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Change in Nomination Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
08-Oct-2018 08-Oct-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee CHAN JEE PENG View Detail
09-Apr-2018 09-Apr-2018 RESIGNATION Member of Nomination Committee RAZALI BIN JANTAN View Detail
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Choivo Capital SC needs to arrest your ass.

Posted by SAStockAlliance > Jun 11, 2018 12:44 PM | Report Abuse

Stay tune TEXCYCL after lunch. TP 0.85 by StockAlliance
11/06/2018 12:46 PM
RonnieKimLondon The qualification of Tex Cycle accounts is alarming.

It has decided not to reappoint Delloitte as auditors. This is not surprising.

Two red flags. Why is SC not taking action?
11/06/2018 12:56 PM
kentg03 Fb page cannot access
11/06/2018 2:48 PM
kalteh Noticed this company invest RM7mil into unit trust as of Sep 2018. Why put so much into unit trust and not invest in core business?
24/01/2019 3:12 PM
speakup better ask management to give it back to shareholders as dividend!
24/01/2019 3:33 PM
Starex Trooper shitty company
19/08/2019 7:03 PM
Noob Investor Bullish engulfing forming?
15/10/2019 3:06 PM
Sharenewb Time to enter guys
15/10/2019 3:36 PM
Noob Investor Sudah jalan
15/10/2019 4:05 PM
koowakzai Already enter at 0.355 :) u cant catch the bottom. But am happy with this entry. Downside risk look limited. Let go Green.
15/10/2019 5:16 PM
Joseph1981 lai liao?
15/10/2019 11:58 PM
SK1200 Please throw cheap to me
25/10/2019 11:45 AM
SK1200 60sen coming
01/11/2019 4:42 PM
Noob Investor 1 thing I like about this stock is super low liquidity. Selling volume is so little and can easily push.
01/11/2019 5:03 PM
kaleemtheman Tex Cycle Technology (M) Bhd is targeting to kick-start the operation of its first waste-to-energy plant in the UK by end-2020.

The plant is estimated to cost about £5 million (RM25.83 million), and to generate 20% of the company's net profit after it commences operations, said its chief financial officer Geraldine Hii Siaw Wei.
15/11/2019 5:26 PM
share2014 Wow
16/11/2019 8:32 AM
Ahmadfairus OMG gap down on last friday
17/11/2019 11:01 AM
Gan4580 tomorrow continue up up up
28/11/2019 5:26 PM
Glopac when England project can starting contribute income?
10/12/2019 2:20 PM
MCQ8018 Omg down again, director dispose?
23/12/2019 3:18 PM
MCQ8018 Wait below 30sen only all in
23/12/2019 3:22 PM
Nepo Omg, gap down
31/01/2020 10:44 PM
Sebastian Power jangan takut 30sen can buy liao

Next move will be transfer to main board, then bonus issue, then UK plant on

Stupid Solarvest also can hit 80sen, so Tex no reason no up
04/02/2020 3:52 PM
88cash88 I do believe from technical chart views.....it's a go
od time to accumulate in between 0.295 - 0.315 ......it's soon to.be bullish counter can simply up
05/02/2020 12:43 PM
Sebastian Power WTF.. director also listen to me buying at 30sen.Hahahaha
05/02/2020 2:44 PM
88cash88 hahaha director also worried the lots sapu by you @sebastian power...
05/02/2020 5:18 PM
Sebastian Power actually director keep an eye and spy on our chat here
05/02/2020 8:03 PM
alibaba123456 top 30 major shares holders came from Funds such as nominees OSKVT, EPF , RHB funds manager.......if accumulated at this prices 0.32 probably after UK and local energy sectors giving a revenue and profits .... this counter sure will converted to main boards and high possibility bonus will issues against.... Looks at big boss Ho Siew Chong acquisition .....big story behinds to be bomb this years
05/02/2020 9:23 PM
88cash88 haha @Sebastian Power ......are you a main share holder for texcycl too ? Or maybe you was director son ...hahaha ...giving us big bang pow ok ...
05/02/2020 9:25 PM
alibaba123456 beli sebelum meletup to the Everest peak .......coming to bomb after korek lobang ..hahaha
06/02/2020 4:40 PM
alibaba123456 Engine start lol
07/02/2020 9:36 AM
leicha09 It's really true ..so many fund managers as shareholders...good dividends , share price under values......goreng....bonus...goreng ......changed to main board......this year's it's your year's Texcycl
07/02/2020 10:48 AM
satha44 Ok...hopefully good quarterly results
07/02/2020 11:21 AM
xiumimi just entered! This counter got chance to join mainboard?
07/02/2020 12:59 PM
Srsm Trader looking good this. one... wonder what is briewing...
07/02/2020 5:54 PM
satha44 Resting for so long.....finally got some action
07/02/2020 7:51 PM
Srsm Trader financial strong this company, this year end the project in England start generating.
08/02/2020 5:59 PM
alibaba123456 such a worse market .... share price still saw a good support. Big shark in the house
10/02/2020 10:14 AM
Srsm Trader market is definitely worse than ever. strong counter will hold.
10/02/2020 1:22 PM
satha44 Buying is strong...35sens buyer in the green..
11/02/2020 1:10 PM
alibaba123456 From top 30 share holders can clearly seen , many Funds manager in lists..... High dividends yields ....lowest prices from history .... and current have a strong buyers under the sea levels ..could be a good sign for coming quarterly results and so on for main core business too
12/02/2020 10:49 AM
Nepo Price Not historical low, pls don't mislead
12/02/2020 8:09 PM
enjoe 【新冠肺炎/独家】何连威:致命一击 30%塑料再生公司恐倒闭 | https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/635888
13/02/2020 1:25 AM
alibaba123456 两岸原声啼不住,轻舟已过万重山
20/02/2020 1:44 PM
Sebastian Power confirm transfer to main board la. If no buy now then when to buy
21/02/2020 7:19 PM
leicha09 Today boss not around ...... offers
28/02/2020 1:03 PM
Nepo Finally lose 0.3 support
02/03/2020 7:55 PM
Richard Lee loss after so many QR. People will scare a bit. See how the management act next
03/03/2020 8:17 AM
Nepo Can buy this co or not, any Digi pls advise
26/03/2020 4:31 PM
Nepo This company management can trust or not?
27/03/2020 1:14 PM

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