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21-Feb-2012 22-Feb-2012 Acquisitions 500,207,720 1.420 10,210,331,910 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2012 27-Feb-2012 Acquisitions 23,827,932 1.420 10,234,159,842 Additional Listing Detail
28-Feb-2012 29-Feb-2012 Acquisitions 6,684,986 1.420 10,240,844,828 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2012 05-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 119,401,500 1.420 10,360,246,328 Additional Listing Detail
06-Mar-2012 07-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 10,192,054 1.420 10,370,438,382 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2012 12-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 14,786,953 1.420 10,385,225,335 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2012 14-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 6,714,858 1.420 10,391,940,193 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2012 19-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 6,235,887 1.420 10,398,176,080 Additional Listing Detail
20-Mar-2012 21-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 2,409,957 1.420 10,400,586,037 Additional Listing Detail
23-Mar-2012 26-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 156,160 1.420 10,400,742,197 Additional Listing Detail
29-Mar-2012 30-Mar-2012 Acquisitions 252,031 1.420 10,400,994,228 Additional Listing Detail
03-Apr-2012 04-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 243,323 1.420 10,401,237,551 Additional Listing Detail
09-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 190,026 1.420 10,401,427,577 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2012 16-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 201,950 1.420 10,401,629,527 Additional Listing Detail
20-Apr-2012 23-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 290,944 1.420 10,401,920,471 Additional Listing Detail
23-Apr-2012 24-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 217,561 1.420 10,402,138,032 Additional Listing Detail
27-Apr-2012 30-Apr-2012 Acquisitions 29,331 1.420 10,402,167,363 Additional Listing Detail
30-Apr-2012 02-May-2012 Acquisitions 147,075 1.420 10,402,314,438 Additional Listing Detail
07-May-2012 08-May-2012 Acquisitions 243,504 1.420 10,402,557,942 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2012 14-May-2012 Acquisitions 166,863 1.420 10,402,724,805 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2012 16-May-2012 Acquisitions 27,461 1.420 10,402,752,266 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2012 22-May-2012 Acquisitions 137,134 1.420 10,402,889,400 Additional Listing Detail
25-May-2012 28-May-2012 Acquisitions 67,407 1.420 10,402,956,807 Additional Listing Detail
28-May-2012 29-May-2012 Acquisitions 114,448 1.420 10,403,071,255 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jun-2012 04-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 55,739 1.420 10,403,126,994 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2012 06-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 269,886 1.420 10,403,396,880 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jun-2012 12-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 67,737 1.420 10,403,464,617 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jun-2012 15-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 121,211 1.420 10,403,585,828 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jun-2012 20-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 94,245,843 1.420 10,497,831,671 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jun-2012 26-Jun-2012 Others 7,009,733 1.800 10,525,132,735 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jun-2012 26-Jun-2012 Acquisitions 243,803 1.420 10,525,376,538 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jun-2012 28-Jun-2012 Others 15,126,266 1.800 10,540,502,804 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jul-2012 04-Jul-2012 Others 6,271,865 1.800 10,546,774,669 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2012 10-Jul-2012 Others 6,271,864 1.800 10,553,046,533 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jul-2012 16-Jul-2012 Others 40,582,665 1.800 10,593,629,198 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jul-2012 24-Jul-2012 Others 2,213,599 1.800 10,595,842,797 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jul-2012 31-Jul-2012 Others 12,912,665 1.800 10,608,755,462 Additional Listing Detail
03-Aug-2012 06-Aug-2012 Others 2,582,532 1.800 10,611,337,994 Additional Listing Detail
15-Aug-2012 16-Aug-2012 Others 2,213,599 1.800 10,613,551,593 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2012 06-Sep-2012 Others 3,320,400 1.800 10,616,871,993 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2012 20-Sep-2012 Others 16,601,999 1.800 10,633,473,992 Additional Listing Detail
29-Oct-2012 30-Oct-2012 Others 1,865,393 1.780 10,635,339,385 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2012 07-Nov-2012 Others 373,078 1.780 10,635,712,463 Additional Listing Detail
09-Nov-2012 12-Nov-2012 Others 7,384,720 1.670 10,643,097,183 Additional Listing Detail
26-Nov-2012 28-Nov-2012 Others 19,484,981 1.670 10,662,582,164 Additional Listing Detail
04-Dec-2012 05-Dec-2012 Others 1,988,263 1.670 10,664,570,427 Additional Listing Detail
13-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012 Others 21,075,592 1.670 10,685,646,019 Additional Listing Detail
20-Dec-2012 21-Dec-2012 Others 11,929,580 1.670 10,697,575,599 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2012 Others 11,134,272 1.670 10,708,709,871 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jan-2013 08-Jan-2013 Others 2,385,916 1.670 10,711,095,787 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jan-2013 11-Jan-2013 Others 4,374,179 1.670 10,715,469,966 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jan-2013 22-Jan-2013 Others 18,292,023 1.670 10,733,761,989 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2013 29-Jan-2013 Others 3,976,526 1.670 10,737,738,515 Additional Listing Detail
05-Feb-2013 06-Feb-2013 Others 1,192,958 1.670 10,738,931,473 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2015 25-Feb-2015 Others 2,942,126 1.580 10,741,873,599 Additional Listing Detail
26-Feb-2015 02-Mar-2015 Others 4,623,340 1.580 10,746,496,939 Additional Listing Detail
04-Mar-2015 06-Mar-2015 Others 35,725,820 1.580 10,782,222,759 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2015 11-Mar-2015 Others 11,768,503 1.580 10,793,991,262 Additional Listing Detail
08-Sep-2016 09-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 7,140,947 1.650 10,801,132,209 Additional Listing Detail
09-Sep-2016 13-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 2,778,350 1.650 10,803,910,559 Additional Listing Detail
14-Sep-2016 15-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 29,893,017 1.650 10,833,803,576 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2016 20-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 26,983,692 1.650 10,860,787,268 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2016 22-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 7,111,852 1.650 10,867,899,120 Additional Listing Detail
26-Sep-2016 27-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 17,257,097 1.650 10,885,156,217 Additional Listing Detail
28-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 Acquisitions 1,596,861 1.650 10,886,753,078 Additional Listing Detail
30-Sep-2016 04-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 1,902,837 1.650 10,888,655,915 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2016 06-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 3,758,713 1.650 10,892,414,628 Additional Listing Detail
07-Oct-2016 10-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 3,294,130 1.650 10,895,708,758 Additional Listing Detail
11-Oct-2016 12-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 892,077 1.650 10,896,600,835 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2016 14-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 1,164,047 1.650 10,897,764,882 Additional Listing Detail
17-Oct-2016 18-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 1,926,727 1.650 10,899,691,609 Additional Listing Detail
19-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 373,838 1.650 10,900,065,447 Additional Listing Detail
24-Oct-2016 25-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 1,702,476 1.650 10,901,767,923 Additional Listing Detail
27-Oct-2016 28-Oct-2016 Acquisitions 218,931 1.650 10,901,986,854 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2016 16-Dec-2016 Acquisitions 8,572,575 1.555 10,910,559,429 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jul-2019 18-Jul-2019 Special Issue 31,102,986 1.140 10,941,662,415 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2019 26-Jul-2019 Special Issue 4,944,682 1.140 10,946,607,097 Additional Listing Detail
01-Aug-2019 02-Aug-2019 Special Issue 1,204,688 1.140 10,947,811,785 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2019 09-Aug-2019 Special Issue 1,819,519 1.140 10,949,631,304 Additional Listing Detail
14-Aug-2019 15-Aug-2019 Special Issue 798,912 1.140 10,950,430,216 Additional Listing Detail
19-Aug-2019 20-Aug-2019 Special Issue 1,715,718 1.140 10,952,145,934 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Special Issue 3,555,341 1.140 10,955,701,275 Additional Listing Detail
03-Sep-2019 04-Sep-2019 Special Issue 17,456,575 1.140 10,973,157,850 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2019 11-Sep-2019 Special Issue 16,080,433 1.140 10,989,238,283 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2019 17-Sep-2019 Special Issue 2,154,454 1.140 10,991,392,737 Additional Listing Detail
23-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Special Issue 2,299,537 1.140 10,993,692,274 Additional Listing Detail
26-Sep-2019 27-Sep-2019 Special Issue 1,666,409 1.140 10,995,358,683 Additional Listing Detail
04-Oct-2019 07-Oct-2019 Special Issue 1,575,523 1.140 10,996,934,206 Additional Listing Detail
14-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Special Issue 13,225,079 1.140 11,010,159,285 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2019 17-Oct-2019 Special Issue 186,778 1.140 11,010,346,063 Additional Listing Detail
21-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 Special Issue 6,380 1.140 11,010,352,443 Additional Listing Detail
25-Oct-2019 29-Oct-2019 Special Issue 753,297 1.140 11,011,105,740 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2019 07-Nov-2019 Special Issue 1,735,005 1.100 11,012,840,745 Additional Listing Detail
15-Nov-2019 18-Nov-2019 Special Issue 1,254,311 1.100 11,014,095,056 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2019 26-Nov-2019 Special Issue 1,193,606 1.100 11,015,288,662 Additional Listing Detail
03-Dec-2019 04-Dec-2019 Special Issue 674,261 1.100 11,015,962,923 Additional Listing Detail
11-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 Special Issue 811,040 1.100 11,016,773,963 Additional Listing Detail
19-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019 Special Issue 422,265 1.100 11,017,196,228 Additional Listing Detail
26-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Special Issue 1,029,376 1.100 11,018,225,604 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jan-2020 03-Jan-2020 Special Issue 1,217,159 1.100 11,019,442,763 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2020 10-Jan-2020 Special Issue 440,080 1.100 11,019,882,843 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jan-2020 14-Jan-2020 Special Issue 2,841,161 1.100 11,022,724,004 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jan-2020 21-Jan-2020 Special Issue 38,336 1.100 11,022,762,340 Additional Listing Detail
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Victor Yong :)

For Friday, he said foreign investors snapped up RM17.4 million net of local equities in anticipation of the signing of the US-China phase one trade deal on Wednesday (Jan 15)
13/01/2020 12:41 PM
Good123 just wait for ytl to buyback more patiently :)
13/01/2020 2:33 PM
Good123 mencecah RM1 sesaham minggu ini :) sabarlah
13/01/2020 2:34 PM
Good123 kini ytl disenaraikan di jepun dan Malaysia. saya sarankan ytl juga patut disenaraikan di singapura untuk mendapatkan penilaian saham yang lebih baik
13/01/2020 2:39 PM
Good123 dah naik 1sen sekarang
13/01/2020 2:41 PM
Good123 melebihi rm1 mungkin hari ini boleh berjaya
13/01/2020 2:41 PM
Good123 99.5sen dah
13/01/2020 2:42 PM
Good123 takda halangan untuk ytl menembusi paras harga rm1
13/01/2020 2:43 PM
Good123 tengok trend, dah tahu pasti melebihi rm1 Hari ini
13/01/2020 2:51 PM
Good123 Dalam julat 1.03 - 1.05, jangkaanku. Mungkin melebihinya
13/01/2020 2:52 PM
takashi86 Ows trying to maintain 20 cents price difference between ytl & ytlp

13/01/2020 4:02 PM
Victor Yong riding on share buyback :)

13-Jan-2020 13-Jan-2020 Buyback 500,000 1.000 1.000 View Detail
10-Jan-2020 10-Jan-2020 Buyback 483,000 0.975 0.985 View Detail
09-Jan-2020 09-Jan-2020 Buyback 227,000 0.950 1.010 View Detail
08-Jan-2020 08-Jan-2020 Buyback 290,000 0.925 0.945 View Detail
07-Jan-2020 07-Jan-2020 Buyback 960,000 0.930 0.970 View Detail
06-Jan-2020 06-Jan-2020 Buyback 40,000 0.970 0.975 View Detail
03-Jan-2020 03-Jan-2020 Buyback 190,000 0.995 1.030 View Detail
02-Jan-2020 02-Jan-2020 Buyback 68,100 0.985 1.040 View Detail
31-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019 Buyback 11,380,000 0.950 0.990 View Detail
30-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 Buyback 16,008,100 0.905 1.040 View Detail
30-Dec-2019 30-Dec-2019 Buyback 4,370,000 0.905 0.950 View Detail
27-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Buyback 187,900 0.885 0.895 View Detail
26-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019 Buyback 3,204,000 0.845 0.875 View Detail
24-Dec-2019 24-Dec-2019 Buyback 3,600,000 0.830 0.850 View Detail
23-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 Buyback 8,991,900 0.830 0.895 View Detail
23-Dec-2019 23-Dec-2019 Buyback 2,000,000 0.835 0.840 View Detail
05-Mar-2019 05-Mar-2019 Buyback 1,000 1.030 1.030 View Detail
05-Mar-2019 05-Mar-2019 Buyback 1,000 1.030 1.030 View Detail
30-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Buyback 6,665,600 1.250 1.330 View Detail
30-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Buyback 6,665,600 1.250 1.330 View Detail
03-Aug-2018 03-Aug-2018 Buyback 2,000,000 1.350 1.350 View Detail
02-Aug-2018 02-Aug-2018 Buyback 3,000,000 1.360 1.360 View Detail
01-Aug-2018 01-Aug-2018 Buyback 3,438,000 1.330 1.350 View Detail
31-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2018 Buyback 2,448,000 1.340 1.340 View Detail
30-Jul-2018 03-Aug-2018 Buyback 13,886,000 1.310 1.360
14/01/2020 3:32 PM
Victor Yong major share buyback before CNY is expected :)
14/01/2020 3:33 PM
Victor Yong ytl can do so :)

Expand overseas, PM tells companies in railway sector
January 13, 2020News, Photo Gallery
SERENDAH, Jan 13 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has urged railway companies to export their expertise abroad and look for businesses to better serve the country.

He said the government believes in exporting not only raw materials but also finished goods and expertise.

“We made the decision for an electrified double-track railway because trains previously could not move at high speed as we had only one line. Now we have two lines and I think in ASEAN, Malaysia is the only one that has electrified the rail line. But it is costly, so we’ll have to do it part by part,” he told reporters during his visit to Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) Sdn Bhd’s (DMIA) Serendah railyard today.

Dhaya Maju LTAT Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between DMIA and the Armed Forces Fund Board, is the contractor for the RM4.475 billion Klang Valley Double Track 2 (KVDT2) rehabilitation project.

Dhaya Maju is also the contractor for the RM1.41 billion KVDT1, which involves upgrading the Rawang-Salak Selatan and Sentul-Simpang Batu lines. As at June 30, 80.3 per cent of KVDT1 had been completed, with the project slated to be delivered next year, a slight delay from its earlier target.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government re-negotiated that contract and brought the cost down by 15 per cent to the current price of RM4.475 billion compared with the original RM5.26 billion.

Asked if he was satisfied with the cost saving on the project, he replied: “If we save money but have to import (expertise) from others, there is no use. We need to learn. If we want to learn, we need to pay the cost.

“Initially, it may not be good; but over time, we (local firms) will improve and achieve the same standard as those in developed countries.”

Dr Mahathir also acknowledged Malaysian companies’ efforts in improving their skills in the industry.
14/01/2020 3:48 PM
Victor Yong sebelum madey suggested, ytl dah explored, etc :)

YTL sees rail opportunities in U.K.

YTL Corp Bhd developed the Express Rail Link, which operates the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & klia2) and the city.
By Sharen Kaur - November 21, 2019 @ 5:25pm
KUALA LUMPUR: YTL Corp Bhd, the biggest Malaysian investor in the United Kingdom, plans to foray into the state's rail industry, said executive chairman Tan Sri Francis Yeoh.

Yeoh said the rail sector in the UK is a growing industry and offers a bright future for companies looking for opportunities.

It was reported that the UK rail system contributes £36 billion to the UK economy annually.

Research from Oxford Economics published by the Railway Industry Association (RIA) last year showed that the sector contributed more to the UK than food and beverage, tobacco manufacturing, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Yeoh told the New Straits Times in an interview that YTL was keen to tap investment opportunities in the rail sector there.

But the plan would not be immediate as it wanted to focus on constructing new transport infrastructure for its flagship property development project Brabazon, he added.

YTL Developments UK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of YTL group, is developing Brabazon, a mixed development located at the former Filton airfield in Bristol.

The gross development cost for Brabazon is over £2 billion and will contain 2,675 homes and 25ha employment space, among others.

Yeoh, who recently was awarded the honorary British award of Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE), said YTL Developments would invest over £100 million to develop the infrastructure comprising a new MetroBus, railway station and integrated cycle routes to connect Brabazon to neighbouring and existing networks.

“It's a small project. We are familiar with railway development but we want to experience developing the connectivity between rail and bus with Brabazon and then open our opportunities to look at regulated assets in the rail side in the UK.

“We plan to build a railway station and some railway facilities for people to get to the development. All the bicycle tracks and rails are improvement for Bristol. This will cut down a lot of cars on the road," said Yeoh.

Construction for the transport infrastructure may start next year, said Yeoh, who was conferred the knighthood in October by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution in strengthening UK-Malaysia bilateral relations.

"Rail development is one of the toughest businesses but we have the expertise as we developed the Express Rail Link (ERL) in Malaysia. But building a large scale rail project is different. We have not gone into that field but we will experience it with this small project in Bristol," said Yeoh.

The ERL operates the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services that connect Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and klia2) and the city.

The services were launched in 2002. The non-stop 57-km journey on KLIA Ekspres between KL Sentral and KLIA takes only 28 minutes.

ERL recorded 50 million passengers in 2014, 60 million in 2015, and 75 million in 2016.

It received 95 million passengers last year and welcomed its 100 millionth passenger on July 25 this year.

ERL's on-time performance record is 99.7 per cent with 137 trips daily on non-stop express service, and 100 trips daily on transit service.

"ERL has more than 100 million passengers, currently. It is now attracting around 10 million passengers a year and taking five million cars/bikes of carbon dioxide off the road. It's a great milestone for YTL and this is something we may want to replicate in the UK," said Yeoh.
14/01/2020 3:49 PM
Victor Yong ytl is smart, focus on UK, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore more nowadays , wont be affected much due to the domestic economy
14/01/2020 4:01 PM
Victor Yong buyback continues :p

14-Jan-2020 Insider YTL CORP BHD buyback 500,000 shares from 0.990 to 0.990 on 14-Jan-2020.
14-Jan-2020 Insider YTL CORP BHD buyback 2,000,000 shares from 0.925 to 1.010 on 06-Jan-2020 - 10-Jan-2020.
13-Jan-2020 Insider YTL CORP BHD buyback 500,000 shares from 1.000 to 1.000 on 13-Jan-2020.
10-Jan-2020 Insider YTL CORP BHD buyback 483,000 shares from 0.975 to 0.985 on 10-Jan-2020.
09-Jan-2020 Insider YTL CORP BHD buyback 227,000 shares from 0.950 to 1.010 on 09-Jan-2020.
14/01/2020 9:08 PM
Victor Yong :)

Recent Prices
Date Open Range Close Change Volume
14/01/2020 0.995 0.98 - 1.00 0.99 -0.01 (1.00%) 3,001,900
13/01/2020 0.985 0.975 - 1.00 1.00 +0.015 (1.52%) 3,469,600
10/01/2020 1.01 0.975 - 1.01 0.985 -0.025 (2.48%) 14,337,500
09/01/2020 0.95 0.94 - 1.01 1.01 +0.065 (6.88%) 11,927,800
08/01/2020 0.925 0.92 - 0.945 0.945 +0.005 (0.53%) 4,307,500
07/01/2020 0.97 0.925 - 0.975 0.94 -0.035 (3.59%) 12,465,300
06/01/2020 1.00 0.965 - 1.00 0.975 -0.035 (3.47%) 7,188,600
03/01/2020 1.03 0.995 - 1.03 1.01 -0.02 (1.94%) 7,565,400
02/01/2020 0.98 0.975 - 1.04 1.03 +0.05 (5.10%) 11,219,400
31/12/2019 0.95 0.95 - 0.99 0.98 +0.03 (3.16%) 22,873,000
15/01/2020 10:11 AM
Victor Yong Good news just released

On the HSR, YTL Corp group’s strategy is to propose to the government an alternative HSR model with a potential 30% reduction in the total original construction (civil works) cost of RM45bil.

KUALA LUMPUR: CGS-CIMB Equities Research is cautiously optimistic on YTL Corp’s strategy of making a comeback in the KL-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR) space ahead of the May 2020 deadline of the HSR’s review period.

In its report issued on Wednesday, it said YTL aims to leverage on its ERL (construction, concession and funding) track record should HSR’s tender rounds emerge in 2H20F (best-case scenario).

CGS-CIMB Research raised its target price to RM1.04 from 99 sen (lower 30% RNAV discount) to reflect the recovery of HSR newsflow in 2Q20 but maintain Hold ahead of actual HSR outcome in May.

The key takeaway from YTL Corp’s small group meetings during the research house's recent Malaysia Corporate Day was that it was turning more upbeat on its infrastructure outlook.

The company sees the tail-end of the HSR review period as an opportunity to re-propose to the government a cheaper HSR alternative.

YTL Corp expects stronger earnings contributions from the ongoing Gemas-JB electrified rail double tracking (ERDT) project in the coming quarters.

As for Malayan Cement (77%-owned by YTL Corp), the company targets an earnings turnaround for Malayan Cement within the next 12 to 18 months, driven by cost synergies, recovery in demand and higher ASPs.

On the HSR, the group’s strategy is to propose to the government an alternative HSR model with a potential 30% reduction in the total original construction (civil works) cost of RM45bil.

The group believes its track record in the Express Rail Link (ERL) construction (plus concession ownership) and the ongoing Gemas-JB ERDT should give it an edge.

"At this juncture, we are cautiously optimistic on YTL reviving its sizeable exposure on the HSR project given the highly competitive tender environment. Other risks include a substantial foreign turnkey contractor’s participation, similar to the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project," it said.

For Malayan Cement (77%-owned by YTL Corp), the group remains committed to turning the company around within the nextwithin the next 12 to 18 months.

This will be done in stages, with cost cutting and optimisation initiatives being the first priority, and lowering Malayan Cement’s average cost of RM200/tonne to YTL Cement’s RM160 a tonne average.

The group thinks that further upside from the current average RM200 to RM230/tonne (ex-rebates) would hinge on the delayed cement intensive phase of the ECRL.

"At this juncture we expect limited share price upside potential given the absence of new leads from the government on the HSR project, pending the May 2020 deadline.

"Maintain Hold but raise TP on a narrower RNAV discount of 30% (40% before) on the likelihood of a recovery in HSR newsflow in 2Q20. HSR award is a key upside risk. Downside risk is weaker earnings from other divisions and prolonged losses for Malayan Cement," CGS-CIMB Research said.
15/01/2020 10:33 AM
Victor Yong Ytl also holds more 50% stake in ytlreits, ytl should rebound :)

1QFY20 within expectations
1QFY20 core net profit was in-line. Though at 22%/23% of our/consensus’ full-year estimates, we expect seasonally stronger 2Q and 3Q from its Australian hotels. Our earnings estimates and DDM-TP of MYR1.50 are intact (Ke: 8.6%). YTLREIT remains our top BUY pick for the sector, based on its resilient earnings from master lease assets and strong pipeline of hospitality properties from its parent. CY20E net DPU yield is a decent 5.9%.
15/01/2020 10:43 AM
Victor Yong Possible, the PM, Madey says yes. ERL also during Madey's admin :)

On the HSR, YTL Corp group’s strategy is to propose to the government an alternative HSR model with a potential 30% reduction in the total original construction (civil works) cost of RM45bil.

KUALA LUMPUR: CGS-CIMB Equities Research is cautiously optimistic on YTL Corp’s strategy of making a comeback in the KL-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR) space ahead of the May 2020 deadline of the HSR’s review period.
15/01/2020 11:03 AM
Victor Yong new proposal by YTL for HSR by slashing 30% of RM45bil, highly likely will be approved, dateline in May 2020 is approaching. Otherwise, more compensations will be made to Singapore
15/01/2020 11:06 AM
Victor Yong lower cost, more or less the same HSR to Spore and back to KL, should be agreed and accepted
15/01/2020 11:07 AM
Victor Yong MRT, ECRL, with reduced costs, approved. wont be different for HSR, proposed by YTL
15/01/2020 11:08 AM
Victor Yong ERL constructed by YTL is profitable , not draining the govt coffer. YTL to construct HSR should be the best choice
15/01/2020 11:10 AM
Victor Yong ytl is a local listed-company, if ytl makes money, the corp tax is payable to the malaysian govt also :)
15/01/2020 11:11 AM
Victor Yong ytl will use more local workers and resources to construct the HSR compared to ECRL given to China GLC by Najib's Admin
15/01/2020 11:12 AM
Victor Yong with a cost reduction around 30% proposed by ytl, easier for HSR to breakeven or even make profit, shorter gestation period required
15/01/2020 11:13 AM
Victor Yong Share buyback will intensify in view of HSR, ytl injecting UK hotels into ytlreits, etc
15/01/2020 11:49 AM
Victor Yong YTL Corporation Berhad is a Malaysian infrastructure conglomerate, founded in 1955 by Yeoh Tiong Lay, after whom the group is named. The company has grown from a small construction firm into a global infrastructure company generating over RM18 billion in revenues with over 70 percent coming from overseas. Wikipedia
15/01/2020 1:19 PM
Victor Yong https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ytl-likely-be-winner-if-hsr-project-revived
15/01/2020 1:21 PM
Victor Yong Ytl is listed on bursa and Japan stock exchange. Ytl could spin off its rail-related biz to list in Shanghai also :) surely better valuation.

Technicians perform maintenance work on a pylon adjacent to the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway line in Chuzhou, Anhui province. Photo by Song Weixing / For China Daily

BEIJING: Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co Ltd, the operator of the country's most lucrative rail route, said in a file on Tuesday evening that company shares will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Thursday.

The company submitted its prospectus on Oct 22. Twenty-three days later, on Nov 14, it received IPO approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which set a new record for the shortest waiting period for regulatory approval.

The company will raise funds of 30.63 billion yuan at a net price of 4.88 yuan per share, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway said in a statement filed to the stock exchange on Jan 3. Based on the offer price, the company has a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 23.39 times, breaking the ceiling by a factor of 23 in real terms for the first time in new shares issuance.

According to financial data provider Wind Info, as of Sept 30, the net asset value per share of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway was 3.73 yuan.

With registered capital of 42.82 billion yuan, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co Ltd was founded on Jan 9,2008, and its business covers railway construction, passenger transportation, consultation service, equipment purchase and sales, property management, logistics, storage and parking lots.

China Railway Investment Co Ltd, with 49.76 percent of shares, is the controlling shareholder of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co Ltd.

According to its prospectus, the funds raised from the IPO will be used to acquire a majority 65.08 percent stake in the Anhui branch of the Beijing-Fuzhou High-Speed Railway.

As the operator of the country's most lucrative rail route, the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway reported revenue of 25 billion yuan for the first three quarters of 2019. In 2018, the company registered a net profit of 10.25 billion yuan. - China Daily
15/01/2020 1:45 PM
Victor Yong Ytl is really trying hard to breakthrough penny stock status. Must be above RM1 like Sunway, ijm, etc
15/01/2020 4:26 PM
Victor Yong Shareholders don't mind to receive share dividend e.g. ytl, ytlpower or ytlreits shares. Use the cash to buyback more undervalued ytl shares :)
15/01/2020 4:29 PM
Victor Yong Below rm1, 4sen div, div yield 4%+ higher than FD rates
15/01/2020 4:38 PM
Victor Yong Q4,2019 should a much better result. when HSR starts, can jump 10-20sen. Ytl should be back to rm1.1 to rm1.2 probably
15/01/2020 4:49 PM
Victor Yong There was no share buyback by YTL yesterday, It was supported well. Very likely, an institutional funds either local or overseas is accumulating ytl shares in stages :) If ytl buyback also, it would fly faster :)
16/01/2020 8:43 AM
Victor Yong https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/01/16/ytl-corp-spruces-up-its-infra-outlook
16/01/2020 9:10 AM
Victor Yong Between pos and ytl, juga tunggu announcement, ytl is better, profitable unlike pos with 5 quarterly losses :)
16/01/2020 9:51 AM
Wing23 YTL construction claimed billion ringgit from Government for gemas project, I think will key in this QR or next QR.
16/01/2020 10:22 AM
Wing23 Yeoh family try so hard to buyback lol cash rich ya
16/01/2020 10:24 AM
Victor Yong (吉隆坡15日讯)审查期的隆新高铁下砍成本后重启在望、金马士至新山电动火车(ERDT)项目预计在下个季度贡献强劲盈利,以及马来亚洋灰公司未来1至1年半内有望转盈。杨忠礼机构(YTL,4677,主板公用事业组)基建前景备受看好,惟竞争环境激烈和潜在海外总承包商等问题令分析员谨慎对待。




















16/01/2020 12:24 PM
Victor Yong Share buyback continues :)

Immediate Announcement on Shares Buy Back

Date of buy back 16 Jan 2020
Description of shares purchased Ordinary Shares
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Total number of shares purchased (units) 500,000
Minimum price paid for each share purchased ($$) 0.975
Maximum price paid for each share purchased ($$) 0.975
Total consideration paid ($$) 489,396.50
Number of shares purchased retained in treasury (units) 500,000
Number of shares purchased which are proposed to be cancelled (units)
Cumulative net outstanding treasury shares as at to-date (units) 370,362,418
Adjusted issued capital after cancellation
(no. of shares) (units) 11,022,762,340
Total number of shares purchased and/or held as treasury shares against total number of issued shares of the listed issuer (%) 3.35998
17/01/2020 9:13 AM
Good123 Mcement or lafarge will be turnaround in 2020, share had risen a lot recently. Ytl share price next.

Date Close
16/01/2020 3.47
15/01/2020 3.28
14/01/2020 3.00
13/01/2020 2.98
10/01/2020 3.00
09/01/2020 3.00
08/01/2020 2.95
17/01/2020 10:03 AM
Good123 Share buyback together with someone accumulating continuously plus vmy2020 to boost ytl hotels and resorts, secured 2.5pounds UK project, revival of hsr , etc. No reason ytl share wont rebound strongly
17/01/2020 10:05 AM
Good123 HSR will start whether smaller or larger scale to prevent paying compensation to Singapore continuously
17/01/2020 10:07 AM
Victor Yong As long as confirmed either restart this year or next year, share price will go up. Future value, must confirm restart. Good enough

@Good123 HSR will start whether smaller or larger scale to prevent paying compensation to Singapore continuously
17/01/2020 10:07 AM
17/01/2020 10:44 AM
Victor Yong Cost savings about 30% for HSR suggested by YTL should be acceptable based on the decision on MRT 2.

Major works are expected to be completed in 2022 and MRT2 will become fully operational by 2023," he said at the signing of a supplementary agreement between Mass Rapid Transport Corp Sdn Bhd and MMC Gamuda KVMRT (PDP SSP) Sdn Bhd today.

Today's supplemental agreement is the conclusion of the rationalisation process launched by the government for the project.

This process has yielded savings of RM8.82 billion or 22.4% from the project's original cost.
17/01/2020 11:13 AM
takashi86 Ows 20 cents different between ytl & ytlp...if can get the trend...can play contra make money...
17/01/2020 5:46 PM
Kris Wong Any CNY Ang Pau from Tan Sri FY ?
22/01/2020 10:48 AM



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