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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
20-Nov-2020 23-Nov-2020 Special Issue 2,675,500 0.807 2,063,846,364 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2020 14-Oct-2020 Others 5,783,864 0.668 2,061,170,864 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2020 16-Mar-2020 Special Issue 3,634,200 1.015 2,055,387,000 Additional Listing Detail
03-Sep-2019 04-Sep-2019 Special Issue 3,663,100 1.063 2,051,752,800 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2018 14-Sep-2018 Special Issue 3,541,200 1.213 2,044,176,200 Additional Listing Detail
21-Mar-2018 22-Mar-2018 Special Issue 2,882,300 1.603 2,040,635,000 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2017 14-Sep-2017 Special Issue 3,117,500 1.532 2,037,752,700 Additional Listing Detail
07-Mar-2017 08-Mar-2017 Special Issue 3,177,100 1.541 2,034,635,200 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2016 06-Sep-2016 Special Issue 3,143,200 1.553 2,031,458,100 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2016 20-Apr-2016 Special Issue 3,515,700 1.371 2,028,314,900 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2015 01-Sep-2015 Special Issue 3,106,300 1.375 2,024,799,200 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2015 10-Jul-2015 Private Placement 239,635,600 1.320 2,018,611,200 Additional Listing Detail
08-Sep-2014 09-Sep-2014 Special Issue 2,905,000 1.479 1,778,975,600 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2014 14-Mar-2014 Special Issue 3,250,700 1.361 1,776,070,600 Additional Listing Detail
12-Nov-2013 13-Nov-2013 Special Issue 2,428,000 1.754 1,772,819,900 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2013 09-May-2013 Special Issue 2,353,700 1.737 1,770,391,900 Additional Listing Detail
06-Sep-2012 07-Sep-2012 Special Issue 2,539,800 1.604 1,768,038,200 Additional Listing Detail
29-May-2012 30-May-2012 Special Issue 2,846,300 1.416 1,765,498,400 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2011 06-Dec-2011 Special Issue 3,068,200 1.200 1,762,652,100 Additional Listing Detail
11-Nov-2011 14-Nov-2011 Private Placement 261,904,000 1.260 1,759,583,900 Additional Listing Detail
11-Aug-2011 12-Aug-2011 Special Issue 2,820,900 1.108 1,497,679,900 Additional Listing Detail
25-Mar-2011 28-Mar-2011 Private Placement 144,859,000 1.060 1,494,859,000 Additional Listing Detail
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goldenhope KWAP keep buying
29/09/2019 8:05 AM
shpg22 PATMI (Excl fair value gain) has been dropping year after year. Quite a lousy management amonng the retail reit. Div payout is expected to the reduce significantly.
25/10/2019 12:09 PM
ahteck85 Malaysia retail is never easy, considering the large supply in the market. CMMT is interesting coz of its Penang asset.
01/11/2019 3:26 PM
nguong02 JUMPA is very consistent in its promotion and marketing. should be okay in long term
11/12/2019 9:39 AM
firehawk Tomorrow will punch through 1.00?
22/01/2020 8:14 PM
Sioksiok19 Good price to buy for dividend (3 sen declared - annualised 6%). Buy before 6/2 (ex-date) - see announcement in Bursa.
03/02/2020 2:35 PM
Sioksiok19 EPF acquired 4.5 mil shares in CMMT !
03/02/2020 8:27 PM
Sioksiok19 Buy buy buy. Last day to buy to be entitled for the dividend. Ex div tomorrow.
05/02/2020 4:30 PM
Pilotfish Today 0.970 mmmmm
06/02/2020 9:45 AM
Sioksiok19 Grossly undervalued stock. NTA is at RM1.24 and dividend yield more than 6 % !
06/02/2020 11:50 AM
Kenokaya if i buy cmmt today 06.02.20 (exdate) am i still entitled for the dividend? tq
06/02/2020 1:05 PM
cklam81 @Kenokaya

06/02/2020 1:11 PM
RainT need buy before 06 Feb
06/02/2020 2:19 PM
RainT the gem is Penang Gurney Plaza

others properties under CMMT is useless
06/02/2020 2:37 PM
RainT ask people

if you, will u visit JUMPA?

or visit Pavilion,
Mid valley mega mall ?

which mall for interesting to go in KL?
06/02/2020 2:40 PM
RainT Penang people have no choice

among good quality malls is Gurney Plaza mall only

Queensbay and Gurney Paragon also not bad

others than that is low class & cheap mall visit by foreign labours in Penang island

so Gurney plaza can say monopoly the only high class mall in penang

so now u all know why Gurney plaza under CMMT is so good ......
06/02/2020 2:43 PM
RainT if in KL , jumpa cannot fight la
06/02/2020 2:43 PM
RainT its funny to see some said share price is below NTA so is undervalue

really is junior thinking

have many counters also share price below NTA & do u know why? IS BECAUSE THE COMPANY PROSPECT IS BAD

dont simply think below NTA then is undervalue ....not as simple as that
06/02/2020 2:45 PM
RainT if as simple as that then i buy all companies that under NTA

then i become rich already ????
06/02/2020 2:45 PM
RainT other REIT that own good quality mall :

IGBREIT : MID VALLEY mega mall & the gardens


KLCC : KLCC mall

these are high quality malls
06/02/2020 2:48 PM
Kenokaya thank you cklam81. Will buy alaqar first.
06/02/2020 2:51 PM
Valgrovest EPF kept accumulating
11/02/2020 5:42 PM
CUTLOST affected by covid-19 last few week,will recover back to 1.40
18/02/2020 12:47 AM
RainT 50% of rental income is frm Gurney Plaza
19/02/2020 8:34 PM
investory321 Rm1.40??? Really??? it will take forever
03/03/2020 11:59 AM
AllanTingAS I sold for tiny profit margin. Waiting for another price adjustment to enter as market is volatile!
03/03/2020 10:17 PM
PN2020 can anyone confirm tomorrow agm at pullman hotel still on or postpone?
01/04/2020 9:46 AM
PN2020 ???
01/04/2020 9:52 AM
ValueMe How is CMMT mitigating the risk of closing down their business ?
What is the management next course of action?
Expanding Capitastar options into other relevent online marketing options?
Would CMMT buy back shares or just become the next Parkson?
18/04/2020 9:55 AM
reitpulse Gurney Plaza Mall is definitely CMMT REIT crown jewel. It makes us the biggest portion in terms of net lettable area as compared to other properties and have been the key contributor for CMMT performance. The properties in the Klang Valley region, on the other hand, are already facing intense pressure with a declining average rental from tenants. With the uncertainty of the restricted movement order and COVID-19 development in Malaysia, it may further affect CMMT REIT adversely.

26/04/2020 9:41 PM
ValueMe Time to short sell CMMT soon...
28/04/2020 8:52 AM
iHunter News release : CMMT commits up to RM35.0 million of rental relief to support affected tenants.

Their normal earning is RM72 million. So, 72 - 35 = 37 million. Their operations cost is normally 26 Millions and buffer 10%, 2.6 million. So, 37 - 28.6 = 8.4 millions. Approximately 88% drop in earning. This is not detailed calculation and it could be worst. If they include Singapore to support affected tenants/business which not yet announce, probably worst and it could be negative income this year.

The announcement was no yet priced in the current price. I wonder how market will react next week.
But the good thing is, they announce it to the public which allow investor to reevaluate their strategy. I respect that and the right thing to do.

Good luck to all of us.
01/05/2020 5:07 PM
Kalaihselvan Krishnan Going to be tough quarter
16/07/2020 1:14 PM
Investman1981 Agreed. I check sg wang plaza too many empty left
16/07/2020 8:24 PM
B A CMMT next support RM0.52
21/07/2020 4:23 PM
nguong02 Wow. I was going to add on
22/07/2020 5:00 AM
meerkat0078 The current price has factored in the 2nd Q of 2020's perfromance. Note the following:

Lower Financial Results Mainly due to:
▪significant rental waivers and rebates given to non essential services tenants during the various phases of the Movement Control Order(MCO)
▪lower carpark and marcom income as well as lower recovery of utilities during the various phases of the MCO and
▪lower occupancies amidst the uncertainties arising from the pandemic and economic recovery post-MCO

Now that business has almost returned to normal, the results will definitely be better for Q3.
24/07/2020 9:57 AM
Kalaihselvan Krishnan However if we see their previous quarters, this stock has not been delivering good results. Downward earnings.
25/07/2020 3:56 PM
000698 Today buy and will flying soon.
05/08/2020 7:43 PM
99newbie why keep drop
25/09/2020 4:00 PM
ivanlau under current covid 19 sentiment, believe it will further drop to 55 cents...... now closing 0.635
11/10/2020 10:18 PM
investfuture CMMT(5180.KLSE)3Q2020 quarter report analysis


31/10/2020 5:09 PM
jeremy_wong CMCO in Penang Queensbay Mall. CMMT own 90% of it
04/11/2020 7:50 PM
UncleFollower Aijor since when CMMT owns Queensbay Mall...read up before talk can
07/11/2020 2:48 AM
Investman1981 Keep down price. Are mall empty now since CMCO??
11/11/2020 10:41 PM
ngothyeaun just hold.
13/11/2020 8:40 PM
UncleFollower Disagree. It's the time to buy

ngothyeaun just hold.
13/11/2020 8:40 PM
16/11/2020 3:13 PM
99newbie reit still cheap now, is time to average the price
18/11/2020 11:27 AM
loss9696 Hi everyone, can go in now? I bought above 1 previously.
19/11/2020 11:19 PM
UncleFollower Hi loss, nice name. If you bought above 1 why are you worried now. Have a look at the top shareholders concentration. Have a thought about the things CMMT owns.

The low gearing is underrated.

The discount from NAV is shocking. This cannot last. Wait till Covid over will be too late

Mathematically u r lucky to have held still from $1, in a way. Because ur average down now would be very easy. Always look at the bright side bro
24/11/2020 11:37 PM

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