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Change in Company Secretary

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation License Name View
01-Jun-2011 01-Jun-2011 RESIGNATION Secretary LS0009397 PHYLLIS MOE View Detail
30-Apr-2010 01-May-2010 RESIGNATION Assistant Secretary MAICSA 7024717 TOH LI ANG View Detail
09-Mar-2010 09-Mar-2010 APPOINTMENT Secretary MAICSA 7007433 KOID PHAIK GUNN View Detail
02-Sep-2009 02-Sep-2009 APPOINTMENT Assistant Secretary MAICSA 7024717 TOH LI ANG View Detail
02-Sep-2009 02-Sep-2009 RESIGNATION Secretary LS 0000902 RAVINDRA KUMAR THAMBIMUTHU View Detail
02-Sep-2009 02-Sep-2009 APPOINTMENT Secretary LS0009397 PHYLLIS MOE View Detail
24-Jan-2007 24-Jan-2007 RESIGNATION Assistant Secretary MAICSA 0867502 HO LI CHIN View Detail
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tkl88 Wow, oil price continue to spike up like mad!
Nymex=> $4‪9.06 (+0.70) (+1.45 percent)‬
Brent=> $52.32 ‪(+0.82) (+1.59 percent)‬

‪Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !‬
19/12/2020 10:01 AM
dompeilee dompeilee I bought a little ambank also...I forgot when but I remember @ 3.24
12/12/2020 8:29 AM

SOLD ambank @ 3.60
21/12/2020 7:24 PM
jeffchan1901 I manage to but few lots at RM2.92, anyone manage to get it earlier at RM2.85?
21/12/2020 7:43 PM
tkl88 Next week is the windows dressing, will be the super bull market for KLSE !

Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !
26/12/2020 8:26 AM
khwong2028 ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz LAM ah ! Zhou Ah ! Sei ah !!!!!
27/12/2020 8:41 AM
tkl88 e南洋
【独家】钢铁缺货每周调售价 业者步步为营·严密监控库存
27/12/2020 10:38 AM
tkl88 独家报道:黄清琴
27/12/2020 10:39 AM
WealthSoWonderful For those serious mature sensible minded long term investors among y'all ... Do consider TopGlove as another egg in the basket, another arrow in the quiver, another string to the bow
29/12/2020 2:13 AM

TopGlove IPO price RM2.70 March 2001

2,000 units = RM5,400

Bonus issues:
2002 3:10 ==> 2,600 units
2003 2:5 ==> 3,640 units
2005 1:1 ==> 7,280 units
2007 2:5 ==> 10,192 units
2010 1:1 ==> 20,384 units
2016 1:1 ==> 40,768 units
2018 1:1 ==> 81,536 units
2020 2:1 ==> 244,608 units

Today 244,608 units x RM8.70/unit = RM2,128,089

Capital Appreciation = From RM5,400 to RM2,128,089 in just 19 years

This is clear solid undoubtable undeniable evidence of the awesome benefit by way of exponential growth that you get from investing long term in TopGlove

Anyways, this is not a call for buy or sell, but just sharing of some inspirational motivational confidence-building information.

Do your own due diligence

Invest at your own risk
29/12/2020 2:14 AM
CakapSohaiThings Post removed. Why?
30/12/2020 9:02 PM
shareinvestor88 yes sell TP 2
31/12/2020 11:49 PM
dompeilee dompeilee I bought a little ambank also...I forgot when but I remember @ 3.24
12/12/2020 8:29 AM

SOLD ambank @ 3.60

Ripe target for short-selling =)
02/01/2021 8:27 AM
OkieDokie ha ha ha BS , you must be having alzheimer's problem, go so many counters to keep telling i3 folks you have forgotten this forgotten that.... tell us something we do not know
04/01/2021 11:30 PM
CakapSohaiThings Banks might get shorted if there's a full lockdown announcement on Monday. Run
09/01/2021 9:58 PM
stkoay https://www.malaymail.com/news/money/2021/01/10/robust-ringgit-set-to-leave-positive-trails-onto-equity-markets-predicts-an/1939008

He said the target sectors that would improve this year are the opposite of last year’s, as the laggard sectors will be leaders — the darlings of foreign funds.

“Sectors that will pick up are the beneficiary of foreign funds such as Telekom Malaysia, British American Tobacco, Genting, Inari and banks, as well as construction and properties that will become leaders, together with energy or oil and gas,” he said.
10/01/2021 12:01 PM
CakapSohaiThings Short sellers might short banks tomorrow. Are you guys ready for a limit down?
11/01/2021 7:59 PM
AlvinTSK History always had the tendency to repeat itself !! Tomorrow is panicky day AND with RSS in play, someone might get heart attack ~~
11/01/2021 8:06 PM
CakapSohaiThings IBs and FFs, please start shorting, emergency consented! What are you waiting for??
12/01/2021 10:23 AM
DonWorryBeHappy Buy in 3.24 thought will drop more
12/01/2021 5:10 PM
Sailangking go further down... I wan to add
12/01/2021 7:46 PM
DonWorryBeHappy No chance to buy more wait a while see see
13/01/2021 11:03 AM
RainT lockdown

why AMBANK no limit down ?
13/01/2021 5:34 PM
RainT keep this

if down more buy more
13/01/2021 5:35 PM
khwong2028 lmao invest crypto la . malaysia market wont come back one lar
14/01/2021 2:50 PM
MorningGlory123 May I know what is the best advise for the current market now.

Seem market already factored in the negative news for the past few days, shall I start to slowly accumulate to buy now?

Thanks for the best guidance
15/01/2021 11:58 AM
Vanbasten Buy cw for double your money
15/01/2021 4:42 PM
DonWorryBeHappy So fast pancit
15/01/2021 6:34 PM
Hustle Monday sure limit up, reduce interest rate is temporary only, investor more looking at future.
15/01/2021 7:14 PM
Hustle In 5 to 10 years time sure 10.00 above, is time to collect more now.
15/01/2021 7:15 PM
Hustle Recovering is on his way don't miss the boat.
15/01/2021 7:15 PM
Hustle Even warren buffet all in at banking sector.
15/01/2021 7:16 PM
Hustle With current ROE every quarter make increasing profit is kacang only compared with high ROE one.
15/01/2021 7:17 PM
Hustle High ROE portfolio majority will dispose by investor due to hard to make another new high.
15/01/2021 7:18 PM
Hustle The most brilliant strategy is buy negative ROE portfolio since very easy to make higher quarter result.
15/01/2021 7:20 PM
skybursa Ambank earning can be surprising good compared to cimb.
16/01/2021 12:55 PM
yfchong Boleh lah
17/01/2021 10:57 AM
zerocool7199 Even you are not the best in your sector but say true,ambank is the most undervalue bank at this current banking price..cannot tahan
18/01/2021 3:08 PM
DonWorryBeHappy Time to collect Ka? If breach 3.20, gonna be next support at 3.
18/01/2021 3:26 PM
zerocool7199 Worry miss the ship since vaccine will be arrive next month.around my entry target d..i think can buy in now
18/01/2021 3:31 PM
zerocool7199 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/economists-expect-bnm-maintain-opr-tomorrow-after-fiscal-resources-deployed
20/01/2021 8:36 AM
meadow1628 Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021 3:08 PM MYT
20/01/2021 3:35 PM
meadow1628 KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) kept the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) unchanged at 1.75% during its meeting on Wednesday.
It said in a statement for Malaysia, the resurgence in Covid-19 cases and the introduction of targeted containment measures had affected the recovery momentum in the fourth quarter of 2020.
“As a result, growth for 2020 is expected to be near the lower end of the earlier forecasted range.
“For 2021, while near-term growth will be affected by the re-introduction of stricter containment measures, the impact will be less severe than that experienced in 2020, ” it said.
However, Bank Negara said the growth trajectory was projected to improve from the second quarter onwards.
20/01/2021 3:36 PM
stkoay “I think banks are safe,” said Pathmakanthan, noting that no worries are needed about the fundamentals of the banks.

He said the banks have no balance sheet issue, as they have not only built up a “very strong” capital base, but they are also not short of liquidity.

“So far the news for the banking sector has been still quite good,” he said.

Citing the latest data from November, he noted that the gross impaired loans for the banking system is 1.5%, compared with the Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) stress test, which was 3% by the end of 2020.

Thus, this means that impaired loans are tracking well below BNM's expectations.

20/01/2021 5:07 PM
zerocool7199 Tomorrow big drop so i can tambah pls...
24/01/2021 7:38 PM
Jjkcl Situation is good, market steady
24/01/2021 9:05 PM
STEADYBOMBIBI85 Eurocham: No mention of lockdown after Feb 4 in meeting with Miti

24/01/2021 10:39 PM
CakapSohaiThings Start loading up slowly. Tech is deflating - soon more will flow back into value stocks
25/01/2021 9:30 AM
CakapSohaiThings Add more ambank instead of other banks. This is the best value bank for its price.
25/01/2021 9:45 AM
zerocool7199 Drop more plssss
25/01/2021 11:34 AM
CakapSohaiThings Add slowly, so that we dont attract attention from momentum/quant traders
25/01/2021 11:55 AM

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