KLSE: YONGTAI (7066)       YONG TAI BHD MAIN : Property
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0.15   -0.005 (3.23%)  0.15 - 0.165  17,411,700
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Change in Audit Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
15-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATO SYED NORULZAMAN BIN SYED KAMARULZAMAN View Detail
15-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR ANTHONY ANG MENG HUAT View Detail
22-Dec-2015 22-Dec-2015 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATUK HJ. AMIL @ AMIR BIN JUNUS View Detail
22-Dec-2015 22-Dec-2015 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR SEE THIAM CHYA View Detail
14-Jan-2015 06-Jan-2015 APPOINTMENT Chairman of Audit Committee SUBRAMANIAM A/L A. V.SANKAR View Detail
29-Dec-2014 29-Dec-2014 RESIGNATION Chairman of Audit Committee LOI KIM FAH View Detail
02-Mar-2012 02-Mar-2012 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee SEE THIAM CHYA View Detail
02-Mar-2012 21-Dec-2011 VACATION OF OFFICE Member of Audit Committee TAN KAU NGEE @ TAN SEONG TIN View Detail
10-Jul-2008 10-Jul-2008 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee LOI KIM FAH View Detail
10-Jul-2008 10-Jul-2008 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATUK HJ. AMIL @ AMIR BIN JUNUS View Detail
15-Apr-2008 11-Apr-2008 DEMISED Chairman of Audit Committee DATUK HAJI HASHIM BIN SAFIN @ SHAFAIN View Detail
18-Dec-2007 18-Dec-2007 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee LOI KIM FAH View Detail
18-Dec-2007 18-Dec-2007 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee TAI SHZEE YUAN View Detail
23-Nov-2006 23-Nov-2006 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee WONG LIEW LIN @ LIEW FAT LIN View Detail
23-Nov-2006 23-Nov-2006 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee TAI SHZEE YUAN View Detail
23-Nov-2006 23-Nov-2006 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee TAN KAU NGEE @ TAN SEONG TIN View Detail
08-Nov-2006 28-Jun-2006 VACATION OF OFFICE Chairman of Audit Committee TAN SRI DATO' DR. LAU BAN TIN View Detail
31-May-2004 26-May-2004 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATUK HASHIM BIN SAFIN @ SHAFAIN View Detail
06-Apr-2004 05-Apr-2004 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee NG THIN POH View Detail
24-Dec-2001 24-Dec-2001 APPOINTMENT Director KOH PEE SENG View Detail
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Superbullish99 Is so true that investors wont come back for the same counter that doesnt even make them profitable..good luck yongtai..wish those who trap will feel easy of that..
05/10/2021 10:23 PM
masidor this counter seems to disappoint the crowd for far too many times.
06/10/2021 9:30 AM
PKW123 Can only wait for next QR
06/10/2021 9:57 PM
aceofsmackkk Yeah, airasia is a lot better
07/10/2021 10:07 AM
waterbro compare YTB with AA is a bit brainless i think
07/10/2021 10:08 AM
tongtamarat 在美国债务上限决议取得进展以及外资在连续四天净抛售恢复买入之后,马股预计将会得到一定支撑。在疫苗接种率取得乐观的进展、确诊人数下降和经济活动重新开放之下,市场情绪有望转佳。
07/10/2021 10:24 AM
tongtamarat In line with rallies in most of the ASEAN markets, KLCI surged 29 pts to 1559.4, led by persistent buying in plantation, banking, and O&G heavyweights. overall looks good
07/10/2021 10:28 AM
Citadel666 hope analysis
07/10/2021 10:33 AM
Tigerchan What ever world market rally or analysis, does not make sense to YT. YT management has no direction, the video on utube when he spoke. There is nothings that will spur the buy momentem. What is the Kantai's progress, it could be game over.
07/10/2021 11:26 AM
tongtamarat u trust , u stay ; u dnt trust, u leave... its how the game was play
07/10/2021 12:18 PM
aceofsmackkk yup, now I speak not as a holder but as a realist. Not until the gold mining starts and the normal operations starts, I think YongTai wont be moving as it previously was
07/10/2021 4:31 PM
tongtamarat 隆指在 10 月 6 日大涨 29 点后,马股昨日早盘一度下跌 7.4 点至 1552 点,随后稳收复失地,收于 1561.3 点,上涨了 1.9 点,上涨股多达601 家,而下跌股只有 432 家。

KLSE did better already, think that all will going well soon
08/10/2021 10:19 AM
tongtamarat 随着美国债务上限决议取得进展以及外资连续第二个交易日恢复买入,马股预计将随着市场情绪的好转以及经济活动重新开放而得到一定的支撑。
08/10/2021 10:20 AM
masidor ticket to holland
08/10/2021 11:16 AM
kkylim56 Follow me to airasia, u will enjoy the ride.. My loss in AT already been cover with airasia profit..tony fernandes umdemiable a good management will make u laugh all the way...u can see the airasia daily purchase volume make u surprise.. Rm2 glory will be back soon..how tony make his company survive through the covid is called brilliant management..what the use of so many diversified of YONGTAI...
09/10/2021 9:56 AM
Bgt 9963 Goner...!
09/10/2021 10:55 AM
shpg22 Missed the bus to scam investor on vaccine hype. Now almost 90% of adult population is vacinated la.
10/10/2021 10:00 AM
tongtamarat 3rd dose or booseter still big chance. dont too short sight
10/10/2021 11:28 AM
shpg22 Looks like still got some imbecile interested to part their money
10/10/2021 12:06 PM
bullmarket1628 Hitting the highways: Interstate travel allowed starting Monday (Oct 11), says PM
Sunday, 10 Oct 2021 2:56 PM MYT


PETALING JAYA: Interstate travel nationwide will resume starting Monday (Oct 11), says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
The Prime Minister said this during a special address at 3pm on Sunday (Oct 10).

"With the achievement of almost 90% of the population being fully vaccinated, therefore I would like to announce that interstate travel will be allowed. This will begin on Monday (Oct 11).
“Interstate travel is only allowed for those who are fully vaccinated.
“The lifting of the prohibition on interstate travel does not apply for visits to localities placed under enhanced movement control order," he added.
Ismail Sabri also said fully vaccinated Malaysians can travel abroad without MyTravelPass effective Monday (Oct 11)...
10/10/2021 4:35 PM
notrealBoo can go RM0.40 or not. Cannot then go home sleep
11/10/2021 12:25 AM
Hai Hai Yongtai.itu rentas sudah boleh..gogogog
11/10/2021 10:02 AM
Lstoretech6 随着政府终于解除跨州与出国限制,亚洲航空(AIRASIA,5099,主要板消费)和亚航长程(AAX,5238,主要板消费)今早股价齐齐飙涨,位列10大热门股前三甲。其中,亚航长程股价涨幅一度高达23.5%!

11/10/2021 11:20 AM
weeloongyeat Bright.. reflecting operation
11/10/2021 11:49 AM
masidor weak
11/10/2021 5:45 PM
Yongsheng70 Will this counter suddenly become another airasia or oil counters?
11/10/2021 7:48 PM
Yongsheng70 Suddenly bomb !
11/10/2021 7:48 PM
Sakuragi11 MACD golden cross - I set my TP at RM 0.19
11/10/2021 8:35 PM
notrealBoo wait year 2030
12/10/2021 12:30 AM
Lstoretech6 馬六甲旅遊、文化及遺產事務委員會主席拿督賈拉尼預計,政府宣布開放國民跨州后,甲州遊客人次可恢復至75%。





12/10/2021 1:59 PM
notrealBoo 扶不起的阿斗
12/10/2021 2:48 PM
Tigerchan Kantai qr at lost. YT on kantai vacine equal to kantoi. Open border already, no body care about vacine. Genting almost pack, highway register heavy traffic. YT no traffic, highway to encore no traffic.
12/10/2021 8:02 PM
weeloongyeat Tourism can go..
13/10/2021 4:22 PM
PKW123 Malaysia made vaccine also in planning liao, ini YTB/KT vaccine missing in progress ah?
14/10/2021 12:04 PM
kkylim56 Vaccine just the shadow want trap u in lo.....please awake before too late...
14/10/2021 9:23 PM
kkylim56 All counters already fly with the reopening of the cross state and almost all economy..so many good property shares to play with..why want to hang on this lousy counter??? sp setia, mahsing, sunway not better than this ?apalah!!!!!
14/10/2021 9:26 PM
frycafeinc Malacca start crowded....
15/10/2021 12:52 AM
masidor die die die. nothing can save YT now.
15/10/2021 9:26 AM
frycafeinc MELAKA: The state is expected to enter Phase Four of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) by next week, says Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali.

The caretaker chief minister said the transition was discussed during a special meeting on Covid-19 management that was chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob last week.

“Melaka should have moved into Phase Four along with Pahang, but unfortunately, the Covid-19 infection rate was still high then. So we had to defer the transition,” he said.

Sulaiman said he was confident Melaka would advance by next week.

Melaka entered Phase Three of the NRP on Oct 1.
15/10/2021 11:57 AM
Tigerchan Latest news, Duopharma to distrubute and sell Sinopharma in Malaysia. Their top management is witnessing the arrival of SINOPHARE vacine for third dose. Muslim going to Merca, will use sinopharma as Saudi recognized Sinopharm.
16/10/2021 11:52 AM
frycafeinc 全国开放跨州的第一个周末,游客踊跃进入马六甲观光,使古城旅游业重现久违的人气。
16/10/2021 5:29 PM
Tigerchan Sinopharm vacine is available in whole Malaysia for third dose. Dpharma talk with action.
17/10/2021 6:26 PM
jimnizar 0.170 seems reasonable for today
18/10/2021 8:39 AM
frycafeinc gogogo
18/10/2021 10:48 AM
waterbro ust to recap the key pointers of our Budget 2022 Preview strategy piece released last Friday:

- Modestly expansionary, with focus on building resilience (B40, MSME) & rehabilitation (of GLCs)
- 2022 econ forecasts 5.5% GDP, -6.5% fiscal deficit, OPR +25bp hike to 2.00%, RM4.26/USD in 1H22
- *Unlikely chances of punitive new windfall taxes (low probability) and capital gains taxes (moderate probability)
- There could be a temporary rate rise in the high income bracket personal taxes
- Potential moderate beneficiary sector: Plantation (raising base price for CPO windfall tax), property (continuing Home Ownership Program incentives), banking (proposal for the sector to absorb the gov mandated 3-month interest waiver for targetted groups rather than a blanket waiver for B50 income earners)
- Budget 2022 will be market neutral, although we continue to expect Malaysian equities to trend up through 4Q21 led by the economic reopening
18/10/2021 11:04 AM
waterbro 马六甲州选,选定了!

18/10/2021 12:15 PM
masidor will they goreng for political funds?
18/10/2021 4:04 PM
mikeann Stock is grossly oversold.

It is now rebounding and trending up.

Immediate resistance is at 0.18
19/10/2021 7:39 AM
Zakimonik Next kanger
20/10/2021 7:57 PM
21/10/2021 4:11 PM


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