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03-Jan-2001 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 22-Dec-2000 Acquired 45,000 1.770 0.57 0.00 0.57 View Detail
02-Jan-2001 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 15-Dec-2000 Acquired 100,000 1.851 0.55 0.00 0.55 View Detail
02-Jan-2001 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 14-Dec-2000 Acquired 70,000 2.087 0.55 0.00 0.55 View Detail
02-Jan-2001 TAN SRI DATO' HAJIBASIR BIN ISMAIL 26-Jan-2001 Acquired 71,000 1.774 0.56 0.00 0.56 View Detail
02-Jan-2001 TAN SRI DATO' HAJIBASIR BIN ISMAIL 21-Dec-2000 Acquired 84,000 1.740 0.56 0.00 0.56 View Detail
20-Dec-2000 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 13-Dec-2000 Acquired 70,000 2.116 0.53 0.00 0.53 View Detail
20-Dec-2000 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 12-Dec-2000 Acquired 60,000 2.145 0.53 0.00 0.53 View Detail
02-Oct-2000 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 28-Sep-2000 Acquired 40,000 2.448 0.52 0.00 0.52 View Detail
02-Oct-2000 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 27-Sep-2000 Acquired 32,000 2.445 0.52 0.00 0.52 View Detail
02-Oct-2000 TAN SRI DATO' HAJI BASIR BIN ISMAIL 22-Sep-2000 Acquired 458,000 2.250 0.51 0.00 0.51 View Detail
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BN_better Tun M chased away China tourists why good for Airport?
15/11/2018 10:33
GreatWarrants Watch for Airport Cz to hit 5-10 sens
16/11/2018 02:44
5354_ Why QR still not release?
16/11/2018 10:23
Wong Wei KLIA many things need to be done example skytrain inside aircond water leaking!!
17/11/2018 09:26
BN_better ‘Claim a cheap shot by Loke’
18/11/2018 15:45
BN_better Why must vote PH again? Is wearing slipper in airport a big crime?
19/11/2018 09:34
BN_better People deserve better than Loke’s 'cheap shots', says MIC veep
19/11/2018 09:53
BN_better Act against 'slipper-wearing' Daim - MIC leader dares Loke
19/11/2018 19:10
hollandking BN better, u don't spin. The main issue here isn't the slipper, the slipper is still an issue but not the main issue. The main issues here are entering an area without security clearance and being abusive to the guard.
19/11/2018 22:40
hollandking as for slipper, i tell u, go enter govt dept wearing slippers. See what happened?
19/11/2018 22:40
hollandking If the president of MIC don't know how to respect protocol, how much more u expect commoners to do so? A politician should be setting good example, not teaching ppl how to flout.
19/11/2018 22:43
hollandking Politicians too high class is it? Feudal lords is it? Can flout laws or regulations?
19/11/2018 22:43
hollandking Really so shameful, the president of a party behaving like that.
19/11/2018 22:44
hollandking He can go sue Loke for all he wants, whether if he win or lose, HE WILL END UP BEING THE BIGGEST LOSER because this will heavily damage his reputation. Politicians biggest losses is what? Is a destroyed reputation.
19/11/2018 22:46
hollandking this is the reason why BN crumbled Its politicians lack common sense. What he should do is apologized to the public. Not digging the hole bigger
19/11/2018 22:48
hollandking I want to see how big the hole he is going to dig himself into. Good show
19/11/2018 22:49
laosai When QR can out? Why everyday must delay?
21/11/2018 09:31
BN_better hollandking I support BN why wrong? Wear slippers non big-issue. There are more important matters require attention not slippers matter. Even Education Minister talk more abt shoes than education something wrong with Pakatan govn.
21/11/2018 09:44
hornbill Afternoon fly back
21/11/2018 14:05
I_like_dividend Why no dividend announcement?
21/11/2018 14:39
I_like_dividend HRC also good QR what happen?
21/11/2018 14:46
I_like_dividend 7.8 not cheap unless dividend 25-30 sen can give yearly.
21/11/2018 14:50
I_like_dividend HRC low PE why people avoid?
21/11/2018 14:53
GreatWarrants Airport Cz should go 5 sens
21/11/2018 15:05
trulyinvest good result oso cannot up? tipu punya kut
21/11/2018 17:00
Beza https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kenangaresearch/183201.jsp
22/11/2018 09:46
chamlo Ministry in talks to lower PSC
22/11/2018 21:36
trulyinvest Bad news ?
22/11/2018 21:57
5354_ PSC increased during BN ruling so PH must reduce to show they are caring govn?
23/11/2018 11:31
frleong2005 How is agm for airport? Any vouchers when we attend agm?
30/11/2018 02:31
Matcha Green Tea http://adamlye.blogspot.com/2018/05/5014-airport-19th-agm-2018-may-08.html

Someone made an effort to create a blog for agm and meeting. Just helping out.
03/12/2018 07:55
trulyinvest most likely kickout from klci…. insider selling first
06/12/2018 12:04
BN_better Najib/BN pls comeback.
06/12/2018 15:03
trulyinvest U r lucky.. stil in klci
06/12/2018 20:19
khoo the only malaysia Airport , of course still in KLCI
07/12/2018 16:58
signalmw 吉隆坡17日讯)欧洲和中国公布的最新经济数据令外界愈加担心,2018年底的疲软增长势头将会转化为明年的更大幅度滑坡,因为多年来的全球经济扩张趋势走到尽头,贸易紧张局势形成冲击,同时消费者也在控制支出
17/12/2018 17:48
Muarmali Market is slow but many people still flying here and there. :)))
18/12/2018 14:06
Wong Wei Out now before too late
Government in talks to reduce airport tax & tourist tax !!

21/12/2018 14:05
Wong Wei Reduce all malaysia airport tax
Not just KLia & Klia2 !!
By the way !! So mean could drop back to 5 or 6
21/12/2018 14:06
Shinnzaii https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/458354

like this how to increase PSC...lol
31/12/2018 16:20
freetospeak Now mahb can collect full 70 psc ownself..no need thru airasia..huge revenue increase...lol
31/12/2018 21:28
fh2472 Najib said MAB will sell Sabiha Gokchen for around 3 billion
02/01/2019 23:30
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/188862.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈Malaysia airports holdings bhd (Airport)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
05/01/2019 10:12
chamlo MAHB misses 2018 passenger volume target, sets 4.9% growth target for this year
10/01/2019 22:24
Yi Heng time to collect
11/01/2019 20:10
Mamat_Win worth buy in?
18/01/2019 15:52
Yi Heng u can wait :)
22/01/2019 22:21
ranger2410 technically looking good today... let's see whether the plane really take off on next Monday via "AIRPORT"
25/01/2019 23:30
factorrumour hahahahahahahahahaha just when mahb announced airport service quality improved, airasia straight away slap them in the face for "poor level of service".

MAHB confirms receipt of AirAsia's RM480m claim

Airport service quality at Malaysian airports in 2018 improves
31/01/2019 22:37
abc333 https://money-tab.com/2019/02/14/20061?fbclid=IwAR1BwM8z2S0hh6Jikc1hzNSWto757ALJo11eGvFcklFOGGV3j2yQ6rPWZ68
14/02/2019 15:00


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