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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
05-Sep-2012 06-Sep-2012 Private Placement 7,000,000 0.600 95,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
28-Apr-2015 29-Apr-2015 Private Placement 9,500,000 0.525 104,500,000 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2016 04-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,622,000 0.600 106,122,000 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2016 06-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 5,850,000 0.600 111,972,000 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2016 06-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 100,000 0.600 112,072,000 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2016 10-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,766,800 0.600 114,838,800 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2016 12-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,984,200 0.600 118,823,000 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2016 12-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 45,000 0.600 118,868,000 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2016 16-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,260,500 0.600 121,128,500 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2016 18-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 340,000 0.600 121,468,500 Additional Listing Detail
20-May-2016 23-May-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 70,000 0.600 121,538,500 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jun-2016 29-Jun-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 7,200,000 0.600 128,738,500 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jul-2016 29-Jul-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 150,000 0.600 128,888,500 Additional Listing Detail
01-Aug-2016 02-Aug-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 205,000 0.600 129,093,500 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2016 08-Aug-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 500,000 0.600 129,593,500 Additional Listing Detail
09-Aug-2016 10-Aug-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 615,000 0.600 130,208,500 Additional Listing Detail
15-Aug-2016 16-Aug-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 20,000 0.600 130,228,500 Additional Listing Detail
01-Dec-2016 02-Dec-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,800,000 0.600 135,028,500 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2016 06-Dec-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,200,000 0.600 136,228,500 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,300,000 0.600 139,528,500 Additional Listing Detail
27-Dec-2016 28-Dec-2016 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,200,000 0.600 142,728,500 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jan-2017 20-Jan-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,600,000 0.600 144,328,500 Additional Listing Detail
15-Feb-2017 16-Feb-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 110,000 0.600 144,438,500 Additional Listing Detail
22-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,416,000 0.600 145,854,500 Additional Listing Detail
28-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 300,000 0.600 146,154,500 Additional Listing Detail
02-May-2017 03-May-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 60,000 0.600 146,214,500 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2017 18-May-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 100,000 0.600 146,314,500 Additional Listing Detail
25-May-2017 26-May-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 175,000 0.600 146,489,500 Additional Listing Detail
31-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 185,000 0.600 146,674,500 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2017 06-Jun-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 800,000 0.600 147,474,500 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 13,915,900 0.600 161,390,400 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2017 06-Jul-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,800,000 0.600 164,190,400 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jul-2017 11-Jul-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,868,300 0.600 171,058,700 Additional Listing Detail
30-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 19,623,100 0.600 190,681,800 Additional Listing Detail
31-Oct-2017 01-Nov-2017 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,255,000 0.600 196,936,800 Additional Listing Detail
09-Feb-2018 13-Feb-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 120,000 0.600 197,056,800 Additional Listing Detail
19-Feb-2018 20-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 10,000 0.600 197,066,800 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2018 21-Feb-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,200,000 0.600 198,266,800 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2018 26-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 35,000 0.600 198,301,800 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2018 09-Mar-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 235,000 0.600 198,536,800 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2018 26-Apr-2018 Conversion of Preference Shares 70,000 0.600 198,606,800 Additional Listing Detail
03-Apr-2019 04-Apr-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 20,000 0.600 198,626,800 Additional Listing Detail
16-Apr-2019 17-Apr-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 20,000 0.600 198,646,800 Additional Listing Detail
22-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 40,000 0.600 198,686,800 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2019 30-Apr-2019 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.600 198,716,800 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2019 06-May-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 550,000 0.600 199,266,800 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2019 06-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 700,000 0.600 199,966,800 Additional Listing Detail
06-May-2019 07-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 33,000 0.600 199,999,800 Additional Listing Detail
07-May-2019 08-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 693,000 0.600 200,692,800 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2019 09-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 402,000 0.600 201,094,800 Additional Listing Detail
09-May-2019 10-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 309,500 0.600 201,404,300 Additional Listing Detail
10-May-2019 13-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,277,500 0.600 202,681,800 Additional Listing Detail
13-May-2019 14-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,900,000 0.600 204,581,800 Additional Listing Detail
14-May-2019 15-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 65,000 0.600 204,646,800 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2019 16-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 372,000 0.600 205,018,800 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2019 16-May-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 100,000 0.600 205,118,800 Additional Listing Detail
16-May-2019 17-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 50,000 0.600 205,168,800 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2019 21-May-2019 Exercise of Warrants 121,000 0.600 205,289,800 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2019 21-May-2019 Conversion of Preference Shares 40,000 0.600 205,329,800 Additional Listing Detail
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劉尹光 @lawrgan- really pressing it down to haunt those short term investors... Is it this is good stock? and will fly high to planet ore opposite way to under water sea...
16/05/2019 4:46 PM
lawrgan As I said, be patient. You will know soon. Transformation to infrastructure will take little bit of time. However, you can decide to sell it if you have no confident in this company.
16/05/2019 5:03 PM
劉尹光 Bersama-sama tempuhi segala
Walau jalanan masih jauh
Hanya kau dan aku yang tahu
Saat gemilang yang aku nantikan
Hampir menjelma di depan mataku
Ku percaya saatkan tiba
Hanya menunggu tika dan masa
16/05/2019 5:19 PM
SDR245 hold. will fly if get job. will sell my hibiscuss n myeg if dwl drop 0.47
16/05/2019 5:25 PM
ikah2000 only if dwl fail to get any contract, then probably drop until 0.47.., we hv exit maybe at 0 7, 0.6 etc...
16/05/2019 5:38 PM
birkincollector But gadang bought at 0.900
16/05/2019 5:46 PM
Jingweihan Hold
16/05/2019 5:52 PM
lclwyp First time after so long closing price not in red. Good sign?
16/05/2019 7:39 PM
Depeche Be careful...Gadang rises doesn't means DWL follows suit...price movement is erratic for this counter.
16/05/2019 9:08 PM
wjq4057 hmmm, guys. sell all your loads and enter again at 0.63.
this round of QR report will show lost again. better exit and enter at lower price.
16/05/2019 10:08 PM
Jingweihan Holy shit!
16/05/2019 10:36 PM
lawrgan No more sellers here in this forum. Those who do not have confident have sold off already.
16/05/2019 10:54 PM
SDR245 Hold 2-3 Q. Will fly if any good news. Fly like no tommorow. Low base share.
16/05/2019 11:05 PM
lawrgan Agreed.
16/05/2019 11:24 PM
lawrgan 200 mil is so much easier to fry up the price.
16/05/2019 11:25 PM
ikah2000 arrr! menanti selama 3qtr baru boleh bergerak... jikalau ada berita baik sahaja...jika begitu perlu tunggu sampai tahun depan 2020...
17/05/2019 7:19 AM
ikah2000 saya jangka bulan ini ade berita baik, harga saham ini melambung tinggi, tapi duit raya tak jadi dapat.... adui! sakit hatiku wang berpeluhku melayang begitu saja begitu senang...
17/05/2019 7:24 AM
劉尹光 @sdr - your MYEG profit taking 1.51.. u never sell r.,..
17/05/2019 9:51 AM
lua58 you guys SHOULD STOP TELLING other it's good.
this shitty dead water is dropping everyday.

dont give FALSE HOPE to innocent people.
17/05/2019 9:58 AM
$$$< GOODLUCK >$$$ please drop drop drop more.
17/05/2019 12:26 PM
Depeche Another round of free fall could happen if this coming QR disappoints...enter now at own risk...believe many are trapped here...despite its potential...safer to buy after QR.
17/05/2019 12:59 PM
singvest Can be very sure this quarter result will be much better than last quarter and quarter y-o-y.
17/05/2019 3:02 PM
geraldt9 You're not the company's management personnel ..how can you be sure ?
17/05/2019 3:07 PM
CITADEL mimpi tiap tiap hari, wait next year goreng again la
17/05/2019 3:08 PM
rr88 Post removed. Why?
17/05/2019 3:11 PM
jarrold9 @rr88, can agree with you more. this is dead water. maybe will drop below 0.7

their QR report for this round shows LOST EVERY YEAR.
17/05/2019 3:32 PM
dompeilee dompeilee dompeilee Chart looks like Sumatec in 2014...61c drop to 20c in 3 weeks LOL
07/05/2019 3:14 PM

Warned ppl this is like Sumatec, yet ppl still wanna play...fast road to pokkai lol
08/05/2019 9:10 AM

A lot of ppl unnecessarily conned...again!
17/05/2019 3:40 PM
lawrgan The price is almost bottom...won’t be going down much already. They put up fake sellers to scare you to sell to buyers. Good way of collecting and squeezing you out from the stocks. If you don’t believe, you can try to sapu the big block sellers....they will withdraw quickly.
17/05/2019 5:07 PM
lawrgan Of course you need the fund to support your buying orders. Haha
17/05/2019 5:08 PM
arcadiafire It will continue on this downtrend as long as the markets are still affected by US-China tradewar, but look at the traded volume and how low it is. As soon as market fears subside, buying will come back in at full-force for bargains.
17/05/2019 5:10 PM
bigprice how to exercise warrants?
17/05/2019 5:26 PM
kk7198 Get the fund ready. Your remisier can do it for you.
17/05/2019 5:47 PM
dompeilee Wait for 70c...better still, 60c
17/05/2019 6:01 PM
Depeche I believe many believed it has bottomed from 1.20, 1.10, 1.00, 0.90...what happened? I thought it would bottom at around 0.82...i was wrong too...better listen to naysayers for once...for your own sake...i had warned before too.
17/05/2019 8:14 PM
PotentialGhost What you guy feel ? Goreng feel good ? Continue goreng don't stop thank .
18/05/2019 12:03 AM
chamlo Many trapped at high price is it? Why before Apr'19 and 1 year before nobody comment?
18/05/2019 3:05 AM
chamlo Bottom should be 60+ sen.
18/05/2019 3:08 AM
dompeilee Nobody comment when it was still SGB, dead @ 60+ because local gamblers only know how to chase after syndicate already goreng...
18/05/2019 8:36 AM
birkincollector dunno leh...i will be surprised tat Gadang would bought at 0.900 if they know the qtr report will be bad....surely gadang is the insider already now....however i also never expect DWL to drop below 0.900...LOL
18/05/2019 9:55 AM
Depeche Started warning from 24th April...warrant was still above 0.40 and mother above 1.00
18/05/2019 12:32 PM
safewinner operator 2018 one full year accumulate chip, a push plenty get trap at 2
could break 70 cent, the impossible possible, not recommend buy or sell
18/05/2019 1:08 PM
lawrgan Must know the differences between before and after the change of the board members and substantial shareholders. That is all....I don’t want to comment further.
18/05/2019 6:11 PM
lawrgan The choice is yours
18/05/2019 6:11 PM
Jingweihan Hold
18/05/2019 6:53 PM
dompeilee This share went as low as 32c in 2014-2015, when the index was still over 1,800. Look out below!!!
19/05/2019 8:07 AM
kk7198 Now is a different animal, rubbish lah to go down that low.May as well goes to delisting.
19/05/2019 8:39 AM
wjq4057 i sold all at 0.95. lucky me. happy
19/05/2019 10:46 AM
kk7198 Good, can look to buy back.
19/05/2019 12:10 PM
4444 No official agent or lobbyist of the ECRL project: Contractor
19/05/2019 2:32 PM
kk7198 So still have chance to secure some jobs by jv with Gadang.
19/05/2019 4:04 PM


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