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Change in Audit Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
29-Jun-2020 30-Jun-2020 RESIGNATION Chairman of Audit Committee MR TAN BUN POO View Detail
29-Jun-2020 01-Jul-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR WEE BENG CHUAN View Detail
29-Jun-2020 01-Jul-2020 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee MR LOW TENG LUM View Detail
30-Aug-2019 30-Aug-2019 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee MR TAN BUN POO View Detail
30-Aug-2019 30-Aug-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR LOW TENG LUM View Detail
29-Aug-2019 29-Aug-2019 RETIREMENT Chairman of Audit Committee MR CHIENG ING HUONG View Detail
27-Aug-2018 27-Aug-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MISS CHAN WAI YEN View Detail
27-Aug-2018 27-Aug-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MISS CYNTHIA TOH MEI LEE View Detail
30-Mar-2018 01-Apr-2018 REDESIGNATION Audit Committee MR CHIENG ING HUONG View Detail
30-Mar-2018 01-Apr-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MISS KOW POH GEK View Detail
30-Mar-2018 01-Apr-2018 RETIREMENT Chairman of Audit Committee YM TENGKU DATO' ZAINAL RASHID BIN TENGKU MAHMOOD View Detail
31-Dec-2015 01-Jan-2016 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee PROF DATIN DR AINI BINTI IDERIS View Detail
22-Aug-2014 22-Aug-2014 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATUK WIRA JALILAH BABA View Detail
01-Apr-2013 31-Mar-2013 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee TEH KIM TEH View Detail
01-Apr-2013 01-Apr-2013 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATUK WIRA JALILAH BABA View Detail
01-Dec-2011 01-Dec-2011 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee TAN BUN POO View Detail
23-Jan-2009 23-Jan-2009 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR CHIA SONG KUN View Detail
04-Dec-2003 04-Dec-2003 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee TEH KIM TEH View Detail
28-Jul-2003 28-Jul-2003 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MOHD RIZAL BIN RAMLEE View Detail
24-Dec-2001 24-Dec-2001 APPOINTMENT Director CHIENG ING HUONG View Detail
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UndukNgadau The Bonus Shares will be listed and quoted on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("Bursa Securities") on 16 October 2020, being the next market day after the Entitlement Date.
14/10/2020 5:37 PM
IvanK Thanks for the info
15/10/2020 10:37 AM
Iamnewbies Get the bonus aldy. But now QL share price keep dropping.. hope will go up next week.
16/10/2020 12:12 PM
richard kh wong 6.55 best buy?....................
16/10/2020 1:04 PM
TigerWoods 6.40 is best buy. Pre bonus was 9.70
16/10/2020 1:08 PM
Donloh come drop more is time to collect.
16/10/2020 5:56 PM
UndukNgadau I'm holding on to what I have. No intention to sell. However, will accumulate only if QL go RM6.30-6.40.
17/10/2020 6:24 PM
RainT is not drop

is QL do bonus issue la
18/10/2020 7:34 PM
DannyArcher they think get bonus is like the bonus they get when working - free money. they think 1:1 means money double and 1:2 means money triple. so funny. if so easy, i also set up a company and then issue 1:1,000,000 bonus and tomorrow I become the richest man on earth, then I go buy Jeff bezos' amazon, apple, microsoft, facebook and all... then I become the most powerful man on earth.
19/10/2020 1:44 AM
DannyArcher at RM9+ say expensive, after issue bonus become RM6+ consider cheap... walao eh... Genting should issue 1:10 bonus and then maybe got chance to not get kicked out of KLCI30.
19/10/2020 1:45 AM
richard kh wong @TigerWoods, thank you!..............
19/10/2020 9:49 AM
Eddie Keep dropping like no tomorrow....
20/10/2020 4:59 PM
Wilson Ng last minute close 6.21, how can the buyer seller gap so big?
6.21 buyer 6.49 seller
22/10/2020 4:54 PM
Wilson Ng 6.22 to 6.37 no transaction
22/10/2020 4:57 PM
topseeker i queue 6.30 but get match at 6.21. what happen??
22/10/2020 5:20 PM
topseeker may be is force selling for contra customer ?
22/10/2020 5:32 PM
UndukNgadau Just rumours, QL taking LayHong private. That's why
22/10/2020 5:48 PM
DannyArcher @UndukNgadau

Isn't that a 2017 news where QL failed and dispose all of their stake in layhong?
22/10/2020 8:00 PM
UndukNgadau Danny: yes you are right about 2017. QL is currently Layhong's largest shareholder, with 29%. However, just heard today about taking private again. Hopefully someone here can share some info on this or the reason for the recent weakness soon after the Bonus
23/10/2020 12:30 AM
aarontan1987 will soon go into 5 ringgit range no worries hahahahahahahahaha buy low yeah baby holders hahahahahahaha
28/10/2020 11:53 AM
Maxpowar EPF jacked up the price at 5pm,they trying to lure retail investor in eh?
28/10/2020 5:37 PM
Maxpowar The PE is crazy high at 60+
29/10/2020 7:57 AM
petnch2020 Max, always been trading at crazy high PE for years already. It is a good company with consistent revenue and earnings growth since 2003. It actually can churn out higher profit if its stops with the marketing and expansion plan (less expenses in marketing, depreciation charges, etc) but that not what its current investors wants.

Like all growth stocks.. you have to pay.
29/10/2020 1:06 PM
DannyArcher @Maxpowar

Yes, PE60 but they are growing. Leaving their other business aside, there are now 200+ FamilyMart stores, soon it will be 300 stores by end of 2021. How many stores will they have in 2025? 1000+ stores?

Just go to FamilyMart FB page and read the comments, everybody is happy and requesting them to open in their area or their states such as Ipoh Perak. People want FM, want to go to FM. Think about it, have you seen anyone wanting mynews or 7-eleven to open in their area? What if they have 2000+ stores?

At least they are not paying crazy salaries to the directors and owners like Genting or have side business like Tony Fernandez and AirAsia. management is using the money carefully and expand slowly, not rushing things.

If you want low PE, can invest in CIMB.

Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good.
29/10/2020 10:09 PM
aarontan1987 @dannyarcher good but no good positioning it now hahahahahahahaha if u can tell me what will happen to it till year end then i willing to stake u 900k myr hahahahahahahaha unfortunately many fundamentalist only know how to pew pew fundamentals only but when shit hits the fan u orang loves to ask people average into to average out the cost like unit trust punya fund manager hahahahahahaha no offense to you but i say 5.25 myr range seems more like a good choice to hold at this sky high PE hahahahahahaha 6 + myr at this circumstance not a good reflection to this PE its either u too rich or u just dont effing care about the surrounding time bomb in this market cycle hahahahahahaha
30/10/2020 8:00 AM
stockraider Another talkcock king loh...!!

Posted by i3lurker > Oct 30, 2020 10:25 AM | Report Abuse

Even though Family Mart incurring HUGE HUGE HUGE losses every day every second

Investors need NOT worry

EPF will pump up share prices to RM20.00 per share easily
30/10/2020 10:27 AM
i3lurker Theranos Principle says if Company making losses, share prices will go higher

since Family Mart is making HUGE losses, EPF will pump up QL share prices based on the Theranos Principle....
30/10/2020 11:09 AM
i3lurker I noticed some Family Mart outlets in office areas dun even have more than 10 customers a day during weekdays. Weekends almost zero.

Retail Theory says Risk of Bankruptcy increases with every additional store that you open.

Thats why EPF will pump the share prices ultra super duper high according to the Theranos Principle....
30/10/2020 12:34 PM
DannyArcher @aarontan1987

I dont know about you but I cannot predict the future, I can guess but even if I am right or wrong, it is a waste of time. Maybe you are right, it will go to RM5++, the difference between me and you is you look at short term, i look at long term. I know in the future they will have 1000+ stores and making lots of money from these stores. That's all I care.
30/10/2020 12:56 PM
i3lurker from Retail Theory the most Retail Optimised No of Stores in Malaysia is 7-Eleven with 2,225 stores

the statistical mean MakCik Kiah who wants to buy 5 items can get and will get all 5 items from 7-Eleven

the same MakCik Kiah will most likely only find 1 item inside Family Mart. Since MakCik Kiah is very smart and dun wan stupidly enter 2 stores

MakCik Kiah never enters Family Mart
even though both are next door to each other.
30/10/2020 1:45 PM
aarontan1987 @dannyarcher u do you hahahahahahaha u forget to discount into potential interest hike in the near future and also many other hawkish factors that could increase cost expenditure which leads to operational inefficiency hahahahahahaha now we are in a low interest rate environment of course its superb for all businesses hahahahahahaha wait till everything snaps then u can start telling me what will happened then hahahahahahaha i calculate into the future not into short term just to hold for what? 1 or 2 ringgit profit and throw it out? hahahahahahahahaha i look for what is fair for me and for the players dishing out the quote hahahahahahahaha if u deem a price that is fair for u but not fair for the players (institutions) point blank useless hahahahahahahaha of course we both have our view and i appreciate u writing as well anyways trade and invest safe hahahahahahahahaha
30/10/2020 8:56 PM
DannyArcher @aarontan1987

Interest rate hike? Like 1997? dream on. We are in a deflationary world, not inflation. We will have pockets of inflation, but the overall direction is deflation. Ask yourself, where is the hyperinflation when gov all over the world is printing unlimited money? Also, do you see people spend more or less from one generation to another? Spend less right? Why? They earn less, so, with less purchasing power or money chasing more goods, as we know productivity increases due to automation, where will inflation comes? Technology is deflation, it reduces manpower and lower the cost of goods. When something cannot be automated anymore, then we will see inflation - e.g. Food. No amount of tech will solve how we harvest palm oil or tea leaves or eggs, they've reached the peak, unless we come up with a 99% human robot with 99% of human agility, then maybe food inflation will drop.

Also, because of covid, every country will now view food security as a very important thing. Thus, more silo build to store more food, and laws to require % of food to be manufacturerd or grow or harvest in their country. QL is ready for this and will greatly benefit from this.

Interest rate globally willl remain low for many many many years.
31/10/2020 1:00 PM
aarontan1987 @dannyarcher u will be dreaming if u "think" we will continuously live in a deflation world hahahahahahahahaha as if interest wont hike or adjust itself to the condition of business performance? again think from institution perspectives instead of your own pocket hahahahahahaha no ups will continuously sustain itself and no down will continuously persist hahahahahahahaha its a new bubble every now and then cheers hahahahahahahaha
31/10/2020 1:42 PM
DannyArcher Interest rate will normalize in the next few years, but no where near 3 to 4%. Maybe 2 or 2.5%. If you think rates will go to 10%+, you live in a coconut shell.
31/10/2020 4:10 PM
aarontan1987 @dannyarcher new bubble comes new environment and new environment comes new kind of capitalism to exploit then comes new type of growth that will spur development hahahahahahaha 10%+? maybe yes and maybe no i liked to take it at a half glass view cause never say no to something and it might just happened and learning never stops hahahahahahahaha you do you lo hahahahahahaha
31/10/2020 10:58 PM
DannyArcher @aarontan1987

01/11/2020 12:26 AM
Maxpowar I agree with what Danny and Petnch said. Just topped up to this counter. Personally,I am quite impressed with QL’s business model la,here are some of my points of justification as a new investor.

1.) As far as surimi is concern, QL is the largest processor in Malaysia,in fact most of its revenue is generated from its marine based products.In a way,they monopolize the surimi sector.

2.) Family Mart has gotten the attention of young generations due to its variety of food and beverages. No other convenience stores in Malaysia offer a place to sit down and have a quick meal.

They have their signature oden, which utilizes QL’s own surimi products,this increases profit margin and reduce sales costs,no other franchises have the capability to do the same.Beverages are priced reasonably compared to higher end coffee shops like Starbucks,so can cater to wider spectrum of customers.

From time to time,they come out with new items like matcha sofuto to catch public attention,that’s the innovation and marketing part other convenience stores can’t compete with.

Very often people go into convenience store because they are in a hurry and want a quick meal in a comfortable environment, Family Mart knows that and does exactly what it needs to.

Overall environment is clean and bright, with specific “aroma” of its own. It feels comfortable as soon as you walk in to the stores.

Quantitative analysis wise, their profit after tax and ROE have increased stably over the past 10 years. They have a lot cash to weather through tough times like the pandemic we are facing now. So good cash flow + healthy debt equity ratio <0.5.

Now the bad part,I’m not quite happy with as an investor.
1.) their profit margin has reduced in recent years,esp in the live poultry sector,I’m afraid that might cap earning potentials.
2.) dividend payout doesn’t keep up with company growth despite having stable growth for the past 10 years.
3.) PE 63 (however I do agree with Danny that good things don’t come cheap,Amazon,Apple,Coca Cola all have high PEs,based on conventional logic. Are they any less profitable?)

With internet, all of us are just one click away to have access to information that everyone else can have. Do you think you’re the only one/first to “discover” “undervalued” companies?

Final verdict: I believe QL has a lot more potential to grow.They may even take over 7-11/MyNews in time to come if they continue to grow at current pace.For that,I’m willing to pay a premium for it,being fully aware that it may take time for someone to acknowledge a company’s true value,but then that time you might have to pay a premium on top of premium already-la.
05/11/2020 4:05 PM
Maxpowar QR coming out next week,looking forward for once again a steady but surely increasing profit,holding for long term. This counter isn’t meant for goreg2
20/11/2020 1:42 PM
DannyArcher --------- Coming Quarter ---------

Quarterly Report For The Financial Period Ended 30 Sep 2020
Marine Products Manufacturing ?
Palm Oil Activities ?
Integrated Livestock Farming ?
Total ?

POA definitely up. ILF most probably better than last quarter as FamilyMart regains foot traffic and MCO lifted. MPM hard to tell, but I believe it will go up too. The flooding in China was pretty bad in the middle of the year, from what I understand, China increased their food storage, stocking up essential food. Whether this benefits QL or not remains to be seen. Seeing that chicken eggs are depress now, anything goes.

Hopefully this quarter the profit will hit RM100K.

--------- Previous Quarters ---------

Quarterly Report For The Financial Period Ended 30 June 2020
Marine Products Manufacturing 61,857
Palm Oil Activities 14,489
Integrated Livestock Farming 4,056
Total 80,402

Quarterly Report For The Financial Period Ended 31 March 2020
Marine Products Manufacturing 41,474
Palm Oil Activities 3,341
Integrated Livestock Farming 17,983
Total 62,798
20/11/2020 6:18 PM
xjteh QL: MA cross up signal appeared yesterday. Sideway movement shall end soon. TP1: 6.85, TP2: 7.2 & more to go by year end.
21/11/2020 10:02 PM
DreamMaster Up 2.05%
21/11/2020 10:40 PM
DreamMaster Okay also la
21/11/2020 10:40 PM
DreamMaster Boleh juga la
21/11/2020 10:41 PM
DreamMaster Very good
21/11/2020 10:41 PM
DreamMaster Excellent
21/11/2020 10:41 PM
DreamMaster Well done
21/11/2020 10:41 PM
DreamMaster Congratulations
21/11/2020 10:42 PM
DreamMaster Keep surging
21/11/2020 10:42 PM
DreamMaster Good luck
21/11/2020 10:42 PM
Maxpowar Thanks Danny and xjteh for the updates. With the surging CPO price,we can expect more profit for QL’s palm oil activity in coming QR. Lots more room for growth for Family Mart,keep holding and earn your capital appreciation guys :)
22/11/2020 11:05 AM

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