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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
30-Jul-2012 31-Jul-2012 Others 50 2.060 538,223,080 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jul-2014 17-Jul-2014 Others 5,000 2.060 538,228,080 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jan-2016 05-Jan-2016 Acquisitions 12,010,930 1.290 550,239,010 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2016 26-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 50 2.060 550,239,060 Additional Listing Detail
21-Mar-2017 22-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 50 2.060 550,239,110 Additional Listing Detail
21-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 17,400 2.060 550,256,510 Additional Listing Detail
04-May-2017 05-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,200 2.060 550,259,710 Additional Listing Detail
12-May-2017 15-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,070 2.060 550,262,780 Additional Listing Detail
18-May-2017 19-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 22,610 2.060 550,285,390 Additional Listing Detail
11-Feb-2019 12-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,200,000 0.500 910,169,801 Additional Listing Detail
14-Feb-2019 15-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 8,810,200 0.500 921,586,001 Additional Listing Detail
19-Feb-2019 20-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,266,400 0.500 922,852,401 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2019 22-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 7,336,800 0.500 930,189,201 Additional Listing Detail
26-Feb-2019 27-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 13,943,000 0.500 944,132,201 Additional Listing Detail
28-Feb-2019 01-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,552,640 0.500 948,684,841 Additional Listing Detail
06-Mar-2019 07-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,900,400 0.500 951,585,241 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2019 11-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,626,800 0.500 953,212,041 Additional Listing Detail
12-Mar-2019 13-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 8,094,000 0.500 961,306,041 Additional Listing Detail
14-Mar-2019 15-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 12,728,800 0.500 974,034,841 Additional Listing Detail
20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 326,200 0.500 974,361,041 Additional Listing Detail
26-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,983,000 0.500 977,344,041 Additional Listing Detail
28-Mar-2019 29-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,099,400 0.500 978,443,441 Additional Listing Detail
01-Apr-2019 02-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,250 0.680 978,444,691 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2019 08-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 9,230,000 0.500 987,674,691 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2019 12-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,324,200 0.500 989,998,891 Additional Listing Detail
17-Apr-2019 18-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,795,600 0.500 996,794,491 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2019 22-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 327,000 0.500 997,121,491 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2019 26-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 550,000 0.500 997,671,491 Additional Listing Detail
30-Apr-2019 02-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 583,400 0.500 998,254,891 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2019 10-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 600,000 0.500 998,854,891 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2019 14-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 953,000 0.500 999,807,891 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2019 21-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,943,580 0.500 1,001,751,471 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jun-2019 04-Jun-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 69,000 0.500 1,001,820,471 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jun-2019 12-Jun-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 64,000 0.500 1,001,884,471 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jun-2019 01-Jul-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,800 0.500 1,001,886,271 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jul-2019 22-Jul-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 60,000 0.500 1,001,946,271 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 692,000 0.500 1,002,638,271 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Exercise of Warrants 50 0.680 1,002,638,321 Additional Listing Detail
06-Aug-2019 07-Aug-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 348,600 0.500 1,002,986,921 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2019 29-Aug-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 466,800 0.500 1,003,453,721 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2019 14-Nov-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 36,200 0.500 1,003,489,921 Additional Listing Detail
28-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 605,000 0.500 1,004,094,921 Additional Listing Detail
03-Feb-2020 04-Feb-2020 Conversion of Loan Stocks 16,000 0.500 1,004,110,921 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2020 16-Mar-2020 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,010,700 0.500 1,007,121,621 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2020 17-Mar-2020 Conversion of Loan Stocks 270,000 0.500 1,007,391,621 Additional Listing Detail
29-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Conversion of Loan Stocks 520,000 0.500 1,007,911,621 Additional Listing Detail
04-Aug-2020 05-Aug-2020 Conversion of Loan Stocks 400,000 0.500 1,008,311,621 Additional Listing Detail
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Jeffreyteck Hope is always better then hopeless.
17/05/2020 11:54 AM
FutureGains buy more...some share price wont affected one!..in long run sure win..flour biz..
17/05/2020 11:56 AM
KLCI King Ha, with the “RED” result out, many faces turn “GREEN”
17/05/2020 1:58 PM
escanor999 Can any experience traders here know why prices went up despite the Q1 bad results? So confusing. So should we sell on Monday or not
17/05/2020 6:56 PM
birkincollector tricky.....bad results but news reported now chicken very in demand til price shoot up almost 100%......so let see
17/05/2020 7:55 PM
Pokem0n https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2020/05/15/price-hike-is-no-chicken-feed
17/05/2020 8:16 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-05-17-story-h1507086907.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈Malayan Flour mills bhd (MFlour)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
17/05/2020 9:24 PM
dasm1284 @escanor999 - simple. because stock market looks ahead. higher chicken price boils well for the company's poultry business, flour demand should be high too . QR report is backdated (end Mar 2020)
17/05/2020 11:24 PM
snwong13 .
For those who cannot understand the business impact of covid-19 pandemic, move your savings to FD to earn some interest while maintaining your capital.
Equity markets bounced to report some losses during MCO accept those pandemic driven stocks like Top Glove.
The coming quarters results that count!
Good Luck!
18/05/2020 6:43 AM
Melvin Chang 0.48 fair price to collect
19/05/2020 12:04 PM
Money122 Due to QR loss result..I think the price may continue to go down trend..
19/05/2020 9:22 PM
dusti Check it out @ <45sen
20/05/2020 11:12 AM
Armageddon Mflour look like other goreng going to happen soon! Raya ang pow coming!!!
20/05/2020 4:41 PM
Jumpman i am waiting also
21/05/2020 2:37 PM
Jumpman is it today?
22/05/2020 11:30 AM
gibsontan correction done soon by it will moon again
28/05/2020 3:15 PM
escanor999 no action here at all.
30/05/2020 12:22 PM
ampabella raya over jor no nid to make biscuit but still nid to goreng pisang, how.....tak akan guna starch to goreng , rite
04/06/2020 12:46 PM
rivter last week 0.53 collect abit ~ lotus up many ~this week c mflour rocket
09/06/2020 11:20 AM
Armageddon This is bloody stock, I wouldn't want to touch anymore!
09/06/2020 2:00 PM
FutureGains volume pick up...monitor
10/06/2020 6:45 PM
sengkee This stock always follow MSM.. This time please take the lead.
10/06/2020 8:40 PM
chshzhd anybody 'attend' the agm today?
24/06/2020 1:51 PM
roger3210 sorry to those still holding :D prepare to cut loss
24/06/2020 11:05 PM
Steve Ooi Mflour result drag by its poultry sector.
"Poultry integration segment recorded an operating loss of RM29.2 million in Q1 2020"

21/6-6/7 share movement

What this share price movement tell you?
1. live bird price
2. demand

Q120 loss RM16mil include RM25mil oneoff expenses(impairment,written-off, FV loss), adj PAT is about RM9 mil with average live bird price RM3.94.

Assume flour performance remain the same, with quarter average live bird price RM4.38. Quarter 1 already capitalize about RM230 mil FA into the book, the expansion plan still ongoing.

Q220 result confirm way better than quarter 1, do your own research guys.

Current price is low and can consider to collect and keep for 2-3 years.

06/07/2020 11:20 PM
Bluey In current exciting market, how can you recommend collecting and keep for 2-3 years. You ruin your reputation
08/07/2020 5:01 PM
TakeProfits Walau, Steve Ooi, berapa lots you sudah beli.....simpan 3 tahun jah...kikiki..
09/07/2020 9:37 AM
NInvestor time to buy?
27/07/2020 6:42 PM
thesteward Can start look at this counter
27/07/2020 11:16 PM
NInvestor next res at 0.58
28/07/2020 9:23 AM
Pokem0n what's happening? Qtr report coming out?
28/07/2020 12:44 PM
Sniper86 Rubbish stock ! Held for too long and still sleeping
30/07/2020 12:41 AM
hopestar New plant started, should with business
03/08/2020 10:46 AM
Money122 Wheat price fall
04/08/2020 4:43 AM
hopestar MFM with others business other than flour
04/08/2020 2:09 PM
Joyce8439 Anyone know when is the Q2 results will out?
05/08/2020 7:45 AM
eatsmall Oldman stock..Topglove, karex & Mflour..tis one coming..
05/08/2020 11:34 AM
eatsmall Finally the last Oldman Arshad..stock moving..followsssss..
06/08/2020 10:12 AM
dusti What is the reason for the spike? Will it fizzle out soon?
06/08/2020 10:22 AM
aspenvit Chicken sales up, need MSM to marinate it.
06/08/2020 12:21 PM
lonewolflau why the sudden spike? anyone knows?
06/08/2020 12:33 PM
idunwork Chicken price up. The bio inventory lost last quater will turn into profit this time ?
06/08/2020 12:41 PM
Money122 Usd down=forex gain!:)
06/08/2020 12:59 PM
dusti Chicken laying golden eggs, but still up 21% is excessive; maybe small big shot buying. Will SC check?
06/08/2020 1:00 PM
Money122 Also maybe next QR good result?
06/08/2020 1:00 PM
lonewolflau thx @idunwork
06/08/2020 1:03 PM
Janson King From commodity trading...
06/08/2020 2:33 PM
06/08/2020 5:35 PM
tts752 tomorrow limit up???
06/08/2020 8:39 PM
TerrenceLim A norway foreign fund is launching a takeover at offer price of 1.2
08/08/2020 7:52 PM

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