,716 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2014 11-Aug-2014 Others 4,447,200 0.260 718,121,616 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2014 06-Aug-2014 Others 5,110,300 0.260 713,674,416 Additional Listing Detail
31-Jul-2014 01-Aug-2014 Others 4,930,600 0.260 708,564,116 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2014 30-Jul-2014 Others 1,624,700 0.260 703,633,516 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jul-2014 24-Jul-2014 Others 3,218,900 0.260 702,008,816 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jul-2014 21-Jul-2014 Others 1,760,000 0.260 698,789,916 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jul-2014 17-Jul-2014 Others 1,330,000 0.260 697,029,916 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jul-2014 11-Jul-2014 Others 860,000 0.260 695,699,916 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jul-2014 09-Jul-2014 Others 3,206,100 0.260 694,839,916 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2014 03-Jul-2014 Others 2,943,886 0.260 691,633,816 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jun-2014 01-Jul-2014 Others 1,398,700 0.260 688,689,930 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jun-2014 27-Jun-2014 Others 4,973,000 0.260 687,291,230 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jun-2014 25-Jun-2014 Others 7,703,500 0.260 682,318,230 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jun-2014 23-Jun-2014 Others 6,893,300 0.260 674,614,730 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jun-2014 19-Jun-2014 Others 5,114,800 0.260 667,721,430 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2014 17-Jun-2014 Others 9,000,100 0.260 662,606,630 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2014 13-Jun-2014 Others 4,348,500 0.260 653,606,530 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2014 10-Jun-2014 Others 2,809,100 0.260 649,258,030 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jun-2014 09-Jun-2014 Others 4,015,000 0.260 646,448,930 Additional Listing Detail
26-May-2014 27-May-2014 Others 6,900,000 0.260 642,433,930 Additional Listing Detail
07-May-2014 08-May-2014 Others 10,000 0.260 635,533,930 Additional Listing Detail
01-Apr-2014 02-Apr-2014 Others 453,900 0.260 635,523,930 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2014 21-Feb-2014 Others 26,700 0.260 635,070,030 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jan-2014 28-Jan-2014 Others 383,900 0.260 635,043,330 Additional Listing Detail
30-Dec-2013 31-Dec-2013 Others 67,000 0.260 634,659,430 Additional Listing Detail
20-Dec-2013 23-Dec-2013 Others 617,600 0.260 634,592,430 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2013 17-Dec-2013 Others 342,500 0.260 633,974,830 Additional Listing Detail
09-Dec-2013 10-Dec-2013 Others 5,065,000 0.260 633,632,330 Additional Listing Detail
03-Dec-2013 04-Dec-2013 Others 3,179,000 0.260 628,567,330 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2013 25-Nov-2013 Others 60,000 0.260 625,388,330 Additional Listing Detail
19-Nov-2013 20-Nov-2013 Others 4,114,500 0.260 625,328,330 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2013 14-Nov-2013 Others 570,200 0.260 621,213,830 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2013 11-Nov-2013 Others 6,639,900 0.260 620,643,630 Additional Listing Detail
01-Nov-2013 04-Nov-2013 Others 1,925,200 0.260 614,003,730 Additional Listing Detail
29-Oct-2013 30-Oct-2013 Others 2,979,500 0.260 612,078,530 Additional Listing Detail
24-Oct-2013 25-Oct-2013 Others 940,000 0.260 609,099,030 Additional Listing Detail
21-Oct-2013 22-Oct-2013 Others 3,310,000 0.260 608,159,030 Additional Listing Detail
17-Oct-2013 18-Oct-2013 Others 5,726,600 0.260 604,849,030 Additional Listing Detail
14-Oct-2013 16-Oct-2013 Others 599,300 0.260 599,122,430 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2013 10-Oct-2013 Others 218,600 0.260 598,523,130 Additional Listing Detail
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Sales Every year give one sen dividend and every year drop one sen. Very boring stock.
13/11/2019 12:25 PM
Sales Cut loss some and go to NETX. NETX is very happening.
19/11/2019 1:21 PM
plenitude8 Hi tanhy123, what do you think about the PLENITUDE property counter ?
20/11/2019 5:43 AM
Jeffreyteck TP12.5. Est Sep results improve but poor DY limits upside potential. Loans is more than 12 months revenue, very ridiculous.
25/11/2019 10:36 AM
MCQ8018 Hopeless counter
26/11/2019 10:13 AM
Peter2357 Actually quite good quarterly result but someone have to play only can go
26/11/2019 10:16 AM
Sales Property stock not so good to hold at this moment. I think better go to Oil & Gas or tech stock which is more happening.
26/11/2019 1:35 PM
ivan9511 ivan9511 Just buy L&G now 13.5 14 14.5sen also can buy to 20sen
L&G cash much much better than Mkland.
Just All in Sapu as much as you can . Sure 100% can earn money plus high dividend.
L&G I said much buy 13.5sen
04/12/2019 4:26 PM
ivan9511 ivan9511 Just buy L&G now 13.5 14 14.5sen also can buy to 20sen
L&G cash much much better than Mkland.
Just All in Sapu as much as you can . Sure 100% can earn money plus high dividend.
L&G I said much buy 13.5sen
04/12/2019 4:26 PM
Sales Ivan9511, palm also very good.
06/12/2019 7:27 PM
Gtrade L&G is a bad developer, they built apartment but put in bad management. Thieves and outsider are free to walk in the apartment under their cronies management. And they fleece the funds paid by residents. Example... They install aircons in the common area. Even guard house also install aircon. And the worst thing they sign Maintainance agreement with aircons supplier for the common area. Normally aircons got 2 years warranty. But the corrupted cronies AGREE TO PAY SERVICE PROVIDERS FOR THE NEWLY INSTALL AIRCON. !!!! AND THE MAINTAINANCE FEES FOR EACH AIRCON =COST OF EACH AIRCON
09/12/2019 11:04 AM
7300 all overhanged ,can rent cheap cheap any where anyplace,lets the landlord think of maintenance n all undefined costs,you only care it is cheap enuff lower than bank rate, n environment good cool no distraction
09/12/2019 11:12 AM
Gtrade I would not recommend buying L&G apartments. L&G build apartment all very crowded. High density. Like staying in HK feeling. They build with intention to control management of building and make continuos money every month from residents. They dont bother about staircase light which are on even during daytime.It cost additional 50k rgt just for mismaged light-on during daytime. Not enough money, they increase maintainance fee. They build with the intention of collecting money without giving you values, floor are sweep once a week. Ceiling are not touch up since handing over keys.Car parks leaking and flooded.
09/12/2019 11:38 AM
Gtrade If you are considering buying aparrment, dont ever buy L&G developer project. Lots of problem. Defects keep coming out before keys handover
More defects appear after warranty period over. Like tiles keep popping out.
11/12/2019 11:39 PM
Gtrade In case you wondering why you should AVOID condo built by L&G/MAYLAND

Annual General Meeting*(AGM)

*Please do our best to attend. It is very, very important as it's only ONCE A YEAR:*
We shall discuss and provide the answers for the following:
1. Why attend the AGM? What is proxy? How can I/we help?....
2. Why must I do during the AGM?
3. *Financial statements / accounts* as at 30th Nov 2019 - what are the" *funny* " figures? What has *gone wrong* ?
4.Why must we ELECT a good, efficient *NEW JMB* (Joint management body) ?
4.What are the *SERIOUS consequences !!!* if Mayland controls the JMB again this year!?
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Thank you.
12/12/2019 10:24 PM
Gtrade You buy Mayland /L&G highrise, you will regret for lige. Control by HK major shareholder.
18/12/2019 7:46 PM
Gtrade 你们看到吗?管理层办公室还在加班,踢我们的PROXY FORM不要给我们的代表参加


L&G/Mayland is very dishonest developer.
18/12/2019 9:40 PM
Gtrade FMT News

Rethinking our affordable housing policy
Jahaziah Lim -December 20, 2019 12:13 PM

In the face of the Malaysian property glut and issues regarding home affordability, it seems that our plastered-on, short-term quick fixes are starting to burst at the seams.

Traditionally, when faced with the problem of low take-up in homeownership, the government will employ two strategies:

Build more affordable homes; and
Loosen lending regulations and encourage mortgage uptake.
This is precisely what the government has done to help address the woes of both the public and property developers. But is it sustainable over the long term?

Bank Negara introduced a RM1 billion home loan scheme earlier this year to help make mortgage repayments easier for first-time buyers. Last year, our housing and local government minister was calling for Bank Negara to extend the mortgage loan tenure to 40 years.

There is also the Home Ownership Campaign 2019, where discounts were given on properties and buyers exempted from stamp duty. The ministry touted the campaign’s success in achieving RM17.66 billion worth of sales for about 28,000 houses.

However, what I see is about RM15 billion worth of debt accumulated among the B40 and M40 groups. Making mortgage financing more accessible might lead to a risk of over-leveraging.

Recently, Bank Negara announced that non-performing loans for residential property-backed mortgages had reached an all-time high since 2011. It was reported that bad loans for residential properties hit RM6.83 billion in October 2019, a 4.76% increase from the month before.

Public Investment Bank said the mortgage portfolio was only RM240 billion in 2011. Currently, it is about RM600 billion, so the hike in non-performing loan figures should not be viewed in isolation or should be downplayed.

I was even more shocked at how quickly we have been accumulating mortgages for the past decade, which is about a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.14% across eight years. Our annual salary increment is not growing at nearly the same amount.
20/12/2019 12:53 PM
Gtrade Avoid L&G/MAYLAND PROPERTIES PROJECT. There was nearly fighting during Mayland built condon AGM this morning, over developer failure to be transparent with their accounts.
20/12/2019 12:56 PM
Gtrade [21/12, 08:29] 昨天我也是第一次见识他们的真面目!太可恨了!为什么我们自己的产业,花这样多钱!还要给他们压迫!连我们说话的权利都没有!还大大声凶我们,我们大声一点就要赶我们出去,要报警!

21/12/2019 2:04 PM
Gtrade Thers is a headline news on L&G/MAYLAND built condo in Nanyang newspaper today. Before you go buying highrise, pls read this news. BECAUSE HOUSING MINISTER BUSY WITH PARTY INFIGHTING, cob (controller of building in Johore) never bother to attend L&G buld condo AGM . So there was chaos in interpretation of STRAT TITLE ACT by the controlling comittee lead by MAYLAND/L&G

Soon people will be fed up with highrise investment . The situation is similar to BN controlled government befor May 2018. They hold the power. They do what they like.

Soon other developers like Mahsing, SPSETIA, KSL wll find their highrise project getting no demand. And they start to blame Housing Minsters enforcement for Zzzzzzzz. And HOUSING ministerstart to blame developers for greedy. And the whole highrise industry will collapse.

Avoid L&G and highrise developers share. Lots of loophole and corruption going on. How much money is collectd from highrise? many billions, sharks and soon monopoly is coming, similar to TNB. Controlled by !MDB kind of operation. Owners pay and pay. The Monopoly will spend and spend ,ignoring the resident voices
22/12/2019 11:24 AM
ivan9511 Why 13.5 ?
What happens
If property counter hot like plantation can LG back to 50sen or not ?
Many people trap at 40sen if I not mistakenl
23/12/2019 6:52 PM
Gtrade L&G reports 20% profit vs revenue. Believable? No. We came to know in particular project, unsold stocks is about 20%, whichbis is their profit Only after selling the 20% unsold unit will the profit comes in. How we know about the unsold 20%units? During the condo management AGM. They have to declare the voting rights of the unsold unit,, which is about 20%.. So qtrly revenue and profit is suspect. I foresee L&G gradually going below 5c.
27/12/2019 10:06 PM
Gtrade My advice to property buyers DONT BUY L&G/Mayland condo. The contractor is half-past-6. My condo fooring pop out suddenly, 12 pieces simultaneous. . Few weeks ago, after 2 year warranty over. I found out, thr contractor use cement to fill the gap between each tile. From my experience with Indonesian contractor who do renovation for me 5 years ago, they use white power which is not as Hard as cement, thus allowing for expansion of tiles. Pariah builder.
30/12/2019 9:12 PM
Gtrade I pity those who buy l&g share at 14c.. All the experienced Indonesian construction workers have left, and gone back to Indonesia to contribute to their country construction boom. Left behind pariah bangla workers and contractors who dont even basic knowldge.
31/12/2019 2:56 PM
Gtrade HERE IS THE TRUTH about L&G people... condo management comittee INTENTIONALLY hold AGM on working day instead of weekend for more resident/owners to attend and voice their complaints. AS a result, ALL the L&G people are voted in to manage the condo.ALL the 7 voted in comittee are staying in KL and other places while the condo is actually in JB. Strata title rules require managemenyt comittee to stay in the condo to serve residents better. Dishonest company. Avoid this company share. IT is going to be the 3c share and taken private.
04/01/2020 9:40 AM
Gtrade More problems in one L&G built condo. Hope potential buy will think twice b4 buying mayland projecta.

14/01/2020 12:05 AM
luckyman https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ta-securities-upgrades-property-sector-overweight
23/01/2020 9:37 PM
luckyman https://themalaysianreserve.com/2019/09/23/housing-loans-hit-rm11b-for-1st-time-since-2014/
23/01/2020 9:37 PM
Jeffreyteck TP12.5 but may take times unless sudden negative factors.
24/01/2020 10:29 AM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-02-07-story-h1483080351.jsp
[转贴] [LAND & GENERAL BHD:由于疲软的房地产市场,被其联营公司Country Garden (M) Properties Sdn Bhd (“CGPM”)的亏损份额抵消] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
07/02/2020 9:15 AM
luckyman https://www.insage.com.my/Upload/Docs/LG/LnG_2019%2011%2026_2QFY20.pdf#view=Full

Fair Value or Target Price: 27 sen

With the OPR dropping to 2.75%, L&G will be able to reduce the interest expenses on its own bank borrowings while it should be able to sell & clear more of its properties since more buyers will find it more affordable on monthly loan installment with the lower interest rates...Hence, better earnings ahead...
09/02/2020 4:09 PM
Gtrade You will regret buying L&G/Mayland apertment. They dont bother at all. Their manager is zzzZ
>>就在昨天凌晨,香港其中一所住宅大厦紧急疏散部分居民!<<(可点击图片 观看视频)

希望能防范于未然,并要求管理层尽快行动,处理有关暂时禁止Homestay与Airbnb出租给 来自或过渡 严重疫区的租客,公寓设施规范消毒等课题...

目前管理层在防疫措施 与 设施的消毒工作,尚未有任何行动...


12/02/2020 6:00 PM
Gtrade You buy L&G /mayland condo. You will regret
This is a vrry irresponsible developer居民福利组成员要求见我们尊贵的总经理以商议、探讨,但被告知有什么事找大厦经理谈,所以在星期一已见了经理,但经理却说要请示KL,並且答应今天会回回复!这里JB 有事不是JMB成员应该探讨的吗?为什么要福利组来做这些?JMB那6位JMB成员到底为我们做了什么?又到底在那里?你们遠在KL, 你们都不住在PARC.
13/02/2020 7:59 PM
Frankie Tay today financial report good or not? anyone can expliant?
24/02/2020 8:07 PM
xcu843 Very bad report
24/02/2020 10:28 PM
ivan9511 No need so focus about results.
Super good results like asiapac talamt also drop to a lowest.
This kind of company like goreng up
Like jcy salute this kind of goreng counter some time bad results is a good with
Remember Tiger when super loss qr come goreng up to 13sen.
Talamt daya asiapac all super net profit but lowest and lowest never end.
So good results not for this LG
Only for good company like harta malakof those follow results move
25/02/2020 3:02 PM
Jeffreyteck Took such a long time from 0.16 till 0.13. Still above own TP of 0.12.
26/02/2020 4:13 PM
Mabel Meow..
04/03/2020 8:27 PM
Gtrade Here is the bad news about L&G/Mayland project. 1. tiles pop up .reason inexperience bangla tile worker. 2. bathroom /toilet floor water dont flow to the drain hole . That shows how stooooopid bangla workers they are emplying and half past 6 qualtity control. Expect Maylank to be blacklisted by most property agents.
09/03/2020 3:52 PM
Gtrade Strata Title still not issued after 4 years handing over of keys.. Mayland managememt may been having touble running the company. Avoid Mayland projects.
The Edge Malaysia

February 29, 2020 16:00 pm +08
This article first appeared in City & Country, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on February 17, 2020 - February 23, 2020.

Chang: The changes led by the new strata regime will, to a certain extent, address the inadequacies and shortcomings faced by the old strata laws and provide adequate protection to homebuyers

Photo by HBA

Tan: But in 2013, parliament passed the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2012 and the Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2013, which made major changes to the laws on the issuance of strata titles

Photo by Sam Fong/The Edge

Click / Tap image to enlarge

Source By Chur Associates | Infographic By The Edge Graphic

Caroline Ho says she cannot stress enough the importance of a strata title. She had no idea how important this document was until she wanted to sell a high-rise unit she had bought in 2010.

She discovered that the developer had not completed the process of transferring the titles to the buyers.

And without the title, she cannot sell as the document is required by the bank for the purchaser to obtain a housing loan.

When she called the developer to ask about the title, she was told the subsidiary company that had developed the project had ceased operations. Ho is now left with no option but to appoint a lawyer to obtain her property title via a liquidator.

She needs to pay the lawyer for this process, which will take one to two years, and continues making the mortgage payments and paying maintenance fees for a property she does not live in anymore.

Issues relating to strata titles are, unfortunately, not uncommon, says National House Buyers’ Association (HBA) honorary secretary-general Datuk Chang Kim Loong, so, the laws that regulate strata titles have been amended.

What is a strata title (or any other property title)?

Chur Associates founder and managing partner Chris Tan explains that a strata title is “a form of property ownership usually issued for properties in a development or scheme where buildings are subdivided into a number of parcels”. These developments come with shared common areas and facilities. The title is very important for a number of reasons, the main one being that it is the ultimate proof of a person’s ownership of a property.

The title states the name of the registered owner of the property, the built-up area, the apportionment of the share in the total aggregate units (for strata title) and the conditions that are related to the property, if any.

The document is important when it comes to obtaining a bank loan or when an owner wants to sell or transfer his/her stratified property.

Without a property title, there would be complications in the sale and purchase of a property, says Tan.

HBA’s Chang says a strata title entitles the owners to form a management corporation to maintain and manage the subdivided building. They can have their own by-laws, usage or restrictions.

“Should the developer go into liquidation or become insolvent before the strata titles have been obtained, the unit owners will have to go to a lot of trouble or might eventually have to pay for the application for the strata titles themselves,” he says.

The laws regulating strata titles

In Malaysia, the main law that regulates the issuance or transfer of strata titles is the Strata Titles Act 1985, says Tan. “But in 2013, parliament passed the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2012 and the Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2013, which made major changes to the laws on the issuance of strata titles.”

The new laws, which came into force on June 1, 2015, are stricter on the process of the segregation of the master title by the developer.

In addition, it mandates that developers must apply for strata titles within three months of the completion of the superstructure and they should be ready upon vacant possession of the property.

However, Tan says, generally, the amended Acts do not apply to projects that obtained advertising permits and developer’s licence before 2015.

Any dispute over housing and/or strata management can be resolved by the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims, Strata Management Tribunal or the courts, subject to their respective jurisdiction limits, he adds.

Amended Acts provide better protection

HBA’s Chang says that the amended Acts, to a certain extent, provide more protection for homebuyers.

Prior to any sale, the developer must obtain all the necessary approvals on land matters. After the conditions are met, a Certificate of Share Unit Formula (Sijil Formula Unit Syer) will be issued by the Director of Lands and Mines.

“This new requirement is in line with the spirit of the Strata Titles Act, which is to achieve issuance of strata titles simultaneously with delivery of vacant possession
09/03/2020 11:34 PM
Gtrade L&G/Mayland developer, WHEN are you going to submit and get the STRATA TITLE for our condo? It has been 4 years since handing over of keys. If you go bankrupt, we owners will be in trouble.
10/03/2020 9:34 AM
Jeffreyteck OMG, dropped 50% from TP of 0.12. Any experts can advise?
23/03/2020 11:47 AM
Jeffreyteck First time downloaded its quarterly financial results. Surprisingly quite similar to Binapuri in terms of profit distribution.

Quarter Dec 2019 profit 1681k, distributable to owners is (negative 637k) as for non controlling is positive 2381k. Non controlling interest always shared biggest profit as like Binapuri which I commented since above MYR1 till now 0.05.

If attend agm, please ask management to give meaningful excuses. And whether non controlling interest contribute to any resources for all projects of L&G or they just share its profit?

Good luck and for trading play only.
23/03/2020 2:19 PM
lsmpro888 Hhhmmmm .., this is for kicking too .. Let’s see will it goes back to 15 cents in near term ..
27/03/2020 12:37 PM
RioStock GO GO GO L&G....
02/04/2020 11:56 AM
lsmpro888 Party time !
06/04/2020 3:27 PM
alexsee oh no.. i thought my sell q at 0.095 which i bought just now at 0.08 going to match before it drop back to 0.085 :(
06/04/2020 3:46 PM
Bursa Christopher Why suddenly up?
07/04/2020 4:57 PM
lsmpro888 where got up ? i see no ups but maintaining the same.
08/04/2020 3:01 PM

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