KLSE: WIDETEC (7692)       WIDETECH (MALAYSIA) BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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3.48   +0.04 (1.16%)  3.42 - 3.53  65,600
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Change in Nomination Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
01-Jul-2021 01-Jul-2021 RESIGNATION Member of Nomination Committee LIM SIN KHONG View Detail
01-Jul-2021 01-Jul-2021 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee LIM SZE YEAN View Detail
30-May-2018 30-May-2018 REDESIGNATION Nomination Committee LIM SIN KHONG View Detail
30-May-2018 30-May-2018 REDESIGNATION Nomination Committee NG BEE KEN View Detail
22-May-2017 22-May-2017 APPOINTMENT Member of Nomination Committee CHEN KENG SAM View Detail
09-Dec-2016 09-Dec-2016 RESIGNATION Non-Executive Director LEE YOKE SHUE View Detail
28-May-2015 28-May-2015 APPOINTMENT Non-Executive Director LEE YOKE SHUE View Detail
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gcke This stock has to further drop to the range between its historical low at about 0.50 cents. Prospective revenues,forward earning flows,etc poor.
20/05/2021 4:11 PM
sam1314 @ The St. Goreng

What's NFA?
20/05/2021 5:34 PM
gcke Have written to get the notice of the equity market regulator. To know more - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/following-bursa-query-widetech-says-not-aware-reason-behind-unusual-market-activity
21/05/2021 8:55 AM
gcke @calvintaneng thanks for the logical and good advice to many gullible investors in the market. Take care. Stay safe.Stay smart.

Be your own man.And know what you are doing.
21/05/2021 9:00 AM
gcke A1. Ineffectual for the equities or securities regulators to issue standard Unusual Market Activity(UMA) one after another to public -listed companies that have seen their shares' prices spiked,increased, and pumped up by a big, and unusual amount. Such incredulous, and bizarre market moves and trends smacked of market's rigging, cornering, and gross manipulation activities by irresponsible groups to snarl, and entrap the many gullible retail investors in the market place.Cannot discern any fundamental,logical or sound reasons to support the sudden price increase for a great number of listed shares that have negative EPS,ROE,very high PE ratio, forward earning potential not visible, decreasing or stagnant revenues year after year,etc
A2.Afer the UMA letter the said share price irregular moves take place and repeated all over again. What does that tell you as a concerned and value-added investors? Show total disregard to the UMA or whatever supervision and monitoring by the regulators.
A3. That clearly show that the regulators need to act tough,decisive and strong on such irregular market's trading activities which were bordering, and descending on irrational exuberance. And to serve as a stern , and clear warning to other recalcitrant public listed companies in Bursa.
A4. Vitally important that there were array of securities laws to be enforced, and the regulators have to be seen to be doing their jobs,duties, and responsibilities well, and proactive.
A5.That to prevent any big losses to be incurred by the retail investors which have NO control,influence and power over such irregular market's price moves.

The ball is with the regulators NOW to show that they are doing the right things, and doing things right.

No prejudice meant to any party.Just to ensure the equity market function in the proper, progressive and regulated manner.
21/05/2021 11:39 AM
gcke Lately, Unusual Market Activity (UMA) letters were issued to public listed companies by Bursa when their share prices were unrelentingly pumped up to reach ridiculous highs. These include companies mostly mid-size capitalization, poor performing, and weak fundamentals.
After oft similar replies were made to Bursa, their prices will continue to ascend incredulously next to even more new high. The price moves, actions, and patterns recorded over the trading days were noticeably spurious. Investing public needs strong and effective regulators to ensure the equity market is devoid of any pernicious manipulation to safeguard their better interests.
22/05/2021 3:22 PM
gcke Last closing price at RM 3.21 is simply illogical and has overshoot its future earnings or underlying fundamentals. Negative EPS,negative ROE,no dividends for several quarters. Like Sedania present price movement which is simply irrational.Hope the regulators will act strongly on such irregular price manipulation as expected. The regulators have to play their mandated duties and obligations well.The investors clearly expect them to enforce the securities market's laws with no fear or favour. Clearly, a pumped and dumped stock counter that will caught many gullible investors badly.
26/05/2021 9:04 PM
ugnkc Is SC going to investigate this company for insider trading?
08/06/2021 5:03 PM
cikminah7777 Some people control this stock.
Cannot buy, just sell atvrm3.10
19/06/2021 7:59 PM
waterbro 上月21日,威德答复大马交易所的不寻常交易活动(UMA)询问表示,除了MYEG服务(MYEG,0138,主板科技股)董事经理黄天顺于5月18日买入公司大批股权,崛起成为大股东之一,对股价近期上涨走势的其它原因不知情。威德在此之间2天呈涨,一共涨98仙或40.8%。
19/06/2021 8:04 PM
Zachzach Up 0.8 today so far
08/07/2021 11:23 AM
ggcomliao anythingg with tec tek goreng?
08/07/2021 3:43 PM
limontea slowly up is good enough :)
08/07/2021 7:44 PM
09/07/2021 11:06 AM
Skylight8 break 52 week high , chance to move higher , well done widetec
09/07/2021 11:15 AM
limontea Next week RM6, hopefully
09/07/2021 3:07 PM
Eric963708 must know y suddenly up on few days, speculation?? +
09/07/2021 3:26 PM
limontea sold at 5.430. TQ
09/07/2021 3:54 PM
limontea Kena UMA already.
09/07/2021 3:58 PM
limontea Cannot LU.
09/07/2021 3:58 PM
MelonMusk This one also LU like widetech
09/07/2021 4:24 PM
Great80 Welcome to Bursa Royale Casino....no comments..
09/07/2021 6:21 PM
Roroho00 Mon limit down..fry empty tin
09/07/2021 8:11 PM
Najib Zamry This type of company worth Rm5.38 my foot
09/07/2021 10:53 PM
kktan63 sc has been sleeping on the 3 Tec companies or they also part of the goreng team?
09/07/2021 11:06 PM
goldenluck16 Yesterday got UMA also can touch LU at one point. And the closing price is at 5.38 for a gain of Yay Yat Fatt. Haha.
10/07/2021 2:15 PM
goldenluck16 Lato Wong is a good chef.
10/07/2021 2:16 PM
goldenluck16 Actually Kobay is Kobaytec if you look at its company name. Another mult-ibagger.
10/07/2021 2:21 PM
newbie9893 i sold all widetec yesterday & shifted to Wong. Wong will be next widetec in the making
10/07/2021 9:28 PM
izoklse BOOOZAI...JACKPOT....I told you so. Now FOX and DNEX in talk for EV venture. ready for another Genetic in the making.


Now we know why Foxconn need Siltera so much and it is because they plan to have EV and they need component produced by Siltera and now siltera belong to Dnex and they bought the stake in Dnex to get this component from Siltera for their EV plan.

Foxconn suggests plans to build electric vehicles in Wisconsin

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Foxconn on Friday signaled that it has decided to build electric vehicles in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

"Foxconn has engaged the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to discuss the company's plans for electric vehicle manufacturing. Foxconn is optimistic about our partnership with WEDC and looks forward to ongoing discussions," the company said in a brief statement.

Foxconn and electric car manufacturer Fisker Inc said in May that they had finalised a vehicle-assembly deal. They did not identify a location, but Fisker's CEO said that Foxconn's Wisconsin site was a possibility.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by David Goodman)

11/07/2021 5:31 AM
bpsiah Two things Regulators must look into:

1. Share prices shoot up when listed companies not making profit yoy or qoq. EPS, ROE etc etc were all negatives. Reason? Growth ?
2. Share prices going down day after day when listed companies make huge profit qoq and yoy. ROE, EPS etc etc are all positives. Reason? All factored in already? No more growth story.

Funny thing is UMAs are issued only for stocks that shoot up but no UMAs issued when stocks shoot down. Why the bias? Is this also one of the reason our KLCI Index seems to be stuck at the lower end year after year.
11/07/2021 10:06 AM
CHONG Kong Hui Going to YBS seem like better choice.

11/07/2021 3:55 PM
Najib Zamry still buy all TECH stock with no fundamental? please lah
12/07/2021 12:15 PM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-07-12-story-h1567949212-NOW_SHOWING_The_Trilogy_of_FAST_FURIOUS_Shows_PART_12_in_KLSE_Genetec_H.jsp
12/07/2021 1:25 PM
Dengzensolo 1.Greentech 0104 Game Over
2.Hightech 7033 Almost end game
3.Widtech 7692 End of the Game
4.Awantec 5204 Get ready for next game

All tech tech tech one, now don't play play ya.
12/07/2021 4:28 PM
ValueMe Oops.Uncle and Aunty from pasar got conned.Negative pe ratio chase high and wide.Pump and dump style.
12/07/2021 4:51 PM
SEE_Research Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Are these happenings in KLSE ?

In fact, the meerkats have been very favourable to disclose the " hidden codes "
with the actual similarities ,

(i) G e n e t e c ( the total words are 7 )
(ii) H i g h t e c ( the total words are 7 )
(iii) W i d e t e c ( the total words are 7 )


The front are 4 letters not the bad 4 letters words . ( such as f _ _ k) but rather good words, example High , Wide .

For the total name in the stock are with 7 letters ,
" 7 " in certain religion their strong belief is " complete with perfection "
" it signifies a dynamic perfection or a complete cycle "

The meerkats have offered some helps , that the 4 th biggest gainer can be also ,
the stock with 7 letters , also the end is " t e c "
The front is also with the similarities of 4 letters words , definitely
the good 4 letters word ,
starting with
A _ _ _ t e c ( total 7 letters )
Stock code : 5 2 0 _

Short term target price : RM 1.50
Special Highlight
A - - - t e c ( total 7 letters )
Stock code : 5 2 0 -
13/07/2021 6:16 PM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-07-13-story-h1567956772-NOW_SHOWING_The_Trilogy_of_FAST_FURIOUS_Shows_PART_12_updated_number_1_.jsp
13/07/2021 6:17 PM
SEE_Research Top 3 Biggest Gainers in RM
2 July / Closed 9 July/ Closed + RM + % Name of stock
13.02 16.90 3.88 29.8 Gene tec / 0104
3.06 5.64 2.58 84.3 High tec / 7033
2.92 5.38 2.46 84.2 Wide tec /7692

or some else , from



The front are 4 letters not the bad 4 letters words .
( such as f _ _ k) but rather good words, example High , Wide .

For the total name in the stock are with 7 letters ,
" 7 " in certain religion their strong belief is " complete with perfection "
" it signifies a dynamic perfection or a complete cycle "

The meerkats have offered some helps , that the 4 th biggest gainer can be also ,
the stock with 7 letters , also the end is " t e c "
The front is also with the similarities of 4 letters words , definitely
the good 4 letters word ,
starting with
A _ _ _ t e c ( total 7 letters )
Stock code : 5 2 0 _

Short term target price : RM 1.50
Special Highlight
A - - - t e c ( total 7 letters )
Stock code : 5 2 0 -
15/07/2021 6:35 AM

Short Term= Target Price RM 1.51

Mid Term = Target Price RM 1.80



As OCB products especially on the consumer foods, Lingham ' s sauce ,

Ibu food products , Ibumie ready to eat , instant types have been continuously being immediately sold in the supermarkets , retail shops , and we have to quickly replenish the stocks on the next working days.

As now in May, June , July 2021 , in most places of Malaysia , the staff members for practically
all the offices in Malaysia
are required to work from home .

This new normal , which dictate the working style and pattern in the offices ,
have changed to work in the houses ,
the usages of the bedding products are well used on regular manner whereby accelerate the upwards sales of the bedding products /
namely King Koil, Kaiserkorp bedding products have been well sold in our marketing outlets .


Failure to hold the price above RM 1.00 , there is a need to exit.


" What sectors to focus on post Covid -19 "

Battered consumer- related businesses likely to make the fastest comeback
The Starbizweek, Saturday 10 July 2021,
page 4 / Consumer Section

by Yvonne Tan { yvonne@thestar.com.my}

There is a recent meeting in presence of
Yeah Kim Leng ,
Sunway University economics professor ,

Carmelo Ferlito, analyst ,
Institute for Democracy and Economic (IDEAS)

Although it may seem premature to think about a post Covid -19 investment theme ,
most industry observers agree that once some semblance of normalcy returns ,
the one sector that will probably make the fastest comeback is food and beverage(F & B) or more broadly the consumer sector .
SEE_RESEARCH answer is OCB / 5533

As most market watchers know , spotting and buying into investments themes or more specifically , stocks before everyone else is key to generating good gains
SEE_RESEARCH answer is OCB / 5533


OCB / 5533

From 15 July 2021 - that has potential for
2ND limit up ( + 30 % ) = RM 1.51

Please note : in the below GIF -
on the raging bull , in which the raging bull can run up to the speeds of 35 mph -
they will continue to attack what they think is the source of their annoyance and
always charge with their full intent.
15/07/2021 6:36 AM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-07-15-story-h1567984736-NOW_SHOWING_THE_TRILOGY_OF_FAST_FURIOUS_SHOWS_PART_8_updated_number_3_A.jsp
15/07/2021 6:45 AM
NatsukoMishima Bilis started fear to hold hightec widetec boom anymore n run slowly ! Heart attack stocks !
15/07/2021 2:12 PM
down2Earth what is wrong with this stock.... keep felling like london bridge...all the sudden....
19/07/2021 2:28 PM
mf In United States of America, from 3 January 2020 to 6:42pm CEST, 20 July 2021, there have been 33,741,532 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 603,880 deaths, reported to WHO.
21/07/2021 2:16 PM
ipohwhitecoffee Gametech
21/07/2021 8:12 PM
NatsukoMishima This kind of stock can sleep for few years if banker pull out !
21/07/2021 9:47 PM
ipohwhitecoffee Gametec. Money in the bank. Hooray!
22/07/2021 5:21 PM
Jokers2020 let see 4pm show...hope like BIG
04/08/2021 3:52 PM
Bgt 9963 Good luck.!
04/08/2021 5:04 PM
Jokers2020 today widetec turn..yesterday tocean start up
05/08/2021 9:41 AM

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