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13-Jan-2021 14-Jan-2021 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,600,000 0.500 119,712,343 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2020 14-Aug-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,578 0.760 116,112,343 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jul-2020 15-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 113,000 0.760 116,105,765 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jul-2020 10-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 26,578 0.760 115,992,765 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jul-2020 08-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,098,000 0.760 115,966,187 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2020 06-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,300,000 0.500 112,868,187 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2020 06-Jul-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 45,000 0.760 109,568,187 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jun-2020 25-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 103,578 0.760 109,523,187 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2020 23-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 51,446 0.760 109,419,609 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jun-2020 19-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 26,314 0.760 109,368,163 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2020 18-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 133,130 0.760 109,341,849 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jun-2020 16-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 47,000 0.760 109,208,719 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2020 15-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 25,000 0.760 109,161,719 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jun-2020 05-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,578 0.760 109,136,719 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jun-2020 04-Jun-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 41,078 0.760 109,130,141 Additional Listing Detail
27-May-2020 29-May-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 25,236 0.760 109,089,063 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2020 22-May-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 36,446 0.760 109,063,827 Additional Listing Detail
14-May-2020 19-May-2020 Conversion of Preference Shares 27,381 0.760 109,027,381 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2017 06-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 438,971 0.500 109,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,224,986 0.500 108,561,029 Additional Listing Detail
29-Mar-2017 30-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,596,000 0.500 102,336,043 Additional Listing Detail
27-Mar-2017 28-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,214,357 0.500 99,740,043 Additional Listing Detail
23-Mar-2017 24-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 461,000 0.500 96,525,686 Additional Listing Detail
21-Mar-2017 22-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 982,800 0.500 96,064,686 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2017 17-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,127,300 0.500 95,081,886 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2017 10-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 274,300 0.500 93,954,586 Additional Listing Detail
28-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 209,900 0.500 93,680,286 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 207,286 0.500 93,470,386 Additional Listing Detail
16-Feb-2017 17-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 667,100 0.500 93,263,100 Additional Listing Detail
07-Feb-2017 08-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 125,000 0.500 92,596,000 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,700 0.500 92,471,000 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jan-2017 20-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,555,500 0.500 92,469,300 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jan-2017 05-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 540,400 0.500 90,913,800 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 23,500 0.500 90,373,400 Additional Listing Detail
09-Nov-2016 10-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 4,215,300 0.500 90,349,900 Additional Listing Detail
07-Nov-2016 08-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 117,000 0.500 86,134,600 Additional Listing Detail
27-Oct-2016 28-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 80,000 0.500 86,017,600 Additional Listing Detail
21-Oct-2016 24-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 32,800 0.500 85,937,600 Additional Listing Detail
28-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 115,000 0.500 85,904,800 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2016 26-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 75,000 0.500 85,789,800 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2016 19-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 175,000 0.500 85,714,800 Additional Listing Detail
08-Aug-2016 09-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.500 85,539,800 Additional Listing Detail
03-Aug-2016 04-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 190,900 0.500 85,519,800 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2016 20-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 145,000 0.500 85,328,900 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jun-2016 15-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 12,000 0.500 85,183,900 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jun-2016 08-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 120,000 0.500 85,171,900 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jun-2016 02-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 282,700 0.500 85,051,900 Additional Listing Detail
26-May-2016 27-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 175,000 0.500 84,769,200 Additional Listing Detail
20-May-2016 23-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 658,600 0.500 84,594,200 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2016 12-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 185,000 0.500 83,935,600 Additional Listing Detail
06-May-2016 09-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 85,300 0.500 83,750,600 Additional Listing Detail
22-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 37,400 0.500 83,665,300 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2016 20-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 266,000 0.500 83,627,900 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2016 14-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 225,000 0.500 83,361,900 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2016 06-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 250,000 0.500 83,136,900 Additional Listing Detail
29-Mar-2016 30-Mar-2016 Exercise of Warrants 191,000 0.500 82,886,900 Additional Listing Detail
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deadchicken buy before too late!
30/08/2019 7:43 AM
value88 FIHB's construction segment has no problem to replenish its orderbook because FIHB has a property development sister company owned by the major shareholder. It will continue to be awarded with contracts.

Besides, USD has been strengthening and that will benefit its manufacturing segment which supplies furniture to Starbuck overseas.
30/08/2019 8:55 AM
value88 In FY2019 (ends in Jun2019), FIHB's core PATAMI improved by >100% if compare to FY2018.
There is no significant one-off gain from FY19 improvement. In other words, the improvement is real.
30/08/2019 8:56 AM
phlam price 0.395, PE 5.27 , NTA 0.944, Price to book 0.43... construction segment order book 340mil can sustain profit, its undervalue now. wait to break 0.4
18/09/2019 8:56 AM
LCLY What an undervalued gem. Waiting for QR :) Hohoho merry christmas
20/11/2019 12:21 PM
dlau8899 This counter will going up as soon
03/01/2020 10:15 PM
value88 Good results !
If I take the last 4 quarters to do valuation, FIHB is selling at merely 4x PE multiple and 0.28 P/BV.
How come market gives such low valuation to FIHB ?? I know it is not in popular industry, but its valuation is still too unreasonable.
27/02/2020 7:18 PM
deadchicken something brewing on FIHB.
08/04/2020 3:04 PM
winlast tomorrow still upwards trending
13/04/2020 7:07 PM
2721 who curi curi sapu
14/04/2020 10:58 AM
FAIZUN77 looking good
29/04/2020 2:51 PM
ghazaliabu looks good?
05/05/2020 4:32 PM
laihc Good Quarter Result to be released? With Current P/E 5.44, and good track record of consistent dividend (twice in 2019), it is worthwhile to keep an eyes on this stock.

Some fundamental info about FIHB by simplywall st
09/06/2020 4:27 PM
liang408 Time to push this company to RM1
12/06/2020 8:32 PM
liang408 Wow no body look at this stock
13/06/2020 5:15 PM
phlam any good news push to RM1 ?
13/06/2020 7:09 PM
liang408 U see the recent volume, previously don't have volume.
13/06/2020 11:09 PM
laihc If it break 0.495, next support level is 0.520. See how far it can goes.
14/06/2020 1:13 AM
liang408 Don't worry, this fews day volume r huge. Can easily breakout
14/06/2020 2:00 PM
liang408 Upupup
14/06/2020 10:13 PM
liang408 Upup
15/06/2020 10:47 AM
FAIZUN77 Liang, are you sure RM1?
15/06/2020 10:57 AM
birkincollector interstingly director convert PA at 0.76
15/06/2020 5:58 PM
Huat huat 2020 RM 1 soon ... stay tuned.
16/06/2020 9:37 AM
alexljh86 Power bought at .52 morning, sold .59 during market close
17/06/2020 5:09 PM
Huat huat 2020 Soon 80c ... super positive chart.
17/06/2020 5:39 PM
Huat huat 2020 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/muar-ban-lee-wants-substantial-stake-federal-international
18/06/2020 3:51 AM
Huat huat 2020 Muar Ban Lee wants a substantial stake in Federal International
Liew Jia Teng

June 17, 2020 22:46 pm +08

KUALA LUMPUR (June 17): Muar Ban Lee Group Bhd (MBL) is set to emerge as a substantial shareholder of Federal International Holdings Bhd, which is formerly known as Federal Furniture Holdings (M) Bhd, sources familiar with the matter told theedgemarkets.com.

According to sources, MBL intends to hold more than a 25% stake in the furniture manufacturing-cum-construction company. It is not known what attracted MBL to buy such a substantial stake in Federal International, whose earnings performance has not been that outstanding.

Holding such a substantial stake may make the existing controlling shareholder, the Choy family, uncomfortable with MBL. Furthermore, it prompts investors to wonder from whom MBL would buy the shares.

Sources said MBL has already acquired more than a 5% direct stake in Federal International, effectively making it a substantial shareholder in the furniture maker.

Federal International’s share price has more than tripled to 59 sen from its low of 17 sen in mid-March.

Federal International was founded by Datuk Dr Choy Fook On, whose family members owned about 33.22% stake as at October last year, according to the company’s Annual Report 2019. In addition, the Choy family held 99% of the company’s redeemable convertible preference shares (RCPS) — both RCPS A and RCPS B.

The company’s second largest shareholder is Alan Voon Sze Lin. The latest filing with Bursa Malaysia shows that Voon has sold 750,000 shares on the open market this week. He currently owns a direct stake of 2% and an indirect stake of 4.91%.

Federal International is principally involved in four main business divisions, namely manufacturing, interior fitout, construction and trading.

The group manufactures modular caseworks, shop fixtures and fittings, as well as furniture for corporate customers. Notably, Starbucks Corporation accounts for more than 80% of the manufacturing division’s total sales.

As for MBL, it is a Johor-based palm kernel oil expeller and crushing machinery manufacturer controlled by the Chua family.

MBL was a minority shareholder of Cycle & Carriage Bintang Bhd. MBL was among the minority shareholders who had blocked the privatisation deal in Cycle & Carriage last year.

Last Wednesday, it was announced that Cocoaland Holdings Bhd co-founder Liew Fook Meng had surfaced as a substantial shareholder of MBL, after acquiring a 5.96% stake on June 5. He then raised his stake to 6.72% between June 9 and 11.

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18/06/2020 4:01 AM
Huat huat 2020 Congrats for all patience shareholders . You guys deserve it.
18/06/2020 8:02 AM
saltedfish https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3060303
19/06/2020 7:56 PM
Gooner82 Good support at 0.52, i think we will see 0.65 next few days
24/06/2020 9:13 PM
Chew199 How come U-turn?
29/06/2020 3:03 PM
Investsucess Trader The price quite tempting....Good time to cherries pick...
05/07/2020 9:48 AM
Level1Investor Full Impact on construction sector revenues will be felt in Q4 => From Q3 Report Prospect.
IFO Division unable to obtain any significant project since start of financial year. => From Q3 Report prospect.

Seems there wasn't any new construction project tenders added to backlog also. Only mention 294M worth of project still on-going for 30 Month span which isn't a lot. Construction contribute the most to their revenues.

Their 2019 Annual Revenue for construction was 150M. So 294M for 30 months is even lesser than 2019's...

Gonna wait somemore....
09/07/2020 4:49 PM
sbschheng MBL NOW BELOW 5%
10/07/2020 8:57 PM
averageInvestor Just buy it, NTA at 0.987 with price to book value at 0.45. At this price your risk is quite low, there's a reason why MBL is buying into this company. You think MBL are stupid not to do their research before buying millions into a company? Balance float for this company is around 35%, MBL already bought 5% of it. With 25%, Mr. Choy will be losing his pants & rushing to convert & buy more shares from the open market.

Adding another 20mil of shares is only around 9-10 million for MBL. Sap sap sui for them, once FIHB free float is around 5%, they can easily push FIHB over RM1.00 in 1 mouthful. Trust me just buy & hold, in 1 month you'll thank me.
11/07/2020 11:00 PM
BullRunComing There have been numbers of share conversion since May at 0.76 and 0.50, all are higher than current share price.

Can see that Dato Choy and his family are trying to increase their holding to prevent any acquisition from outsider.
12/07/2020 11:13 AM
BullRunComing MBL boss seems to have his personal propaganda as his intention to increase to 25% sounds like a lie for now.

Give it the price has fallen so much, there is still no buying from him which will make him to become sub shareholder.
06/08/2020 9:24 AM
volks2 price go up to 0.49 just now...something should be brewing.
10/08/2020 4:09 PM
chkhooju Price steadily going up, with increasing volume.
10/08/2020 4:15 PM
volks2 very soon it will go up..today is wood and furniture theme.
13/08/2020 10:49 AM
mf gap down
27/08/2020 6:44 PM
super168 Looking to see it fly.
04/09/2020 3:55 PM
jojo85 0.415 last support..
05/09/2020 2:38 PM
greedy44444 One night stand
08/09/2020 2:28 PM
eYuppie Why other furniture stocks go up but FIHB still dropping bit by bit? Shall I throwaway this stock?
29/09/2020 4:01 PM
eYuppie FIHB suddenly surge 9.5 sen, anybody knows why?
23/11/2020 4:30 PM
eYuppie At last it breakout after sideway for so long time, but how high will it goes up to? Any comment?
23/11/2020 4:40 PM
Ginduchti Something is brewing! Stay tune for those who have bought
04/01/2021 12:41 PM
sammyramon Ready for take off tomolo
20/01/2021 9:20 PM

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