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Change in Principal Officer

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
04-Jan-2021 04-Jan-2021 APPOINTMENT Chief Financial Officer MR ANTHONY CHEONG SWEE LOONG View Detail
04-Jan-2021 04-Jan-2021 RESIGNATION Chief Financial Officer MR GOH ENG TATT View Detail
30-Mar-2018 01-Apr-2018 APPOINTMENT Chief Financial Officer MR GOH ENG TATT View Detail
30-Mar-2018 01-Apr-2018 RESIGNATION Chief Financial Officer MISS CHEE SOO YUEN View Detail
18-Jul-2016 18-Jul-2016 APPOINTMENT Chief Financial Officer MISS CHEE SOO YUEN View Detail
18-Jul-2016 18-Jul-2016 RESIGNATION Chief Financial Officer MR SOON SEONG KEAT View Detail
02-May-2013 02-May-2013 APPOINTMENT Chief Financial Officer MR SOON SEONG KEAT View Detail
03-Apr-2013 03-Apr-2013 RESIGNATION Chief Financial Officer CHONG CHOON YENG View Detail
09-Feb-2012 09-Feb-2012 APPOINTMENT Chief Financial Officer CHONG CHOON YENG View Detail
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Pinky @Sardin

2. Setting up e-commerce

Can tell more on this? Thx
04/12/2020 11:56 AM
tan015679 Hi All, would like to know if i sell today. Will I still get the dividend?
08/12/2020 12:04 PM
Sardin @Pinky, HLIND management didnt explain in details. But I dont think majority will buy online without seeing the physical samples be it tiles or bikes. Probably they will view physical samples then buy online to get cheaper price. So i dont think e commerce for these commodities will create more demand.
14/12/2020 5:58 PM
xgxgxg https://shoponline.yamaha-motor.com.my/ they have started their online e-commerce store and they are not selling their motorcycles online because that will bring negative impact to their dealers. looking at their strategy, i think what they are focusing now is to make yamaha a lifestyle brand for bikers
02/01/2021 9:02 PM
Sardin In Oct, motorbike sales in Malaysia increases 14.5% by volume whereas production increases 17.6%. I think this strong demand will continue for coming months as people are trying to avoid public transport as the number of Covid 19 cases increases. A few months later when border re-open, there will be another spike of sales when suddenly many Malaysian worker in Singapore realize that their old bikes got lots of problem due to lack of maintenance in the past months.
11/01/2021 11:01 PM
heeman9696 price going south
25/01/2021 10:18 AM
Sardin In Nov, motorbike sales in Malaysia increases 3.5% by volume y-o-y whereas production increases 2.0% (all manufacturers included). If Dec sales could be as good as last year then HLIND EPS has a good chance to recover to RM 0.20 in Q2 FY2021.
26/01/2021 11:21 AM
Sardin Conservative way of calculating the net cash for HLIND: approx. RM 3.64 net cash per share.
26/01/2021 11:23 AM
PuppyKitten Yamaha Vietnam not easy to turaround in short term.
Other than Honda as biggest competitor, Vietnam local electric vehicle producer,Vinfast gaining momentum by capturing more than 100K unit market share vs Yamaha 470K unit sold in 2020.

HLINd profit now is nearly fully depends on Malaysia Motorcycle sales.
Investing agenda now is with
1. Undervalued
2. Dividend play.

For growth prospect, need see how HLIND play the magic .
09/02/2021 3:24 PM
Sardin When the EPS recovers to >20 sen per share in next quarterly report the share price will touch RM 9. Let's see what happen by end of this month.
09/02/2021 9:04 PM
RainT nobody afford to buy VINFAST products
10/02/2021 11:57 PM
RainT VINFAST is not a competition to Yamaha

VINFAST is for luxury buyers
10/02/2021 11:58 PM
Sardin Expecting very good quarter result to be announced soon
22/02/2021 9:45 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator Very good results indeed
26/02/2021 7:38 PM
observatory The results have just been announced. Quarterly revenue, operating profit, profit before tax have all returned or even slightly exceeded the previous level. I hope MCO 2.0 will not affect its next quarterly performance too much.

It's also reassuring to see the share of profit from its associate continues to increase.

The only problem is the management keeps accumulating the cash without spending them on meaningful projects or returning it to shareholders. At this rate, they will soon run out of place to store their cash!

26/02/2021 7:40 PM
Joo1818 EPS improved from 24.87 sen to 31.90sen. The deposit,cash & bank balances stood at RM1.483 bil but interest earned only amount to RM613K for the quarter. That was very inefficient utilisation of such liquid fund. What I cannot comprehend was unsecured bank borrowing was only RM16,710 as at 31.12.20 but finance cost was RM1.111 mil for the quarter? Finance cost was even higher than the outstanding bank borrowing? Can anyone enlighten me. Even at low deposit interest of say 1%pa. Interest income would generate RM14.8 mil if RM1.483 bil was placed in FI? Does it meant that the deposit, cash & bank balances was placed as idle fund? Did any shareholder raised this in the AGM ? Where is the need to borrow if they have such a high deposit, cash & bank balances?
26/02/2021 8:24 PM
Multibagger @Joo1818 Agreed with you on miserable interest income when cash is so much, i suspect it provides cheap cash resource to Hong Leong Bank :(
26/02/2021 9:29 PM
Joo1818 If the amount of RM1.483 Bil was placed with Hong Leong Bank to generate such a meagre interest while borrowing was at such high interest rate, why wasn’t it raised by MSMG during their AGM? Isn’t a related party transactions that need scrutiny? Might as well request to increase dividend rate for shareholders to seek higher return elsewhere. Alternatively, issue bonus issue while maintaining the the dividend rate. This will improve the liquidity of the shares
27/02/2021 11:33 AM
Multibagger Disclosure in 2019 AR stated FD n cash with related company. Similar to Panamy, huge cash placed with related company at miserable rate.
27/02/2021 5:51 PM
Multibagger Very poor resources management. If could not find good investment opportunity, still many ways to utilise part of the cash to enhance shareholders value eg special dividend or share buy back
27/02/2021 6:05 PM
observatory @Multibagger, I read your blog. I share the same sentiment.


Sometimes I feel a stock may appear undervalued for a good reason. The cash cow is only a cash cow to the controlling shareholder if they have no ambition to let their cash works harder, or return this excess cash to all shareholders. Worse, as you've highlighted in your blog, one day they may privatize as the same controlling shareholder has done it before elsewhere.

However, given many minority shareholders are long-term shareholders, I suppose the majority of them will not accept any lousy offer after holding it for a long time and forgoing other opportunities.
27/02/2021 7:21 PM
limkokthye Holland industry
27/02/2021 8:07 PM
Multibagger @observatory, the probelm is the person who can make the decision does not face minority shareholders in AGM, its his generals that look helpless and give excuses in the AGM.
27/02/2021 8:36 PM
Investor @observatory & @Multibagger . We need to see where is the money first. In AGM previously, it was highlighted that it's in several subsidiaries. My guess is it's the main cash cow (YAMAHA).The company owns only 69.x% of Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn Bhd. So that cash need to share with Yamaha Motor Co, Japan.
28/02/2021 12:24 PM
Multibagger @Investor, dont think YMCJ will object if HLI propose more dividend from HLYM, then HLI can give more to its shareholders. I still think the wealthy boss not so willing to share with minority. Generosity is with the heart, not the wealth. If there is a heart, there is a way :)
28/02/2021 4:35 PM
Johnzhang It is very true the controlling shareholders in many biursa listed companies are taking minorities for a ride. The BOD are often working to the interest of the controlling shareholders not for all shareholders! I think minority investors also have themselves to blame. In all the AGM I attended in last many years , I saw very few interested minorities attended . Even the few around don't use the opportunity to scrutinized the mgt and BOD by asking the critical and important question. That's why the controlling shareholders can get away easily for whatever unfair actions or mismanagement . Simply , if minorities don't care, you don't expect the controlling shareholders to care . Is high time for minorities to wake up and go in full force to show our strength. If we packed the AGM venua with angry voices and faces I am sure it is going to be different.
28/02/2021 5:50 PM
Multibagger @Johnzhang, Agree with your view. That's the weakness of minorities, fragmented and hard to get collective action. Unless and until there is a perceived champion to lead, not easy to have meaningful impact.
01/03/2021 7:42 AM
Johnzhang Multibagger, In this age of social media proliferation, there must be some forums or avenues that we can promote investor activism and to defend minority rights. If you have any idea pls let me know . I am keen to do something. Let’s find ways to promote awareness to minority investors to at least make effort to show up in AGM and EGM as a start . Sadly , our MSWG is lamb duck and not effective.
01/03/2021 4:16 PM
supersinginvestor Hlind gave us MPI...HLIND GAVE US HUME ...
01/03/2021 5:32 PM
Multibagger @Johnzhang, i will give more thought to the matter first. In the meantime, you can reach me at my blog if you wish to discuss further.
01/03/2021 9:15 PM
RainT sales high

profit also high

margin also improve

cash pile also new high
02/03/2021 5:26 PM
Jimmy Lim mpi naik mesti hli naik sekali juga
02/03/2021 11:01 PM
John8882020 Mpi 2.0 the making.
04/03/2021 1:08 AM
John8882020 Buy some don't miss the boat.
04/03/2021 1:09 AM
John8882020 TP 12 15 18
04/03/2021 1:10 AM
limkokthye holland indutries
04/03/2021 2:27 PM
limkokthye over value d
04/03/2021 2:28 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator @Multibagger it's almost zero chance to fight agaisnt Tan Sri

ever wonder why there is not a single analyst covers this stock? why there is not active investor relations? even a glance at their quarterly report, the transparency of information is lacking, to the extend that the commentary on future prospect was merely an exercise to fill in the blanks
06/03/2021 7:22 PM
Multibagger @Fabien, only on matters he is abstained from voting or if there is privatization and minority of more than 10% put up the fight collectively, other than these, I think cant stop any action by the big man.
12/03/2021 2:04 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator management does'nt care one bit of enhancing the share price

the only reason to have this stock in one's portfolio is for defensive posture, FD-like or bond substitutes. it's consistent churning of FCF you can bet the dividend paying ability is sustainable for a long run
12/03/2021 2:32 PM
Joo1818 Broke the RM10.00 resistance & TP RM12.00 soon
17/03/2021 6:20 PM
kingJ The last quarter result was very good, anyone can enlighten if its sustainable?
17/03/2021 9:15 PM
kingJ Or if its going to get better
17/03/2021 9:16 PM
remus Pemerkasa announcement 17-Mar-2021:
TEKUN MobilePreneur initiative expanded to include purchase or repairs of motorcycles up until RM10,000. Purchase of CKD motorcycles of 150cc and below are given excise duty exemption from April 1 to Dec 31, 2021.

above should give a big boost to motor sales ?
18/03/2021 10:25 AM
kywoo Can we as shareholders ask for a copy of the minutes of the AGM to be send to us. I want to know if the requests we made in the AGM was duly recorded or were just ignored. Can someone let me know.
22/03/2021 12:52 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator HLI doesn't even maintain active investor relations department
24/03/2021 4:30 PM
observatory @kywoo, you can find the 2020 AGM Q&A in the following page.

But Q&A for past AGM cannot be located. I agree the IR is poor. There are smaller companies which have done a far better job.
25/03/2021 12:45 AM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator There ought to be some concerns, to be honest. The company is almost 80% owned by the controlling shareholder. If they choose so, they can afford not to give a damn to us.
25/03/2021 8:00 PM
kingJ If based on the most recent quarter, yearly earning is rm400 mil, the pe now is only below 8. But like what @fabien said, qlc doesn't give a damn, he might just make it private, cheap cheap
06/05/2021 2:48 PM
kingJ Take into the super under valued land banks, its really really mouth watering
06/05/2021 4:44 PM

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