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Change in Audit Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
02-Apr-2020 02-Apr-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR BALRAJ SINGH PANNU A/L GAJJAN SINGH View Detail
02-Apr-2020 02-Apr-2020 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR LIU XUEQIANG View Detail
28-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee MISS LIM SEE TOW View Detail
28-Feb-2019 28-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR ZHAI BAOXING View Detail
25-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 DEMISED Chairman of Audit Committee DATO' MOHD SHAHAR BIN ABDUL HAMID View Detail
15-Jul-2016 15-Jul-2016 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR LIU XUEQIANG View Detail
25-May-2016 25-May-2016 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR FU QIANG View Detail
16-Aug-2010 16-Aug-2010 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee FU QIANG View Detail
18-May-2010 18-May-2010 RETIREMENT Member of Audit Committee ABDUL KADIR BIN MD KASSIM View Detail
18-Jan-2008 18-Jan-2008 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee CEDRIC CHOO SIA TEIK View Detail
18-Jan-2008 18-Jan-2008 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee LIM SEE TOW View Detail
05-Nov-2007 05-Nov-2007 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee LEE LIANG PING View Detail
27-Mar-2007 27-Mar-2007 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee LEE LIANG PING View Detail
27-Mar-2007 27-Mar-2007 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee Y. BHG. DATO’ MOHD SHAHAR BIN ABDUL HAMID View Detail
17-Jun-2005 16-Jun-2005 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee CEDRIC CHOO SIA TEIK View Detail
01-Mar-2005 28-Feb-2005 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATO' HIDZIR BIN AHMAD View Detail
01-Mar-2005 28-Feb-2005 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATO' HAROLD MICHEAL JOSEPH View Detail
29-Mar-2004 29-Mar-2004 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee ONG LAI @ ONG KONG LAI View Detail
22-Apr-2003 22-Apr-2003 RETIREMENT Member of Audit Committee ONG LAI @ ONG KONG LAI View Detail
02-Jul-2002 30-Jun-2002 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee YM TENGKU YUNUS KAMARUDDIN View Detail
02-Jul-2002 01-Jul-2002 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee ONG LAI @ ONG KONG LAI View Detail
01-Feb-2002 01-Feb-2002 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee Y.BHG. DATO' HIDZIR BIN AHMAD, D.P.T.J. View Detail
02-Jan-2002 02-Jan-2002 APPOINTMENT Director TENGKU YUNUS KAMARUDDIN View Detail
25-Oct-2001 24-Oct-2001 RESIGNATION Director CHONG LEE CHANG View Detail
25-Oct-2001 24-Oct-2001 APPOINTMENT Director HAROLD MICHEAL JOSEPH View Detail
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  9 people like this.
Warrior Abyss Jackkin, i dont know , but their trick are similiar for technax now. news more than result
04/06/2021 10:38 PM
Superwoman66 Any vacancy in technax? I want apply job and check is they really doing battery business or just shell company
05/06/2021 1:55 AM
jasontan1177 The boss duty is printing shares to sell to you all.
Use fake news to pump up price to sell to u all.
05/06/2021 6:46 AM
jasontan1177 Check how much sharea is printed after the boss take over huaan
05/06/2021 6:46 AM
adamdacutie I heard my name? I am still here dompeilee... Waiting for technaboomz
08/06/2021 2:32 AM
Jackkin If what dompeilee said is correct, then it should shoot to the sky first, then crash to near zero, just like Asiasons..
08/06/2021 12:00 PM
dompeilee Cannot pancut like Asiasons coz JaredLim is POOR after losing his pantsssss in asiasons kaputttt....can't even afford the placement shrs@6c LOL
09/06/2021 3:47 PM
123456 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/839665
10/06/2021 5:38 PM
123456 Technax shall grab this opportunity and momentum.......
10/06/2021 5:40 PM
Jackkin Somebody keep on attacking this counter though she is not holding it at all... Well we all can guess the reason..
10/06/2021 11:58 PM
dompeilee Ya lor...Q-ing @1c,which is fair value for this lapsap.
11/06/2021 3:44 PM
dompeilee Another 10mil new lapsap shares flooding the mkt @10c...I think going up 1c is harder than outfoxing the old conartist koonyewyin lol
12/06/2021 7:22 AM
Jackkin Ok, let's see if it will crash to near zero.. if not, u will be wrong
13/06/2021 11:21 AM
AbyssWarrior Jackkin, this is scam stocks. just becareful.
15/06/2021 7:29 PM
Jackkin AbyssWarrior, yes i am waiting for it to crash to nesr zero.. when do think it will happen?
16/06/2021 2:31 PM
dompeilee NEW 6 month LOW... Congrats, Jokeinn... lol
16/06/2021 5:12 PM
Jackkin This is not low enough Dompeilee.. i am waiting for it to crash like u said..
16/06/2021 6:27 PM
dompeilee 10c BOCOR... the END....
28/06/2021 10:30 AM
Jackkin Dompeilee, When is 5c coming ?
28/06/2021 12:55 PM
Jackkin Dompeilee, still remember in 2017, formerly Huaan drop to 2c and nearly got delisted ? But they survived eventually
28/06/2021 3:23 PM
dompeilee 2017: NTA 36c, 1,122mil tickets,EPS +ve7.2c,netcash=21mil,retained.earnings=364mil....2021:NTA 5c, 2,002mil tickets,EPS (-)minus12.3c,netcash=15mil,retained.earnings=83mil...Comprendro???LOL
29/06/2021 7:53 AM
Jackkin Dompeilee, so can u give your prediction for 2022 ?
29/06/2021 11:58 AM
MadCow75 2sen lee still bark here.... hahaha!!! as usual, bark till low, then buy but up 2 sen run... never earn big... so if she come... u know... looking to spread fear to collect cheap ticket...
02/07/2021 12:08 AM
dompeilee MadCow75 STUCK here since 20c...so traumatic....until
kana male menopause ah?Forgiven for barking like....mad dog &lowing....like mad cow!LOLLLL
02/07/2021 7:53 AM
Jackkin She didn't spread any fear here, do u really think peoples will listen to her...
I think she lost big before in Asiasons saga, or she has some personal issues with JRlim..
02/07/2021 12:43 PM
dompeilee God's my witness that I never touched any of Jailed lim's counters...but I suspect a lot of ppl here are cursing Jokekin for sweet-talking them into Jailed lim's trap...in fact, I'm pretty sure that these two characters are the same person...not running the co. but busy entrapping retailers...now wonder price crashed 50% in 2021 =D
06/07/2021 6:20 PM
Jackkin Dont worry Dompeilee, nobody will curse me or you here.. peoples will not listen or follow the advice from some strangers..
09/07/2021 5:35 PM
dompeilee 8.5c...GG.Muhidumb
14/07/2021 3:31 PM
MadCow75 2sen lee also stuck here.... hahaha!!! thinking earn 2 sen from lot of counter trade but bursa lausai... now she stuck like crab.... all rugi sampai pantie pun tak ada!!!!
15/07/2021 9:37 PM
dompeilee BOD, masterminded by big konman Jailed lim, authorises issuing big panamax TANKERS FULL of worthless tickets @ low low prices...cheating the co. BUT allowing insider, unidentified placees to sell to greenhorn retailers/gamblers & pocketing the $$$. THIS is their biz model...one prominent remisier I know in KL also trapped @ 19-20c after listening to rumours in Jan / Feb lol
16/07/2021 9:47 AM
adamdacutie Dompeilee din touch jared lim counters? Then technax is what?
16/07/2021 4:13 PM
adamdacutie Dompeilee u cn go shut it la.. Speculative buy con man
16/07/2021 4:14 PM
Jackkin It's very normal for day trader or gambler to get trapped.. dompeilee is just one of them...
16/07/2021 4:36 PM
MadCow75 bursa mar.... where can earn money... play play for fun ok lor... earn little then lose back.. didnt see big money go in ur pocket...
17/07/2021 12:53 AM
dompeilee I made more money in HUAAN than in any other counter...2017...so I was inside this wayyyy b4 koncrook Jailed lim...adamUgly! LOL
17/07/2021 11:00 AM
MadCow75 this time i agree with u... now day... all operator very ganas, totally no hearted... always wan to makan till tulang pun tak ada... now i prepare shift to trade US, if manage to run all, will not touch bursa, only keep some deviden counter like genting, PBB and nestle..
17/07/2021 1:39 PM
MadCow75 even the tikus also need money, trap alot ppl, even lot of old gun also kena...
17/07/2021 1:40 PM
dompeilee Not me...still 100% WIN record on Huaan...ZERO holdings at the momemt...I still use its old name coz it brings back pleasant memories of huge daily capital gains in 2017...running into March 2018 =D
18/07/2021 7:26 AM
dompeilee Also, it's a 5-year in a row winner(2017-2021),just behind another beautifully nostalgic AHB, a 6-year in a row gainer(2016-2021)
18/07/2021 7:28 AM
adamdacutie Dompeilee u saupei la..
19/07/2021 3:07 PM
adamdacutie May b nex weeek, Dmpeilee will speculative buy agaain haha
19/07/2021 3:08 PM
MadCow75 no lar... bursa still in freezing zone.... just trade with caution... u just see all roti canai news with those vaccine counter... soon other link will same, now all korek money...
19/07/2021 7:12 PM
adamdacutie Disposal of linyi coke soon?
21/07/2021 5:13 PM
dompeilee Many of my low no. of shrs stock shoot like crazy this week...this one twenty tons worth of cheap tickets drop to a FRESH 52-WEEK LOW...holders really vomit blood...BUT don't say I never warned you!
23/07/2021 6:05 PM
Jackkin Dompeilee, i am waiting for it to drop to 0.02, just like in 2017, then shoot to 0.64 in less than 2 months..
24/07/2021 1:13 AM
dompeilee Dream on....& on & on & on....
24/07/2021 6:30 AM
Durotus Dont know how much IPO for beidou,any body can telling ???
25/07/2021 1:07 PM
Jackkin Dompeilee, like Richard Branson said, if your dream doesn't scare you, then it's too small.. got it ?
26/07/2021 3:38 PM
dompeilee I hv practical dreams backed by experience....not foolish dreams based on naive fantasy lol
26/07/2021 7:24 PM
Durotus You are live, tell them whats need to do................
27/07/2021 4:27 PM

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