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Ann. Date Name Details of Changes Securities After Change View
Date Type No. of Shares Price Direct (%) Indirect (%) Total (%)
20-Jan-2020 MISS PANG SHU MING 16-Jan-2020 Transferred 1,000,000 - 0.26 0.00 0.26 View Detail
20-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 16-Jan-2020 Transferred 1,000,000 - 2.97 62.00 64.97 View Detail
09-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 07-Jan-2020 Acquired 300 0.275 3.23 62.00 65.23 View Detail
07-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 03-Jan-2020 Acquired 239,500 0.284 3.23 62.00 65.23 View Detail
06-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 02-Jan-2020 Acquired 506,200 0.284 3.17 62.00 65.17 View Detail
03-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 31-Dec-2019 Acquired 127,000 0.275 3.04 62.00 65.04 View Detail
03-Jan-2020 MR PANG KIM HIN 30-Dec-2019 Acquired 117,800 0.280 3.04 62.00 65.04 View Detail
31-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 27-Dec-2019 Acquired 47,000 0.276 2.97 62.00 64.97 View Detail
30-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 26-Dec-2019 Acquired 313,500 0.275 2.96 62.00 64.96 View Detail
27-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 24-Dec-2019 Acquired 300,500 0.277 2.88 62.00 64.88 View Detail
27-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 23-Dec-2019 Acquired 233,500 0.280 2.88 62.00 64.88 View Detail
24-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 20-Dec-2019 Acquired 430,900 0.277 2.74 62.00 64.74 View Detail
23-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 19-Dec-2019 Acquired 411,800 0.271 2.62 62.00 64.62 View Detail
20-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 18-Dec-2019 Acquired 261,400 0.267 2.51 62.00 64.51 View Detail
20-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 17-Dec-2019 Acquired 572,500 0.263 2.51 62.00 64.51 View Detail
19-Dec-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 16-Dec-2019 Acquired 704,900 0.255 2.29 62.00 64.29 View Detail
21-Oct-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 17-Oct-2019 Acquired 141,700 0.298 2.11 62.00 64.11 View Detail
18-Oct-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 15-Oct-2019 Acquired 330,000 0.286 2.07 62.00 64.07 View Detail
15-Oct-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 11-Oct-2019 Acquired 203,100 0.290 1.99 62.00 63.99 View Detail
07-Oct-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 03-Oct-2019 Acquired 1,437,700 0.297 1.93 62.00 63.93 View Detail
30-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 26-Sep-2019 Acquired 241,000 0.300 1.55 62.00 63.55 View Detail
24-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 20-Sep-2019 Acquired 257,800 0.310 1.49 62.00 63.49 View Detail
23-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 19-Sep-2019 Acquired 700 0.310 1.42 62.00 63.42 View Detail
11-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 06-Sep-2019 Acquired 146,000 0.305 1.42 62.00 63.42 View Detail
06-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 04-Sep-2019 Acquired 194,100 0.305 1.38 62.00 63.38 View Detail
06-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 03-Sep-2019 Acquired 316,000 0.305 1.38 62.00 63.38 View Detail
04-Sep-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 29-Aug-2019 Acquired 276,500 0.310 1.25 62.00 63.25 View Detail
30-Aug-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 28-Aug-2019 Acquired 319,400 0.308 1.18 62.00 63.18 View Detail
30-Aug-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 27-Aug-2019 Acquired 504,700 0.309 1.18 62.00 63.18 View Detail
31-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 26-Jul-2019 Acquired 800,000 0.340 0.57 0.21 0.78 View Detail
19-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 18-Jul-2019 Acquired 100,000 0.350 0.57 0.00 0.57 View Detail
18-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 17-Jul-2019 Acquired 150,000 0.367 0.54 0.00 0.54 View Detail
17-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 16-Jul-2019 Acquired 100,000 0.380 0.50 0.00 0.50 View Detail
11-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 10-Jul-2019 Acquired 62,300 0.325 0.47 0.00 0.47 View Detail
11-Jul-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 10-Jul-2019 Acquired 2,145,200 0.348 0.96 62.00 62.96 View Detail
10-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 09-Jul-2019 Acquired 237,700 0.331 0.46 0.00 0.46 View Detail
10-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 08-Jul-2019 Acquired 1,000,000 0.377 0.46 0.00 0.46 View Detail
10-Jul-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 09-Jul-2019 Acquired 500,000 0.335 0.40 62.00 62.40 View Detail
09-Jul-2019 MADAM KOR YANN NING 03-Jul-2019 Others 800,000 - 0.21 0.00 0.21 View Detail
09-Jul-2019 MR CHEW SOO LIN 03-Jul-2019 Others 500,000 - 0.13 0.00 0.13 View Detail
09-Jul-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 08-Jul-2019 Others 38,000,000 - 0.26 62.00 62.26 View Detail
09-Jul-2019 MR PANG KIM HIN 08-Jul-2019 Acquired 1,000,000 - 0.26 62.00 62.26 View Detail
09-Jul-2019 MADAM GOH POH TENG 03-Jul-2019 Others 1,000,000 - 0.26 0.00 0.26 View Detail
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Yusuf Isa Now we are waiting Grab company to be listing
11/07/2019 12:58 PM
lurhays see..? she's up more than the starting price... so let see how well the volume traders uprise the price...
11/07/2019 1:58 PM
Dangel Time to accumulate!
11/07/2019 9:33 PM
kk7198 I think so.....see the directors keep buying from open market.
11/07/2019 10:42 PM
JejakaDuit Game Show time... Wait and see.. Gi go flyyy 0.50
12/07/2019 9:28 AM
jakeT Hmm seems stable now, luckily accumulate when low hahah
12/07/2019 4:19 PM
Kho Hon Hua gogogo
13/07/2019 12:35 PM
sheep Waiting at 0.35... lai lai mothercare
17/07/2019 11:15 AM
zulmuiz Good try...tmrw try again...like go fishing never give up..
17/07/2019 8:18 PM
zulmuiz Just sharing...this is Singaporean one...think and vision like HongKong business taipan...so....good luck
17/07/2019 8:22 PM
zulmuiz If tonirrow no more director buying in open market (to buy at low price) ...operator will push up the shares back as usual..
18/07/2019 8:58 PM
Wai Yoong Market threat is there, pls stay away and wait for the right time to go in
08/08/2019 1:16 AM
Ooddd Any body home? Worst ipo of the year?
09/08/2019 12:13 PM
Wai Yoong It’s not the worst, tashin is even worse than this, losing terribly in there, but apparently childcare business is really not the trend and my tp for this share is 0.25
14/08/2019 4:35 PM
Jiahui Foo KHJB is better than HPMT. KHJB 12 sen deficit, HPMT 23 sen deficit from IPO. 难兄难弟!
20/08/2019 9:56 AM
Jiahui Foo Habis.......
20/08/2019 12:12 PM
apolloang his brother kim hin also habis….hahaha
20/08/2019 12:13 PM
kingcobra low BUT still seller a lot? awas!
20/08/2019 12:14 PM
kingcobra major shareholder selling kot?
20/08/2019 12:22 PM
apolloang all lousy IPOs except greatec and UWC
20/08/2019 12:34 PM
Jiahui Foo Singaporean cheat Malaysian !!!!
20/08/2019 12:35 PM
Jiahui Foo Like LCTitan, Korean cheat Malaysian.......IPO 6.50 now 2.55 !!!!
20/08/2019 12:37 PM
kingcobra thinking it is damn cheap but then when u buy them it MIGHT drop lower!! with these trade wars never ends, u never knows ! it's best to stay at the sidelines ....if it can recover how much can u earn? markets sentiments very bad nowadays....don't get BURNT!!!!
20/08/2019 2:45 PM
Sneakpeek Downtrending...i wait below 20c.
22/08/2019 11:36 AM
OneSmallStep Unexpected dividend of 0.5 cent... QR is good.
26/08/2019 7:43 PM
k6ii seem like drop no more...going uptrend?
27/08/2019 10:49 AM
rsim03 Yup...went to north
27/08/2019 5:35 PM
OneSmallStep I kind like their expansion plan and diversification into baby toy business
27/08/2019 8:43 PM
celaka91 can buy?
18/09/2019 9:23 PM
jakeT 1. Birth rate is increasing steadily
2. Product expansion to include toys
(FYI, toy's margins are fantastic and I think toys are here to stay. smarter parents would still buy toys for their children)
3. Younger parents have higher disposable income = spend more for their toddler

I think if u believe in those factors, u can consider to buy?
15/10/2019 2:23 PM
antoniomc27 2 is true.
1. iI think it is not true.
and the big majority of couples having children do not have that much money to spend, they are in fact relying on government subsidies to survive.
15/10/2019 10:30 PM
jakeT hmm i felt the same too. But i believe parents would still shop from them because of the brand. I think they will end up buying maybe one or two items from mothercare, but probably not the expensive products. I think is just the matter of how good are they in turning a "one-time" customer into a returning customer
16/10/2019 3:57 PM
lee5271 Ipo oversubscribed, but until now, still below IPO price. Didn't see the sign of rebound. What a trash stock. huh..
11/12/2019 11:57 AM
kyosan team....https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/12/30/buy-suitable-car-seats-for-your-kids
u see what the mothercare said...then its time to accumulate it... before its jumping high~
30/12/2019 10:03 AM
kyosan boss dia Mr Pang pun start kutip n kutip, u can smell it too right.~ peace~
30/12/2019 11:54 AM
jakeT "Retailer of baby and childcare products Mothercare said that they have recorded a 250% increase in sales of CRS since October, compared to the same time last year.
Another company that sells these products U-baby similarly said there was a spike in the sales of the CRS.
“We are importing more stock in anticipation of the growing demand, ” said a spokesperson of the company.
Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that child seats will be made compulsory by 2020."

It seems like doing not too bad. Boss also keep buying everyday
02/01/2020 1:45 PM
jakeT Just to share, in the event if MCO really ends, I believe it is time to start collecting some shares. Why?
1) Company's balance sheet remains solid as a rock with no borrowings and huge cash pile. No surprise if they even acquire one of their competitors
2) When market sentiment recovers, potential capital gain + dividend avg at 7% - 8% for the coming years
3) And lastly, during MCO, couples stay at home, what can they do?

Hint: Surge in online purchases of women's underwear and libido enhancers

04/05/2020 10:12 PM
Atamis Looks like cup & handle..next TP 0.27?
08/05/2020 1:48 AM
fightingdragons Overpriced. Why has the share price recover when their shops are all still closed
12/05/2020 4:40 PM
spielmacher Too early to speculate about baby boom during MCO. Yes me and my gf are enjoying more sexy time now, but we have birth control tech nowadays. Most of people are affected by covid19 economical impact, so no baby boom is expected.
13/05/2020 5:51 PM
OneSmallStep You can buy from mothercare online. Yes, their sales will be affected. But they are not completely closed.
14/05/2020 2:24 AM
jakeT Hmm but can muslim's parents practice birth control methods? If u just go google and type in "baby boom mco" there will be many articles saying there's a strong possibility of a baby boom in 2021

Also do bear in mind, they are selling toddlers items, which is sort of a "necessity" in that sense. Babies outgrow their size after a few months unlike an adult. Hence, u cant compare their business to other retail counters like Padini or Bonia

And pls pls pls pls dont say overpriced... glove counters are overpriced....
15/05/2020 10:22 AM
spielmacher could not understand the hype around mothercare. there is far better company that relate to more popular Anakku. In fact, that company also sell lingerie; before baby boom it should be sex boom first. I dont want to mention that company's name here, but i think the hype on KHJB is too much and could trap us anytime.
29/05/2020 10:00 AM
tradetoinvest This counter quiet. Not taking on the bull ride today like pdi. Maybe will come tomorrow.
02/06/2020 9:09 PM
ViWizard wow MR PANG FU WEI is the MD now
02/07/2020 10:27 AM
tok_jeff gonna go up
15/07/2020 1:35 PM
JualanMurah sleeping beauty
21/07/2020 3:46 PM
winwinborn Is time to collect this counter?
28/07/2020 4:35 PM
JualanMurah anyone attend the agm?
29/07/2020 4:25 PM
winwinborn khjb gonna work hard....
05/08/2020 4:46 PM

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