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Mabel PUTRAJAYA (Jan 5): The palm oil industry, being the fourth largest contributor to the Malaysian economy, is expected to maintain its 2021 performance in 2022, backed by various marketing and promotional efforts to be conducted by the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities and its agencies.

As of November 2021, total exports of Malaysian palm oil and its derivatives stood at 22.14 million tonnes and due to high palm oil prices, total revenue increased by 40% to RM91.4 billion as compared to 2020. This morning Mabel's collection of BioFuel Plantation continue to rise..

Haha our Ang Pow is cumming...

To Our Success !

Meow Meow Meow
06/01/2022 10:12 AM
strattegist Kebun sawit menghijau
06/01/2022 10:35 AM
stockraider U see why plantation is the best safe value investment leh ?!

Why leh ??

1. It is traded at attractive price with big discount & margin of safety mah!

2. Plantation land are good hedge of inflation loh!

3. Plantation generate good steady cash flow & earned big forex for the country mah!

4. Plantation give food to the people, thus is a very essential economic sector loh!

5. Plantation are not affected by the risk of very fast technology changes that will make the industry obsolete and disrupt the prospect...This plantaion industry & predictable mah!

6. If u believe long term sustainable cash generating business go for plantation loh!
06/01/2022 10:56 AM

Posted by NorazmiAR > Jan 6, 2022 1:38 PM | Report Abuse

Why investors cannot see the bumper profit for BPlant at current high CPO price RM5300/tonne at almost all time high? Share price is not reflecting the fundamental of this company potential!!

Why Investors cannot see?


Constant harping by Many Dirty IB Bankers (Hong Leong Research excepted as it is speaking the truth. HL Research is for palm oil)

Many Dirty IB Bankers issued too many Palm oil call warrants to BET AGAINST PALM OIL

As such they kept downgrading and downgrading palm oil all throughout 2021

In cahoot with these Dirty IB Bankers the Media published lopsided projections that Cpo prices cannot sustain and will fall back (Which is now found to be A BIG LIE)

And use the fake ESG concern against palm oil

So the Masses are drugged by Dirty Ib Bankers & Dirty Media to avoid palm oil shares

This is why the General Market players always ended up losing money in the Stock market year after year (90% of Punters/Traders confirmed losing money. Blame the Dity IB Bankers & the Dirty Media)

Now you must do independent study if you want to succeed and do well in the Stock market as only the rare 10% will eventually make money
06/01/2022 1:53 PM
strattegist flat 1.50
06/01/2022 5:27 PM
calvintaneng FGV after refining is Cooking oil now selling at Rm7.90 per kg
Highest ever in its history

Tell Felda to give higher offer for FGV


07/01/2022 2:02 PM
strattegist red 1.49
07/01/2022 5:39 PM
calvintaneng Saji 1kg cooking oil at Rm7.90 out of stock in Mydin?

Really or a joke?
10/01/2022 8:30 AM
strattegist flat 1.49
10/01/2022 5:13 PM
EVO118 2 weeks to a new takeover offer? 1 and 2 Feb are pubic holidays, presume announcement will be at least before Chinese New Year's eve of 31/1.
11/01/2022 3:50 PM
strattegist flat 1.49
11/01/2022 5:58 PM
strattegist closed flat 1.49
12/01/2022 5:13 PM
EVO118 Felda has got a dateline. They can't pretend that it is not there. Sooner or later they are going to have to show their hand, unless Bursa is willing to turn a blind eye on some superior's instruction. Well this is Malaysia anything is possible! That's a fact.
12/01/2022 8:57 PM
strattegist flat 1.49
13/01/2022 7:39 PM
vjn86 If felda decided to cancel privatisation, will the price go down? I mean they have to dispose to fulfill public spread right ?
13/01/2022 11:45 PM
EVO118 They are holding closed to 80%. To get the public spread right, they would have to off-load millions.
14/01/2022 5:53 AM
EVO118 Instead of worrying about AA and Serbadk, Bursa should pay more attention to FGV and start thinking of suspending them from listing.
14/01/2022 9:13 AM
strattegist closed flat 1.49
14/01/2022 5:25 PM
kuknus Latest palm oil ads on: https://kuknus.com
17/01/2022 2:32 PM
calvintaneng when time is ripe SC should not extend again for Felda

If Felda cannot offer a higher and more honest price then should give Syed Moktar a chance

Syed Moktar gave a generous offer for Mmc Corp at Rm2.00 when it was Rm1.20

So just be honest and transparent lah
17/01/2022 4:42 PM
strattegist flat 1.49
17/01/2022 5:17 PM
calvintaneng Very happy morning all

Here is safety from the turmoil of Tech sell down
19/01/2022 8:15 AM
strattegist good... safe and sound
19/01/2022 8:50 AM
strattegist green 1.50
19/01/2022 5:20 PM
Mabel Nice and lovely...

Meow Meow Meow
19/01/2022 7:08 PM
strattegist red 1.49
20/01/2022 8:01 PM
EVO118 FGV concludes signing of collective agreements with 12 workers' union for 2022-2024.
The CEO has got the wrong priorities. Is he going to consider a joint venture with Syed Moktar, or allow another takeover by Felda? No point in looking into 2024, the present Directors will all be replaced if any of the two happen.
21/01/2022 5:27 AM
EVO118 Bursa is a joke! Felda is still buying now on 79.85%
21/01/2022 8:51 AM
EVO118 6 months high is 1.55. Need to do better than that.
21/01/2022 11:29 AM
strattegist kebun sawit menghijau
21/01/2022 11:31 AM
Benhobenhobenho What a long wait for privatisation, is the date next month
21/01/2022 4:34 PM
Mabel The FCPO price extended its rally, reinforcing our view of a base building mode. With momentum
staying elevated, the FCPO price could challenge its Jan 2022 high of MYR5,228 soon. Note that MACD and RSI indicators also show positive readings.

S1: MYR4,800 S2: MYR4,650 R1: MYR5,220 R2: MYR5,400

MOMENTUM - Mixed signal

TREND - LT uptrend in place

21/01/2022 4:49 PM
strattegist closed green 1.52
21/01/2022 5:17 PM
calvintaneng On Friday Fcpo 2022 closed at Rm5,504 per Metric Ton at new world record for the first time

When Fgv was listed at Rm4.00 to Rm4.50 during Ipo time palm oil was still much cheaper

We have come a long way since then and Fgv price should have gone much higher if Syed Moktar is allowed to bid for Fgv in a more fair and transparent manner
24/01/2022 8:44 AM
EVO118 Felda in control. FCPO has got nothing to do with the share price! Only thing that will move the share price is an announcement of another takeover bid, preferably with Syed Moktar involved.
24/01/2022 9:24 AM
EVO118 With the current Board of Directors, Syed Moktar will never get a look in. Felda's settlers need to look seriously at replacing all the Directors if they want FGV to be great again.
24/01/2022 9:31 AM
strattegist kebun sawit menghijau
24/01/2022 10:16 AM
8888_ FGV Holdings set for uptrend rebound, says RHB Retail Research
24/01/2022 10:46 AM
24/01/2022 11:45 AM
EVO118 Don't listen to all those research uptrend rubbish. It is only Felda. If they want it up it will be up. there is no uptrend just some short term manipulation for them to turnover some profit for their interest costs.
24/01/2022 12:07 PM
EVO118 79.85% on the 14/1, now 79..87% on 20/1. So where is Bursa? Stop this market manipulation.
24/01/2022 2:02 PM
strattegist flat 1.52
24/01/2022 5:23 PM
strattegist red 1.49
25/01/2022 6:06 PM
EVO118 Your average investor is not going to get rich with that up and down 0,03 movement. Is MACC going to investigate Bursa? Is somebody on the TAKE here for giving Felda a year's extension that is not producing the required results? If anything the % are even worst than after the initial takeover %.
26/01/2022 9:52 AM
strattegist green 1.50
26/01/2022 5:27 PM
DickyMe All systems corrupted and lazy to core.
How can you expect integrity.
27/01/2022 12:23 PM
EVO118 Of course it is corrupt when you got a corrupt commissioner running MACC. The account is yours and you are operating it which means that you already in breach of public service rules. If it is not your shares then it is illegal to operate it under a proxy. Wonder how much he paid for his Tan Sri!
Tan Sri my foot. Doesn't deserve to be known as a Tan Sri.
27/01/2022 1:35 PM
EVO118 MACC is nice powerful name but can only blow air. Since the last election I am still waiting for at least one thief to be put into jail. I don't mind waiting for the big sharks but at least put some of these FGV crooks into jail.
27/01/2022 1:49 PM
strattegist flat 1.50
27/01/2022 5:12 PM
Mabel Palm Oil Futures - (FCPOc1)

5,506.00 +52.00 (+0.95%)

Nice and lovely...

27/01/2022 9:08 PM

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