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michaelwong T3 2norrow and likely the price could further retreat to at least a low of 0.825 somewhere to digest the huge buying volume 2 days ago . Wait for next week to stabilise and then masuk lah ! No need kanchiog mah . A promising good long term growth stock to hold longer to reap the wonderful havest .
23/06/2021 7:32 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 Sorry I know both of them. Siapa dia pig head ? Haha.
People without knowledge of share market.
I don’t want waste my time to listen the above YouTube. Sendiri wayang sendiri song. Shit
23/06/2021 7:40 PM
waterbro someone said the next resistance levels are pegged at 59 sen and 66.5 sen before.. can arh?
23/06/2021 7:41 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 LOOKING up at its bigger peers, Shah Alam-based automated test equipment (ATE) manufacturer QES Group Bhd can already see itself among their ranks in the not-too-distant future.

Also its largest shareholder, QES managing director and president Chew Ne Weng, is not shy about the group’s ambition to become an equipment giant.

“People often ask me whether QES can be as big as ViTrox, Pentamaster, Greatech and MI Technovation. I don’t discount such possibilities. That’s our plan actually. It is where we want to be one day. To me, it is all about hitting the volume and scale,” he tells The Edge in a virtual interview.

According to him, the fixed costs of QES’ manufacturing business is expected to reach a constant level, and when it reaches an inflection point, any additional revenue that comes in will largely be profit.

“I would say we are at the 60% to 70% level of reaching that inflection point. We will scale it up, and once we hit the inflection point, our profit will grow significantly within the next two to three years. By then, hopefully, our market capitalisation could reach RM1 billion,” says Chew.

Year to date, shares in QES have more than doubled. The stock closed at 62 sen last Thursday, which translates into a market capitalisation of RM517.17 million. In comparison, its better known peers MI Technovation, Pentamaster, Greatech and ViTrox have a market capitalisation of between RM2.56 billion and RM7.34 billion.

QES started in 1991 as a distributor of test, inspection and measuring equipment, before eventually becoming a manufacturer of these equipment. Today, the group has two core business divisions — namely, distribution and manufacturing.

Following the company’s listing on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia in 2018, many investors and fund managers have expressed particular interest in its manufacturing division, which makes equipment for the semiconductor industry.

“We have quite a large spectrum of product lines, covering various test and inspection processes, from wafer fabs all the way to test and assembly. We have all the equipment for wafer inspection, post-wafer probing and post-dicing, wafer sorting and handling, as well as wafer packing and unpacking,” Chew elaborates.

“The only area that we don’t cover is the final test, which we think is a very crowded space. The likes of ViTrox and Pentamaster are covering this area, while many other non-listed local players are there too,” he explains.

In the distribution business, QES distributes the products of principals — from countries such as Japan, the US and Europe — in the Asean region.

“We have offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Of course, we also sell our own products in these markets, but the product range is different as we don’t want to compete directly with our principals,” stresses 58-year-old Chew, who co-founded QES and is the single largest shareholder with a 30.84% stake in the company.

Despite posting a slight dip in revenue in the financial year ended Dec 31, 2020, QES’ earnings jumped 2.6 times to RM8.7 million from RM3.3 million a year ago.

In the first quarter ended March 31, 2021, net profit soared to a new record high of RM6.9 million, representing a year-on-year growth of 176% from RM2.49 million a year earlier. As at March 31, cash and cash equivalents stood at RM69.4 million.

Commenting on stock valuations, Chew observes that QES had been trading at a historical price-earnings ratio (PER) of more than 60 times. But in the aftermath of its latest financial results on May 19, its PER has been reduced substantially to about 38 times currently.

“If you compare our PER with other ATE manufacturers, you will realise that QES has a good value proposition. Our stock valuation still appears to be rather attractive,” he asserts.

Expanding manufacturing business

Currently, 16% to 18% of QES’ revenue comes from its manufacturing division, and the remaining 80%-plus from its distribution division.

The beauty of QES’ distribution business, Chew points out, is that it provides the group with a huge chunk of recurring income, given that it had installed more than 12,000 units of equipment in the Asean region and other parts of the world over the past 30 years.

“These equipment need to be maintained and serviced regularly. Every year, we would consistently collect a recurring income of about RM40 million, which constitutes 20% to 25% of our group revenue. In other words, our recurring income from the distribution division alone is bigger than our manufacturing division.”

Nevertheless, the manufacturing division will remain a key pillar to be built up over the next two to three years. “We hope the manufacturing business [will be able to] contribute up to 30%-40% of our group revenue. This is one area that we think we can grow exponentially,” says Chew.

Unlike its distribution business — where it is an Asean specialist but still needs to follow its principals’ strategic dire
23/06/2021 7:42 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 Alo @Trust . Hope you are interested in QES,
Kindly help to remove this faked YouTube.
Don’t care about this ah tu and ah kau.
Both of them really tak Ada knowledge of tech counter at all
23/06/2021 7:46 PM
Weechichi @Mr.Sm That is right..haha..many of these ah tu and ah kau syok sendiri..and thought they know a lot..especially when they don't..haha..cheers to all astute mid term and long term investors..
Mr.Sm Invest123 Alo @Trust . Hope you are interested in QES,
Kindly help to remove this faked YouTube.
Don’t care about this ah tu and ah kau.
Both of them really tak Ada knowledge of tech counter at all
23/06/2021 8:00 PM
keanchung They are expanding their manufacturing production line, doubled the capacity once the new factory ready, if no actual demand also won't do pp buy new factory for expansion, few new product will be launching by this year end, the current share price only reflect on this prospect, if the MOU materialize the share price will rocket to RM2 above.
23/06/2021 8:01 PM
Swimmer Those 2 just want to earn money from YouTube by targeting subscribers. They make money from YouTube not shares. If they r so stock savy/guru where got time to tell story. They would be making millions & join Warren buffet club. Btw, hv u ever seen Warren buffet or Charlie mugger go online or you tube to talk about each NYSE counters?
23/06/2021 8:11 PM
pang72 YouTube effect?
23/06/2021 8:22 PM
keanchung 7.7 subscriber, they can't even do well youtube, another cannnel called superbull cincai also got 38k subscriber.
23/06/2021 8:32 PM
flyyoufools Why listen to analyst? Do your own analysing. You listen trading plan what? People said sell you sell? People say buy you buy?
23/06/2021 9:30 PM
Investformilkmoney Yeah, agree. Believe in sifu here better.
23/06/2021 9:31 PM
Investformilkmoney Btw, what's the AGM result today?
23/06/2021 9:32 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 Don’t simply trust FB live teachers too
23/06/2021 9:47 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 All tipu makan one & thought themselves are the GOD..
23/06/2021 9:48 PM
Weechichi https://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=21478&name=EA_GM_ATTACHMENTS

AGM just run normal resolutions..shouldn't expect any surprise though..cheers..
23/06/2021 9:51 PM
Investformilkmoney So, as usual then
23/06/2021 10:03 PM
Mr.Sm Invest123 This is GENERAL MEETINGS: Outcome of Meeting not AGM minutes. Should have a AGM minutes & waiting!
23/06/2021 11:40 PM
Targeted Sory, i meant Hitachi........ not toshiba..... Lol
24/06/2021 2:10 AM
cikminah7777 Is Gem Seeker here.....???
24/06/2021 8:40 AM
Targeted Still early..... Hehehe....
24/06/2021 8:49 AM
Abdulazizba PE still cheap for a growing Semicon company..don't regret it after QES becomes investment grade stock, too late to catch up for a small fly like us...

Comparing FACEBOOK and QES - FACEBOOK return from lowest to now 894% in 10 years time Vs QES return from lowest to today 955% to 1000% ....in less than 3 years and GROWING BIGGER..

See the power of GROWTH STOCK....very different from Investment grade stock..

U miss FACEBOOK in the past, don't miss QES , If u miss VITROX in the past don't miss QES now...

masuk sebelum terlambat....
24/06/2021 9:24 AM
Targeted .
Nice accumulation for next push...... might be the best to date.........
24/06/2021 9:25 AM
Targeted Accumulatte.....
24/06/2021 9:29 AM
theresateh going south
24/06/2021 12:11 PM
hantamking Uncle kopitiam <<Gemseeker>> buy high kena trap !!! contra player
die all the way
24/06/2021 12:44 PM
flyyoufools Run run run!
24/06/2021 12:48 PM
Westeros Yup those who play contra sure kena trap while investors just smile..a litte pull back is no harm infact gives us room to top up. Until the time the uptrend is intact this counter is still game for investors. Always remember the Trend is your friend until it breaks and bend!!
24/06/2021 1:15 PM
napnap Market will give fair value for this company..
24/06/2021 1:32 PM
Newbieinshare Buy now show at 4pm
24/06/2021 1:48 PM
TedTock Habis lah contra players. Genuine investors just hold.
24/06/2021 1:50 PM
Investformilkmoney Another show at 4pm?
24/06/2021 1:53 PM
ashfa93 expecting bull rest at rnr first, position player now its time to topup some more
24/06/2021 1:58 PM
Weechichi Rise a lot nearly a 100% from its low in May. It’s time to take a rest. Relax. I can only say relax.. no one way straight up theory here.. when u see holy trinity come out, prepare for e rise.. meanwhile, look around over Bursa and other exchange, plenty of opportunity there.. cheers..
24/06/2021 2:09 PM
theresateh Overall bad. Poor sentiment. QES is taking a rest.
24/06/2021 2:26 PM
Weechichi Last time we had a school boy talking about fair value..and I said his maths fail ask him to pm me to get a free maths tuition..just now another school boy posted about fair value but he removed it??!! School boy don’t be ashamed by your post..come on.. cheers..
24/06/2021 2:43 PM
taco89 Market sentiment is so bad.
24/06/2021 2:52 PM
michaelwong As expected the price forsee today t3 digesting the huge buying volume 2 days ago. Wait stabilise then only enter. Next week keep an eye as the market sentiment r very weak currently
24/06/2021 3:00 PM
Targeted Under current circumstances, If QES closes green............there will be awesome show over next few days ......
24/06/2021 3:38 PM
hobobem @Westeros you mentioned about the trend constantly. Please share how you tell if its a trend break and not a temporary correction? Do you discard fundamental if you give first priority to trend?
24/06/2021 3:45 PM
flyyoufools Hobobem, i can answer you if i'm in the situation. Trend breaks actually varies on what indicators you usually use. Most popular ones are trendlines, moving averages and price actions. There are countless of indicators to serve such purpose and to each is their own. The answer whether the trend is broken or not varies on individual of how they interpret it.

Good fundamental vs current trend, which one is the priority? Of course its trend. Trend is your friend. No point of holding billion or millions of RM company if the trend only going down. Just like the gloves company. Strong fundamentals? Yes. Billions of profit? Yes. The trend? Nope.

Like i said, it depends largely on how you yourself interpret the chart. Some will say the gloves are in temporary correction if they look at the larger scale time frame. Usually they have time to spare. They can wait for next bullrun. But time itself is money in the stock market. You can either wait for the bullrun again, or cut your losses and move on with other in trend counters.

At the end of days, its your own due diligence.
24/06/2021 3:57 PM
Weechichi well said fly..well said..due diligence is warranted! regardless of trend or fundamentals..cheers..
24/06/2021 4:23 PM
Westeros @Flyyoufools....thank you could have not answered better to me personally when I buy in to invest of course I look at the companies FA then I look at the chart when to EP from there onwards I would monitor the trendline, the indicator that i use EMA50 and of course the support and resistance. Also the most important thing I also do practise trailing support. which means each time the counter increase in value so does my support and resistance line. It takes a lot of practice and emotional control as well to know when its to exit. On the other hand if its for trade I will base purely on chart and there a certain indicators that i use. Hope both mine and Flyyoufools info assist.
24/06/2021 4:29 PM
Investformilkmoney Hope it goes back up to 0.91 tmr....
24/06/2021 5:30 PM
ashfa93 What can i say qes is for slow player , it rise slowly and it will consolidate slowly, never buy high the chart alrdy show in these past few days, just keep collecting at the higher low, semicon demand will rise until 2022, once the vaccination speed up, economy will boost up well, n overall follow your trading plan,, Cheerss
24/06/2021 5:52 PM
anthonytkh The fundamentals are good. The chart is actually still ok bcoz it didn’t quite hit the overbought Bollinger band but it went down anyway (and most importantly, at this stage, it hasn’t been oversold). Both buying and selling operators are resting from their battles (volume drastically reduced today). Trend will likely see a bit more slight retracement for a few days. The low Bollinger band is very far down (which can be either a good or bad sign depending on your position)
24/06/2021 5:58 PM
Investformilkmoney Hi ashfa93, I looked back on the chart, I see what you mean. Thanks. The positive vibe in this counter is good.
24/06/2021 5:59 PM
Abdulazizba when I first started my journey with QES stock back in 2018 , I'm sitting on negative paper value ..for at least 2.5 years..

A stock game like this lah , if u can cun-cun time your entry u may stay positive along the way...otherwise stay on negative for a while..not only this stock all my entry in 2018 , 2019 early 2020 all when into negetive territory and I'm running under paper loss of RM 50K.. today of course very very HIJAU...the best part one of IPO ngam ngam before COVID 19 lockdown in 2020..i enter at 0.88 straight crash to 0.25, due to lockdown...apa lagi peluang tiba..kasi tambah to the max..

Most important good company.. then is ok to stay negative for a while as long u don't use makan minum money....

this just share some experience ..not buy and sell call..
24/06/2021 6:02 PM
Investformilkmoney Thanks for sharing. I just started this 1Jun and my first buy is pharma. Drop till now. Then I found i3 forum and learn alot. Wish I found QES earlier this month when it was 0.65. Well, my capital is very low compare to others here. Only RM3k. Can't put in too much as I have wife and kid to take care. Hope to start small and be able to gain much more later on. Maybe bit by bit of savings to increase more capital.
24/06/2021 7:10 PM
omega Welcome @Investformilkmoney... dont worry everyone also start from ground zero... just be patient, observe, learn also be careful cos here just like a jungle 1001 attitude you will encounter... however do not worry as i said everybody also started with zero...
24/06/2021 7:17 PM

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