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Ann. Date Name Details of Changes Securities After Change View
Date Type No. of Shares Price Direct (%) Indirect (%) Total (%)
09-Jul-2019 MOHD IMRAN MOHAMAD SALIM 05-Jul-2019 Acquired 192,900 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
05-Jul-2019 MOHD IMRAN MOHAMAD SALIM 04-Jul-2019 Acquired 137,300 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
26-Jun-2019 MOHD IMRAN TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM 25-Jun-2019 Acquired 138,000 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
26-Apr-2019 ENCIK MOHD IMRAN TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM 26-Apr-2019 Disposed 459,300 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
11-Jan-2019 MOHD IMRAN MOHAMAD SALIM 09-Jan-2019 Others 192,900 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
22-Jan-2018 TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM BIN FATEH DIN 19-Jan-2018 Acquired 458,300 - 0.00 16.60 16.60 View Detail
22-Jan-2018 MOHD IMRAN TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM 19-Jan-2018 Acquired 133,200 - 0.00 0.00 0.00 View Detail
08-Nov-2017 DATUK SHAHRIL RIDZA RIDZUAN 03-Nov-2017 Acquired 500,000 0.790 0.02 0.00 0.02 View Detail
08-Nov-2017 TAN SRI AZLAN MOHD ZAINOL 03-Nov-2017 Acquired 120,000 0.790 0.01 0.00 0.01 View Detail
08-Nov-2017 TAN SRI AZLAN MOHD ZAINOL 03-Nov-2017 Acquired 30,000 0.790 0.01 0.00 0.01 View Detail
06-Nov-2017 TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM BIN FATEH DIN 03-Nov-2017 Acquired 309,134,798 - 0.00 16.63 16.63 View Detail
06-Nov-2017 TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM BIN FATEH DIN 03-Nov-2017 Acquired 55,410,954 - 0.00 16.63 16.63 View Detail
08-Nov-2016 TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM FATEH DIN 07-Nov-2016 Acquired 6,223,171 0.000 0.00 17.52 17.52 View Detail
28-Apr-2016 TAN SRI MOHAMAD SALIM FATEH DIN 25-Apr-2016 Acquired 60,000,000 0.000 0.00 18.99 18.99 View Detail
30-Sep-2015 TAN SRI AZLAN MOHD ZAINOL 28-Sep-2015 Acquired 120,000 1.140 0.01 0.00 0.01 View Detail
30-Sep-2015 TAN SRI AZLAN MOHD ZAINOL 28-Sep-2015 Acquired 30,000 1.130 0.01 0.00 0.01 View Detail
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vivabursa Actually the future is bright with so many mega projects upcoming
05/11/2019 10:07 PM
Superbull18 90 sen before 15 Nov , take note
06/11/2019 8:52 AM
Alan Lobster extremely high buy in vol past few days ...by looking at the WEAK seller Q many still holding to it ...
06/11/2019 10:42 AM
Sinoboy Up Up Roflmao
06/11/2019 10:42 AM
gggSTOCK LTH keep disposing
06/11/2019 11:37 AM
monsterhunter All in. MRCB uP Up UP !!
06/11/2019 12:09 PM
Superbull77 1.00 before 5 Dec, take note
06/11/2019 9:42 PM
Alan Lobster Tabung Haji cease selling ...time to BUY b4 the NEWS is out!
07/11/2019 8:50 AM
whoo @superbull - 0.90 before 15 nov! not easy to reach 0.90. Monday highest 0.815 dropped till now
07/11/2019 9:13 AM
Alan Lobster wow slowly but surely up up up
07/11/2019 9:16 AM
monsterhunter GoReNg gOrEnG. MRCB Up uP UP !!
07/11/2019 9:55 AM
Sinoboy Up Up Roflmao
07/11/2019 10:56 AM
SamuelLuke All my mrcb frying kakis have come back I am so excited, get ready your bullets.... let’s fry it high!!!!
07/11/2019 11:15 AM
whoo pathetic counter!! everyday dropped
07/11/2019 11:42 AM
Sinoboy @whoo. Agreed, a real pathetic counter. Beware of sharks who tell you otherwise...
07/11/2019 12:24 PM
Superbull18 90 sen need extend 7 more trading day before 26 Nov , take note ,tomolo MRCB should rebound at least close 2 sen up , close 77,.5 sen , 2 day high volume have been kick out all contra kaki .tomolo market open up u all quickly BUY in , kept until 26 Nov ,take note
07/11/2019 8:15 PM
BaybieShark Noted
07/11/2019 8:18 PM
Alan Lobster https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/top-companies-transparent-corporate-reporting-are-glcs-%E2%80%94-report

More future PH gov projects will be awarded soon
07/11/2019 8:18 PM
Alan Lobster MRCB achieved presales of RM244 million for 6MFY19 (compared with RM75 million for the first quarter [1Q] of FY19), which were mainly contributed by its Sentral Suites and TRIA condominium, 9 Seputeh projects. There are also property bookings worth RM130 million to RM140 million pending the signing of the sales and purchase agreements. MRCB has launched the Alstonia Hilltop project with a gross development value of RM247 million and an initial take-up rate of 8%. It has delayed further launches of new property projects as market sentiment remained weak. Unbilled sales of RM1.8 billion will likely shore up its property earnings as progress billings accelerate in the second half (2H) of FY19.
MRCB sold its 30% stake in the St Regis Hotel and Residences project to CMY Capital for RM117.3 million on May 23, 2019. The net disposal gain of about RM55 million boosted its earnings for 2QFY19. We cut our revalued net asset valuation per share estimate to RM1.23 from RM1.50 to reflect higher net debt, a lower property development discounted cash flow and lower construction arm valuation.
Progress billings for the LRT3 are expected to pick up in 2HFY19 with the reduced new contract value agreed with the government. MRCB’s share of works for the LRT3 is RM5.7 billion, contributing to 25% of its order book of RM22.6 billion.
07/11/2019 8:33 PM
Alan Lobster GLC catat skor tinggi dalam laporan ketelusan

Oleh Mohd Zaky Zainuddin

KUALA LUMPUR: Lapan daripada 10 syarikat senaraian awam terbesar Malaysia yang mencatatkan skor tertinggi dalam Laporan Ketelusan Korporat 2019 (TRAC 2019) adalah syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC).

Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB) mengungguli senarai berkenaan, diikuti oleh KLCC Property and Real Estate Investment Trust, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, AMMB Holdings Bhd, Unisem (M) Bhd, MISC Bhd dan Sime Darby Bhd.

Ia diikuti oleh tiga syarikat milik PETRONAS iaitu Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd, Petronas Gas Bhd and Petronas Dagangan Bhd.
07/11/2019 8:39 PM
Alan Lobster very true 0.765 now
08/11/2019 9:48 AM
Sinoboy Up Up Roflmao
08/11/2019 11:23 AM
sasword Another money game day, this epf con counter going to fall to hell today.
08/11/2019 11:53 AM
monsterhunter Good news coming. MRCB UP UP UP !!
08/11/2019 2:43 PM
Alan Lobster Expecting better QR ..take note
08/11/2019 5:21 PM
Alan Lobster huat arr mrcb ...pls dun follow me or appreciate my advise
12/11/2019 10:04 AM
param54 if this qr good sure 1.00
12/11/2019 11:26 AM
Sinoboy End Nov q3 results should be announced
12/11/2019 11:43 AM
Ron90 if today's momentum can be maintained towards the end and tomorrow...sure 90 cents by end of this month
12/11/2019 2:31 PM
Ron90 currebtky Stochastic and ROC already mowing into positive position.
12/11/2019 2:32 PM
Sinoboy Charts don't work for this counter unfortunately...
12/11/2019 4:24 PM
sasword A lot of prophets is going to donate money to support this "good counter" already.
12/11/2019 5:12 PM
Alan Lobster SOLD all at 0.78...enuff for lobster dinner.
12/11/2019 5:28 PM
Superbull18 99 percent possible will reach 90 sen by 27 Nov , QR expect release either 21 or 22 Nov , if excelent QR , 90 sen easy break out , it will touch RM 1 , it will attract more institution fund buy in if excelent QR release , so date of 25 ,26 n 27 Nov is a show time for MRCB, prepare for skim cepat kaya , MRCB-C41 if MRCB by 27 Nov at 90 sen , MRCB -C41 will be 10 sen , 400 percent profit gain , u all can eat many time lobster.
12/11/2019 7:47 PM
Superbull18 MRCB-C41 today is 2 sen , 400 percent profit gain , let see 10 sen on 27 Nov.. skim cepat kaya ......syok
12/11/2019 7:53 PM
Trouble Huat if saw someone newbie post sure reach on TP.better run before they selldown. haha. if so easy predict future TP. then shark earn wad oh?
12/11/2019 7:57 PM
Superbull18 Volume analysis show that from 1 Nov , daily volume almost increase as compare month sept n Oct , probably that is institution fund buy a bit , a bit ,kept inside fridge ,their strategic is slowly accumulate , awaiting timing , awaiting something good news , then push up quickly
13/11/2019 12:01 AM
monsterhunter Fire SOS. All sharks coming. MRCB UP UP UP !!
13/11/2019 9:41 AM
Sinoboy Zzzzzzzz...
13/11/2019 10:43 AM
sasword Only got coruppted tongkat gov, no sharks here.
13/11/2019 4:23 PM
Shawn Ng Heading to 0.9 soon
14/11/2019 10:07 AM
param54 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake up
14/11/2019 12:19 PM
sasword Foreign fund will avoid our market and bursa going to die as long as corrupted son of bitch mahaithir gov is still alive.
14/11/2019 4:41 PM
Ron90 Azmin is the root cause of uncertainty... he is going to prevent Anwar from becoming the next PM, even though Mahathir already very very old..common la.. this country still hv to rely on 96 old man to lead the country??...first to dethrone najb, ok la, but not forever... next year, political turmoil is certain...so only stupid foreign investor would put their money here... its only few months away !!!..
15/11/2019 8:03 AM
monsterhunter Come on. MRCB UP UP UP !!
15/11/2019 9:30 AM
Sinoboy Daily routine, morning up little, afternoon down plenty lol
15/11/2019 10:13 AM
Alan Lobster Wait for the positibe BIG NEWS now is still keep away from public knowledge ....it will rise soon
15/11/2019 12:41 PM
Superbull77 Big news will out next week. FM still collecting.
15/11/2019 2:29 PM
param54 foreign funds running
15/11/2019 3:15 PM
Ron90 if u have nothing to say..better keep quite rather than telling false promise.. big news konon.
15/11/2019 3:46 PM


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