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tonite8 Time to buy in at this rate.
I think will go up tmr. They diverse their business
08/09/2020 12:42 PM
calvintaneng Good evening to all fellow i3 forumers

If you are thinking of chasing Mscm please don't

If you know of any friends or relatives who already bought into Mscm please warn them to sell & get out

Earlier this year Calvin saw Gpacket pumped up from Rm1.40 & told all to get out
In spite of my warning they defy me and chased Gpacket to Rm1.60

Then Gpacket went limit down. And limit down to less than 50 sen - trapping many newbies, sorchai, sotong, sardines, water fish & ikan bilis

So will be Mscm

Mscm means

M = Massive
Scm = Scam

Mscm is a Massive Scam

In time past there were others

Transmile - Transfer your smile to cheating directors

Liqua or

Li = you in cantonese'
Qua = sounds like "die" in cantonese

Sumatech = SudaTrap

Now got

Mscm = M assive scam (get out!!!)

Gets (Get Scammed!!)

See my warnings



Mr Neoh lost Rm5 millions punting stocks like Mscm & Gets

Mr. Ho lost Rm3 Millions plying with fire of con man stocks like now

Mr. Lee lost Rm500K

All lost until they got to run away from ah longs after going bankrupt

09/09/2020 8:35 PM
vincent555 Gloves are oversold because of

1. Oct people must pay loan so now cut back on shares

2. Many are on daily margin calls so got force selling everyday

3. Many in market are newbies and syndicates plus con men abound to scam with stocks like Mscm, inix, ktb and Gets

As they losing so much in scam stocks they sell everything across the board to cover losses

So market now in very confused phase

Great stocks like Hlt are sold down while lapsap rubbish Gets is chased up

Like people throwing gold to grab rubbish

Total madness now !!!
10/09/2020 10:22 AM
calvintaneng Still got Rm1.00? And don't run

Later 50 sen also hard to sell

Sell now before there is a stampede to sell and get out
10/09/2020 11:10 AM
calvintaneng Inix pilot just parachuted leaving behind sorchai passenger

Next will be mscm

Leave now before it dive bomb
10/09/2020 1:54 PM
Live4Tea SECURITIES COMMISSION MALAYSIA announced new anti corruption plans but this counter's price movement shows that the people here are not even awake for whatever reason. Singapore much better in governance so might as well invest there. 1MDB was only 2.6 Billion whacked. Some of these counters make Malaysia a laughing stock.
15/09/2020 10:29 PM
Vanbasten Pastor Calvin of mrcb tells you to sell you buy
16/09/2020 11:55 AM
Vanbasten Must check out INIX.... Very volatile
16/09/2020 11:56 AM
Vanbasten Poor Mr ho, Neoh n Lee must be parishioners of pastor Calvin
16/09/2020 11:57 AM
Godofgambler Can be trusted kah thia counter?
19/09/2020 2:23 PM
Godofgambler Can be trusted kah this counter?
19/09/2020 2:23 PM
joe79 cannot
22/09/2020 1:05 PM
calvintaneng Still want to trust this massive Scam?

Worst than 1mbd and goldman sachs combined

Run now!!!
23/09/2020 12:24 PM
calvintaneng What is Myscm?

Answer : https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/www.eaglevisioninvest.com/2020-09-24-story-h1514272518-_THE_GREATER_FOOL_THEORY_By_Dr_Neoh_Soon_Kean_Excerpts_from_STOCK_MARKE.jsp
24/09/2020 9:46 AM
s123445 Keep this share as heavy collection is going on around 1.00 by hidden hands
24/09/2020 2:14 PM
s123445 MSCM will partner KOOP MMA in eMedAsia Sdn Bhd to take Malaysian healthcare into a new era. Millions of Malaysian will have the option to consult physicians via their computers and mobile phones instead of physical appointments, and have prescription medicine delivered to their doorstep in the near future."

With partnering with KOOP MMA, if the idea is accepted by MOH, then this will be a gamechanger move!!! VIRTUAL CLINIC Our MOH had created a dial-free call during Covid pandemic for citizen to dial for enquiries and it seem like it work. MOH is moving to create Virtual Clinic so the traffic to hospital will reduce.
24/09/2020 2:16 PM
s123445 The venture into the supply of vaccines and test-kits will be undertaken by its 51%-owned subsidiary HS Bio Supplies Sdn Bhd, the filing revealed. The remaining 49% stake in HS Bio is owned by MMAG Holding.
According to the filing, HS Bio intends to source the medical and healthcare products from exclusive distributors approved by the Health Ministry (MoH). These products include vaccines, test kits, medicine and supplements.

“In view of the recent pandemic, the proceeds from the proposed private placement will enable the group to have ready funding for HS Bio to source for the much-in-demand medical products such as the Covid-19 test kits, supplements and vaccines upon availability and approval from the MoH, ” MSCM said.

MSCM is also targeting to deploy its own mobile testing facilities for communicable diseases and viruses such as influenza, hepatitis and Covid-19.

MSCM’s strategy for this move can be seen from an exercise it carried out last month. That was when HS Bio acquired a 20% stake in eMedAsia for RM2mil. The deal will see it becoming eMedAsia’s exclusive fourth party logistic service provider to give warehousing services to all eMedAsia’s member clinics and hospitals.eMedAsia is a digital platform started by Kooperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia (KOOP MMA) to enable private clinics to procure medicine, provide telemedicine services and access other healthcare-related services.

KOOP MMA, which is an investment vehicle of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), holds the lion share in eMedAsia with a 48% stake, followed by Open Dynamics Sdn Bhd (32%) and HS Bio (20%).

Notably, eMedAsia has on board almost 2,000 registered private clinics out of the total 6,000 in the nation.
The role that MSCM is looking to play is different from that of Pharmaniaga Bhd and Duopharma Biotech Bhd. The latter two pharma giants will be undertaking the “fill and finish” process for the vaccine, which entails the process of filling vials with vaccine and finishing the process of packaging the medicine for distribution.

MSCM is looking to play a role as a key distributor of potential Covid-19 vaccines. It is not without competition though – another listed company gunning for the wholesaling and distribution of vaccines is Apex Healthcare Bhd.
24/09/2020 2:21 PM



YONG MONG HUAY 21-Sep-2020 Disposed 20,000,000 0.000 View Detail
YONG MONG HUAY 18-Sep-2020 Disposed 1,040,000
24/09/2020 5:02 PM
apolloang another scam
24/09/2020 5:05 PM
s123445 New shareholders have emerged.

11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 TEOH HAI PENG
11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 DATO' TEOH HAI HIN
11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 TEOH HAI BIM
11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 HONG SENG ASSEMBLY SDN. BHD.
11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 DATO' TEOH HAI HIN
11 Sep 2020 08 Sep 2020 Acquired 17,967,900 TEOH HAI SENG
24/09/2020 8:35 PM
s123445 The upside has begun after consolidating around 1.00
30/09/2020 7:09 PM
Twinklehahaha pls fly higher...
01/10/2020 10:33 AM
Shines Macam pump dan sudah dump kot
03/10/2020 4:01 AM
Shines First day put up a red curtain to scard off the monster
06/10/2020 4:20 PM
Shines Why still use MYSCM and not HONGSENG
08/10/2020 5:29 AM
birkincollector 29mil shares transacted off market at 0.100....LOL.....
09/10/2020 5:07 PM
Shines Har, only 10 sen??????
09/10/2020 6:44 PM
BetterTomorrow Con job
17/10/2020 7:15 PM
BetterTomorrow Pump and clear off then sell lo to Hong Seng, then propose to do corporate exercise for new owner, and kill one more round. Hahhaha
17/10/2020 7:16 PM
BetorInvest Executive director promoted to alternate director? Age 35 wow
19/10/2020 9:03 PM
Ibelieve Ha... This counter really scam... Motley business like motley crew... Won't be survival
20/10/2020 10:06 AM
SWX1987 the counter is moving ooo......very active ooo
20/10/2020 10:19 AM
Stockhunter88 Scam counter lai liao
20/10/2020 11:40 AM
hashimi Dem
20/10/2020 3:31 PM
kl_guy announcement : just bought a company that supply pcr test kit to msia gov. look like going to fry again. rm2.00 no problem.
20/10/2020 11:13 PM
Shines Look out at 9am
21/10/2020 4:35 AM
Bemillion Hahaaa limit up ...today ...hongseng is mscm new name
21/10/2020 8:28 AM
hashimi Ermm dem you shark...
21/10/2020 9:13 AM
Bemillion Hongseng soon to be in par to LKL or HLT....synergy
21/10/2020 7:01 PM
Bemillion Market today bad across the board..... Emm
21/10/2020 7:02 PM
night_shadow kl_guy where’s your RM2 la? RM1 also struggle to maintain price weh haha
21/10/2020 11:57 PM
xivix86 Will Today Rm1. 09?
22/10/2020 9:23 AM
BetterTomorrow Mad, trading of truck also go into health care, hahaha and manufacturing of glove
22/10/2020 11:06 AM
night_shadow xivix86 very unlikely unless u know any shark csn ask him to goreng the counter haha
22/10/2020 2:09 PM
hashimi Good news also today....
22/10/2020 7:34 PM
xivix86 Can explain how good is this?
22/10/2020 8:00 PM
Bemillion Hope tomolow up trend..... No move today heavyytt balls. Dragging...issh more vaccine story ...
22/10/2020 8:52 PM
hashimi Hope fly
23/10/2020 3:54 AM
night_shadow hashimi sure or not can fly? mcm con job jer ni haha. I think next week kot fly after all T 2 T 3 forced to sell then jerung will pick it up
23/10/2020 10:28 AM
VinchansoLee This is a super solid company, dealing with all kind of engine related products. Which includes Lorry truck business, Diesel Genset, Marine application engines, engine parts and filtration system and etc. It's like a smaller version of Tan Chong Group Bhd to me. Excellent set up...
23/10/2020 1:55 PM

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