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Change in Audit Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
03-Sep-2018 03-Sep-2018 DEMISED Member of Audit Committee TAN SRI DATO' CHAN CHOONG TACK @ CHAN CHOONG TAK View Detail
27-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR SUNDRA MOORTHI A/L V.M. KRISHNASAMY View Detail
27-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR YOONG YAN PIN View Detail
27-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR BAILEY POLICARPIO View Detail
26-Nov-2007 23-Nov-2007 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee Yoong Tein Seng @ Yong Kian Seng View Detail
26-Nov-2007 23-Nov-2007 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee Bailey Policarpio View Detail
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Miz Raya Bloom veri veri disappointed
12/11/2019 3:54 PM
MoneyMakerTzy Tomorrow no rebound then gone
12/11/2019 4:29 PM
yfchong In side trap
14/11/2019 8:59 PM
trueH88 Mushroom yet to bloom. Patience nèeded.
18/11/2019 12:25 PM
ltg100y we should not wait for mushroom, the main contributors is RTA and particleboard, especially RTA sector. If RTA's sales increase, it can boost particleboard sector too.
18/11/2019 6:00 PM
nich0las QR rata..... div 1cent.
21/11/2019 5:18 PM
Smart Beginners RTA contribute the most revenue for hevea compared to last years. But particleboard decrease 20% of revenue sales. But look's like hevea are slowly recovering?
21/11/2019 5:20 PM
RainT what a shock
21/11/2019 5:27 PM
RainT huge drop in profit
21/11/2019 5:27 PM
MoneyMakerTzy Woah Still got 1 cent
21/11/2019 11:57 PM
Battleman when is this counter back to It's glorious moment ..? haizzz
29/11/2019 4:58 PM
WhiteWolf This counter I shall keep long long..if anything to remind me to never always just rely on market noise when buying shares..haizz..

Hoping that Olympics 2020 will turn this company around..but at this rate even a few good quarters leading up to Japan 2020 will not be able to recoup losses..

Go holland lah
03/12/2019 10:19 PM
SC WhiteWolf whats your average price?
04/12/2019 4:01 PM
WhiteWolf SC, I averaged down to 86 cents

I bought into the mushroom story during the glory days before they started having the worker shortage issues. Bohpian...was a super noob investor then (now just a little bit noob, not as bad as then)

Pain ah
05/12/2019 12:02 AM
SC guess what, my first buying price was at 1.3X then averaged to 73cents now. I will still average it in DEC because this is the window shopping time. i hope i'm not foolish to do so.
05/12/2019 10:14 AM
LLAKSHMANAN79 My average price is 66 cents. Does it make sense to starting averaging below 50 cents?
05/12/2019 10:56 AM
Patrick13 Wow, my average cost is high at RM1.11. I wish to average down but I still yet to see the turnaround signal from Hevea. Like what WhiteWolf, hoping that Olympics 2020 will bring the positive factor to this co.
05/12/2019 5:13 PM
ltg100y Japan Olympics is a short term effect, in long run, Hevea must expand its business to other countries as much as possible, can not heavily depend on Japan and China markets. For mushroom side, i don't think we can see the profit soon.
05/12/2019 5:19 PM
WhiteWolf SC, my first price was 1.53, then 0.75, then 0.69. I am also thinking whether to pull trigger to average down a bit more now. Will study the situation a bit more and see

I hope for Japan Olympics to be more of a catalyst to help Hevea turnaround. This counter needs some good news to spur some positive movement. If with Japan Olimpeh and STILL bad results..then officially GG can just dump this stock Liao.

Haha seems like alot of ppl lose until kao peh kao bu on this counter. Think we should all hold a pity party for Hevea buyers..buy Heveagro mushroom and BBQ together
05/12/2019 7:07 PM
SC I hope this is not a DY trap counter. Actually the company seems healthy to me, high DY yield, net cash and less noticeable. So my strategy keep buying as I treat this as passive income. I'm using another account to hold this for very long term, so that my hand wont itchy to sell it when mood not right. I have kept a lot since 2017!
10/12/2019 1:36 PM
WhiteWolf I hope so too. Because DY is an indicator of past actions, not future. Even the CEO during the last AGM said they will do their best to reward shareholder, however cannot promise that the amt of dividend paid can be maintained, especially if biz is bad. And biz has not been great the past year (sigh)
11/12/2019 12:30 PM
john doe (Positive) cash flow from operation is crucial for organic growth and to support dividend policy. Otherwise, generous DY will kill the company and eventually all the minority shareholders.
13/12/2019 7:59 AM
Patrick13 Despite dismay results, Hevea remains cash rich position and positive FCF with low CAPEX requirements. It makes them able to continue payoff generous dividends every quarter. They have one new factory already completed years ago but yet to start production due to low demand. There means that once the order is kick off, they can ramp up the capacity immediately.
15/12/2019 2:25 PM
SC john doe, sometime say is easy. My purpose here is to build passive income from dividend. Of course, we only ask this if HEVEA have good balance sheet rite. Wonder whats the purpose if just invest for the sake of investing?
16/12/2019 11:54 AM
tah16600 Time to average if u r caught in high price
16/12/2019 3:02 PM
bsngpg Losing money in Hevea likes hell, no courage to put in more capital.
16/12/2019 5:18 PM
tah16600 Dividend not bad for last yr total 5 sen if I am not mistaken, better than FD
16/12/2019 6:26 PM
yfchong Bo pian.. L
Just wait... gg.com....
17/12/2019 2:26 PM
yfchong What to do.... Particle board supply more than demand.... Final round 2020 Olympic Story line loh...
17/12/2019 2:28 PM
tah16600 Bottom up stock, strong buy
18/12/2019 10:09 AM
Cockroach Paul Lee 来上支香,祭拜我的血汗钱。。。你们死得好惨啊。。。呜呜呜
23/12/2019 8:15 PM
YHJinvestor 是时候起死回生了。。2020好的开始
27/12/2019 7:41 PM
tah16600 Buy 4 CNY rally
03/01/2020 12:06 PM
GenghisHoe Did HeveaBoard CEO execute what he planned?

Source: https://whyvalueinvesting.blogspot.com/2020/01/did-heveaboard-ceo-execute-what-he.html
19/01/2020 12:28 AM
lksiam Operator keep pressing gao gao lat o...
21/01/2020 3:12 PM
ahfad Wow more bottom to see
22/01/2020 4:41 PM
sarahdeaton Bottom to see? Okok..all in.
24/01/2020 9:49 AM
Paytoomuch Should be a takeover target... Nta per share higher than current price. Who in market has ability to takenover
24/01/2020 10:30 AM
Waterflea 10 years new low...? are u guy still ok?
26/01/2020 5:15 PM
Waterflea probably no a good sign.
26/01/2020 5:17 PM
ov123 Warrant maturity next month. PER 18x for FY2019.
30/01/2020 1:22 PM
ov123 still outperforming Evergreen. Good stock in a very competitive industry.
30/01/2020 1:24 PM
mrao777 Exercise of warrants will push the NTA further down. Will it affect dividend payout?
01/02/2020 9:38 AM
enigmatic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have also lost money in stocks, but not as much as those who lost money here, esp those who held since 2017.

Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your shoes.

I sincerely hope Hevea's business would improve in the next few quarters to alleviate the painful losses suffered.
01/02/2020 1:29 PM
GenghisHoe Can we simply trust the business/financial media press?

Source: https://whyvalueinvesting.blogspot.com/2020/02/can-we-simply-trust-businessfinancial.html
02/02/2020 12:33 PM
Emotionalkiller Come come 0.4 will be the bottom let us see
03/02/2020 10:52 AM
Raymondlol When will b uptrend ya
07/02/2020 8:02 AM
DobitaLim Road to Holland soon, congratulation
10/02/2020 11:22 PM
GenghisHoe Were HeveaBoard's key management also losing their confidence?

Source: https://whyvalueinvesting.blogspot.com/2020/02/were-heveaboards-key-management-also.html
15/02/2020 5:16 PM
GenghisHoe Whether HeveaBoard Berhad is operated by candid and competent management?

Source: https://whyvalueinvesting.blogspot.com/2020/02/whether-heveaboard-berhad-is-operated.html
17/02/2020 8:51 PM


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