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16-Oct-2019 17-Oct-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,457 10.990 253,602,181 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2019 17-Oct-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,420 10.990 253,598,724 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2019 10-Oct-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,481,849 10.990 253,597,304 Additional Listing Detail
04-Oct-2019 07-Oct-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 210,352 10.990 251,115,455 Additional Listing Detail
23-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 11,407 10.990 250,905,103 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jul-2019 04-Jul-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,001 10.990 250,893,696 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jun-2019 28-Jun-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,011 10.990 250,891,695 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jun-2019 21-Jun-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 9,752 10.990 250,887,684 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jun-2019 10-Jun-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 9,100 10.990 250,877,932 Additional Listing Detail
16-May-2019 17-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Notes 1,000 10.990 250,868,832 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2019 09-May-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 9,936 10.990 250,867,832 Additional Listing Detail
08-Apr-2019 09-Apr-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,936 10.990 250,857,896 Additional Listing Detail
26-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 5,418 10.990 250,855,960 Additional Listing Detail
18-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 10,119 10.990 250,850,542 Additional Listing Detail
07-Mar-2019 08-Mar-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 272 10.990 250,840,423 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 37,425 10.990 250,840,151 Additional Listing Detail
31-Jan-2019 04-Feb-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 24,931 10.990 250,802,726 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,557 10.990 250,777,795 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jan-2019 22-Jan-2019 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,729 10.990 250,774,238 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2018 24-Dec-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 21,037 10.990 250,771,509 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2018 10-Dec-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 16,580 10.990 250,750,472 Additional Listing Detail
28-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,549 10.990 250,733,892 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,181 10.990 250,729,343 Additional Listing Detail
05-Nov-2018 07-Nov-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 5,000 10.990 250,728,162 Additional Listing Detail
24-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,190 10.990 250,723,162 Additional Listing Detail
15-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,540 10.990 250,716,972 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2018 15-Oct-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 57,608 10.990 250,710,432 Additional Listing Detail
08-Oct-2018 09-Oct-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 647,785 10.990 250,652,824 Additional Listing Detail
28-Sep-2018 01-Oct-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 102,179 10.990 250,005,039 Additional Listing Detail
25-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 28,861 10.990 249,902,860 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2018 21-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 25,892 10.990 249,873,999 Additional Listing Detail
07-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 113,074 10.990 249,848,107 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 35,377 10.990 249,735,033 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2018 09-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,002 10.990 249,699,656 Additional Listing Detail
01-Aug-2018 02-Aug-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 181 10.990 249,696,654 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jul-2018 19-Jul-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 9,504 10.990 249,696,473 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2018 06-Jul-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,111 10.990 249,686,969 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,374 10.990 249,682,858 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jun-2018 21-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 270,871 10.990 249,680,484 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2018 14-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 65,382 10.990 249,409,613 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jun-2018 08-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 95,282 10.990 249,344,231 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2018 06-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 22,578 10.990 249,248,949 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jun-2018 05-Jun-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 26,667 10.990 249,226,371 Additional Listing Detail
23-May-2018 24-May-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 49,486 10.990 249,199,704 Additional Listing Detail
16-May-2018 17-May-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 28,114 10.990 249,150,218 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2018 04-May-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 357,673 10.990 249,122,104 Additional Listing Detail
27-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 7,506 10.990 248,764,431 Additional Listing Detail
11-Apr-2018 12-Apr-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,942 10.990 248,756,925 Additional Listing Detail
23-Mar-2018 26-Mar-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 235,757 10.990 248,753,983 Additional Listing Detail
15-Mar-2018 16-Mar-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,364 10.990 248,518,226 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2018 09-Mar-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 64,745 10.990 248,513,862 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2018 22-Feb-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 5,200 10.990 248,449,117 Additional Listing Detail
15-Feb-2018 19-Feb-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,000 10.990 248,443,917 Additional Listing Detail
06-Feb-2018 07-Feb-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 12,000 10.990 248,439,917 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jan-2018 02-Feb-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 62,092 10.990 248,427,917 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jan-2018 24-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 10,573 10.990 248,365,825 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jan-2018 17-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 395,521 10.990 248,355,252 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2018 12-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 106,376 10.990 247,959,731 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jan-2018 08-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 200 10.990 247,853,355 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jan-2018 04-Jan-2018 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,856 10.990 247,853,155 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2017 22-Dec-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 47,039 10.990 247,849,299 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2017 15-Dec-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 62,901 10.990 247,802,260 Additional Listing Detail
30-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 19,329 10.990 247,739,359 Additional Listing Detail
23-Nov-2017 24-Nov-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 16,567 10.990 247,720,030 Additional Listing Detail
17-Nov-2017 20-Nov-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 246,804 10.990 247,703,463 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2017 14-Nov-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 75,245 10.990 247,456,659 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2017 07-Nov-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 128,340 10.990 247,381,414 Additional Listing Detail
27-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 93,808 10.990 247,253,074 Additional Listing Detail
19-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 15,375 10.990 247,159,266 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 22,036 10.990 247,143,891 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 29,014,613 10.990 247,121,855 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2017 13-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,150,631 10.990 218,107,242 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2017 10-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 924,122 10.990 216,956,611 Additional Listing Detail
04-Oct-2017 04-Oct-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 32,489 10.990 216,032,489 Additional Listing Detail
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  7 people like this.
pang72 No wonder earn more money... Don't want to pay tax...

1st company sue by PH
09/07/2019 7:01 PM
Trouble Huat haha. tmr will be some selldown. grab while u can
09/07/2019 8:57 PM
Nicholasming91 Ggg limit down
09/07/2019 9:14 PM
pineapple8888 http://dlvr.it/R853L8
10/07/2019 1:21 AM
RainT PH government no money

need find money
10/07/2019 12:08 PM
chl1989 buy more
10/07/2019 1:14 PM
paperplane Hehe. Knock knock. Bayar tax ya
10/07/2019 8:09 PM
VSLSB Fundamentally one of the better non bank institution with low default rate. I dont think tax claim from government will be of substantial impact to its business.
10/07/2019 9:22 PM
remus Huh today plunge 1.45%, huge sell volume. What is the bad news ?
01/08/2019 1:04 PM
VSLSB remus: As long as fundamentals are intact, it shouldn't be an issue. Price will always fluctuate.
02/08/2019 12:52 AM
chl1989 safe heaven
06/08/2019 12:17 AM
chl1989 sma200 broken :(
15/08/2019 2:33 PM
eskay67 Quote from Kenanga research update on 28 June : “While the group may continue to grow its market share, we believe it would come at a necessary enlarged cost of credit.” I believe this is not a conservative view, instead it is a realistic expectation under current market environment ...
22/08/2019 1:18 PM
chl1989 back to 14 :)
27/08/2019 10:54 AM
VSLSB eskay67: Although that is true, do not forget that Aeon Credit intends to move up market (i.e. M40) which usually translates to higher loan value and corresponding interest.
27/08/2019 11:42 AM
chl1989 dropping everyday. what is wrong?
29/08/2019 11:12 AM
gongkia are u worry :)
30/08/2019 10:22 AM
oldfox99 any impairment loss to declare for aeon credit this year ?? did they provision the tax penalty in their account ?? MRFS change any impact to them ???
06/09/2019 1:54 PM
chl1989 sad case. gone case. drop everyday haha
06/09/2019 2:50 PM
eskay67 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/6293193
26/09/2019 5:23 PM
chl1989 gone case
26/09/2019 5:24 PM
chl1989 back to rm8 :)
26/09/2019 5:35 PM
Chin Leong MFRS really big impact to them
26/09/2019 6:02 PM
chl1989 ham 7 ad
26/09/2019 7:01 PM
Ricky Yeo Some context on MFRS9 - https://www.pwc.com/my/en/assets/publications/alert123-mfrs9.pdf

"One of the main criticism on the MFRS 139's impairment model is the delay in recognition of credit losses due to the need for a loss event to occur. Understandably, the biggest change under MFRS 9 would be, impairment based on expected credit losses even if a loss event has not occurred. This would result in entities needing to book in day 1 credit losses."
27/09/2019 9:58 AM
chl1989 coming 2 qrs will be worse yoy. wait for it to dip below rm10
27/09/2019 1:34 PM
brushsoo further add on to the note below, the additional expected credit loss is a non-cash items, and only impact PL.

"One of the main criticism on the MFRS 139's impairment model is the delay in recognition of credit losses due to the need for a loss event to occur. Understandably, the biggest change under MFRS 9 would be, impairment based on expected credit losses even if a loss event has not occurred. This would result in entities needing to book in day 1 credit losses."
27/09/2019 4:40 PM
SilverHawk After panic dumper finish, it will bounce back no worry.
27/09/2019 5:59 PM
SilverHawk If now still at MFRS 139, this QR is at 110M profit vs MFRS9 49M. Everything still remains good, revenue historical high. Only different is presentation style with different accounting method.
27/09/2019 6:01 PM
hellbender YES...accounting treatment didnt impact cashflow. Revenue is still strong... dont understand the selloff.
30/09/2019 5:15 PM
chl1989 but the question is, when will the profit be back to 80-90mil?
01/10/2019 12:35 PM
chl1989 if it cant go back to the profit level, the selloff is justified
01/10/2019 12:36 PM
chl1989 n it should drop more
01/10/2019 12:36 PM
SilverHawk Flying or crying now @_@
01/10/2019 3:55 PM
chl1989 no one can answer this question: will the profit go back to 80mil since this is just change of accounting standard. if the ans is yes, buy more. if the ans is no, bye
01/10/2019 4:00 PM
Guilefighter silverhawk already answer your (chl1989) question, just that you still dun understand what he meant..
01/10/2019 6:41 PM
SilverHawk FRYING now 。。。 @.@
02/10/2019 9:29 AM
ironcrowz Share by @Ricky Yeo https://www.pwc.com/my/en/assets/publications/alert123-mfrs9.pdf

"One of the main criticism on the MFRS 139's impairment model is the delay in recognition of credit losses due to the need for a loss event to occur. Understandably, the biggest change under MFRS 9 would be, impairment based on expected credit losses even if a loss event has not occurred. This would result in entities needing to book in day 1 credit losses."

Old MFRS 139, recognise credit loss when it happens
New MFRS 9, recognise credit loss when it is "expected" to happen (it is subjective to management judgement, everything's kinda like a guessing game here)

In AEONCR case, we all know they do consumer and motor financing, which usually have a higher interest rate but also a higher default rate, hence a higher "expectation" in credit losses, so they recognise these losses early.

They'll know if they over- or under- provided for these provisions when they collect more (or less) repayment than they initially expected. If more, they'll reverse out these provisions eventually, if less they'll provide even more.

Assuming no major changes in business model, AEONCR's cashflow will remain unnchanged.

So now, do you want them to "expect" low credit losses eventhough they are in a high interest high default business, just to make you feel good with high short-term profit or; do you want them to "expect" high credit losses, prudently reflecting the business nature but it'll lead to lower short-term profit?
02/10/2019 10:53 AM
SilverHawk Fair value at 16 to 17.30 。。。 Lets see how it move 。。。
02/10/2019 10:30 PM
KennyChua limit down kah...gg
04/10/2019 4:55 PM
KennyChua put fd http://www.leesharing.com/october-fixed-deposit-promotion/
04/10/2019 4:55 PM
StockStalker Net asset value per share has declined to RM5.98 from RM6.37 which is mainly due to the opening downward adjustment to retained earnings of RM344.53 million arising from the adoption of MFRS 9 and a higher capital base from ICULS conversion. Similarly, earnings per share were accordingly impacted, and declined to 133.55 sen from 139.23 sen, notwithstanding a recorded increase in earnings for the year.
04/10/2019 11:07 PM
StockStalker There could be fundamental dilutive risks with an estimated balance of 49.1 million units of ICULS remaining, which if fully converted could expand its share base by a further 4%.
04/10/2019 11:36 PM
StockStalker RM12 is better.
05/10/2019 12:00 AM
ironcrowz @StockStalker

How to get 4%? My calculation up to FY2019 is only another 1.8% to be diluted, which is 4,468,311 shares.

How to get RM12? A 1.8% or even 4% dilution only affect the PE ratio minimally, so how do u justify?
08/10/2019 11:03 AM
SilverHawk Dilution is nearing insignificant. If there is good dilution, u will see it directly at diluted eps. Company had clearly stated that dilution is nearing zero, so had totally ignored the diluted eps column.
08/10/2019 1:44 PM
StockStalker @ ironcrowz

Good pick up, thanks.
Dilution should be 1.8% instead of 4% as per Kenanga Research - 27 Sept 2019.
Perhaps Kenanga can explain how they got the 4%.

11/10/2019 11:48 AM
StockStalker @ ironcrowz

PBV of 2.0x on BVPS of RM5.98 = RM12
11/10/2019 1:18 PM
SilverHawk Flying 。。。
11/10/2019 2:48 PM
ironcrowz @ StockStalker

Why use BV? Also why use 2 times BV?

Good companies i always buy based on earnings
16/10/2019 11:44 AM


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