KLSE: PWROOT (7237)       POWER ROOT BHD MAIN : Consumer
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2.33   +0.08 (3.56%)  2.27 - 2.38  1,019,800
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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
03-Jul-2020 06-Jul-2020 Exercise of Warrants 282,600 1.540 418,836,127 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2020 30-Jun-2020 Exercise of Warrants 1,398,518 1.540 418,553,527 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2020 23-Jun-2020 Exercise of Warrants 247,000 1.540 417,155,009 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jun-2020 19-Jun-2020 Exercise of Warrants 439,300 1.540 416,908,009 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2020 15-Jun-2020 Exercise of Warrants 3,557,600 1.540 416,468,709 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2020 15-Jun-2020 ESOS 13,500 1.558 412,911,109 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2020 10-Jun-2020 Exercise of Warrants 1,817,600 1.540 412,657,609 Additional Listing Detail
28-May-2020 29-May-2020 Exercise of Warrants 70,000 1.540 410,840,009 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2020 18-May-2020 Exercise of Warrants 113,000 1.540 410,770,009 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2020 30-Apr-2020 Exercise of Warrants 89,400 1.540 410,657,009 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2020 16-Mar-2020 ESOS 1,280,000 0.563 410,567,609 Additional Listing Detail
12-Mar-2020 13-Mar-2020 ESOS 11,500 1.558 409,287,609 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2020 13-Feb-2020 ESOS 6,000 1.558 409,276,109 Additional Listing Detail
10-Feb-2020 11-Feb-2020 Exercise of Warrants 114,000 1.540 409,205,109 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jan-2020 15-Jan-2020 ESOS 65,500 1.558 409,091,109 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jan-2020 09-Jan-2020 Exercise of Warrants 45,000 1.540 409,025,609 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jan-2020 06-Jan-2020 Exercise of Warrants 166,500 1.540 408,980,609 Additional Listing Detail
23-Dec-2019 24-Dec-2019 Exercise of Warrants 3,010,000 1.540 408,814,109 Additional Listing Detail
12-Dec-2019 13-Dec-2019 Exercise of Warrants 534,600 1.540 405,804,109 Additional Listing Detail
10-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 ESOS 216,900 1.558 405,269,509 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2019 06-Dec-2019 Exercise of Warrants 414,500 1.540 404,988,609 Additional Listing Detail
21-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019 Exercise of Warrants 120 1.540 404,574,109 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2019 11-Nov-2019 ESOS 51,800 1.558 404,573,989 Additional Listing Detail
17-Oct-2019 18-Oct-2019 Exercise of Warrants 2,000 1.540 404,222,189 Additional Listing Detail
15-Oct-2019 16-Oct-2019 ESOS 61,800 1.558 404,220,189 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2019 13-Sep-2019 ESOS 572,000 1.558 403,896,389 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2019 11-Sep-2019 Exercise of Warrants 6,000 1.540 403,028,389 Additional Listing Detail
09-Aug-2019 13-Aug-2019 ESOS 200,000 1.558 403,022,389 Additional Listing Detail
07-May-2019 08-May-2019 ESOS 100,000 0.563 402,822,389 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2019 11-Apr-2019 ESOS 374,000 0.563 402,722,389 Additional Listing Detail
18-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 Exercise of Warrants 1,000 1.540 402,348,389 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2019 14-Mar-2019 ESOS 46,000 0.563 402,347,389 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2019 14-Jan-2019 ESOS 72,000 0.563 402,301,389 Additional Listing Detail
12-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018 ESOS 300,000 0.563 402,229,389 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2018 14-Sep-2018 ESOS 308,400 0.563 401,929,389 Additional Listing Detail
10-Aug-2018 13-Aug-2018 ESOS 18,000 0.563 401,620,989 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jul-2018 09-Jul-2018 ESOS 4,310,000 0.675 334,669,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2018 14-Jun-2018 ESOS 20,000 0.675 330,359,185 Additional Listing Detail
16-May-2018 17-May-2018 ESOS 100,000 0.675 330,339,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2018 16-Apr-2018 ESOS 18,000 0.675 330,239,185 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2018 12-Mar-2018 ESOS 63,000 0.675 330,221,185 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2018 15-Jan-2018 ESOS 10,000 0.675 330,158,185 Additional Listing Detail
11-Dec-2017 12-Dec-2017 ESOS 40,000 0.675 330,148,185 Additional Listing Detail
12-Sep-2017 13-Sep-2017 ESOS 257,000 0.675 330,108,185 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jul-2017 13-Jul-2017 ESOS 49,000 0.675 329,851,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2017 14-Jun-2017 ESOS 73,000 1.920 329,802,185 Additional Listing Detail
18-May-2017 19-May-2017 ESOS 33,000 0.675 329,667,685 Additional Listing Detail
12-Apr-2017 13-Apr-2017 ESOS 30,000 1.920 329,634,685 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2017 10-Mar-2017 ESOS 306,000 0.675 329,597,185 Additional Listing Detail
29-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 Acquisitions 24,200,000 2.050 329,291,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Dec-2016 14-Dec-2016 ESOS 264,000 0.675 305,091,185 Additional Listing Detail
11-Nov-2016 14-Nov-2016 ESOS 187,000 0.675 304,827,185 Additional Listing Detail
11-Oct-2016 12-Oct-2016 ESOS 254,000 0.675 304,640,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2016 ESOS 191,000 0.675 304,386,185 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2016 15-Aug-2016 ESOS 4,000 1.920 304,195,185 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jun-2016 13-Jun-2016 ESOS 5,000 0.675 304,109,185 Additional Listing Detail
19-May-2016 20-May-2016 ESOS 28,000 0.675 304,104,185 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2016 14-Apr-2016 ESOS 3,000 0.675 304,076,185 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2016 14-Mar-2016 ESOS 46,000 1.920 304,073,185 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2016 12-Jan-2016 ESOS 25,000 0.675 304,024,685 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2015 15-Dec-2015 ESOS 13,000 1.920 303,999,685 Additional Listing Detail
11-Nov-2015 12-Nov-2015 ESOS 15,000 1.920 303,963,685 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 ESOS 45,000 1.920 303,899,685 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2015 11-Sep-2015 ESOS 137,000 0.675 303,779,685 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2015 13-Aug-2015 ESOS 338,000 0.675 303,642,685 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2015 10-Jul-2015 ESOS 1,000 0.675 303,304,685 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2015 15-Jun-2015 ESOS 13,500 0.675 303,303,685 Additional Listing Detail
14-Apr-2015 15-Apr-2015 ESOS 11,500 0.675 303,290,185 Additional Listing Detail
10-Mar-2015 11-Mar-2015 ESOS 33,000 0.675 303,278,685 Additional Listing Detail
11-Dec-2014 12-Dec-2014 ESOS 79,000 0.675 303,245,685 Additional Listing Detail
10-Nov-2014 11-Nov-2014 ESOS 62,500 0.675 303,166,685 Additional Listing Detail
14-Oct-2014 15-Oct-2014 ESOS 74,000 0.675 303,104,185 Additional Listing Detail
09-Sep-2014 10-Sep-2014 ESOS 33,500 0.675 303,030,185 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2014 13-Aug-2014 ESOS 183,000 0.675 302,996,685 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2014 10-Jul-2014 ESOS 11,000 0.675 302,813,685 Additional Listing Detail
08-May-2014 09-May-2014 ESOS 23,000 0.675 302,802,685 Additional Listing Detail
28-Apr-2014 29-Apr-2014 ESOS 1,700,000 0.675 302,779,685 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2014 12-Mar-2014 ESOS 45,000 0.675 301,079,685 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2014 13-Feb-2014 ESOS 5,500 0.675 301,034,685 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2014 10-Jan-2014 ESOS 56,000 0.675 301,029,185 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2013 17-Dec-2013 ESOS 128,000 0.675 300,973,185 Additional Listing Detail
14-Oct-2013 16-Oct-2013 ESOS 4,500 0.675 300,845,185 Additional Listing Detail
23-Sep-2013 24-Sep-2013 Others 93,685 1.820 300,840,685 Additional Listing Detail
18-Sep-2013 19-Sep-2013 ESOS 3,500 0.675 300,747,000 Additional Listing Detail
15-Aug-2013 16-Aug-2013 ESOS 743,500 0.675 300,743,500 Additional Listing Detail
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MingGoon BN_better Directors keep disposed nobody from i3 mentioned bec they syndicate?
20/12/2019 4:21 AM

Directors disposing, Power Root be careful...
Not a good choice at the moment...
Wait for the wave to subside....
13/01/2020 2:13 PM
MrCraig With China coronavirus scare, everyone will be staying indoors. Restaurant and cafe businesses will suffer greatly. Expecially like Starbucks, no one wants to be in crowded places. On the other hand, food delivery and ready made foodstuffs and ready mix beverages will boom. What to do everyday while sitting at home and waiting for conditions to improve? Watch movies and drink coffee / choco. Not only in China, where PWROOT's pre-packed Ah Huat white coffee is very popular and convenient, but also in Malaysia and Asia with Alicafe, etc. Next few quarters PWROOT sales should be booming.
03/02/2020 6:43 PM
prince4 Covid-19 and politician unstable make economy slown down fundamental company metamorphism ,expect local and foreign funds money would not flow in big cap and mid cap stock because everybody scare buy high losses money . In this few month expect Funds manager money would flow out in bigcap and midcap stocks and will short selling midcap stocks for make money so now no prospects cannot buy and hold .
market stock RM5.00 drop to RM 2.00 ,followed RM2.00 drop RM1.00,followed RM1.00 drop to 50 cent,followed 50 cent drop to 20cent ,followed 20 cent drop to 10cent ,followed 10cent drop to bottom.
This is a opportunity markets money no longer will flows in cheaper stocks sharks will goreng lows price stock at bottom..
06/03/2020 4:02 PM
ngjheng Is power root factory subject to MCO?
08/04/2020 2:06 PM
uptrending For the past 4 weeks, Power root is allowed to operate at 50%
11/04/2020 5:50 PM
uptrending Sales up as people stocking up groceries and hoarding daily necessities like coffee and tea.

Average household expenditure on food and beverage (non alcoholic) is Rm924 during MCO as compared to rm726 Pre-MC0

Source : The Edge Malaysia April 13,2020, DOSM, CGS-CIMB RESEARCH.
13/04/2020 7:20 AM
uptrending https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/power-root-expecting-better-growth-new-strategies

75 % sales in China are done online.

Exciting huge market, China presents opportunities up to one's imagination.
13/04/2020 10:02 AM
EatCoconutCanWin power root produce new product coffee durian+tongkat ali . wuhan like it so much compare to seahorse bat soup.
03/05/2020 1:34 PM
jackfruit The nice part of power root is they are focusing on China market now. They are building up network n distributorship in China. If it workout next 3yrs will be very interesting for powerroot. 3yrs ago I was touring in Kasger, Xinjiang I was very suprise to see my local tourist guide drinking a can of alicafe. He told me is was popular in the region. Also white coffee is getting popular in China now.
03/05/2020 3:09 PM
ttluck coffee power.....every 1 drinks coffee anywhere anytime.....
29/05/2020 10:28 AM
Follow Trend Gd result, 4sen dividend , but WA trade at 0.75only
If add exercise price 1.54 total cost only2.29 ?instead of mother share 2.52?
29/05/2020 10:51 AM
ttluck congtraz...need to add more first...heehe...
29/05/2020 1:05 PM
valuelurker Whackkk
29/05/2020 1:39 PM
sj1993 is it advisable to exercise the warrant?
29/05/2020 11:28 PM
darkness Another defensive & dividend play candidate.

I think there was error in the premium % displayed on the i3 portal. The warrant should be in discounted premium instead of 0% premium as displayed.
30/05/2020 8:29 AM
monique1968 @ jackfruit

They probably thought Alicafe belong to Alibaba (Jack Ma) hahaha
31/05/2020 10:14 PM
mf Coronavirus live updates: As global infections top 6 million, LA suspends testing after riots rock city
31/05/2020 10:15 PM
pixel123 After GCB-WB, PWR-WA another warrant trading at huge discount with long expiry period. PWR-WA should worth RM1.11 (RM2.65 minus exercise price of RM1.54). That’s about 45% upside. With dividend entitlement due in next 2 weeks, selling should be lower than buying. so mother share price is quite safe currently
02/06/2020 4:55 PM
treasure_hunter why the warrant trading with high -ve premium? is it a trap?
02/06/2020 6:52 PM
JL09 wowwwwwwwwww time to gather this WA!!! undervalued compared to mother sharesss
02/06/2020 7:43 PM
pixel123 Low awareness and low liquidty, resulting in mother going up faster. All eyes on gloves now.. Amother reason I believe some funds policy cannot buy warrants
02/06/2020 9:37 PM
pixel123 Dividend yield around 6% at current price. Both mother and warrants aer good buy
02/06/2020 9:44 PM
Gn021 Becareful, it may be a mislead trap,

The warrant discount is not that much as u see, it is because the 4 sens dividend

Because, convert warrant may need 2-3 weeks, and dont forgot next monday is holiday, so maybe will take a bit longer time to convert

Warrant dont have dividend,
but mother have dividend 4 sens

Assume u convert WA today, u may get the share on 15-19 th June or maybe much more longer

But 15 already EX-date, so 15th june mother price will automatic drop 4 sens, if u get mother share on 16th , the mother price already drop 4 sens, premiun is not that much as u see...........
03/06/2020 7:32 AM
pixel123 GN021 that's not true. Assuming you net off the 4 sen dividend.. The warrants should worth RM1.07 (RM1.11 minus RM0.04). and that's still about 30 sen or 40% discount.

PWR is a fundamentally strong stock. I think this is unlike those discount mismatch u always see in penny stocks which are always a misled trap
03/06/2020 8:12 AM
Gn021 Yes !

Assuming you net off the 4 sen dividend.. The warrants should worth RM1.07 (RM1.11 minus RM0.04). and that's still about 30 sen or 40% discount.

But there are 1 condition ! Mother share price have to maintain 2.65 for 2-3 weeks starting from the day u convert warrant...................
03/06/2020 8:35 AM
pixel123 haha lets not conver then... the gap should shrink when more people are aware of huge discount! with 4 sen dividend ex-date on 15 june, the selling pressure should be low. who want to sell when dividend coming up unless market crash.

so we have about close to 10 market days fo rthe discount to slowly close the gap
03/06/2020 8:42 AM
Gn021 pixel123, u see this morning u just use the price 2.65 as convert price, but just 1 day, the price now already 2.50
04/06/2020 12:50 AM
pixel123 you're right... hopefully today rebound
04/06/2020 8:43 AM
thinINVEST i believe the warrant gap will become zero premium back

just buy and hold. simple trading in this stock
04/06/2020 10:28 PM
cheer76 Can up?
08/06/2020 1:47 PM
Fadzli Alias Good FA stock.....of coz can hold....
08/06/2020 7:54 PM
SureHuat mother share keeps on dropping...why??
09/06/2020 4:21 PM
10/06/2020 9:38 AM
howgan Director disposed 8.5M shares after dividend announced ? I don't get it!!
10/06/2020 10:08 AM
Value888 Is ok, just hold, this stock never disappoint. When many companies went under, this company's business brought in consistent income. Now with increased consumer confidence, this stock will go higher.
12/06/2020 11:48 AM
EngineeringProfit My favourite drinks
14/06/2020 10:25 PM
yingzhe17 4 cents dividend only?
14/06/2020 10:26 PM
Value888 Dividend yield not bad. Keep this kind of stock in portfolio to ride through volatility.
15/06/2020 8:30 AM
SureHuat Even sell the treasury shares.
15/06/2020 12:55 PM
Gn021 This counter got 50% sales is from oversea like china hong kong, so if second wave of corona really come this counter will benefit from people 囤货, especially china
16/06/2020 1:12 PM
Value888 Their instant coffees sell like crazy.
16/06/2020 2:23 PM
ttluck Aunties uncle who do not want keep as FD.. Then it's a good choice for higher div.. Then uncle aunties can drink coffee sambil tegok share market... Hehe..
22/06/2020 12:30 AM
bad guy ppl won't goreng this kind of the counter with liquidity so low. This one more suitable for dividend yield / stable income plays.
22/06/2020 4:28 PM
UndukNgadau PWRoot keep losing market share to Wonda & Nescafe. Which is reflected in their Share $ & Q4. I however still have faith in this Johor Co. Will keep on collecting
23/06/2020 8:24 AM
azeera drink alicafe
24/06/2020 11:34 AM
KAQ4468 better ketum la
25/06/2020 4:57 PM
yingzhe17 Dah jual ... see you guys later
29/06/2020 10:48 AM
Warranbullfat ESOS and ESOS and ESOS........
29/06/2020 11:17 AM
yingzhe17 Still play this counter? Dump la
02/07/2020 8:17 AM
thetruthoracle insiders have news already that the Q2 profits is very good, hence the sudden accumulation. Most companies finance team already have the Q2 figures but only release in Aug/sept. This is going to be a very spectacular pancutan
04/07/2020 2:22 AM

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