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ongth60 https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/09/20/nancy-govt-to-look-at-domestic-tourism-revival-by-allowing-interstate-travel-again
20/09/2021 2:18 PM
OnTime green
20/09/2021 2:44 PM
Chinjason by end of this week sure open
20/09/2021 2:49 PM
Chinjason I sure will go contribute
20/09/2021 2:49 PM
mm310 Genm momentum getting stronger after the news
20/09/2021 2:57 PM
coolkwc today majority counters went red.
20/09/2021 5:03 PM
Bgt 9963 Hold steady...
20/09/2021 5:06 PM
JBond007 Tourism Minister revealed plans for other tourism bubbles in the country.
20/09/2021 9:15 PM
Calafate 跨州移动尚待首相定案 或允云顶金马仑等重开
20/09/2021 9:23 PM
Goldgent https://www.sinchew.com.my/20210920/%E4%BA%91%E9%A1%B6%E9%87%8D%E5%BC%80%E5%90%8E-%E9%9B%AA%E9%9A%86%E4%BA%BA%E5%8F%AF%E5%90%A6%E5%89%8D%E5%BE%80%EF%BC%9F%E5%89%AF%E9%83%A8%E9%95%BF%EF%BC%9A%E7%9C%8Bmkn%E6%98%AF%E5%90%A6%E6%89%B9/
20/09/2021 9:57 PM
Regalia opening soon :) langkawi seems like a success case
21/09/2021 3:17 AM
arumys https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/09/21/boost-for-domestic-tourism

Logically, I doubt US Dow jones would effect domestic tourism in Malaysia.

Unless once interstate open,local travellers check the Dow jones Index everytime before traveling

So for Gent and Genm comrades, being patient is the game here
21/09/2021 8:19 AM
OnTime US market is bloated and super expensive. Emerging mkt like ours should relatively be unaffected. A correction is long expected in US.
21/09/2021 8:23 AM
Bgt 9963 Break 3.00..
21/09/2021 8:58 AM
OnTime Buy
21/09/2021 12:48 PM
nisah395 so difficult to go below 2.98?
21/09/2021 1:51 PM
OnTime didn't get mine either
21/09/2021 5:02 PM
Tobby Posted by emsvsi > Sep 14, 2021 10:06 PM | Report Abuse

China will let you in ka...ha ha ha ha ha

Universal Studios shows what sort of demand is going to come, even for the domestic population only it will be full house people mountain people sea

Answer : Actually it's a good idea to allow chinese China to visit Genting once open! Since China has zero Covid cases anyway! Opening travel bubble exclusively for chinese tourists is more than enough to jumpstart Genting!
21/09/2021 5:11 PM
Sogbashen coming….. might see 3.3 in few weeks
21/09/2021 5:11 PM
Tobby Just make sure chinese China go straight to Genting and no where else! It's a perfect testbed for overseas tourists!
21/09/2021 5:12 PM
shareinvestor888 Singaporeans also eager to visit Malaysia la… especially Genting, Melaka, Johor, Penang & KL
21/09/2021 5:22 PM
shareinvestor888 https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2021/09/21/tourism-minister-genting-melaka-tioman-island-next-on-travel-bubble-list-to/2007251
21/09/2021 5:31 PM
Tobby No wonder Genting shot up! Opening up to tourism soon! Anyway, Genting has zero infections! Just some dumbass lawmakers, surprisingly from Harapan who made huge fuss over opening of casino to members! Dear Harapan, you guys were the one who hike gambling tax! Genting is paying premium to government you know! And you guys are so blind towards those illegal casinos all over Malaysia! Illegal ones don't pay taxes to government you know!
21/09/2021 5:35 PM
shareinvestor888 Agree @Tobby san
21/09/2021 5:37 PM
OnTime for those who are on the sideline, it's still not too late to get in. May just limit up once news is official.
21/09/2021 7:18 PM
Sogbashen Target 3.9 by end of the year.
21/09/2021 7:45 PM
Bgt 9963 End of the year 4.00
21/09/2021 8:42 PM
Sogbashen You are way more optimistic compare to me hahahaha
21/09/2021 8:57 PM
Sogbashen Ya. After bonus issues 2.2 maybe. If gemm22 , glove 0.05 d
21/09/2021 9:45 PM
Sogbashen Won’t be nicer than glove results. Keep on dropping results. Other stock are improving , only glove keep on dropping.
21/09/2021 10:18 PM
Bgt 9963 Loot9e...!
21/09/2021 10:42 PM
shareinvestor888 3 expected good news before end Dec this year,

(1) Interstate tourists to be allowed for Genting Highlands - reported to start on 1st October…Heng ah!!

(2) GenM to announce the opening date for the new theme park

(3) When govt announce fully vaccinated Singaporeans and/or some overseas visitors are allowed to enter Malaysia without quarantine requirements
22/09/2021 12:40 AM
OnTime the train has left the station
22/09/2021 10:14 AM
willee2 haha the train has come back to the station
22/09/2021 3:48 PM
Goku88 Langkawi also recorded 9,500 tourists on first day, Genting will recorded more on 1st Oct... by end of Sept 3.30? :)
22/09/2021 4:07 PM
Karma4444 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/govt-mulls-capital-gains-tax-share-trading-oneoff-higher-tax-rate-businesses-windfall
22/09/2021 6:00 PM
Karma4444 tomorow sure down again
22/09/2021 6:00 PM
choysun @shareinvestor88 2.2? You board the wrong train :)
22/09/2021 6:20 PM
shareinvestor888 Haha my twin buta, cannot see the train number…

Correct train number should read JPM TP4.0
22/09/2021 7:08 PM
solomolo middle of october Genting start open back...better drop the price and buy low lorh...haha
22/09/2021 7:12 PM
shareinvestor888 https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2021/09/22/pm-interstate-travel-tourism-ok-once-90pc-adults-in-malaysia-vaccinated-spa/2007583

Huah ah, Heng ah, Ong lai lai
22/09/2021 7:44 PM
Karma4444 capital gain tax come will make market more stable, cannot pump and dump anymore
22/09/2021 8:20 PM
jonathanlum bad for contra, no more gambling...good move!!!!!!
22/09/2021 8:22 PM
Karma4444 no more bets pls
22/09/2021 8:44 PM
Carlson Choo https://www.sinchew.com.my/20210922/%E5%90%84%E8%A7%82%E5%85%89%E6%99%AF%E7%82%B9%E4%B8%8B%E6%9C%88%E5%BC%80%E6%94%BE-%E5%8C%85%E6%8B%AC%E5%8A%A8%E7%89%A9%E5%9B%AD-%E5%8F%AF%E6%BD%9C%E6%B0%B4/
22/09/2021 8:48 PM
emsvsi Capital gains tax means more gambling in casino...and casino wins are not taxed am I right...ha ha ha ha ha
22/09/2021 9:05 PM
shareinvestor88 Yes you are smart guy. Means FF run from GM , Q @ 2.2
22/09/2021 10:00 PM
earnmoremore69 https://www.sinchew.com.my/20210922/%E9%A6%96%E7%9B%B8%EF%BC%9A%E8%8B%A590%E6%88%90%E4%BA%BA%E5%AE%8C%E6%88%90%E6%8E%A5%E7%A7%8D-%E5%B0%86%E5%BC%80%E6%94%BE%E8%B7%A8%E5%B7%9E/
22/09/2021 11:01 PM
Cansandra @shareinvestor88 I need more ticket @2.2 if you are kind enough pls dump it to me. Much appreciated.
22/09/2021 11:03 PM
justinwee87 Road to recover as GENM had announce reopening ?
22/09/2021 11:16 PM


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