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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
17-Aug-2018 20-Aug-2018 Rights Issue 3,071,191,893 0.050 4,094,922,524 Additional Listing Detail
09-Feb-2018 12-Feb-2018 Private Placement 17,320,000 0.240 1,023,730,631 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2018 16-Jan-2018 Private Placement 46,940,000 0.250 1,006,410,631 Additional Listing Detail
11-Dec-2017 12-Dec-2017 Private Placement 28,800,000 0.225 959,470,631 Additional Listing Detail
31-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Special Issue 211,871,030 0.100 930,670,631 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 Private Placement 20,203,342 0.100 718,799,601 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2016 29-Dec-2016 Private Placement 44,000,000 0.105 698,596,259 Additional Listing Detail
31-Mar-2016 01-Apr-2016 Others 30,000,000 0.100 654,596,259 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 Others 25,000,000 0.100 624,596,259 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jan-2016 05-Jan-2016 Others 20,161,290 0.124 599,596,259 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2015 22-Dec-2015 Others 17,094,017 0.117 579,434,969 Additional Listing Detail
09-Dec-2015 10-Dec-2015 Others 14,851,485 0.101 562,340,952 Additional Listing Detail
01-Dec-2015 02-Dec-2015 Others 12,500,000 0.100 547,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
24-Nov-2015 25-Nov-2015 Others 12,500,000 0.100 534,989,467 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2015 16-Nov-2015 Others 10,000,000 0.100 522,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
21-Oct-2015 22-Oct-2015 Others 10,000,000 0.100 512,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
20-Oct-2015 21-Oct-2015 Others 10,000,000 0.100 502,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2015 06-Oct-2015 Others 10,000,000 0.100 492,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
07-Aug-2015 10-Aug-2015 Others 7,892,659 0.127 482,489,467 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jul-2015 29-Jul-2015 Others 7,892,659 0.127 474,596,808 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2015 03-Mar-2015 Others 19,334,880 0.129 466,704,149 Additional Listing Detail
05-Feb-2015 06-Feb-2015 Others 20,374,898 0.123 447,369,269 Additional Listing Detail
12-Nov-2014 13-Nov-2014 Others 16,744,809 0.149 426,994,371 Additional Listing Detail
10-Oct-2014 13-Oct-2014 Others 15,499,070 0.161 410,249,562 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2014 11-Sep-2014 Others 12,399,256 0.161 394,750,492 Additional Listing Detail
28-Aug-2014 29-Aug-2014 Others 16,216,216 0.148 382,351,236 Additional Listing Detail
19-Aug-2014 20-Aug-2014 Others 12,121,212 0.132 366,135,020 Additional Listing Detail
11-Aug-2014 12-Aug-2014 Others 15,625,000 0.128 354,013,808 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jul-2014 30-Jul-2014 Others 15,625,000 0.128 338,388,808 Additional Listing Detail
08-Apr-2014 09-Apr-2014 Others 14,154,281 0.141 322,763,808 Additional Listing Detail
31-Mar-2014 01-Apr-2014 Others 14,154,281 0.141 308,609,527 Additional Listing Detail
26-Mar-2014 27-Mar-2014 Others 14,154,281 0.141 294,455,246 Additional Listing Detail
19-Mar-2014 20-Mar-2014 Others 11,323,425 0.141 280,300,965 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2014 14-Mar-2014 Others 5,661,712 0.141 268,977,540 Additional Listing Detail
12-Mar-2014 12-Mar-2014 Others 11,323,425 0.141 263,315,828 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jan-2014 24-Jan-2014 Acquisitions 65,714,285 0.350 251,992,403 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2010 30-Apr-2010 Acquisitions 33,096,300 0.650 186,278,118 Additional Listing Detail
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mkmk Foo99, buy back need announcement punya la...
13/12/2018 17:44
solcsy Mkmk, you are right !
13/12/2018 17:58
foo99 Mkmk, company buy back must announced in the same day ? I thought same with major shareholders, can delay announcement for few days
13/12/2018 19:22
5c0160 CHwong if can 0.10 u can smile until teeth drop.
13/12/2018 21:23
solcsy Pworth closed at 0.05 today, it is good a sign.
13/12/2018 21:43
5c0160 then if want to go to 0.10 will be 100% more. Have to wait very long time if can go up.
13/12/2018 21:50
mkmk Foo99, listing requirement stated same day... my view would be same, fmu5 not resume, no future... for me, those buying now r just trader who gambling... Q2 2019 will be bad too coz until now no news there is resumption.... and now the news on 10 Dec stated Sinora had stopped their production due to logs shortage... anyway, high risk high return... happy gambling... hahaha
13/12/2018 22:14
solcsy As long as Pworth is running legal logging activity in Sabah which inspected by local authority, that’s enough. We can’t expect to get return in six months period time. Let’s CEO to think their next steps and company career path then
13/12/2018 22:34
solcsy Don’t forget we are 0.04-0.05 share holders, that’s nothing to lose
13/12/2018 22:38
CHWong i think target was 11 to 12 sen...
14/12/2018 06:39
azta12 hantam..
14/12/2018 11:06
moneykjtwin hantam..???? lu suka pegi holland?
14/12/2018 11:08
Derrick4896 5sen nak habis lagi. Yes!
14/12/2018 11:22
foo99 roadblock at 0.05
14/12/2018 11:25
Salsabila wow hari ni aktifnya, any good news
14/12/2018 12:06
solcsy No good news, market just want Pworth back to fair value only
14/12/2018 12:11
CHWong top active
14/12/2018 12:40
Derrick4896 NTA RM0.1061
14/12/2018 12:44
Halite Solcsy,

You are the winner
14/12/2018 13:27
Halite mkmk,

No one will believe your insiders news now
14/12/2018 13:29
Halite mkmk,

Market has proven you wrong

The moral of the PWI story

14/12/2018 13:32
thebursapro Confirm drop kaw kaw .. lari la bro , kaunter tipu.
14/12/2018 14:35
foo99 waiting pworth to break 0.055, otherwise it will back to square
14/12/2018 14:50
rajachulan Wow! what happen here? why the sudden volume jump? party about to start?
14/12/2018 15:21
Nicholasming91 Trapped
14/12/2018 15:35
Digidigi5 No luck
14/12/2018 15:40
mkmk haLIE, i had always comment on their outlook... their outlook remain the same... gloomy without fmu5.... their announcement proved my analysis is right.... price movement doesnt prove anything... so tell me why it go up so much? With ur facts and figures... come on la.... perhaps u daisai... u sold d so it goes up lo hahahaha...
14/12/2018 16:41
Sk9864 Buy buy buy.... long way to go to 10sen
14/12/2018 16:41
mkmk Idiot who has no confidence on own stand say ppl stupid... isnt that u haLIE sold it at 4 sen is very stupid then? Karma looks for u la.... apa u buy drop, apa u sell up.....
14/12/2018 16:43
mudah288 At 0.04 which is the base now. Why is there a necessity to sell at 0.045 or 0.05 ? The train has just left the station and it's destination is Singapore.
14/12/2018 17:42
Derrick4896 The stocks are keep going up at the past three days.
Is it fmu5 resume already?
Stocks mostly reaction faster than market
14/12/2018 17:57
KingOfStock SELL before too late...
14/12/2018 18:06
mkmk End of the mth u will know lo....
14/12/2018 18:07
Sk9864 Superior dream.... 10sen
14/12/2018 19:28
Abraham did you notice that when mkmk and halie stoped bickering for awhile the price went up.
15/12/2018 09:43
CHWong is rebound sign based on analysis
15/12/2018 11:02
Halite Mkmk,
I sold at 4 but did not lose
You sold at 8 but lost until fa-lan - ca

This why

I malas to tell you are stupid because you can't understand
15/12/2018 11:12
Halite I still have not enter
I am waiting for their production report
15/12/2018 11:15
KingOfStock market will continuos DOOM, DO NOT expect can go to 10 cents within this month with this kind of market... protect your capital 1st...
15/12/2018 11:18
Halite Market had proven you wrong
Market had proven me right
The readers here who follow our arguments are the judge
15/12/2018 11:19
Halite So I am not telling lie
You are just empty tin, make a lot of noises
But at the end
The truth is is the truth
You are wrong
15/12/2018 11:22
Halite When we left, this forum become dead silence
Nothing new to read. The readers want us to come

The price goes up not because we stop arguing
It is because the market passes the verdict
Halite is right
Mkmk is wrong

Abraham //did you notice that when mkmk and halie stoped bickering for awhile the price went up
15/12/2018 11:29
Halite But I am still skeptical the uptrend is sustainable
Unless the production report indicates otherwise
If I were you, I will sell at 5.5 and buy back at lower price
15/12/2018 11:50
Halite Now the movement is created by some goreng kaki who are taking advantage of the low price
So never chase high unless you have good reason doing so
15/12/2018 11:54
foo99 There is no right and wrong in stock market. It is pointless to argue who is wrong and who is right. Peace
15/12/2018 23:17
mkmk haLIE, read back ur comment... u made first loss when right issue announced and u sold which u admit u made loss... then u buy back 5 sen and u said u sold 4 sen now u made second loss....
read back my comment, i said i made small profit to sell at 8-8.5 sen....
U r either memory too bad or proven suka tipu.... no wonder u go where also kena ppl diao... y u keep calling ur mum a male when she is a female? Something wrong with u?
16/12/2018 08:38
Halite Do not explain to a fool he is stupid, he can't understand
16/12/2018 11:54
Halite Market already proven you wrong
You think you are God?
16/12/2018 11:55
Halite What did you say about PWI earlier?

Has anyone of what you said come true?


Now the price is 5.5, you can boost you sold all at 8

What happen if the price is 10?

I think you will say you buy back at 6

Stop your bullshiting here

Nobody interested in your insiders news now

All the kopitiam news, who bother?
16/12/2018 12:02
Halite Come to jaks forum
Let the referee tells you what sort of people are you.
Dare not?
You invited me to talk there what
Why you dare not go there now
Stop misleading the newbies here
Go to jaks
See how well you can prove me wrong there?
16/12/2018 12:07


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