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Change in Nomination Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
28-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee NOOR FAIZ BIN HASSAN View Detail
09-Jul-2020 09-Jul-2020 CESSATION OF OFFICE Member of Nomination Committee HAJI BADRUL HISHAM BIN MOHD YUSOFF View Detail
10-Feb-2020 10-Feb-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee TENGKU LORETA BINTI TENGKU DATO' SETIA RAMLI ALHAJ View Detail
10-Feb-2020 10-Feb-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee SR HAJI JOHARI BIN WAHAB View Detail
10-Feb-2020 10-Feb-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee HAJI BADRUL HISHAM BIN MOHD YUSOFF View Detail
27-Nov-2019 30-Nov-2019 RESIGNATION Member of Nomination Committee AHMAD FUZI BIN HAJI ABDUL RAZAK View Detail
18-Oct-2019 18-Oct-2019 RESIGNATION Non-Executive Director TENGKU DATO' RAHIMAH BINTI ALMARHUM SULTAN MAHMUD View Detail
30-May-2019 01-Jun-2019 APPOINTMENT Non-Executive Director TENGKU DATO' RAHIMAH BINTI ALMARHUM SULTAN MAHMUD View Detail
01-Aug-2018 01-Aug-2018 REDESIGNATION Nomination Committee AHMAD FUZI BIN HAJI ABDUL RAZAK View Detail
01-Aug-2018 01-Aug-2018 REDESIGNATION Nomination Committee MARIMUTHU A/L NADASON View Detail
30-May-2018 30-May-2018 RETIREMENT Member of Nomination Committee TING CHEW PEH View Detail
29-Jan-2018 01-Feb-2018 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee MARIMUTHU A/L NADASON View Detail
19-Dec-2017 19-Dec-2017 RESIGNATION Member of Nomination Committee HARI NARAYANAN A/L GOVINDASAMY View Detail
29-Nov-2017 01-Dec-2017 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee ADENAN BIN AB. RAHMAN View Detail
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CUTLOST Tq puncak.. Esok turun balik 355
15/02/2021 5:00 PM
NIWV hari ni kita tengok show saja. uptrend coming
16/02/2021 9:08 AM
FaridIsland Puncak sudah mari...
16/02/2021 9:26 AM
FaridIsland Cutlost...apa mcm?
16/02/2021 9:27 AM
NIWV woodswater, haha ur words works bro. keep it up
16/02/2021 9:34 AM
HannahM Haha lagi woodswater cakap lari, lagi naik puncak!
16/02/2021 9:54 AM
NIWV bila dia diam, turun pulak puncak. woodswater do ur work now. we want see tp 0.5
16/02/2021 10:26 AM
Miz Raya Bloom pelawok!
16/02/2021 11:13 AM
jepun_77 Nice puncak..will wait to see u @66
16/02/2021 11:33 AM
NIWV appreciate ur effort woodswater.. haha
16/02/2021 12:24 PM
NIWV puncak has officially breakout. if it can pass resistance 0.425 today that could be interesting. if not it is still okay. slow and steady
16/02/2021 12:45 PM
Anisdesanika Yes.Breakout.Quarter report rally or contract? Possibly both?
16/02/2021 1:15 PM
CUTLOST Faridisland.. Ini hari mkan tauhu saja.
16/02/2021 7:47 PM
Miz Raya Bloom ku ingat lagi nama TRIPLC dulu - U WOOD, U KAYU kikiki
16/02/2021 9:11 PM
r°Moi .

Take note that the court differentiated between Khalid and Azmin

A considered decision

So Khalid is in trouble

PUNCAK good case

r°Moi .

All 3 judges unanimously ruled PUNCAK has a case overturning the high court's decision

Unanimous decision by all 3 that PUNCAK's case has merits

Special dividend on the way

Based on price shortfall RM 2b = RM 4.45 per share

Based on whatever all in RM 14b = RM 31.18 per share

RM 2b is very likely as Rosi was bullied into signing SYABAS and PNSB away for a song

Khalid high crime

Tort of misfeasance

Khalid high crime


15/02/2021 8:01 AM
17/02/2021 8:21 AM
Roy 8 Puncak Niaga: Appeals Court allows to reinstate RM14bn case. The Court of Appeal allowed Puncak Niaga Holdings’ appeal to reinstate its RM14bn case against former Selangor menteri besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and the Selangor government. The appellate court, however, dismissed the inclusion of another former Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali as a defendant. It had sued the three parties in November 2017, claiming Khalid and Azmin had abused their powers in public office by threatening to get the federal government to invoke the use of the Water Services Industry Act 2006 (WSIA) to force a takeover of the state’s water industry. (The Edge)
17/02/2021 8:27 AM
NIWV Good job woods. Work hard huh?

It is not only khalid, but selangor goverment, which was governd by your poor fellow friends. Time to clean the water system in selangor.
17/02/2021 10:28 AM
NIWV u sell, we buy..
17/02/2021 11:16 AM
Miz Raya Bloom tak baik tau suruh orang jual, tapi TESSA kata, rozali, 35 sen I buy in again
17/02/2021 4:35 PM
17/02/2021 4:35 PM
NIWV woods, please work harder. make sure drop to 355. i wanna buy more.
17/02/2021 8:21 PM
Miz Raya Bloom ok kayuayer nak beli 385, esok pagi2 q buy bawak lori ok
sian tessa dia nak 35 huhuh
17/02/2021 8:41 PM
CUTLOST Ayo drop back
17/02/2021 11:09 PM
Miz Raya Bloom walau tessa nak 0.35, tapi tessa tak kisah pun jika naik tinggi kikiki helloo banyak kaunter lain ler kikiki
18/02/2021 11:23 AM
CUTLOST Second time in
18/02/2021 11:59 AM
NIWV what ur EP cutlost?
18/02/2021 12:23 PM
NIWV woods please keep quite. bcoz when u talk price rise. i wanna buy cheap
18/02/2021 12:42 PM
NIWV wait me. later i come. now got 20k profit from dnex.
18/02/2021 3:28 PM
NIWV in one day only. haha
18/02/2021 3:28 PM
NIWV great woods now quite. i hope puncak price fall a bit to let me in
18/02/2021 3:54 PM
Miz Raya Bloom kayuayer, pelawok!
18/02/2021 4:26 PM
Bullish Tomorrow puncak up kaw kaw
18/02/2021 11:17 PM
NIWV guys leta play dnex first. later come back here. no rush.
19/02/2021 10:54 AM
NIWV omg woods why u talk? now puncak price rise. how can i enter???
19/02/2021 11:24 AM
investkaki https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2021/02/19/pimpinan-ehsan-plans-to-acquire-solar-assets
19/02/2021 7:35 PM
Miz Raya Bloom Tessa kata PEB tu siLim offer at 1.07 tapi current price dah 1.15, Monday tak tau la berapa harga PEB nanti. Future business belum tentu dapat approval. If dapat mungkin PEB can easily pergi above 2.00. PEB bukan PUNCAK. Kalau lihat record satu family dah jual saham.
20/02/2021 9:36 AM
NIWV i hate to leave puncak bcoz waiting quite a while. now in dnex, there's coming big news. later i join puncak again. see u guys later.
22/02/2021 11:13 AM
Bullish Over 40c tomorrow
22/02/2021 9:22 PM
Miz Raya Bloom 34 35 consider beli
23/02/2021 10:23 AM
sowQ something brewing ka?
23/02/2021 3:24 PM
Miz Raya Bloom pelawok!
23/02/2021 8:22 PM
sowQ biggest off river storage project by selangor gov ..
24/02/2021 8:18 AM
HosehLim80 Tomorrow 0.60
25/02/2021 5:59 PM
jepun_77 Result terbaik..limit up come on
25/02/2021 6:14 PM
Miz Raya Bloom ya ke? selalu profit je saham turun, kot Puncak lain, ntah
25/02/2021 6:22 PM
Woodswater https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3132623

Miz Raya Bloom ya ke? selalu profit je saham turun

Run b4 limit down
Run for life
25/02/2021 6:46 PM
Woodswater https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3132402

Msm return into black with surprising LU
Possibility Puncak 2molo LD
25/02/2021 6:52 PM
easyjenny Lousy sub par accounting work by Puncak account department

Made errors in prior years to the tune of RM 30m?

Without these errors Puncak could have made profits in the past few quarters already

Without the big finance cost and the big tax charge Puncak could be making profits from now on

Puncak has turned around
25/02/2021 6:55 PM
Johari989 Wow 43.5m profit..
25/02/2021 10:30 PM
AlwaysLearn2Invest can anyone explain whether this is a one off gain profit ??
25/02/2021 11:22 PM

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